Beaches of Vietnam.

The 15 best beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that stretches along the sea for 3000 km. On the map you will see a long coastal strip, washed by the South China Sea. All beaches in Vietnam are sandy, each place is unique in its own way. The high season on the beaches lasts from January to August.

Ha Long

Ha Long Beach Vietnam

© Arianos / / CC BY 2.0

Let’s start our review of beaches on the northern shores. Tours in Vietnam include the best excursions to the islands of Ha Long Bay.

To get here, you have to fly to Hanoi, take a bus to the pier, select the beaches on the map and take a boat there.

Sheltered in a bay from the winds and large waves, with fine sand and a gentle approach, Halong beaches are well suited for recreation with children.

Katba – the largest of the islands with three small beaches among the rocks and thick forest. Hotels, bungalows, bars – all this is available, but the service does not lend itself to the European level. Sun loungers and deck chairs are offered for a fee. All the shortcomings are compensated by a pristine nature and clear water.

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Con Dao

Con Dao Beach Vietnam

© slapers / / CC BY 2.0

Con Dao Archipelago is the southernmost resort on the country’s map, located 100 km from the coast. A great vacation for tourists who dream of a break from civilization and urban noise.

Beaches Condao with emerald water, white sand, surrounded by mountains and forest, scattered on the islands of the archipelago. Which beach to choose? The only town of Con Son on Con Dao Island has two wide beaches with hotels, restaurants, stores and a market. This is where civilization ends.

The northern beach is in a National Park and requires a permit to enter. There are no showers or sun loungers.

The local airport takes flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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Hoi An

Hoi An beach Vietnam

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Central Vietnam is interesting for its combination of antiquity, exoticism and seascapes. Inquisitive singles have taken a fancy to the city of Hoi An, its beaches stretching for 10 km. Frequent storms destroy the shore, and along the surf line lay sacks of sand. The cleanest beach with a normal entrance, with white sand, is in the central part and is called An Bang. There are stores, restaurants, sun loungers, showers.

Palm trees grow right on the beach. The depth is comfortable for swimmers, divers and surfers.

How to get there? You can get to Danang airport by plane with a connection in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, then 30 km by bus.

    – Excursions by local people. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.

Da Nang

Danang beach Vietnam

© Daderot / / CC BY 2.0

Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches are said to be in the resort area of Da Nang. On the map, it is a major metropolis that harmoniously combines active city life and carefree relaxation at sea. The beaches of Da Nang stretch for more than 20 kilometers along a wide promenade.

Mai Khe opens the ranking of beaches on the coast. The soft pavement with white sand, restaurants with local cuisine, hotels on the shore are highly appreciated even by discerning guests. Tourists surf, snorkel, water ski, fish. Sun loungers are cheap. Lifeguards are on duty until late at night.

Non Nuok strikes the silence, sparseness, peacefulness. Clean beaches, but almost no infrastructure, except for umbrellas and sun loungers at some sites. Bars, restaurants and massage parlors are available at nearby hotels.

Public transport to the beaches is not available. Cabs are best booked in advance. Da Nang has its own airport, 30 km to the city, and buses are available.

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When traveling in central Vietnam, be sure to visit Hue, the beaches and the former capital of the empire. The distance from Da Nang is 140 km or 2 hours by bus.

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Lang Co.

Lung Co Bay beach Vietnam

© Ruoudevn / / CC BY 2.0

Lang Ko is a picturesque cove at the foot of a high mountain range. A serpentine road stretches high into the mountains, and an unusual landscape opens up below. Imagine a huge spit overlooking the lagoon on one side and the open sea on the other. Along the coast 13 km of white sand dunes. The sea is shallow, without waves, the descent is gentle.

You can stay at one of the hotels or bungalows on the beach. Here in the cafe order seafood caught in local waters.

The beaches of Lang Co are located 35 km away from Danang Airport, heading to Hue. The bus stops at the request of passengers.

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Quy Nhon beach Vietnam

© Lê Hồ Bắc / / CC BY 2.0

The paradisiacal beaches of Quynhön are lost away from the tourist routes, in central Vietnam. The secluded bay surrounded by forested mountains, clear water, and fine sand are worth the hard way:

  • A flight to Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang;
  • another plane to Phucat Airport;
  • 30 km by bus to Quyen Yong City.

On the coastal strip of 25 km tourists will find a place of their choice: hostels, cheap cabins, bungalows or hotel rooms. The infrastructure is developed in the city center – restaurants, bars, market, shopping center. On the central beach, the bottom goes sharply into the water, swim far away is not safe.

The farther away from the noise of the city, the cleaner and more deserted beaches. You can hardly find a beach chair near fishing villages. But the entrance to the sea is gentler, the sand is clean, and the mountain scenery is reminiscent of the Crimea.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang beach Vietnam

© J Y White / / CC BY 2.0

If this is your first time in Vietnam and you don’t know where to go, choose Nha Trang. You are provided with Russian-speaking service, international-class hotels, many restaurants, night bars, stores and colorful markets.

Nha Trang beaches are well maintained, wide, long. Loungers and seats under umbrellas belong to the hotels, you can rent them or lie on the soft, yellow sand. Even if there are no hotels nearby, you can always find a shower with a toilet, inexpensive cafes and bars. The high season lasts from October to February, but no waves, which pleases fans of water sports.

The best beaches in Nha Trang are far away from the big city. The biggest one is Bai Dai, aka Bai Zai, located to the south, 28 km from the central promenade. You can reach the beach by cab or bicycle. The description will delight sports enthusiasts. There is everything for surfing, diving, snorkeling. On the shore stretched nets for volleyball. A lot of holidaymakers with children. Cafes and restaurants offer dishes of European and local cuisine, you can order fruits, juices, beer, seafood.

Drive 45 km north from Nha Trang, you’ll get to Doclet Beach (aka Zooclet). It offers the best conditions for free travelers: cheap hotels, hostels, stores and markets with local products. Infrastructure is poorly developed. Sun loungers and deck chairs – a rare phenomenon. But all the inconveniences are offset by low prices, deserted, clean beaches and mountain scenery.

Come here by bus (1.5 hours), by cab, bike, or as part of a tour.

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The resort city in the south of the country is not too popular with foreigners. The beach of Vungtau is within the city limits, where hundreds of ships are moored, so the sea is not attractive cleanliness.

But pleases warm, mild climate. The coastline is built villas, hotels, cafes and restaurants with inexpensive and delicious food. High waves and wind are good for surfing. Sun loungers and showers are rare.

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The nearest major city and airport on the map is Ho Chi Minh City. From there you can get to Vungtau on your own by bus or cab.

Mui Ne and Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet beach Vietnam

© bao_tri_nguyen / / CC BY 2.0

The ordinary fishing villages of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet have at some point attracted the attention of sports enthusiasts. Rough waves and wind are the best conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Today here has grown resort for active tourists. And as there are many Russians among the guests, even a map of beaches in Russian is offered.

The beaches of Mui Ne stretch from the eponymous village to the city of Phan Thiet and are surrounded by hotels, overlooking the sea. The area is cleaned, but the waves bring a lot of debris to the shore. Bai Rang Beach occupies the central part of Mui Ne Village. Swimming here is problematic, the sea is rough and muddy. Swimming peacefully is possible only in the early morning. Closer to noon, the sand rises in the wind and painfully cuts the skin.

But the infrastructure is pleasant, on the shore in the presence:

  • sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • cafes, bars, nightclubs;
  • sports schools with an instructor;
  • rental of water equipment;
  • rent of bicycles and motorcycles;
  • ATMs.

Drive along the sea by bike, you will get to the deserted Ham Tien Beach and the local market.

Phan Thiet’s beaches are better maintained and sought after by affluent tourists. Surfers paddle along the waves, spectators watch or grab a bite to eat at a cafe.

A long sandy strip stretches south of the city all the way to Cape Ke Ga. If you vacation with children, there is no better place than Ke Ga beach. It is worth a drive of 40 km from Phan Thiet or 140 km from Ho Chi Minh City to find a quiet place, sheltered from waves and storms, with golden sand and a gentle approach to the sea. There is no nightlife, restaurants and bars are operated by the hotels. The resort is designed for a comfortable, relaxed holiday.


phu Quoc Viet Nam beach

© thaiquangtri / / CC BY 2.0

A review of Vietnamese resorts is not without a description of the island of Phu Quoc in the Gulf of Thailand. It is famous for the best beaches in Vietnam, a favorable climate, pristine beauty of nature.

The island has its own airport, you can get here only with a connection in Ho Chi Minh City. The beaches of Fukuoka are a 10-minute drive from the airport.

Long Beach is the main and longest beach in the west of the island. Tourists are attracted by the coast with clear water, clean sand and palm trees. The narrow coastline has its advantages: it is convenient to hide from the sun in the shade of palm trees, although there are umbrellas with sun loungers on the beach.

Long Beach is conventionally divided into two unequal sections. The bustling life is in the northern part, where the many hotels and mini-hotels, cafes and bars. Southern part is not built up, people come here to be alone with nature.

Bai Sao is known as Bounty Beach for its vivid, postcard-perfect beauty. Its colorful description is reproduced in an infomercial. Bai Sao has long been isolated from civilization because of bad roads. Now there is a highway directly from the airport. However, 2-3 km you will have to drive on unpaved roads.

The area is little built up – a few cafes and a hotel. For a shower and sun beds you will have to pay. All lacks redeem an azure beach with transparent water and a white sand, reminding sugar powder. The sea is shallow, well warmed up.

Do you want solitude? Go to the beach Ong Lang . The sandy strip is interrupted by piles of rocks and stones, and the few hotels are surrounded by oak trees and coconut palms.

Starfish Beach is a must-see. This spot was discovered recently, and now a photo tour of the snow-white beach has become part of the sightseeing itinerary.

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The picturesque landscapes of Vietnam are not inferior to the famous beaches of Thailand – Ao Nang, Nang Ram or Nang Tong in Khao Lak. Come here to feel the unity with nature and enjoy its beauty.

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Beaches of Vietnam.

Clean beaches in Vietnam are very popular in recent years. Availability of recreation and a wide range of entertainment pay off despite the fact that not always the level of comfort meets the expectations of tourists.

This direction is rapidly growing, the plus will be an abundance of fresh fruits and seafood, so the best resorts in Vietnam still worth a closer look, especially if you want a variety and new experiences.

Choosing the best beaches in Vietnam for the rest must take into account the geographical features of the country, which affects the climate in different regions of the country. For example, in the northern regions may need warm clothing, at the same time in the south and center of the country will be the peak tourist season and an incredible heat. The rainy season in Vietnam lasts for several months, but what time of year it falls depends on the particular region.

Most of the most popular and popular resorts of the country are in its southern part, where the climate and natural conditions are best suited for a measured beach holiday. The best time to travel – from mid-autumn to late winter. During these months the water is heated up to a comfortable temperature for swimming, and heavy rains do not mar a long-awaited vacation.

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach is a resort located in the south of Vietnam in the area of the cape with the same name. The territorial location of this place is the main reason for the strong gusts of wind, which almost constantly blows around the famous resort.

Mui Ne Beach belongs to the town of Phan Thiet and is considered a paradise for surfers. The beach occupies the coastline is almost entirely, it is warm and therefore a lot of tourists in high season.

Tourist infrastructure developed at a high enough level. Hotels and hotels are located right on the coast and boast beautiful beaches and private access to the sea.

Most of the beaches of Mui Ne Beach have no fences, so vacationers can choose any favorite place to get a steady tan and swim in the warm sea. Of course, the experience of recreation depends largely on the weather conditions, so the resort attracts vacationers mainly at certain times of the year.

Gusts of wind, which occur quite often, lift sand from the seabed and make the water turbid. In calm weather, the resort coast disposes to a measured rest, well-equipped beaches dotted with sun beds. You can grab a bite to eat in the cafes that are located nearby.

In the evening the life of the resort not only does not stop, but it seems even picks up speed. Colorful signs everywhere attract bright neon lights in restaurants, cafes and other entertainment venues.

No less interesting will be visiting and seeing the local attractions, monuments and cultural events. Fans of active leisure will love all kinds of water sports, which are very common here.

Local highlights include not only the excellent natural surroundings of white sand and azure colored water, but also luxury spa treatments, incredibly fun and educational diving, therapeutic mud baths, and other body treatments.


Another resort town that is widely regarded as one of the best in Vietnam is Vungtau. It is located just 130 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, has a well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of recreation options for visitors.

Today you can find excellent conditions for accommodation in inexpensive resorts, formerly owned by wealthy locals. However, the main disadvantage of this resort is that there are two oil platforms nearby. Therefore, the water in the coastal areas is not as clean and clear as in other resort areas of Vietnam.

However, tourists can choose a suitable place to relax from two beaches: Front and Back. The advantages of the first is a wide network of catering establishments, which are located near the shoreline.

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Rear Beach is equipped with European-style, less crowded, but very atmospheric. The length of this section is almost 3 kilometers.

To vacationers in Vungtau is a huge selection of recreational activities. A busy sightseeing program will introduce tourists to local attractions, including unique and colorful Buddhist temples, the lighthouse Hai Dang, and other interesting objects.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang Municipal Beach is considered one of the best in the area. Its length is about 7 kilometers. Entrance to the beach is free, the cost of renting deck chairs and umbrellas is quite affordable for a wide range of tourists.

The beach area is well maintained and clean enough, it is regularly cleaned and kept in order. At first glance it seems that the coastline consists of white sand, but it is not. This is the tiniest fragments of shells of different sizes, shapes and colors.

The advantage of the municipal beach in Nha Trang is that throughout its territory is very flat and smooth entrance to the sea. This allows for a comfortable stay, not only adults but also families with small children. The best time to enjoy the delights of a beach holiday in this part of Vietnam – is the period from April to October.

From mid-autumn to mid-spring begins the rainy season, the sea is stormy, which can mar a long-awaited vacation and prevent to enjoy the beautiful beach, gentle sun and warm sea.

Thanks to excellent transport interchange road to the beach will not take long, no matter what part of Nha Trang you stay. For the comfort of tourists there are cabins for changing clothes, showers with fresh water and toilets.

The order is monitored by lifeguards, medics are on duty regularly, ready to provide the necessary assistance if necessary. On the beach there are various kinds of entertainment, such as: massage, boating, water-skiing, scuba diving and others. Local cafes offer refreshments if you get hungry and enjoy refreshing drinks, which by the way, can be brought right to your chaise lounge under the umbrella.

Hon Chong Beach

A quiet and peaceful place, perfect for the idea of a relaxed and peaceful beach vacation, is located in the town of Hatne. Hon Chong Beach is popular for its relaxing atmosphere. It is very beautiful, snow-white sand in the coastal zone is soft as silk, and the water surface has a bright shade of azure.

For those who want to be alone with their thoughts, you can choose one of the nearby bays, located near Hon Chong. The sea here is of particular interest to divers. The rich underwater world is a true delight to both experienced divers and those who dive for the first time.

The beach is popular with tourists with children, thanks to its gentle entrance to the water. One of the most famous local attractions is the stone with the imprint of the ancient wizard and his beloved. The legend, which is shrouded in many mysteries, you can learn from the locals.

The beach is also suitable for parents with children: the entrance to the sea is gentle. Fans of romance will appreciate another local attraction: there is an imprint of the ancient magician and his beloved woman on the stones. A beautiful legend about them will tell you every local resident.

Bai Sao Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Vietnam and the whole Asia is on the island of Phu Quoc and is called Bai Sao. It is known as a place with a favorable and mild climate. Especially good weather is established on the coast during the dry season, which begins in April.

What attracts tourists to Bai Sao? Incredible surrounding scenery is a delight, snow-white sand, unusually pleasant to the touch, looks especially bright against the azure sea surface. Sunbathing on the beach, you can enjoy admiring the incredible tropical nature, enjoy the horizon going into the distance and take spectacular photos.

Transparent water near the shore is an ideal place for diving, here you can well consider the inhabitants of the sea and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Developed infrastructure around the beach will not get bored.

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You can rent not only a deck chair, and scuba gear or surfboard. Exotic cuisine and a wide variety of dishes presented in local restaurants that are open almost all night.

Da Nango Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam is Da Nang with very soft sand of almost white color. Another advantage of vacationing here – easy gentle entrance to the water, which is suitable even for very young children. During the dry season there is great weather, and in the period from November to March due to strong winds there can be strong waves, which can spoil the whole impression of the holiday.

Visiting the beach with excellent infrastructure is absolutely free, and the rent of deck chairs and umbrellas is one of the most affordable in the whole country. In addition to beach paraphernalia, you can rent scuba gear or a boat for a memorable boat ride in the nearby area.

Local vendors offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and coconuts, and there are a variety of eateries and cafes nearby, as well as convenient showers and toilets.

Beaches on Kondao Island

On Condao Island, you can choose between an incredible number of beaches to relax on. Despite the fact that the size of most of them are very compact, all of them are very picturesque and clean.

White sand and smooth entry into the water will make the most comfortable stay, and some places on the coast is not so crowded that you may be the only holidaymakers in the area.

Tourists with great pleasure come to the island also because here you can see the newborn turtles, which have just hatched from their eggs and rush into the water.

One of the main attractions is fishing. There are a lot of sea creatures near the shore, the fish bites well, and if you work hard, you can get a real squid as a catch.

Scuba divers in coastal waters can not only enjoy the spectacular pictures of the underwater world, but also see the rare representatives of flora and fauna, such as sea cow or dugong. Hunting these mammals is forbidden, but getting to know them better is fun.

Lang Ko Beach

A very special and amazing place – Lang Co beach, which is absolutely not suitable for serene rest. It is definitely worth a visit if you want to expand your horizons and see something unique.

The landscape of this area is formed by unusually high sand dunes. In the coastal waters an incredible number of sea creatures that swim serenely near the divers.

Beach infrastructure is developing at a very rapid pace, all the necessary conditions for a comfortable holiday have already been created. In addition, here you do not want to just lie down and sunbathe, and want to constantly consider and explore the amazing surroundings.

Beaches in Ha Long Bay

The unique Ha Long Bay is the soul of Vietnam. The bay has about one and a half thousand small islands and a huge number of beaches with white sand and magnificent surrounding scenery.

The water temperature in coastal areas even during the cold season is 24-25 degrees. But for a beach holiday is better to choose the period of the so-called dry season – from April to October.

The width of sandy beaches in some places reaches about 100 m. There are quite secluded and not comfortable places, and there are beaches with developed infrastructure and an incredible amount of entertainment.

Jet skis and water skis for adults, cool children’s animators, numerous deck chairs and umbrellas, as well as a wide network of restaurants and cafes at the service of tourists almost around the clock.

The most beautiful beaches in Vietnam extremely attractive, the local scenery – amazingly romantic, and the starry sky and mind-blowing sunsets are worthy of sincere delight and long lasting memory.

Excursion program attracts tourists with original routes, among which trips to deserted islands and visits to mysterious caves. Also popular are various kinds of water sports, scuba diving will be remembered for the beauty and richness of the underwater world of an amazingly beautiful bay.

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