Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, How to get there and map

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport is located near the city of the same name and has the status of an international airport (SFX).

Schönefeld is Berlin’s second airport, both in size and importance. It is located in the Brandenburg states, Damme-Spreewald district, near the city of Schönefeld.

The distance from the center of Berlin is 18 kilometers.

Berlin Schönefeld Airport mainly chartered flights and is operated by low-cost airlines.

Until the 1990s the airport was the main and most popular among passengers, but over time, passenger traffic decreased significantly. This is due to the construction of a more modern airport Tegel, which, among other things, more convenient in terms of location.

Schönefeld Airport has several terminals A, B, C and D. Terminals A and B are the main parts of the airport. Terminal A has check-in counters and serves flights of major international companies.

The second terminal B is used mainly by the low-cost carrier easyJet. The next terminal C was originally designed to serve Israeli flights, but since 2008 has been converted and is now used for tourist flights, regular flights are not made here.

There is also a terminal D, which is mostly used by Condor and Norwegian Air Shuttle, as well as other companies. This terminal was built in 2005 and is now often used to reduce the load on the other 3.

Ways to get from Schönefeld Airport in Berlin

There are various ways to get to the capital of Germany from Schönefeld Airport, but one of the easiest and most common due to its low cost is the city train S-Bahn.

The name of the station to board is Flughafen Berlin Schoenefeld. It is located just a 5 minute walk from the airport.

If you choose to travel by train, the fare will cost 3 euros. And if you choose the route S9, you will reach the center of Berlin in just half an hour and the fare will be 9 euros. The train on this route take half an hour and get off at the end of the station Pankow.

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You can also take flight S45. The train runs regularly, every 20 minutes, on the way will be a few stops in the suburbs of Berlin, get off at the station Berlin Sudkreuz.

There are other ways, for example, if you resort to the Airport Express Train, then in half an hour you will be at the central railway station of Berlin. Or you can just take the regular local trains from the airport to Berlin and the suburbs about once an hour.

Scheme of the terminal Schönefeld in PDF Download 1.9 mb

You can also take a bus into the city. Buses can be found near the terminals themselves as well as at the airport bus station. It is very easy to catch a cab if you want, and cab drivers can help you navigate the city. Here the parking lots are located near Terminal A.

There are both official operators and unlicensed private taxi drivers. The trip to the center of Berlin will take about half an hour and will cost about 40-45 euros, which is expensive, and the time will take the same as the train ride, but very comfortable.

When you arrive at Schönefeld Airport, you will encounter all the necessary services, which include the following:

  • a medical station;
  • pharmacy;
  • bank branches;
  • post office;
  • currency exchange office;
  • room for recreation with children.

In addition, on the territory of Berlin Schönefeld Airport there are a lot of institutions where you can eat, as well as various stores, souvenir shops, so there will be something to do while waiting for your flight. Nearby is a well-developed infrastructure, accommodation for every budget and preferences, hotels and hotels.

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Airport Berlin Schönefeld is located eighteen kilometers from the center of the capital of Germany. It serves aircraft of eighteen airlines. Passenger traffic of the airport in Berlin is about 6.5 million passengers a year. In addition to Schönefeld, there are two other airports in Berlin.

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How to get from Schönefeld Airport to Berlin

Check-in at Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Berlin Schönefeld Airport serves domestic flights as well as international flights. Passengers arriving by domestic flights usually begin checking in and unpacking their luggage 2 hours before departure. Passenger and baggage check-in ends 40 minutes before departure. Check-in for all international flights begins 2.5 hours prior to departure and ends also 40 minutes prior to departure.

Terminals at Schönefeld Airport

Berlin Schönefeld Airport

Airport Berlin Schönefeld has four terminals. They are designated by the letters A to D. The largest is terminal A, where the information desk is located, as well as the observation deck, open from 10 h. to 18 h. daily, in good weather. From the platform passengers can observe aircraft takeoffs and landings, as well as the work of the airport services. Tickets for the observation deck cost two euros for adults and one euro for children. Do not enter the observation deck with pets or luggage.

On-line display at Schönefeld Airport

Schematic diagram of Schönefeld Airport

terminals at Schönefeld airport

How to get from Schönefeld Airport to Berlin

– From Schönefeld Airport by car

Berlin Schönefeld Airport is located close to the A113 motorway, close to the B179 and B96A federal highways. The journey by car to Berlin city center takes about forty minutes.

– From Schönefeld Airport by train

You can get from Schönefeld Airport to Berlin by train called Airport-Express that runs at half an hour intervals from half past four in the morning until eleven o’clock in the evening. You can walk to the train station or take the Shuttle, which runs between Schönefeld Airport and the station at ten-minute intervals.

– From Schönefeld Airport by train

Passengers can also take the S-Bahn train S9 from the airport to Berlin’s central stations.

– From Schönefeld Airport by bus

It is possible to travel from Schönefeld Airport to Berlin by bus. Next to Terminal A, there are stops for buses N60, X7, 171, 162, 735, and N7. Also next to the Berlin-Schönefeld station, buses no. 734 and 163 to Berlin stop.

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– From Schönefeld Airport by cab

cab from Schönefeld airport to Berlin

The quickest and most convenient way to get from Schönefeld Airport to Berlin is by cab. However, the cost of such a trip will be significantly higher than the cost of travel by train, bus or train. For a ride from Schönefeld to the center of the German capital by cab you have to pay from thirty-five to forty euros.

Walking around the German capital will allow you to plunge into the incredible atmosphere of the city and explore its museums,

Berlin – a visited metropolis, which daily moving millions of cars of locals and visitors.

The German capital is a beautiful tourist city, with wonderful views and sights enjoyed annually by

Travelling around Berlin can be cumbersome or tiring if you make the wrong choice of transportation

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