FREE Travels And Tours October 2011 Top Commenters

Congratulations top commenters!

  1. sir rob sir rob
  2. Mona Mona
  3. Mitchteryosa Mitchteryosa
  4. Nancy Nancy
  5. Rcel Rcel
  6. Vernz@ The Virtual Wanderer Vernz@ The Virtua…
  7. clavs clavs
  8. emzkie emzkie
  9. Ernhez Romero Ernhez Romero
  10. January January

I haven’t blogged lately because I also traveled and had my vacation. But I shouldn’t forget to give thanks and appreciations to other travel bloggers who keep on sharing ideas here by leaving some comments.

Hoping to see you here again this month of November 2011 fellow travel bloggers!

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2 Responses to FREE Travels And Tours October 2011 Top Commenters

  1. Kesari Tours says:

    Congratulations everyone..

  2. Mona says:

    oh yeah kasama ako ;) thanks for the linky.

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