Bamboo Island in Thailand. Description, photos, coordinates.

Ko Mai Pai Bamboo Island in Thailand

Ko Mai Phai, better known as Bamboo Island, is perhaps one of the most tranquil and serene islands on the planet. Here time stands still and problems dissolve in the turquoise sea waves.

Bamboo Island

Bambu – uninhabited and fabulously beautiful island

This stunning island has yet to be overrun by crowds of tourists and retains its pristine appearance. Ko Mai Pai is practically a true treasure of Thailand. So if you are looking for a secluded but enchanting place, you should visit Bamboo Island.

Where Is It Located

Bamboo Island is nestled in the northern part of the Phi Phi archipelago in the southwestern part of Thailand.

Geographic coordinates (7.81680, 98.79556)

About 40 kilometers south of Ko Mai Pai lies the beautiful island of Ko Lanta.

What is Bamboo Island

It is a small uninhabited island 6 km north of Phi Phi Phi and about 50 km east of Phuket.

Its size is quite modest – only about 700 by 650 meters. In the north-eastern part of the island you will find a beautiful sandy beach. By the way it is called Bamboo Beach.

Bamboo Beach

Bamboo Beach – the largest beach of the island

The island is quite lush vegetation. But there is almost no bamboo.

Many sources say that the island got its name just because of the bamboo. However, the experienced travelers say that there is no bamboo there. Therefore, it is not quite clear why the island is called Bamboo.

The main attraction of the island is its serenity. It’s probably one of the best places on the planet to just sit back and relax, admiring some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see. Crystal clear turquoise water, snow-white sand, and thickets of casuarina and bamboo trees create an absolutely idyllic atmosphere.

How to get there and what to do on Bamboo Island

You can get here from Ton Sai Beach on Phi Phi Don. Rent a classic Thai long-tail boat. Depending on the weather, the trip will take about 40-50 minutes. The price for the boat is about 1500 baht. You can hire a speedboat (speedboat) or order a VIP-excursion.

Khon Waterfall . Laotian sights.

Classic Thai boat

Usually tourists take speedboats. But if you want to add a local flavor to the trip, then feel free to take this classic Thai boat

Note that Bamboo Island is part of the National Park. Therefore, you will be charged another 400 baht for the entrance.

The main activity on the island is, of course, to relax. Beautiful Bamboo Beach and dense vegetation is the best way to do it.

View of Phi Phi Island

View from Bamboo Island to Phi Phi Islands

On Bamboo Island, you can watch the sunrise. There are no hotels, but you can rent tents right on the beach. The small bar on the beach sells drinks and snacks. You can, by the way, just take it all with you on the island.

And do not forget about snorkeling. Bamboo Island is a great place for snorkeling. You’ll get an unforgettable experience, as the coastal waters are full of colorful marine life and magnificent coral reefs.

Best time to visit

Go to Bamboo Island between November and March. The climate at this time is the least humid and the temperature is comfortable. A light sea breeze will add to the pleasant experience.

As Bamboo Island is gradually becoming popular, of course, there are more tourists here.

Bambu Island

Notice how many boats surround the beach. Every year there are more and more tourists.

Remember that littering on the island (as well as on the planet as a whole) is not allowed. It is extremely important to preserve the natural beauty for future generations.

Interesting fact – Despite all the serenity, Bamboo Island has the so-called “Evacuation Route” in case of a tsunami threat

Bambu is a famous uninhabited island in Thailand

The uninhabited island of Bambu or Ko Mai is located in the southern part of Thailand, it is a real gem of Krabi province. The island’s name means Bamboo, but it does not grow bamboo and has a luxurious, comfortable beach, which attracts thousands of tourists.

Uninhabited Bambu Island

Tourist Information

Bambu Island is located in Thailand, namely 5 km from Phi Phi Don Island and 3 km from Ko Yang Island. Bambu is a tropical paradise with azure sea, beach with white, soft sand and beautiful, picturesque landscapes.

Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan. The sunken forest.

The island is small – only 2.4 square kilometers, but that doesn’t stop it from being a popular uninhabited island. The rave reviews of tourists say that Bambu is one of the best in the province of Krabi.

Small Bambu Island

Bambu is located in the Andaman Sea, among Russian-speaking tourists caught on the name – Bamboo. Most often the island is visited as part of a sightseeing tour from nearby Phuket. In beauty and comfort, the beach on Bamboo is not inferior to the beaches of Maldives.

Good to know! Nearby there is a coral reef – a great place for snorkeling.

Bambu or Ko Mai is part of the Phi Phi Islands, which is part of the park of national importance Mo Ko Phi Phi, for this reason, a visit to the resort for all travelers is paid. Before you buy a tour, be sure to check whether the price of the tour includes a ticket to stay on Bambu all day, visit the other islands of the archipelago and the Bay of Maya Bay.

Cost of a visit to Ko Mai

  • The ticket price for adults is 400 baht;
  • Children ticket price (for children under 14 years) – 200 baht;
  • For Thais the ticket price is 40 and 20 baht respectively.

How to get to Bambu

There are several ways to get to the beautiful island of Bambu. Here is an overview of possible routes with prices.

As part of a tour group to Bambu

The easiest way to visit not only Bambu but also the other islands of the archipelago is to buy an organized package tour or excursion.

Water transport departs:

  • From Krabi – the cost of the tour program from one thousand baht;
  • Phuket – Bambu Island – price from 1.5 thousand baht, starting from Chalong Pier.

Good to know! The cheapest way to buy a tour in Ao Nang the day before the trip. The trip is organized by speedboat (speedboat), and as part of the trip tourists visit all the islands of the archipelago and Maya Bay, which is notable for the fact that here was filming the movie “The Beach”.

On Phi Phi Don in a travel agency can purchase a guided tour – the cost from 500 baht. The trip includes a visit and a tour of the entire archipelago. The trip to Bambu takes half an hour.

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On Phi Phi Don you can hire a boat with a capacity of 4-6 people. Renting a small boat will cost about 2,500 baht, and a boat is twice as expensive. The boatman will take the tourists wherever the traveler wishes, some even give a tour. For such a trip, you should plan at least four hours.

Individual trip by sea

From Ao Nang Beach there is a regular excursion boat. The cost of the trip from 4 to 6 thousand baht, travelers are taken to Bamba early in the morning and picked up in the evening. It is better to leave early in the morning, 8 am maximum, to visit the island before the main influx of tourists. Given that the tour is individual, the tourist chooses – what islands to visit, where to dive, snorkeling. Be sure to warn the boatman if you plan to have lunch on Bamba.

Sailing to Bambu Island

On the boat you can visit the most picturesque places of the Andaman Sea, the trip lasts all day. The cost – from 20 thousand baht. Capacity of water transport is 10-15 people.

Good to know! If you book an excursion tour to the islands of Phi Phi Islands, there is no extra charge for your rest in Bambu.

How the island looks like

Not in vain the island of Bambu in Thailand is compared to the beaches of the Maldives. Sailing up to the shore, the only wish arises – to dive into the clearest water and lie on the white sand.

Bambu Island from the Phi Phi side

If you sail up to Bamba from Phi Phi, the island meets a rocky part, densely overgrown with greenery. The beach is located on the opposite side. Some boats dock directly to the beach. Why there is no single place to dock is unknown. Perhaps private boaters deliberately dock on the opposite side to avoid paying to visit the national park.

If they bring you to the opposite shore, be prepared to walk quite a long distance.

In terms of infrastructure, the beach is poorly landscaped: there are toilets, cafes, wooden tables, but no showers. Also on the island there are no hotels and no other accommodation.

The Dead Sea - the lowest point on the planet

There is a cafe on Bambu Island

The main nuance, which introduces a small spoon of tar, is too many tourists and boats that are constantly sailing ashore. Nevertheless, the size of the beach is large and you can always find a place to lie down.

Good to know! Recreation on the beach Bambu has one nuance – vacationers hide in the shade of trees that grow mostly at the edge of the beach, so the central part of the beach is often freer.

Bambu can be passed in just one hour, but decide for yourself whether you need to wander aimlessly around the island if all the interesting things are on the beach. On the right are the houses that were damaged by the tsunami in 2004.

Tsunami post-tsunami house

The coastline is wide enough, so even with a large crowd of people here does not feel like a crowd. The freest part of the beach is the central part, where there are no trees and no shade. The map shows Bambu Island as uninhabited, but tourists are regularly brought here, so the resort never looks deserted. Here you can enjoy the beautiful nature, clear sea, relaxing on the white sandy beach and take a lot of pictures.

Interesting fact! The island is tropical, but there are no palm trees, and an abundance of conifers and deciduous trees.

Another thing to consider – the island is uninhabited, so the shore you will not find sun loungers and umbrellas, but for a modest fee you can rent a straw mat, as well as a life jacket.

The prices in the cafes are quite democratic, so you can not bring a lot of food, and just have a bite in one of the institutions. In the shade of the trees built an administrative house, installed benches and tables.

There are great conditions for snorkeling

Nearby there is a coral reef, where excellent conditions for snorkeling. Near the shores there are many sea creatures, more trained swimmers are offered to dive with scuba diving.

Good to know! You will not find a hotel on the island, as you come here mainly for a day of excursions. The nearest place to stay is Phi Phi Don.

  • The clearest sea, white, soft sand;
  • picturesque, exotic scenery – you can take great pictures here;
  • Café, where you can eat;
  • there are trees where you can hide from the heat.
Ko Chang Island - The Emerald Landmark of Thailand

Unfortunately, it is not without disadvantages – there are not many of them:

  • there is nowhere to stay on the island – there are no hotels or bungalows;
  • Bamba is always a lot of tourists.

Useful tips

The vast majority of reviews about the island of Bambu are positive and even enthusiastic. Many tourists note that, despite the huge number of tourists, definitely want to return here again.

To rest turned out as comfortable as possible, adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. If you go along the beach on the left side, you can find a quiet, deserted place and relax in silence;
  2. the most comfortable form of recreation is to rent an individual boat and come to the island for the day;
  3. if you want to take the best place on the shore, try to arrive no later than 8 am, later the tourists flock here and the beach becomes crowded;
  4. If you are traveling with a tour group, when you arrive in Bambu, do not waste time, go to the left, where it is quieter;
  5. If you want to spend your whole vacation on Bambu, book accommodation on Phi Phi Don.

The island of Bambu will conquer your heart forever, will give you an unforgettable experience, which is impossible to describe, you only need to experience them personally.

See how the tour to the islands of Pi Pi Pi and Bambu in this video.

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