Bird Park “Sparrows” in the Kaluga region

Sparrows” Bird Park

Bird Park “Sparrows” is a large modern zoo and amusement park, which is located in Zhukovsky district of Kaluga region, 75 km from the Moscow Ring Road. It was opened in 2005 and was the first bird park in Russia. Today there are more than 2,700 individuals representing 484 species of animals.

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The initiative to create such an unusual zoo as the Sparrows Bird Park belonged to the spouses Alexander and Tatiana Belyavsky, engineers by training and big fans of ornithology. For more than 30 years they had been collecting a private collection of birds, which began with several exotic parrots. Gradually the city apartment became too small for the birds, and the Belyavskys moved to the Moscow region. In 2003 they bought the empty lands of the state farm “Peremoha” and built a unique park there within two years.

Sparrow Bird Park

In addition to birds collected from all over the world, there are also domestic and exotic animals. All visitors note that the birds and animals look much better than in conventional zoos. The reason for the good health of the local inhabitants is the spacious aviaries, special care and plenty of fresh air. The territory of the bird park “Sparrows” is far from noisy highways and industrial production, next to the edge of the forest.

This unusual zoo is very popular among residents of the capital. It takes only a couple of hours to get there. Parents with children and groups of friends come here. In addition to watching the inhabitants, here you can make memorable photos with birds of prey, take a ride in a carriage, play paintball and take a horseback ride. The Sparrows Bird Park is visited for a couple of hours and on weekends.

Entrance to the territory Bird aviaries Pathways and signs

The territory of the zoo is very well maintained. Flowering beds are next to wooden sculptures, and decorative shrubs organically complement the rows of cages and pens. Professional landscapers and florists transformed the former wasteland into a beautiful corner of nature.

The inhabitants of the bird park “Sparrows”

Of course, the main residents of the unusual zoo are the birds. About a third of the territory of the Sparrows Bird Park is given to domestic birds – chickens, geese, pigeons, turkeys, guinea fowls, peacocks, ostriches and pheasants. It is noteworthy that here you can not only see the exotic breeds of domestic birds, but also buy young ones.

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Wild birds nesting in Russia live in different places of the park. The ponds are home to waterfowl – pelicans, mute swans, red-breasted goose and mandarin ducks. In the bird park “Sparrows” storks, cranes, herons, sultans, glossy ibis and graceful flamingos feel perfectly well. Of the birds of prey, you can see falcons, eagles, eagles, long-eared owls, barn owls and owls in the cages. In addition, in the aviaries there is a rich collection of forest species – grouse, thrushes, redpolls, twitterers and other birds, whose singing adorns the forest edges.

The bird park “Sparrows” has the largest collection of parrots in the country. Next to them there are cages with inhabitants of tropical jungles – toucans, hornbills, tropical pigeons, doves and turacos.

Wavy parrots in the Sparrow Bird Park Ostrich Emu Flamingo Mandarin duck Owl Stork Stork Wenceslas crane

The Sparrows Bird Park is home to sloths, armadillos, American raccoons, skunks, caracals, servals, lemurs, black-armed gibbons and funny little monkeys – saymiris, toads and tamarins. Roe deer, fallow deer, llamas, dikdik antelope, peccaries, and Bennett’s kangaroo graze in spacious pens.

A new area has recently opened with the Tropical World and Night Zoo pavilions, which are home to animals that lead nocturnal lifestyles. These are hedgehogs, bats, loris, galagos and African civets. The Sparrows Bird Park has its own ostrich farm and pens for mini-animals. Ponies, donkeys, Cameroonian goats, sheep and mini-horses are kept here. Other additions to the sprawling zoo are the picturesque Stone Park and mineral and butterfly collections.

Deer Collared Bakers Lamas Fish in the Tropical World Pavilion Monkey in the Sparrows Bird Park

Bird park in winter

Sparrows” bird park welcomes guests at any time of year, but if the temperature drops below +5 ° C, exotic birds are moved to closed aviaries. When you come to the zoo in winter, you can see many birds outdoors and in warm pavilions. “Tropical World” presents the park’s guests with parrots, bright amadins, astirds, finches and euphonies, lemon and diamondback doves and painted Chinese quail. It is also interesting to watch the little sturgeons in the pond. And in the pavilion “Songbirds” even on frosty days you can hear the birds whistling and ringing trills.

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In winter the cafe “Pelican” sells hot tea and fragrant mulled wine. For visitors they pour an ice slide, and children and adults ride the tubas on it.

Most animals survive the winter very well, so you can always see squirrels and hares, deer and goats in the bird park “Sparrows”.

Sparrows Bird Park in Winter

Useful information for visitors

The bird park “Sparrows” works all year round. It opens every day at 10.00 and finishes receiving visitors with darkness. There is a cafe “Pelikan” and a kebab shop, so visitors do not go hungry.

Those who want to spend more than one day in the zoo can stay at the recreation center “Ivolga”. It is built in a picturesque place, on the shore of the lake, where there is a beach for swimming. At the recreation base the guests are accommodated in comfortable hotel rooms. In addition, you can pitch tents on the territory.

“Ivolga” has its own restaurant “Chizh”, swimming pool, spa center, solarium, gym and sauna. A playroom and children’s pool are open for young travelers. The recreation base has playgrounds for table tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball, and free Wi-Fi. You can rent rowing boats, bikes, and quad bikes. And skating, skiing, and snowmobiling are popular in winter.

Ivolga’s guests are allowed to visit the territory with aviaries for free during daylight hours, while for other visitors the bird park “Sparrows” opens at 10:00. Tourists staying at the recreation center can watch the birds and animals as soon as they wake up.

Many travelers buy souvenirs, booklets about feathered birds and beautiful author’s ornaments as a memory of their visit to the Sparrows Bird Park.

Parrots are of the greatest interest to visitors Riding through the territory Communication with the animals Collections of butterflies Souvenirs

How to get there

Those who come by private car, you have to drive 75 km from the Moscow ring road along the Kievskoe or Kaluzhskoe highway. In the center of the Vorobyi village, behind the bus stop, turn left at the sign. From there to the bird park “Vorobyi” is about one kilometer along the asphalt road.

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The road by public transport takes more time. From the Kiev railway station take a train to the station “Balabanovo”, and then change to a minibus, going to the state farm “Victory”. There is another option: you can come to the station “Obninskoye” by train, and from there you can get to the bird park “Sparrows” by bus “Obninsk – Kamenka”.

Sparrows” Bird Park

The main territory: every day from 10:00 till darkness, the pavilion “Exotarium”: from 11:00 till 18:00 (Monday is a day off). Stone Park: daily from 11:00 to 19:00, Tropical World and Songbirds pavilions are closed on Mondays.

Bird park: full – 300 rubles on weekdays and 500 rubles at weekends and holidays, concessional – 100 rubles. Stone Park: full – 200 rubles on weekdays, 300 rubles during weekends and holidays, concessional – 100 rubles. Preschoolers with an accompanying person for free.

Bird park “Sparrows” is located in the village Sovkhoz “Pobeda” in Kaluga region. The park operates since 2005, in the beginning, the collection included exotic birds and representatives of birds living in our country. Gradually the number of inhabitants increased, there were not only new species of birds, but also animals. A small farm was formed, and over time, rare species of animals settled on the territory.

Infrastructure also evolved – now the park along with the recreation center “Ivolga”, recreation and ecotourism base “Golovinka” is included in the space for recreation in nature. Specialists of Kaluga bird park “Sparrows” are also engaged in breeding of rare birds, which has been repeatedly noted by colleagues from Russian and foreign nurseries. If you wish, you can buy here chicks of parrots, poultry, young animals, including exotic ones.

Since its opening, the park has become one of the favorite recreation places for residents of nearby towns and villages. Children from schools and summer camps come here for educational excursions. Various master classes and scientific conferences are held in the territory, and you can arrange an exciting celebration of a child’s birthday here. The park’s infrastructure includes a cafe, a kebab shop, a souvenir store and a parking lot. On weekends and holidays, especially in the summer months, finding a free parking space is not an easy task.

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Prices in the Sparrow Bird Park

The cost of admission to the main territory of the park:

  • adult ticket – 300 rubles on weekdays and 500 rubles on weekends and holidays
  • discount ticket* – 100 rubles.

Tickets for the second area:

  • adult – 200 rubles on weekdays and 300 rubles on weekends and holidays
  • discount ticket* – 100 rubles.

Preschoolers can visit the park for free together with their parents who have bought a ticket.

* Privileges apply to schoolchildren, full-time students, conscripts, members of large families, and retirees. To purchase such tickets, it is necessary to provide the appropriate document.

Annual passes are also available.

Before visiting it is worth looking at the current prices on the official website of the bird park “Sparrows”.

Reviews about the bird park “Sparrows”

Most visitors recommend the park as a great place for a family vacation. The area is so vast that many people take at least four hours to see all the inhabitants of the park and enjoy nature away from the bustle of the city. Many note the good infrastructure and decent conditions for the animals. Some come not for the first time and plan to return again, because the park is developing and increasing its collection.

Excursions to the bird park “Sparrows” from Moscow


The park consists of two territories. The main one is called “Bird Park” – here you can see domestic and exotic birds. In 2010, the Exotarium pavilion appeared. It houses aquarium and terrarium exhibits, as well as representatives of primates – white gibbons, toadstools and tamarins. Fish include red-bellied piranhas, North American Mississippian panfish, red-eyed roach, spiny bass, cutthroat fish, silvery duck, and river catfish. It is interesting to look at the amphibians and reptiles; the collection includes the thin-tailed snake, Paraguayan anaconda, rainbow boa, water ram, pearl lizard and many, many others.

There is a special playground for children, and young visitors can also ride horses.

The second area is “Rocks Park”, here you can learn many interesting facts about rocks and see samples of rocks from different parts of Russia. The park houses animals – hares, Cameroon goats, donkeys, kangaroos, roe deer, llamas, servals and other representatives, there is also an ostrich farm.

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There are also 2 pavilions, Tropical World and Songbirds, with collections of butterflies, insects, minerals and fossils in their lobby. In 2014, the Tropical World pavilion with an artificial climate was opened. Winter in the Sparrow Bird Park can be harsh, but even with sub-zero temperatures outside, the pavilion is always hot, at least +23-25 ° C, and very humid (75-80%). Hundreds of species and varieties of plants were brought here from Holland, and a year later bananas, papaya and carambola bear fruit.

The “Night World” exhibit gives an idea of the birds and mammals that prefer the dark time of day – the bull owl, fluffy-tailed gerbil, Nile wings and others.

In the pavilion of “Songbirds” there are Chinese nightingales, emerald doves, diamondback and striped doves, Chinese quail, blue irenes – about two dozen species. There are reptiles and primates. In summer, monkeys live in open aviaries.

Recreation base “Ivolga”.

On the first territory of the park is a hotel complex “Ivolga” – these are cottages located on the shore of the lake. The price includes an entrance ticket to the park and breakfast. There are also saunas, a separate parking lot for cars, a barbecue area and an artificial pond where you can fish. As for active entertainment – karting, rope park, paintball, wakeboarding, rent segways, quad bikes, boats, catamarans.

How to get to the park “Sparrows

To get to the park by public transport is possible only with transfers, the way goes through the station Obninskoye or Balabanovo.

Via Obninskoye

Take a train from Moscow or Kaluga to the Obninskoye station, then on the bus station in Obninsk take a bus till Kamenka, get off in the Vorobyi village (ask the driver for the stop nearest to the park).

Via Balabanovo

Take an electric train from Moscow or Kaluga to Balabanovo station, then cross the pedestrian bridge over the tracks and get to the stop on Kommunalnaya Street. Here you should take a marshrutka, which goes to the state farm “Victory”. You can see the schedule of the minibus on the park’s website.

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