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Bajo Falls (Vietnam, Nha Trang) – reviews

Trip to Bajo Falls (Vietnam, Nha Trang)

Hello! The trip to Bajo Falls was for me the most memorable excursion. We took a cab there the four of us, because travel agencies together with the waterfall is the beach Zoquelet, and there we did not want to go. Case in point.

One of the most beautiful places around Nha Trang

This time we went on vacation with my mom. I must say, we did not want to go to Nha Trang – we planned to go to Phu Quoc. But after reading the reviews, that there is nothing to do there in January, we decided to go to Nha Trang.

A beautiful area on the way to the waterfalls, clear water, where there are fish (peeling do)

Bajo waterfalls) In fact it is 3 lakes. Were there in 2019 with my husband with a tour (you can take a bike and go by yourself for the whole day) Very beautiful area on the way to the waterfalls, swimming pool, all kinds of places for.

Loved the place, quiet, bright with delightful scenery and dangerous trails.

Good day everyone, I want to share about the trip to Bajo Falls, how to get there and whether it is worth going there is up to you to decide! There are several ways to get there: The first is a budget one on a rented bike (renting a bike.

How to visit 3 waterfalls in one day?

Going to the waterfalls Today at 1 am I suddenly decided to go for a ride in the jungle, I am in Vietnam, Nha Trang city. As usual, we did not take anything with us, no water, no snacks on the road. As I thought the trip.

An independent trip))

We decided to visit the waterfall on our own. Hired a cab, it is near every hotel for sure))). It took us about an hour to get there. At first our way went along the highway, but the last 5-6 miles was a country road. The driver was very sociable.

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Beautiful quiet natural place.

On the outskirts of Nha Trang, one of the interesting places to visit to feel the flavor of the jungle and the natural beauty of the water is Bajo Waterfall. It is located on the way to the north port, about 17 km.

A very beautiful place

One of the most beautiful places in Nha Trang in my opinion. Went there with my husband on our own, on a moped. The road is not difficult to find, Google map was a help. While driving, you can see the beautiful scenery and colorfulness of Vietnam.

The best place near Nha Trang!

This is definitely one of the best days spent in Vietnam! You have to go without any excursions, on your own, in the morning, so you don’t get caught up with the time. On the way you can stop at a few temples and take a lot of beautiful pictures. We were there.

Incredibly beautiful views.

Bajo waterfalls are not far from Nha Trang. You can get there by cab or by renting a bike. Go there better in the morning so as not to get to this waterfall under the scorching sun. Be sure to bring comfortable clothes, comfortable.

Very fascinating walk.

We drove ourselves from the hotel GM Doclet. found a cab that took us to the beginning of the way to Bajo Falls. The walk took about 3 hours there and back. Best to walk in sports clothes, you need to have some on your feet.

I liked it very much.

While vacationing in Nha Trang we decided to visit Bajo waterfalls. The travel agencies in the street for a trip with a guide are asking about $ 24. We decided to go on our own. There is a bus number 3. But you have to look at the sign.

things have changed so much.

This area used to be more pristine and wild, now they build a resort there. Why it is not clear, because you can swim there only in the waterfalls, not everyone would consider it safe, and it was possible to swim before.

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For a trip on your own.

We decided to go to Bajo waterfalls in conjunction with Zoklet beach. The waterfall is located 17 km from Nha Trang. There were four of us, we decided to take a cab. The cab brings you to a certain place and you go by yourself first.

Still dreaming to this day:)

My review is written about the park, which is located 17 km from Nha Trang near a small Vietnamese village. There are 3 waterfalls in the park, the way to which is through jungle and piles of boulders. You can get to the Bajo Falls.

It is an adventure you will never forget.

Very beautiful place, with the fact that all the beauty will be like a medal for an athlete who ran his distance. Pleasure, which is to get a lot of sweat.

Bakho Waterfall is 17 km from Nha Trang, go to the beach Zoklet, some travel agencies combine a trip to Zoklet and Bakho, I would not advise, because Bakho is not a nice walk to the waterfall.

Cool trip to the waterfall

We went to the waterfalls on motorcycles – took an individual tour. Large. tour. companies do not conduct excursions there. – You can get there by cab or bike. On the way you can see the local villages, a couple of beautiful pagodas, with one.

A substitute for the gym.

I can not, of course, with absolute certainty, that climbing the Bajo will replace a full workout, but to tone and pump up the muscles will definitely help. You can go to the falls either on your own or as a field trip. Don’t.

I want to go there again!

I’ve been living in Vietnam for a few months now. And on my 3rd day here, I rented mopeds with friends and went to BaHo Falls. The drive is about an hour along the highway. This is the kind of scenery that opens up.

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Extreme ride

The BaHo waterfalls are not told about by guides and travel agencies. We learned about them by chance from a couple we met at Docklet Beach. Right after the beach we went there because the waterfalls are located between Nha Trang.

Bajo waterfalls in Nha Trang. Vietnam

Sometimes this attraction in Vietnam is called Bajo Falls, sometimes just Bajo Falls. All because this natural beauty is a set of three waterfalls and lakes, following each other. And not all tourists get to see all three waterfalls, so there is still no clear definition of whether to call this miracle of nature in the singular or plural. But by and large it does not matter, the beauty of this place the name does not affect. By the way, translated from Vietnamese, “baho” means “waterfall with three lakes.

Bajo Falls

Bajo Falls on the map

  • Geographical coordinates 12.388717, 109.136570
  • The distance from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is about 1100 km
  • The nearest airport in Cam Ranh is about 45 km in a straight line

You can not say that the waterfalls are gigantic in size. The total height of the cascade is about 60 meters. The waterfalls are located in the jungle about 18 km from the famous Vietnamese city of Nha Trang. Let’s put off the beach carefree vacation and go ahead and conquer the pristine jungle, boulders and mountain streams of water.

You can get to Bajo Falls in different ways – use a rented moped or cab – take a regular public bus that passes near the attraction – the most expensive way – take a guided group tour

3 Bajo Falls

As we said, Bajo consists of three, different in size and accessibility, lakes and waterfalls.

First Falls.

The first, the largest, most famous, and therefore most crowded waterfall feeds Lake Nyat. Its water is cool, but pleasant enough for swimming.

Krakatau is a volcano in Indonesia. Eruption in 1883. Photo description

The way to this waterfall is the easiest and most accessible – you just have to walk along a small path, trampled by tourists in the jungle. Sometimes you’ll meet some obstacles like fallen trees, vines, and other attributes of the rainforest. But don’t worry, they are all surmountable.

The distance from the moped parking lot is about one kilometer. Usually, most travelers limit themselves to this waterfall.

Bajo Falls. Vietnam

Second waterfall

The path to the second, medium-sized Lake Ni, is already more difficult. You have to climb boulders. But this little journey is worth it.

Tourists are much less, and therefore the feeling of unity with nature is much higher. The water in the lake is colder, but still suitable for swimming. If you are going to swim in this lake, be sure to follow the tips, indicating where you can swim and where it is extremely undesirable.

Signposts at Bajo Falls

The Third Waterfall

Finally, the third waterfall, the most inaccessible and sparsely populated (one might even say almost deserted) falls into Ba Lake.

The way to it assumes you have some mountaineering skills, because in fact there is no road, and you have to climb quite dangerous slopes. Sometimes you will be supported by stakes hammered into the rocks, and sometimes just vines.

The third waterfall, though the smallest, is very impressive. Few hikers have reached it, so this climb can rightly be considered a victory. As a reward, you can take a dip in the lake, but it is not recommended to do so, as the water is already very cold and there are no beaches.

Bajo Falls

To help travelers the way to the lakes is indicated in the form of red arrows, so you are unlikely to get lost.

Signs to Bajo Falls

Tips for tourists

When planning a trip to Bajo Falls, there are some tips to keep in mind.

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