Brooklyn Museum in New York City, exhibits and photos

Brooklyn Museum: Afisha Guide

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the largest museums in the entire United States. Its vast and beautiful collection has more than a million and a half exhibits, including Ancient Egyptian masterpieces and iconic works of contemporary art.

The Brooklyn Museum is a huge cultural center. One of the richest museums in the world, the proud owner of a unique collection of artifacts and works of art from different eras first opened its doors to visitors back in 1895. The area of the museum is more than five thousand square meters. About what you can see and love there – the story of Afisha.

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

History of the Brooklyn Museum.

An amazing collection of masterpieces is housed in an equally amazing building. The Brooklyn Museum is about a half-hour drive from Manhattan in a building that was built in the late 19th century by the joint design of several masters of architecture: White, Mack Kim and Mead . The museum was not created as a privileged academic community, despite all the beauty and classiness of the building in which it is located. The first exhibition of the museum and the beginning of its collection represented virtually all the artifacts and works that the leadership and administration of New York City felt could serve the public good and teach the American nation the eternal, the good and the light. The basis of the first exhibition was the library of General de Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution. It was thanks to his commitment to beauty and belief in the magical power of art that the museum began to acquire works by popular American and foreign authors from its earliest days. Thanks to his efforts, the Brooklyn Museum was already at the first stages of its existence a unique collection of American painting and sculpture.

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

The Brooklyn Museum is a New York favorite

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

Fame and popularity came to this museum very quickly. This fact does not surprise anyone, because the stunning building in which it is located invariably attracts attention, and the collection, which it carefully preserves is a real treasure trove. In today’s New York City, the Brooklyn Museum has become one of the landmarks of the city where tourists and New Yorkers alike come for an emotional and intellectual break. Regular guests of the museum today are also very respected and popular people of art, because the collection of the museum today is incredibly enlarged.

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Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

Brooklyn Museum Collection

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

The museum’s collection is truly enormous. Today it already numbers more than a million and a half exhibits. Among them you can find not only modern works, but artifacts from the times when America was not yet discovered by Columbus. The countries of Africa and Oceania are represented in this museum with amazing exhibits. Due to the fact that even in the largest building in the world there is no way a million and a half exhibits can fit in at once, the museum is constantly changing expositions. Different eras, styles, genres and types of art can always be found there. When planning your visit there, you don’t have to read the calendar at all, because there is always something interesting going on. Among the huge number of temporary and large exhibitions you can find both archaeological research, and modern art exhibitions, and exhibitions of graphics and prints. All the beauty of the world literally lives within these walls. Beyond time and space.

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

Interesting facts

  • Every year the museum welcomes more than 500,000 people within its walls.
  • The total area of the Brooklyn Museum is 52 thousand square meters.
  • In addition to traditional exhibitions, the museum constantly hosts film screenings, lectures and seminars.
  • The architectural design of the museum is part of a larger ensemble. Together with the Botanical Garden and Prospect Park they decorate and complement each other.
  • The museum is the second largest in New York City.
  • The museum director today is the consummate Arnold Lehman .
  • Over the last couple of years, the Brooklyn Museum has become quite popular with the contemporary artist community. Many scandalous exhibitions have taken place here in the last year alone. If you plan your visit to one of these exhibitions, be prepared for a lot of journalists around.

Brooklyn Museum: Poster Guide

If you haven’t visited the Brooklyn Museum yet, the New Year’s holidays can be a great excuse to visit with family or friends.

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Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is one of the oldest and richest museums in the world. Its collection is housed in the halls of a majestic palace built in the style of academic classicism. The total area of the museum is more than 50,000 square meters. World famous all over the world and permanent collection, is a cultural and artistic monuments of different peoples and eras: from the Ancient Egyptian masterpieces to the best examples of modern art. The museum is just a 30-minute drive from Midtown Manhattan, close to the newly renovated Brooklyn Museum subway station of the same name. The Brooklyn Museum is part of a 19th century architectural ensemble that includes such landmarks as Prospect Park with its zoo and the famous Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

History of the museum

The modern building of the Brooklyn Museum was built in the late 19th century and was designed by the famous American architects Mack Kim, White and Mead. Earlier in its place there was a room, later destroyed by fire, and of a much more modest size.

The Brooklyn or, to be more precise, the New York City Fathers created this museum not for connoisseurs, scholars, or even for the literate strata of the people, but literally for everyone. Originally, the museum was the only one in Brooklyn and the second after the Historical Society “museum of everything to be found in America.” The Brooklyn Museum’s exhibits included everything that could serve to raise an American nation – cultured, educated, and capable of building a promising future.

The library of General de Lafayette, a hero of the American Revolution, served as the foundation of the museum. Along with the library, the Marquis de Lafayette also donated his own house to the city, which was used as the museum’s first exhibition space. One of the first collectors and librarians of the museum was a man no less great than Lafayette – the poet Walt Whitman. The number of exhibits grew very rapidly, and soon enough the museum found a new, more spacious home, as well as a new name: the Institute of Arts and Sciences.

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The new institute was engaged in serious work of a scientific and research nature. Many departments were created in it: natural history, politics, geography, zoology, economics, housekeeping and even the world’s first department for the study of electricity. In spite of this, the main concern of the institute was the arts. From the early days, at Lafayette’s initiative, works by American artists were acquired for the museum, and one of the foremost collections of American sculpture and painting was established there.

The emotional and dynamic art of young America was characterized by a spirit of struggle. Robert Fick, as one of this country’s first professional painters, had the opportunity to “arrive” in his new homeland in chains. The family of Charles Wilson Peale was also a settler with a background not fully known, but nevertheless, he himself and his brother James, as well as all five of Charles Wilson’s sons, became prominent painters.

Even in England, the American school of portrait painters was quite popular. Gilbert Stewart, John Singleton Capley, Thomas Sully, and in the next generation, John Thomas Ickens, Singer Sargent, James Whistler created a gallery of remarkable portraits of their contemporaries, which combined with the stunning genre paintings and landscapes of Charles Elliot, Childs Hessem, William Chase,Thomas Coe-la, Frederick Church, Eastman Johnson can be characterized as, a portrait of America at that time.

Brooklyn and its museum received great fame. The library of the museum grew steadily, and later the school of painting founded there developed. Walt Whitman, insisted on founding a music school at the museum, one that years later became the famous Academy of Music.

Museum displays

Over time, the industrial department, and later the natural history department, became museums in their own right. The modern Brooklyn Museum is a museum of art, presenting not only the paintings of American painters, but also a magnificent collection of works of masters from Europe, and a truly unique collection of household items from pre-Columbian America, Oceania, Africa, and ancient Egypt.

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Another brilliant part of the museum’s life is the temporary exhibitions. Visitors to the museum can enjoy paintings by Leah Krasner, masterpieces of graphic art by Winslow Homer, and even a collection of archeological exhibits called “The Scythian Gold of the Mounds of Ukraine.

One of the most interesting exhibits of the museum is the recently opened exhibition called “Family Album”. It presents sculptural compositions, drawings, works of “object art” and paintings that are kept in family and private collections.

Among the exhibits of the exhibition an incredible number of masterpieces: paintings by Picasso, works by Rodin, Warhol, Modigliani, Matisse, Sard-Gent and Degas. But the Brooklyn Museum has a wide reputation not only for its collection. In addition to its temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibits, the Brooklyn Cultural Center is famous for its festivals, concerts, and screenings of the year’s best movies.

Visitors to

  • International name: Brooklyn Museum;
  • Address: 200 Eastern Parkway Brooklyn, New York City;
  • How to get there: The nearest subway station is Eastern Pkwy or you can take buses B41, B69, and B45 to the museum;
  • Phone: 1 (718) 638-5000;
  • Open Friday to Wednesday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m;
  • Where to buy tickets: official website,;
  • Website:;
  • Ticket price: adults $20, students and seniors $12, children $8.

The museum website has an online store where you can buy souvenirs and gifts.

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