Buguldeika village in the Olkhon district: rest on the shore of Lake Baikal

Buguldeika on Baikal and the marble quarry. How to get there

Buguldeika is a small village in the Olkhon district of the Irkutsk region. Population does not exceed 1000 people. It is located at the mouth of the river Buguldeika, which has worked its way to Baikal in the mountain massif of the Primorsky Ridge. The area around Buguldeika is part of the Pribaikalsky National Park, so it is a specially protected nature area.



By oneself, by car. Along the Kachug (Yakutsk) tract to the village of Bayanday. From Bayandai to the village of Petrov. The road will be asphalt along this part of the route. From Petrov, the road splits in two. The first leads in the direction of the Small Sea and Olkhon. The second leads to Buguldeika. The road is unpaved. The distance from Irkutsk to Buguldeika is 220 km. There is one more variant of the route, a shorter one, – through Maloe Goloustnoe. The distance is 170 km. The road is unpaved.

By motor transport, having reserved the individual excursion, cost on demand.

By water in summer. By car, having booked an individual trip on a boat or a steam-ship.

On Baikal ice in winter. On a hovercraft Khivus.


Buguldeika is a very modest village. Simple wooden houses, sagging fences, free walking horses. Working stores, FAP, post office. There is mobile communication and Internet. Travelers and guests of Buguldeika can stay in guest houses.


Horses near the village of Buguldeika


The Buguldeika River (you can also meet the names Tyya or Big Buguldeika) is considered quite large among the rivers feeding Baikal. It begins in the upper reaches of the Primorsky ridge. Its length is 78 km, its depth is not considerable, its current is swift, the water is clear.

Buguldeika river


Mishkina Mountain is located in the village itself and stands out against the background of other local hills. So it is not that hard to find it here. At the foot of the mountain is running Buguldeyka, near the bridge over the river.

Mishkin mountain


Of course, the main sight of Buguldeika is Baikal. Here the rocks as if recede from the shore, forming quite a wide and long shoreline. There is a modest but free of charge service in the form of tables with benches for tourists. The shore and the bottom are sandy and pebbly.

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The shore of Lake Baikal near the village of Buguldeika

Lake Baikal shore near Buguldeika village.

Once upon a time there was a big pier in Buguldeika. It still looks quite decent, because it’s made of Baikal larch, a very strong and reliable traditional material. Constantly being in water this wood doesn’t rot, but becomes like a stone.

Buguldeika pier

Berth in Buguldeika


The marble quarry is on the way to Buguldeika. It is easy to spot. Large white stones of regular geometric shape can be seen from afar. In general, there are huge marble deposits explored on the territory of the Irkutsk region and Buryatia. They can be found in mountains of Eastern Sayan, Khamar-Daban, Primorsky range, along the whole western coast of Baikal, on Olkhon and in Nizhneudinsk district. The best-known deposits of marble are the Slyudyansky and Bystrinsky ore clusters. Everybody knows Slyudyanka railway station, which was built from the local marble deposit and is the only one of its kind in our country.

Buguldeika Marble Quarry

Buguldeisky Marble Quarry

Undoubtedly, a visit to Buguldeisky quarry is impressive. Its reserves are enormous. Experts estimate about 10 million cubic meters. It’s hard to imagine that this is all a creation of nature. This huge snow-white marble layer, which goes tens of meters deep and who knows how much wider, looks colossal and majestic.

Buguldeyka Marble Quarry

Buguldeisky Marble Quarry

Nowadays, the development of the marble quarry is suspended, due to the fact that it is located in a protected area. Therefore, you can easily get there. In the deepest, with steep walls, you can go down the stairs, or rather two. A wooden one and an iron one. Not very comfortable and not very safe to descend.

Descent in the quarry

Marble terrace

From the territory of the marble quarry you can see well Baikal, the village and the river Buguldeika. At 4 km from the village is a village Kuyada, located on the shore of Lake Baikal at the mouth of the river Talovka. Kuyada is also sometimes called Malaya Buguldeyka. It is part of the Buguldeisky municipality.

Where in the Irkutsk region is Buguldeyka

Buguldeika is a village on the edge of Baikal, is one of the places on the territory of Russia, which presents those who wish to relax in the most beautiful place on the planet.

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If you recast the well-known saying “All roads lead to Rome”, then in relation to the village of Buguldeika it would sound like “All roads lead from Irkutsk”. The road from Irkutsk to Kosaya Stepa is asphalted, and then over 46 kilometers it is unpaved. It is not a very pleasant way to get to the destination, but people come to Buguldeika not for the comfort, but on the contrary, to have a rest from the boons of civilization. This kind of recreation – ecotourism has long been popular throughout the world. If you want to escape from the stench and smog of cities, breathe clean air and enjoy the views of the deepest lake on Earth, the trip here is just what you need.

A bit of history

Buguldeika is a village on the shore of Lake Baikal, located at the mouth of the river of the same name and blown by a strong northwest wind with the same name for six months of the year.

Ethnographers, historians and local historians offer many versions about the origin of the toponym, none of which is confirmed.

The most beautiful legend is associated with a folk legend. Once upon a time a young Buryat named Alaguy lost his cow. He searched for her for a long time and in his search he reached Lake Baikal. He decided to drink near the river, put the kettle down and scooped up a big grayling with the water. He roasted it, ate it, looked around and wondered why he should leave such a beautiful place, where the fish was jumping into the kettle by itself, there was so much wood that he did not need an axe, and there were so many deer that there was no need to go hunting. He returned home and told Buguldai, all his relatives and neighbors what a beautiful land he had found. So the whole tribe, with the prince at the head, moved there. As often happens, the settlement was named not after the discoverer, but after the ruler.

Whether this is true or not is unknown, but in these places even now you can eat great grayling, although he no longer jumps himself into the kettle.

Salem is a city of witches in Massachusetts.


Buguldeika is located in the Olkhon district of the Irkutsk region, on the shore of the deepest lake in the world. Throughout its existence, Buguldeika has not changed much, so the tourist on arrival will plunge into the very real centuries-old history.

The population of the village

According to the latest census in Buguldeika constantly live 930 people – Russians and Buryats. The main occupation is fishing, cattle breeding and agriculture. Of course, all residents are in one way or another engaged in the tourism business.


It is cool here even in summer, so you should not count on a pleasant swim in Baikal water unless you visit the end of August or the beginning of September, and not always. From the middle of September you should be ready to put on a warm sweater or even a hat. From November to spring the village justifies its nickname “the queen of winds” – during this period there are strong winds.

Sights of Buguldeika

The monumental sight of Buguldeika is the unique beauty of the Baikal nature. Man-made attractions include:

  1. High School Museum. It contains archaeological finds found on the territory of the village. These are ancient tools and utensils of the Neolithic period. In addition, you can also see the objects of 18-19 centuries of the last century: national footwear, an ancient teapot, numerous handicrafts of immigrants.
  2. Old Village is the now abandoned old part of the village. There are old buildings and dilapidated dwelling houses, which are nevertheless recognized as architectural monuments. The village administration and local residents are planning to restore it, but so far they are hindered by lack of funds.
  3. Marble Quarry. To mine marble there was tried in the 70s of the last century. Unfortunately, the blasting team made a mistake, as they did not correctly uncover the upper layer. The marble face was damaged, and the quarry was closed. Since then the mining has not been renewed. The quality of the local marble is unsurpassed and, according to geological surveys, the deposits are among the largest in the world.


The Discovery Channel classifies places like Buguldeika as survival training grounds. At the same time, the villagers live quite comfortably and are happy to share their warmth and first-class, organic food with tourists. Thus, every traveler will find the kind of recreation that is desirable for him. You can wander through pristine forests, away from people, catch fish in ancient ways, make a fire by rubbing sticks and constructing huts. Or you can enjoy the views of Baikal, drink tea at a samovar in a cozy dining room, visit a museum and take pictures. To each his own.

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What to do for a tourist

You can take part in a horseback tour along historical trails, take a boat ride, fish or look at a century-old mill wheel. Locals brought it from the abandoned village of Kurtun. They hoped to put it to work, to grind grain and bird cherries. But, as if on a sin, the river at that time shallowed, and the wheel, to the delight of tourists, remained as a museum exhibit.

A visit to the school museum and marble quarry will also be very informative.

Nature of the region

You can use a lot of adjectives when trying to describe the Baikal nature. You can look through a lot of pictures. And still you won’t get the slightest idea about the beauty and true greatness of Baikal. Probably, it’s really the place, which is worth “to see and to die”.

For those, who want to appreciate the true scale of Baikal, here is an opportunity to look around from a bird’s eye view. On the shore of the river there is a TV tower, equipped with stairs with handrails, and you can climb it.

Interesting! The village is located at the foot of the mountain with the uncomplicated name “Mishkina”. It does not look like a bear, so we can only believe the legend that the mountain is named after a Buryat shaman, who in ancient times performed on it their kamlany and called the souls of the dead. Once upon a time there was a pogost under Mishkina Gora, and the local kids found the decayed skulls there for a long time. Lovers of speleology can descend into the mountain cave.

Where to stay

Taking into account the weather conditions, you are unlikely to be able to set up a tent on the shore, although you can try. But it will be much more convenient to settle in rented accommodation. Almost in every house a guest will gladly rent a room and provide excellent home food.

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For many years Buhuldeya Estate Zarechnoye has been specializing in tourist services. The estate offers guests a small hotel, three meals a day, a museum of ancient utensils, and tourist programs, both group and individual – horseback riding, rafting on the lake and work on the agricultural farm. The hotel operates under the general rules of ecotourism. Under these rules, rooms are as close to the conditions of the usual village accommodation, but with comfortable and modern furniture. For the sake of modernity, guests have unlimited access to the Internet.

For those wishing to be closer to nature, the mansion will provide hayloft-style rooms. The walls are made of hay bales, and the roof lets you admire the night sky.

There is also an opportunity to play table tennis and go to the real Siberian sauna.

Buguldeika lives mainly off its own farms. Therefore, the traveler will have the opportunity throughout the rest of the environmentally friendly, fresh and delicious food. Local beef and lamb is highly valued by gourmets.

Interesting! The quality of the meat is due to the peculiarities of the area. The grass grown for cattle feed grows on the natural salt marshes and has a special composition of salts. These salts give the meat of animals, a spicy, unique taste. If you are a meat lover, consider going to Buguldeika in November, when the cattle are slaughtered. You are unlikely to taste fresher and tastier kebabs anywhere else.

How to get to Buguldeika

You should get to Buguldeika from Irkutsk. Every day at 17:00 from the trade center “Passage”, or to be more precise from the paid parking lot, located from the side of Timiryazeva street, you can take a fixed-route cab. The trip will cost 500 rubles.

By own car: go to Bayandaya along the highway from Irkutsk to Kuchug (126 kilometers). Then turn right and drive 40 kilometers to the Kosaya Steppe village and then follow the sign to an unpaved road towards Buguldeika.

In addition, the “Estate Zarechnoye”, as every self-respecting travel agency, has a service transfer if you have a reservation. To make an order you can call at +7 (3953) 32-99-93, +7 (3953) 32-91-22.

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