Blame it to ‘Traveling’

I should say, I’ll blame it to ‘traveling’ why I missed a lot of parties and events just this month of April 2012. One of which was the birthday of my precious niece, Didang. I was already here in Cebu City days before her birthday. And even if I’ll get the most recent fly back to our hometown, I still couldn’t make it since that was a mid-week day and there were a lot of things to do in school.

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So for me not to totally feel how I missed the birthday of Didang, I created her a banner for her birthday. That was a Snow White-inspired party and so was the banner.

Another event was the baptismal ceremony and party for my close friend’s only son, TJ. I was able to attend the pre-baptismal seminar for godmothers but I missed the baptismal ceremony itself.

I haven’t sent any gifts for TJ yet. I thought of sending flowers online but I doubt if TJ would love it because of the fact that he’s still a baby and a boy too. Until now, I am still thinking of a presents to give for TJ.

These are just two of the events that I totally missed this month. And I am blaming it to traveling. If I didn’t fly back here in Cebu, sure thing, I’d able to attend and enjoy those days with them.

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