Backpacking Again!

When it comes to backpacking, M doesn’t allow me to travel unless he will be there with me. His reason is that he knows how keen am I in packing my stuff and I also have the attitude of having with me all the “extra” stuff which most likely made me bring almost my entire closet then. So if he’s around with me, I have him to bring all my baggage. LOL! But yes, that’s true and I feel so secured also when he’s with me or when we travel together.


Going back to our backpacking plans, this coming October, my friends are already mentioning about hopping to one island near here. I haven’t said yes yet because for sure, I will be hooked to be with my baby then than choosing to experience island hopping. But one thing M still asking me if I really wanted to join my friends — it is about our accommodation. He’s been asking if where will we be staying, what kind of place or if it would be comfortable to take some rest or not. With that being asked, I just threw him a joke that I better have me a portable foam mattresses so he will be calm and assured where I’d be sleeping.

Well, that was just a joke. But he’s really serious in asking and never ending inquiring about how will be our backpacking be. And hopefully, if time and all things will allow me, I can join the group.

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