Bullfighting in Spain, when it takes place and what it is

When is bullfighting in Spain? History of Spanish bullfighting

Nothing characterizes Spain like bullfighting, an ancient and at the same time terrifying spectacle. The word is translated as “bullfighting”, or corrida de toros. Bullfighting is divided into two types: performances for tourists and the real fights. For visitors show the “light” version. It involves novice bullfighters and young bulls who have their horns filed down for safety. It is less spectacular, but attracts a larger audience. The most popular places to see bullfighting are Madrid, Seville, and Rondo.

When is bullfighting in Spain?

In Spain, bullfighting takes place from mid-March to the end of October. Bullfighting can be seen in many cities. For example, in the Spanish capital Madrid, Pamplona, Seville, Valladolid, Ronda, Estepona, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza. You can buy a ticket at a price of 5-120 euros, depending on the city and the seat in the grandstand.

The emergence of bullfighting

Bullfighting has its origins in the Middle Ages. It was a kind of ritual before a wedding. The groom, along with his friends had to fight with a bull and try to hit his withers with a dart with the bride’s ribbons. In the XV bullfighting was considered a spectacle only for people from noble families. Now, in contrast to the X century, with a bull fought a knight. Since the XVI century bullfights accompany almost every holiday in Madrid, not even the coronation can do without them. Even at that time there were attempts by the Church to prohibit the fighting, but the King succeeded in getting the ban lifted.

The emergence of modern bullfighting

It is believed that the modern version of bullfighting originated in Andalusia. It is from this region of Spain that the most famous bullfighters came out. In modern Spain, there are more and more calls to ban bullfighting. In many cities of Spain this ban is already in place.

For bullfighting, you need a special breed of bulls, which are grown on special farms, where the animals are marked to know then where they come from. The bull must be over 4 years old and weigh no more than 450 kg. After the fight the animal usually does not survive, but if he is lucky, then in the future it will be used exclusively for breeding. During the fight, the torero taunts the bull with sharp movements, not a red cloth, as many people think.

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Initially, bullfighting was held in the central squares in the city. Since the XVIII century arena was specially made round shape so that the animal is not hammered into a corner. In addition to the fights, various events are held at the venues.

Bullfighting rules

The bullfighting process is quite interesting. Start the battle usually gives the chairman, in his role is the mayor or other representative of the city. He is the judge, hands out awards. There are three stages of bullfighting, announced by the sound of a trumpet. Picador on horseback trying to annoy the bull with jabs of pikes. At this time the banderillero stabs the animal in the neck with two darts. The matador comes out and the main part of the show begins, showing graceful movements while trying to dodge the furious bull. The last stage involves killing the bull or preparing for its death. The animal must be killed within 10 minutes. The sword is plunged between the front ribs so that it hits the heart. Subsequently, if the bull is killed, its carcass is given to butchers and the meat is distributed to beggars.

The chairman may bestow life on the bull at the request of the audience. In that case, the killing is simply imitated with a hand. However, if the bull has killed the bullfighter, the animal is killed in any case.

Awards are given to the most skillful matador. This can either be a lap of honor around the arena, or he can be given a bull carcass to sell on his own afterwards. If he receives two ears of the defeated animal, he may be carried out into the street in his arms. There are cases when the matador does not live up to the expectations of the audience, then he is booed and pillows fly into the arena.

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Toreadores are rich people; they earn high fees for their fights, and they are honored as Spain’s national heroes. One fee can be as high as $100,000 per fight. Toreadors are trained in the art of bullfighting from the age of 10, and enter the arena at the age of 20. They finish their career after 40.

Is bullfighting banned in Spain?

The animal defenders carry out a lot of actions for the prohibition of fights. Not only activists from Spain, but also from the United States, Russia and other countries around the world are engaged in it. A ban on bullfighting is introduced in the Canary Islands, in Barcelona. The authorities of Catalonia have banned bullfights since 2012. It is also forbidden to broadcast bullfighting on television on the country’s central channels.

Supporters of bullfighting

On the other hand, there are many supporters of bullfighting. Their argument is that bullfighting is part of Spanish culture, which cannot be banned. They believe that it is a kind of art. The bull often does not suffer as much torment as many pets or animals in the circus, he dies with dignity during the fight. Proponents also say that without bullfighting, there would be no rare species of fighting bulls that are not bred anywhere else.

Bullfighting in Spain

Bullfighting is a game that combines agility, passion, and assertiveness, and it is the game that best characterizes Spain.

The annual bout between a man and a bull is not just a confrontation, but an ancient sacrifice, witnessed by all the witnesses of bullfighting. The peculiarity of the duel is that the man must recognize the personality in the animal. Both rivals are not trying to avoid death, the main thing for them is to try to circumvent this outcome of the battle.

Modern bullfighting is a tragedy in three acts with its prologue and epilogue.

All over the world it is believed that the essence of Spanish bullfighting is death, which has become a real art, beckoning and attracting like music.

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Bullfighting has had a long and complex development before it was performed in its current form, but today it is no longer a ritual of sacrifice, but a real spectacle with a clear sequence of actions.

Bullfighting in Barcelona

The Spanish bullfighting season opens with St. Joseph’s Day in March and closes with Spain Day in October. It is a fascinating spectacle, though very different from a real bullfight. Brutal and bloody confrontations are held in Seville, Cordoba, and Madrid.

Barcelona is also famous for its tourist bullfighting, which is just as spectacular but safer for the animals and people.

Catalan bullfighting arena is open and one fight lasts up to 20 minutes. Usually, the bullfighting is scheduled for 2 hours, and during this time you can see 6 duels.

Teenagers over 14 years old are allowed in the arena, as the spectacle, even in a gentle mode, may not be suitable for everyone.

Bullfighting is based on the history of the national traditions of the Spanish people, who in the days of ancient Rome had a weakness for bloody entertainment, when gladiators in the arena had to confront wild beasts.

Historically, the thirst for bloody entertainment in many peoples is formed on a psychological level. Naturally, today most of such amusements are held only from a historical point of view – as a tribute to tradition and history, so, more often than not, animals and matadors remain alive, receiving only minor injuries.

However, in Spain bullfighting is not just a national tradition and tribute to the historical past.

According to the inhabitants of the country – it is a duel in which a man confronts an animal with qualities such as courage, pride and power. The bull and the matador are the true character of every Spaniard. Residents of the country believe that this kind of entertainment can bring up resilience, courage and the ability to win in all situations of life. Therefore, this show gathers a huge number of spectators not only from Spain, but also from other parts of the world.

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Psychologists say that bullfighting is able to free the bodies of people from negative energy, because stress removes various negative emotions, allowing grace to settle in the soul.

Not every bull is given the opportunity to take part in a bullfight. The animals are specially selected: by the shape of their horns, their height and their beauty. They are raised in special conditions, undergo training. Those bulls that are selected to participate in bullfighting are distinguished by perseverance, nobility, power, and fearlessness.

Even training sessions with young bulls gather enough spectators, what to say about the unloading and running the bulls to the bullring in which the bullfighting will take place.

The bull’s opponent is a bullfighter who is trained in a special school. The school can not get everyone, it is important that the bullfighter has a slender and plastic, and was also beautiful.

The most important qualities of a bullfighter are temperament, nerves and psychology. These men are desperate daredevils looking for satisfaction in playing with fate itself. It is believed that the best bullfighters come from the inhabitants of Andalusia, known for the fact that it was natives of this region of the country who wrote the rules of bullfighting, which are used to this day.

Spain is a unique country, besides the male bullfighters, there are also female bullfighters.

The start of the bullfight is preceded by a parade, where the bullfighters greet the audience, coming out in colorful costumes. During the first act of the duel, the bull must be roused by the bullfighter by striking the animal with his pike.

Next, a bullfighter with a cape comes into action, who must dodge the angry bull by annoying him with his cape and trying to stick two spears into his spine.

In the final act, the bull is confronted by the matador. After the performance the bullfighter receives a reward. It can be the tail or the ear of the defeated bull.

Few people know, but the main purpose of bullfighting is to keep the bull alive.

In case the bull in the arena was not brave enough, the bullfighter imitates the killing of the animal using a small spear. Usually, the decisions to spare the bull are made by the audience.

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This is done in cases where the torero failed to sufficiently excite the bull, and the latter was not very brave and decisive in his actions in the arena. Such pardons for bulls are rare and can be compared to national holidays.

How to get to a bullfight in Barcelona

Before going to a bullfight in Barcelona, you have to decide firmly whether you will enjoy it or not. The fact is that bullfighting does not always have a happy ending.

It happens that the matador loses the competition with the bull and for him to lose means one thing – death, and all this happens in front of thousands of people in the audience.

People who can not boast a strong nervous system, the events such as bullfighting – better not go. The rest of the travelers who decided to visit Spain should be ashamed that they are pondering whether or not to visit one of the oldest entertainments of this country, reflecting its spirit and history.

Bullfighting in Barcelona is a unique spectacle, which not only inhabitants of Spain, but also a large army of tourists gather to witness. Ticket prices depend on how the seats are located.

Tickets in the sun are the cheapest, tickets in the shade are the most expensive.

In the case of rainy weather, the bullfight will be canceled and the money for the ticket will be refunded.

However, refunds only apply to bullfighting tickets, not to fares. Barcelona has a huge number of attractions, though, so tourists will have something to occupy their time while waiting for the main spectacle.

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