Babinda Boulders – the memory of the beautiful Oolan. Australia

Babinda Boulder Valley. Australia

The continent country of Australia is famous for its unusual boulders, the most famous of which are Uluru and Kata Tiuta. These are the same giant boulders that rise among the prairies, as if forgotten by an ancient giant.

But there are smaller stones in the country, which does not affect their attractiveness. Rather, on the contrary, these boulders are an interesting attraction in Australia. Strangely enough, they do not have any remarkable name (this is not a poetic Chinese Gorge of the Leaping Tiger).

The name for this Australian natural wonder is short and succinct: Babinda Boulders. “Boulders” because boulders, and nothing else comes to mind. And Babinda, that’s just the nearest town. Or rather, the attraction is located within the city limits, at its westernmost point on the border with the Worunuran National Park in Queensland.

Boulders of Babinda.

On the map, the place is labeled “Boulders,” which translates to … “boulders.” To separate some boulders from others, these are commonly referred to as the Babinda Boulders.

Boulders of Babinda on the map.

  • Geographical coordinates -17.343470, 145.871546
  • Distance from Canberra, Australia about 2025 km
  • Distance to Cairns Airport about 55 km
  • There is also a small airport Innisfail 30 km south of the boulders

From the nearby mountains (the highest of which is Bartle Frere – 1,611 meters above sea level), water has long flowed into the Boulder Valley, grinding and polishing the huge stones. The streams of water have licked the massive shards of rock to an almost mirror-like shine and created bizarre sculptures.

Babinda. Boulder valley.

The legend of the appearance of the Babinda Boulders

The natives consider this place sacred, and associate the appearance of the boulders with a sad legend.

Once upon a time in the valley Babinda settled the tribe Yidinji (in the original Yidinji). And there lived a beautiful girl named Oolana. Council of elders decided to marry off the beautiful girl to a wise, respected, but already gray-haired old man named Varonoo, who lived in the same tribe. It was said and done. Oolana became the wife of the elderly grandfather, but she felt no love for him.

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One day wandering people from another tribe arrived in the tribe. According to the established traditions of Yidinzhi, the people were very warmly welcomed and invited to stay. There was a handsome young man named Diga among the wanderers. At first sight, Oolana and Diga fell in love with each other. The love of the young people was very strong. Knowing that they would never be allowed to be together, they decided to run away. The lovers settled near Churechillum (originally Chooreechillum), which is the highest peak in Queensland, also known as Bartle Frere.

For several days they were insanely happy. It would seem that all adversity was behind them and nothing would be able to destroy this happiness. But they were already looking for them. Both the wanderers and the people of the Yidinji tribe discovered the couple and captured them. The young man’s tribesmen twisted him up and told him that he and he would now go far away from the valley and never return. The wanderers very quickly left this place. Oolana wanted to be forcibly returned to the tribe to her elderly husband. But she broke free and began crying, screaming and calling for her beloved, who was already far away. Would he ever return? Would they be together? In helplessness and despair, the girl pounded the water with her fists.

The earth trembled with horror and sorrow in unison with the girl, and at the same moment it burst open, huge boulders flew out, filled the valley and buried Oolana beneath them forever.

Babinda. Australia

So to this day her spirit remains hovering in the vicinity. Some say that sometimes her agonizing moans calling for her lover can be heard in the rustling of the water. Locals warn that Oolana’s spirit can lure young travelers and ruin them. This is how the girl takes revenge for the separation from her beloved. It would seem to be an ordinary legend, but there is a sad fact: to date, 17 deaths have already been registered in the local area. All the dead are young men and not a single girl. Those people who were lucky enough to survive, unanimously claimed that an unknown and mysterious force drew them to the very bottom. So take a walk here in cheerful company, so you’ll have someone to pull you away from the pit. Especially dangerous places are marked with special signs.

Bungle Bungle, the striped mountains of Purnululu Park. Australia

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61. Solovki, Russia

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For a trip to Solovki three or four days is not enough – so many sights, monuments of ancient architecture, which is worth seeing. We recommend you to visit Solovki monastery, cape Beluga and observe albino whales, visit Solovki hermitages, mysterious mazes on cape Labyrinths. It is not easy to get to Solovki, but it is worth it.

62. Petra, Jordan

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The ancient city of Petra, built before Christ, lost in the sands, still amazes the imagination. Its inhabitants in their time learned not only how to get water in the desert but also how to work with stone. That is why, many centuries later, more than half a million tourists come to Jordan every year to see with their own eyes the majestic structures that testify to the glorious past of Petra.

63. The Twelve Apostles, Australia

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The Twelve Apostles, Australia

If you ever find yourself in Australia, be sure to check out the cliffs that have been named “The Twelve Apostles.” However, today only eight of the twelve can be seen: in 2005 several rocks collapsed. That’s because they aren’t made of stone, but of limestone rock, which can’t withstand the effects of erosion.

64. The Great Wall of China, China

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Great Wall of China, China

Puzzling World. Wanaka. New Zealand.

Great Wall of China is one of the largest and most ancient monuments of architecture. Its length is almost 9 thousand kilometers – the size is really impressive. On top of all this, it is one of the most visited sights in the world: about 40 million tourists visit it every year.

65. Boulders of Babinda, Australia

Babinda Boulders, Australia - PosiTFFChick - Positive Mood Site!

Babinda Boulders, Australia

There is a body of water in Australia formed by three streams that flow down from Mount Bartle Frer. The water has managed to carve out rocks that have now become one of the wonders of the world. The surface of the boulders are polished almost to a shine, and they are astonishing in their size. This place is also called the devil’s pool, because the strong stream can easily carry away a person. But even this danger does not scare away travelers.

66. The Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt

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Pyramid of Cheops, Egypt

The Pyramid of Cheops can be seen on the Giza Plateau, on the outskirts of Cairo. By the way, you can also see the famous sphinx here. To be near the pyramids means a little touch of history. Just think how man was able to erect such a monumental structure! Despite many different theories, no one can still answer the question of how it was even possible.

67. Dead Sea

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Dead Sea is a very unusual body of water. In fact, it is a drainless lake, and the most salty in the world. You can swim there just by lying on your back like a float. The Dead Sea is located between Israel, Jordan and Palestine. The unique content of salts and minerals in the water has turned this body of water into a health resort, created by nature and attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Healing properties possess not only the water, but also the mud, which is extracted from the bottom of the lake.

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68. Arizona Crater, USA

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Arizona Crater, USA

The Arizona crater is not the largest, but the best preserved remnant of Earth’s meteorite impact. To form such a crater, a meteorite had to weigh 300 tons and enter the atmosphere at 157 times the speed of sound. The power of the impact was so great that it can be compared to the power of the 8,000 atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima. At the edge of the crater is a museum dedicated to its history.

69. Loch Ness Lake, Scotland

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Loch Ness Lake, Scotland

Loch Ness Lake is famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for the hair-raising legend of Loch Ness Monster. That’s why every day there are exciting tours around the lake for tourists who not only want to learn about the picturesque place but also hope that they can get at least a glimpse of the mythical monster.

70. Lake Yueyatsuan, China

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Lake Yueyatsuan, China

This beautiful lake is actually an oasis in the desert located just six kilometers from the city of Dunhuang in Gansu province. It is truly fascinating, especially if you have traveled all day under the scorching sun and finally saw this amazing green place. Unfortunately, the lake is shrinking in size over time, despite all the measures taken by the government and concerned residents.

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