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Black Sea Beaches 2022

At tourists can be questions to national service or the prices, but to beauty of our coast – hardly. And if they have, it means they simply have not been there. The beaches of the Black Sea are so different! Dunes of Anapa, for example, are not inferior to the Portuguese. On the golden sand is not only comfortable to sunbathe – it is also good for health. Gelendzhik bays with stony beaches is very reminiscent of the Italian: the turquoise sea, fragrant pines, steep cliffs with nesting seagulls on them. And it is not for nothing that Sochi resorts are compared with French Riviera: palm trees, mountains, expensive yachts, freshly caught mussels. Romance.

One problem – there are a lot of beaches, how to choose your own? Some want deserted, that dolphins come swimming in the morning, and someone – the epicenter of events. With our guide it will be easier to understand where the most beautiful beaches of the Black Sea in 2022.

The best beaches in the Krasnodar region.

Remember at school we painted outline maps? Well, the Black Sea coast of Kuban is an ideal place to study the relief and climate zones. Every 30-50 kilometers they change here. In the northern part of the region, from Veselovka to Anapa, there are steppes and sandy beaches. Immediately behind – begin to “grow”. Caucasian mountains. Everywhere there are rocks and large pebbles.

On the Black Sea coast there are many sandy beaches. Photo: Tatyana CHERNIKOVA

But it is good to spend your vacation there and there. Fans of secluded places can go to the reserve “Utrish”, where the water is transparent and nature is pristine. And fans of partying – go to Sochi: in the morning you can swim with a view of snow-capped peaks, and in the evening go to concerts of stars.Families with children in the choice is also not limited. Almost all beaches in the Krasnodar region are equipped with areas for kids and inflatable towns.

Anapa: not just a children’s resort

The city has long positioned itself as an ideal place for holidays with children. And this is true. But in addition to the amusement park, dolphinarium and zoo, there are also the ruins of the ancient city of Gorgippia, an interesting nightlife, the Valley of Lotuses and sanatoriums, recognized throughout the world.

Central beach in Vityazevo

Central beach in Dzhemete

All beaches of Anapa

Gelendzhik: ancient dolmens and modern hotels

For fans of riddles there are ancient structures of stone slabs, for fans of TV show “In the Animal World” – Safari Park, where lions and crocodiles are rescued from beach photographers, for fans of comfort – hotels, where “all inclusive”. Well, for those who like to admire the beauty, it is worth to get higher in the mountains to appreciate the views of the local bay.

Sochi: here, as in Greece, there is everything

One of the best arboretums in the world, the famous Olympic Park in Adler, a suspension pedestrian bridge, from which you can jump with “bungee jumping”, expensive restaurants and hotels, squares buried in magnolia and banana trees – all this about the main resort of the country. Beaches here are also for every taste: both pebbly and sandy.

Best beaches of Crimea

Beaches of the Black Sea in the Crimea stretches for more than 300 kilometers, in 2022, they are also for every taste. Do you like fine sand? Then you should visit the western resorts: there is almost black, like in Bali, and golden, like in Anapa. Prefer a pebble? Then go to the south coast. And for those who are undecided in the east of the region there are sandy and rocky.

Your vacation photos from the Crimea will warm your heart for a long time to come. Photo: Tatyana CHERNIKOVA

Every year the number of good hotels here is growing. It means better service and more entertainment. Both fans of extreme entertainment and couples with children will find something to do. The holiday season is long: from late May to mid-October. So you can choose the right time for a vacation. Even at the height of the heat, when the tourists are full, though in early fall, when the sun and prices do not “bite”.

Yalta: inspiration for artists

These landscapes did not appear in Aivazovsky’s paintings for nothing. Cozy bays, azure waves, steep cliffs, rare cedars and pines – you want to create in such a beauty. Or to have a rest. For this, too, there is everything: pebble beaches, embankment, cafes, souvenir shops, rides and viewing platforms.

Asian resorts and all the pros and cons, photos and descriptions

Dolphin Beach

Central beach

Massandra Beach

Evpatoria: pink lake and white seafront

More than 50 beaches is not all that the resort has to offer. Here you can see the famous Karaite kenasa – a complex of temples that have survived since ancient times, and the pink lake Sasyk-Sivash, which gets a rich color in late July and early August. And, of course, to give rest to eyes – blue sea, snow-white embankment. It is a beauty!

New beach

Oasis” beach

Solaris beach

Sandy beaches of the Black Sea

Beach “Azure Coast” in Evpatoria


Thanks to the minimal entrance fee it is possible to maintain cleanliness and order. Here smoking is prohibited, and on the tower all the time on duty lifeguards. There are secluded bungalows, barbecue grills, volleyball court, area for “tubing” and “banana”. The sea is shallow and quickly warms up, suitable for family vacations.

The beach “Scarlet Sails” in Feodosia


He is huge! Stretched out almost 17 kilometers. You can arrange a romantic stroll along the sea, you can rent a deck chair with an umbrella or a barbecue to fry kebabs. Kids can be sent to the play area under the supervision of teachers and animators, and themselves can fly with a parachute or go to a cafe.

Central Beach in Gelendzhik


The beach here is bulk, in the sea – pebbles, on land – River sand. It is more than a kilometer long, and a width of 3 to 80 meters. In addition to standard entertainment, you can walk along one of the longest promenades in the world and take pictures with unusual sculptures: mermaid on an oak tree and a scientist cat, “White Bride” – the symbol of the resort.

Central Beach in Anapa


Yes, it is crowded here. But it is quite understandable – the beach is in the center of the city, surrounded by cafes, cinemas, shopping centers, stalls with souvenirs. But you can walk around it all day long – the coastal strip stretches for a kilometer. If you step back in the direction of the old pier, you can find a vacant lot with a wonderful view of the dunes.

Beach “Riviera” in Sochi


Small – only 300 meters long and 50 wide, but the most popular and “populous”. It is next to five-star hotels, equipped with showers and ramps for strollers. For many years in a row is one of the cleanest and most comfortable on the coast.

Pebble Beaches of the Black Sea

Seaside Beach in Yalta

For kids.

It is a small but cozy hotel, located in the center of the city, always cleaned and polished. It is convenient to have a rest with children – a pebble small, to walk comfortably, the lifeguard is nearby, an input in the sea smoothly. And there are a lot of cafes around: you can easily feed a hungry child.

Beach “Kameshki” in Feodosia

For kids.

Popular city beach near the Desantnikov embankment on which it is interesting to take a walk and the day with children, and in the evening, at sunset, with the other half. Nearby is the main port, Aivazovsky Gallery and other attractions.

Beach “Chaika” in Gelendzhik

For kids.

Removed from the city center, is located on the edge of the bay, in the area of the Tonky Cape, so there are not so many people, and the water is cleaner. There are separate areas for fishermen, there are – for smokers. And, of course, equipped playgrounds for sports and children’s games. Nearby there is a shooting gallery, kiosks with magazines and souvenirs, a cafe.

Beach “Primorsky” in Sochi

For kids.

It is located in the center of Sochi, next to the Winter and Summer theaters, a botanical garden, a museum, cafes and hotels. Therefore, there are always a lot of people: in the season to take a place on the beach is better early in the morning. But on the other hand there are a lot of entertainments and one of the best infrastructures on the resort.

Beach “Lighthouse” in Sochi

For kids.

By the name you can guess that it is located near the active lighthouse. Nearby are the Sea Station, Seaside Park and a bunch of cafes. There is a wooden deck, on which it is convenient to go into the sea, lifeguard towers, drugstores and souvenir stores. At high season on the beach are discos.

Bay of Balos in Crete, How to get there by car

Central beach in Sukko

For kids.

The most noisy, crowded and equipped beach Sukko. Almost all residential sector of the village and the three main streets extend here. Nearby are the Main Square, an amusement park and a small sports arena. For extreme people there is an opportunity to ride a parachute tied to a boat and for the kids there are inflatable slides.

Beach Varvarovskaya Slit in Sukko

For kids.

The northernmost and most picturesque beach resort. It is located between small green hills and the sea, famous for its clean water and pleasant aroma of relict trees. But due to lack of infrastructure there are not many tourists here, the rest in this place is considered wild.

Beach children’s camp “Change” in Sukko

For kids.

The territory belongs to the children’s camp, so the rules of safety and order here are treated with special attention. Because of this, the site is considered one of the cleanest at the resort. In addition to sunbeds and changing cabins, there are toilets and fountains with drinking water.

Beach boarding house “Shingari” in Sukko

For kids.

A small beach, which belongs to the boarding house in Sukko, is equipped with sunbeds, awnings from the sun, a booth for changing clothes. Garbage here is regularly cleaned up, and the number of people is much less than on the Central Beach. On duty lifeguards, there is a diving center and cafe.

Free beaches on the Black Sea

Almost all beaches on the Black Sea in 2022 are free. The exceptions are those that belong to resorts, provide additional services or belong to water parks.

When to go to have a rest

To just breathe fresh, saturated with salts and iodine, the air on the Black Sea coast you can come at any time. The sun shines here most of the year, and the temperature rarely drops below 10 degrees. But for swimming and sunbathing is better to choose the period from the twentieth days of May to mid-October. In late spring the water temperature reaches +20 degrees, and in the first half of autumn it can be even higher.

You can come to the Black Sea coast at any time just to breathe in the fresh, saline and iodine-saturated air. Photo: Tatiana CHERNIKOVA

Do you want a hotter sea? Then plan your vacation at local resorts in the high season: mid-July and August. But keep in mind that at this time and the tourists will be more, and prices for accommodation – higher. Oh, yes, it’s worth warning: rotavirus infection, as well as vacationers, is activated. So with small children it is better to arrive a little earlier or a little later, so as not to put them at risk. The temperature in the shade sometimes passes the mark of +38 degrees. So you`ll have to arm up with water, panamas and sunscreens and the sea warms up fastest near Adler and “shallow water” resorts like Blagoveshchenskaya and Veselovka. The waters are coolest in the region of Novorossiysk, where there are streams, mountains and constant winds.

The most suitable resorts for families with children

If you click on a map of the coast, in 90% of cases you’ll get to resorts where you can have a great vacation with kids. Almost everywhere there is entertainment, like carousels and mini zoos. The only exceptions are the campsites near the Blue Bay in Gelendzhik or the Inal Bay in the Tuapse region. You have to go down steep stairs to the sea there.

The resorts are equipped with everything necessary for children’s vacations. Separately worth mentioning is Anapa. A gentle entrance to the sea, sandy beaches, where it is fun to build castles, bury oneself up to the waist and sculpt a mermaid’s tail.

Most Black Sea resorts are suitable for recreation for the whole family. Photo:

Water parks are almost in every locality. In Evpatoria, Sevastopol, Alushta, Yalta – that’s if we talk about the resorts of the Crimea. In Vityazevo, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Kabardinka, Gelendzhik, Divnomorskoye, Krinitsa, Nebug, Tuapse, Sochi and Adler – as far as the Krasnodar Territory.

The white sand beaches of Crete with children

Some of the best camps are also located on the shores of the Black Sea. “Artek” – in Yalta, “Orlenok” – near Tuapse. But there are also centers with less famous names. Saki and Evpatoria bring young patients with cerebral palsy. Children with respiratory illnesses are cared for in Anapa, the Tuapse center specializes in disorders of the cardiovascular system, and in Sochi – in the musculoskeletal system.

Summer 2021 By the Black Sea

Glad to greet you all. One way or another in the in-flight logs, personal blogs, and community blogs there are posts about the adventures of travelers in the southern regions of our motherland. In my case it so happens that this year I did not get a summer vacation, and living on the sea, I am not very fond of the sea itself. Yes it is nice to sit on the shore in November – December, drink tea with herbs or walk along the sea in March – April. I very seldom go into the water, for example, this year I went into the sea only once, though the house is in a couple kilometers from the beach. That’s how bad I am. But on the other hand I like traveling along the seashore, I like mountains and mountain rivers, waterfalls, dolmens etc. The fact that from ancient times, the Black Sea coast was inhabited by a wide variety of peoples, there were Greek polis and nomadic camps, every nation and tribe has left its mark on these lands. Just three years have passed since the opening of the bridge across the Kerch Strait and travel to the Crimea have become easier and more accessible. In addition to the South Coast, the Crimean peninsula is rich in history, both ancient and modern. I have already said that a full vacation did not work, but I decided to compile a general report of the “weekend trips” that I took from November 2020 to September 2021.

Acquaintance with the cave towns of the Crimea I started back in 2019 with Bakla, but then it was almost a hike, to the foot then I got on the Renault Logan and walked around a few caves – time was running out, but it was very interesting. I’ll be back here again later. The first of the cities that I visited more or less thoroughly was g. Mangup – Kale, he as it turned out to me is one of the largest cities. It is located on the spur of the rock Baba-Dag (Father Mountain). With the ruins of the main gate a great view over several kilometers around, yet our ancestors knew how to choose the place for the construction of the city. But the adventure begins much lower, even from the road behind the village of Hoxha-Sala, behind rows of souvenir shops and tourist cafes begins unpaved road, bekvally after a few hundred meters – the first obstacle that excludes the possibility of passing in a car, including most modern crossovers – stone slope. Some rocks stick out of the ground about 15 – 20 centimeters, their edges are not very sharp, but you can damage the wheels. We had to overcome the rise and the road came out to the glade, crossing which, the serpentine dirt track dives into the forest. From this point we start a systematic ascent, the complexity of which depends a lot on the weather. During the rain clay becomes very slippery and there is a high risk of falling into deep ruts and potholes, there should be some serious training of the car and pilot. In the dry weather it is quite easy and interesting to pass this route even on a standard SUV, but again, do not confuse off-roaders with crossovers.

Going upwards we leave the car at the “parking lot” and then go on foot, if you go up a little more upwards, you will meet the ruins of the citadel, the ancient walls still have remains of elegant stone carving. Here you can see traces of restoration and if you look carefully at the masonry, you can find individual decorative elements in places where they should not be. Behind the gates of the fortress there are numerous entrances to caves and dungeons.

If you go down the hill you can see the necropolis,

Eski-Kermen is another city carved in the rocks, it is not far from the previous location. It is inhabited by tourists. By the city you can climb the standard ways – on foot, by car (here, by the way can handle and crossover), you can take horses.

Amed beach and diving spot in Bali, Indonesia

I do not know why, but I was left with an indelible impression of the ancient road with stone tracks under the wheels of carts, here – there are still sticking out stones – crossings across the road, so that noble people do not get their shoes dirty in the city sewage, which poured out here on the road

The city itself is also pretty well preserved, among other things you can visit the Temple of the Three Horsemen and the church – the court. As always the city has great views of the valley.

Buckla I wrote that we will return here later. It is the northernmost of all the cave towns on the peninsula, and the steppe begins behind it. Among other things, it is also the most poorly fortified city, but the ruins of the city suggest that the city in its prime years flourished, farming and viticulture were developed, the city maintained trade relations with the nomadic peoples of the steppe, and sent goods to overseas merchants. The road to the city can not be called a very difficult, there is rarely driving, and therefore in some areas you must be prepared for a good “scuder” bushes of dog roses, which are abundantly covered slopes of Bakla mountain will leave a couple of new scratches on the paint of your car.

The village did not survive the onslaught of the Tatars led by Nogai.

In the valley lies a torn off cave as a result of seismic activity, it seems that there was an ancient temple, but I can not say with certainty, because I have not been inside.

One of the city roads leads to the working marble quarry and the Marmara (Martian) lake.

At the lake, there is a recreation center, the water in the lake is clean and heats up quickly, so it could serve as an alternative to the beach

Demerzhdi Mountain – Yaila To be honest it is not a separate peak, and mountain ridge, often tourists this place is associated with the “valley of ghosts” Really erosion creates amazing things. You’re lucky if you’re in this place during the fog – then the mountains have a particularly mystical look. But I was here in early April, when not long ago the snow had melted on the slopes, and the spring sun was just beginning to warm the slopes. I climbed almost to the very summit, although in one of the diagonals I tore out the rear axle stabilizer mounts (the forest and lack of roads are like a sculptor – they cut off everything unnecessary from the car).

Spire at the top – the point of polygonometry – is used to tie the altitude marks is still the highest point on the Crimean peninsula, where I drove a car, the height is 1356 meters above sea level.

View of Rybachie, Solnechnogorskoye from the top, on the opposite side is Alushta, but it did not get in the lens

This route can be quite difficult, but it attracts both automobile tourists and motorcyclists, hikers and equestrians. Definitely worth to visit and see everything with their own eyes. Moving on, almost mandatory place to visit is the White Cliff or Ak-Kaya.

Millions of photos of this rock for the past couple of years filled all possible and impossible publishers. this rock has recently become the background for photo shoots from romantic to erotic. The rock itself is chalk deposits. Here you can find ammonites, ancient shells and great views. There are ruins of ancient structures in the vicinity of the rock, but they are so poorly preserved that they are unlikely to be of interest to non-specialists. At best you can see a pile of stones.

The tract Panagia and Arpatski waterfalls is one of the most beautiful places of the peninsula. Lake Panagia is away from the noisy resorts, but attracts tourists of all ages and adherence. You can come here by any car There is a boring route on the asphalt from the South Coast, but I would advise to come here by dirt road through the mountains from Belogorsk to the village Privetnoe. Literally behind a hill from the lake flows the brook Pananyan – Uzen, on the brook the whole cascade of waterfalls and rifts, there are some bowls in which it is possible to bathe in the summer heat

Best Beaches in Sri Lanka

In general I was lucky with the weather this year, there were clouds, rains, fogs almost on every trip, but the mountains are only more beautiful from this.

The unpaved road abounds with viewing platforms, it is perfectly passable for mono-drive cars, the only restriction is for fans of stens – traffic. Now let’s pay attention to the Azov Sea coast. We pass “Generals’ beaches” and go in the direction of the Kazantip Nature Reserve. Our goal is a monument to Soviet nuclear energy, the Crimean Nuclear Power Plant, which was never completed. Was built town for the future employees of the station – Shelkino. I guess it was a town with one of the highest education levels of its citizens; the best specialists were brought there from the whole Union for construction and further operation of the plant. A series of tragic events put an end to the future of the plant, and the very city. The Chernobyl accident and the breakup of the country stopped the construction, broke many people’s lives. Now the city leaves a very grave impression.

The station was a venue for dance music festivals, a movie set, an iconic place for local

The irony is that next to the unfinished nuclear power plant there are wind turbines and the Crimean solar power plant, but there I have not been – I can not boast with photos At this point, perhaps, we can stop on the Crimean peninsula, to move to the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region. We are limited to the number of photos, and I’m not a Nobel Prize winner for literature, so a very short summary: Waterfall “Shnurok” aka Tsegelsky waterfall is not very high, about 10 meters waterfall is a rather beautiful creation of nature. It is especially beautiful in early summer after heavy rains, not very wide stream of water (about a meter wide) falls into the wilderness, in which you can swim if you have enough determination.

You can swim in it if you are brave enough. The road to the waterfall is pretty passable dirt track, but it is ok for ordinary nines, crossovers and SUVs drive here without any problems. Going up to the mountains you can visit several sights, Botsekhur (716 m), Abin (728m) and another place beloved by tourists – the pseudo-fortress of “storm gates” This is just the remnants of the scenery for the TV series, to be honest I did not watch the show – I do not like this genre, but I came to this place several times. The first time I went here for my first off-road trip, then just to show the “landmark” friends, then to test the new mud tires (in winter, when there was a mess of mud and snow) and a few times just to sit and have a drink in the panorama and hot mountain tea on herbs – it helps to turn off your head and think. Especially not everywhere there is a cell phone connection.

Of course, more and more fragments of the pseudo-fortress are built around the real scenery, these fragments do not blend in style with those decorations, which were originally built, but tourists like it.

What is really worth seeing… The mountains hide hundreds of monuments to the events of the First and Second World Wars, modest monuments to the fallen, our fathers and grandfathers who performed real deeds, feats. You should visit this place just to feel what price the victory was given, to tell this story to children who will know it only from books that are trying to rewrite to fit the time. Worth to visit and dolmen complexes, no one knows what it is and what people built these structures, there is only speculation. The season is not over yet, but on mountain roads, fords, rocky slopes you have already passed 2400 km (not including asphalt runs). The total height of the ascent to date is 21.3 km is certainly not all what was filled with the summer of 2021, later I will try to tell you about other no less picturesque and interesting places. Make your vacation interesting and varied and keep nature.

PS there are detailed descriptions of each trip to the above locations in the logbook.

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