Black Bamboo Hollow in Heizhu, China

Heizhu Valley (Black Bamboo Hollow)

There are many anomalous and mystical places on planet Earth. One of them is the Chinese Heizhu Valley. The entire world is famous for the fact that it has disappeared people. For more than half a century, scientists can not solve the local anomaly. Bamboo forest, meanwhile, “grew” secrets, legends and does not cease to attract lovers of tickling the nerves.

What is the Black Bamboo Hollow?

An area shrouded in dark mystery and earning a bad reputation is a dense bamboo forest. The place is beautiful with waterfalls and picturesque lakes. It could have been a protected area, but its notoriety as an anomalous zone scares away sane people.

Heizhu Valley in China

In the hollow, incomprehensible, frightening, and hard to explain events occur. Local residents believe that it is all the fault of otherworldly forces, UFOs, and even panda ogre, which eats people. The ufologists’ version of alien abductions seemed fantastic and the Chinese refused to enter the valley even for a huge sum of money.

The anomalies occurring in the Heizhou Valley have attracted the attention of scientists. But they, too, are still unable to give a convincing conclusion. After studying the zone, they concluded: the unexplained phenomena could be the fault of magnetic waves, which emit huge deposits of iron ore and basalt rocks.

Where is the Heizhu Valley

The anomalous zone is located in China’s Sichuan Province near the city of Chengdu. The entrance to the mysterious Hollow is opened by the Shi-Men Gate on one of the slopes of Mount Mae’an. The area of almost 200 square kilometers is a dense bamboo forest. The trees here reach forty meters in height.

The black bamboo valley is in a lowland area, so there are often dense fogs. A small Chinese Yin people live near Heizhu valley and claim that when people enter the valley, strange and scary sounds are heard from there. Even animals go missing in the anomaly zone.

Fog in the Heizhu Valley

History of the Heizhu Valley

The history of the anomaly zone began in the middle of the last century. It was then that reports of missing people began to appear:

  • 1949 – a detachment of 30 Chinese soldiers goes missing;
  • 1950 – a plane crashes over the valley, the pilots are not found, but information from the black boxes confirms that the plane was serviceable and there was no accident;
  • 1962 – a group of geologists disappears without a trace; only a guide, who accidentally fell behind the general group, was able to get out of the valley;
  • 1966 – 6 military cartographers disappeared, one of the crew was found, but his condition was on the edge of psychosis, and the man could not explain anything;
  • 1976 – two forest rangers disappeared in the fog, this was seen by their colleagues, who fell slightly behind and saw the men swallowed up by the fog.

These events could not help but attract scientists to the territory of the anomalous zone. A scientific expedition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, led by Yang Yun, studied what was happening in the Heizhu Valley. The scientists studied the bamboo forest for a whole month, but did not find any mystical beings or supernatural forces.

Black Bamboo Hollow (PRC)

But it was revealed that the geological rocks in this area have a complex structure and can collapse under the influence of various factors. In addition, in the process of the strongest decay of some tree species, a deadly poison was released, which could cause disorientation of people who got into the hollow. And their disappearance was attributed to falling into the gaps in the geological rocks.

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Despite its notoriety, the Black Bamboo Hollow still attracts tourists from all over the world. They come here to test their psychological potential, find their own clues to unexplained phenomena or just to look at the beautiful forest of holly trees. Today this place is fenced, and you can walk along a specially paved path with a guide for a fee.

Black Bamboo Hollow

There are many places on our planet where unexplained phenomena occur. They have a bad reputation among the locals, and they try to avoid them. Most of them are located in hard-to-reach places, for example: high in the mountains, in the middle of the desert or in impassable swamps. All anomalous zones have one thing in common – they are located near a strong energy anomaly. Heizhu – Black Bamboo Valley belongs to such zones.

Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

Black Bamboo Valley is one of the strongest anomalous zones

The valley has gained notoriety among local residents, as its territory occurred incomprehensible phenomena. Reasonable explanation for the events people have not found, so they came to the conclusion that all to blame otherworldly forces. Even now, in the XXI century, when people fly into space and descend into the depths of the ocean, to find a reasonable explanation for the disappearance of people in the Hollow can not be. The locals don’t want to go into the mysterious forest under any pretext.

Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

How it all began

In 1949, there were first mentions of people going missing in the Hollow area. During military operations, a detachment of soldiers of thirty men accidentally entered the valley and no one saw them alive again. After a while, three Chinese army scouts decided to go through the valley. Only one managed to get out alive. According to his story, he fought off his comrades-in-arms and tried to catch up with them, but he failed and found his way out of the valley by accident. In 1950, almost a hundred people disappeared without a trace in the Bamboo Valley area. The search party was unable to find anything that would indicate the cause of the disappearance. That same year an airplane flew over the valley and crashed. According to the records from the black boxes, it was in good working order and there was no reason for the crash.

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Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

In 1962, a group of geologists and a guide went to Bamboo Valley. None of the members of the group came back, they all disappeared without a trace. Only the guide remained alive, according to his story he lagged behind the group and at that moment a thick fog fell on the valley. The guide got scared and remained in place, and when the fog cleared, the geologists disappeared without a trace.

In 1966, a group of six military cartographers arrived in the mysterious bamboo thickets. All members of the group also disappeared without a trace. After some time, a local hunter found one of the cartographers, he was in a very bad condition, frightened and he was barely brought to his senses.

In 1976, a group of forest rangers went into the bamboo thickets, two of their members disappeared, the survivors said that as soon as they entered the valley, there was a thick mist, from which strange and scary sounds were heard. The fog dissipated in a few seconds, but the people were no longer there, although the forester’s watch showed that about twenty minutes had passed.

Description of the valley

The area of the anomalous zone is 180 square kilometers. Dense thickets of bamboo grow throughout its territory, reaching a height of forty meters. The valley often has dense fog, as it is located in a hollow. Also present in the thicket are swamps, waterfalls, and a large lake that reaches two hundred meters in size. The nature of the bamboo forest is amazing and very beautiful, but unfortunately, it has earned a bad and intimidating reputation.

Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

The mystique of the Black Bamboo Hollow

Scientists have never been able to find a reasonable explanation for what is happening in the valley. The fact that people disappeared is still a mystery, because no remains have been found, no personal belongings, nothing that could lead to a clue to the events. Since a scientific explanation has not been found, people have begun to invent various mystical theories. According to one of them, there is a rare polar bear in the bamboo forest that hunts and kills people. Locals call it the panda man-eater.

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Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

According to the second version, a thick fog is to blame. People say it is of alien origin, as it appears and disappears very quickly. The aliens come to this place to abduct people, and they use the fog to disguise themselves. According to the third version the magnetic anomaly is to blame. It causes the plants to rot, the animals to scatter and the poisonous vapors that make people go crazy. According to the fourth version, the reason is the evil forces, which take people to their otherworldly world.

Expedition of the Academy of Sciences

The expedition to the Hollow was dispatched by decision of the Communist Party of China Central Office. Professor Yang Yun led the expedition. At the beginning of the expedition, the group stopped near the city of Chengdu, from which the Hollow was still several hundred kilometers away. This was done in order to first study the archival documents and data about the people who had disappeared earlier.

Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

The first thing that began to be investigated was the disappearance of a detachment of military topographers led by Captain Du Xuan. During the research it was found out that 3 officers and 6 soldiers did not disappear. At the end of 1966 in March, Captain Du Xuan was forced to stop the expedition because of an incomprehensible illness of his soldiers. Unfortunately, the facts of the illness were not preserved, so a lot of time had to be spent on bureaucratic correspondence in order to find out anything at all.

Next, the members of the research group began to investigate the fact of the missing forest rangers in 1976. They had been sent to the Hollow to catch poachers, so they were well equipped and well authorized. The men went missing, and when a week passed, a rescue party was sent to look for them. Two of the men had disappeared without a trace; those who were found were in a terrible state, they were very frightened, and claimed that their comrades had been taken by evil spirits.

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Beyond the Shimen Pass

In June, Yangyun’s group headed to the Heizhu area and set up base camp near the Shi-Men Pass. In the Yin language, the name of the pass translates as “stone gate. According to local beliefs, this is where the boundary between the real world and the “realm of evil spirits of black bamboo” is located. People believe in the evil fate of this place so much that local officials and public security officers, who accompanied the expedition members, had to persuade the guides to enter the Hollow. They categorically refused to cross the line beyond the “stone gate.

Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

The locals assured the members of the research team that no one would be able to return from the Hollow alive in the summertime. The local population, even for a large monetary reward, refused to enter the territory of the cursed valley.

Before the immediate descent into the Hollow, the old guide once again tried to dissuade Yang Yun from the murderous expedition. In order to somehow argue his arguments, the guide began to tell all the local legends and beliefs associated with this place. The expedition leader only laughed at these stories and did not give up on his goal. But soon after entering the territory of the bamboo mass, all the members of the group became not funny, but frightened.

In the bamboo thicket.

At another bend in the road a bamboo grove appeared before the people, all the people froze for a moment, it was as if a lake of white water with bamboo towering over it was spread out before them. It was not a lake, but a mist, Yang Yun was the first to step into the hollow, and after a few minutes he commanded all the other members of the group to continue on their way. The very next day, the men felt ill. For a month, the group explored, and only those who could no longer work were sent back to base camp because they felt unwell. The main discovery was that the rocks in the Hollow have a complex geological structure. It was also found that there is a system of cracks in the rocks, from which poisonous fluoride and mercury vapors are emitted.

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Black Bamboo Mysterious Valley in Heizhu, China

The cause of the fogs was not mystical reasons, but high humidity and sharply changing weather. The complete picture was completed by a complex relief, with many caves, grottoes, and sinkholes in the ground. In the eastern part of the grove quicksand was found. Taken together, all of these factors contributed to the area’s notoriety and the threatening name “Death Valley.” But what bothered Yang Yun was that they were still missing something, some factor that was affecting the sickly state of the people. The course of the disease resembled poisoning by unknown mineral or plant poisonous poisons. After much deliberation, Yang Yun recalled his professor’s lecture. He collected soil and air samples and completed his research.

Death Valley these days

Nowadays, Bamboo Hollow is very popular with tourists. People are no longer frightened by scary stories, on the contrary attracts more and more people. But locals are still afraid of the place and bypass it. For thrill seekers developed several interesting routes among the dense bamboo thickets. You can visit these routes only with a guide, who will tell in detail about all the disappearances of people. You can take pictures and buy souvenirs in the valley. Since 1976, there have been no reported cases of missing people in the valley.

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