Butterfly Museum in St. Petersburg, description and photos

Museums of live butterflies in St. Petersburg

These are unusual museums, where visitors find themselves in a real tropical paradise, filled with beautiful butterflies, which flutter everywhere. Here is maintained tropical climate: temperature + 28 degrees and humidity – 70%. Often in such museums you can see more exotic birds, fish, a lot of live tropical plants. A magical corner of the tropics will not leave anyone indifferent!

Tropical complex “Miracle in the palm of your hand

Complex “Miracle in the palm of your hand” consists of tropical and educational zones, where everyone can plunge into the world of wildlife, learn more about animals and plants.

Immerse yourself in the magical world of the tropics! A bright tropical garden, full of lots of live butterflies and exotic birds, where the tropical climate is recreated. In the mini-exotarium you can meet chameleons, sticks and other exotic animals. Do not limit yourself to just viewing the exhibit, because there are biologists with years of experience who will be happy to tell you about all the inhabitants.

The complex includes 2 interactive spaces:

Tropical Zone (Butterfly Park Museum).

You will get into a hot tropical climate (humidity 70-80%, temperature 26-28°C). This is a real museum of live butterflies, they flutter everywhere! In addition to butterflies there are beautiful birds from Australia, and fish splashing in the creek. There’s a waterfall and lots of living plants, including mangroves, marsh plants, vines, and even predatory insect-eating plants. You can watch a real tropical thunderstorm! Photography is allowed.

Educational Zone (includes a mini-exotarium and florarium)

In the mini-exotarium you can have a closer look at chameleons, bearded agamas, swifts, tarantulas, tropical land mollusks, etc.

A state-of-the-art automated florarium complex with tropical plants, where fish and boa constrictors live.

Classrooms for children and schoolchildren with illustrations and visual aids in biology, equipped with the most modern technology. A microbiology station with powerful microscopes. Exciting and very informative courses, master classes and show programs for children.

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Website: chudonaladoni.ru

Museum of living butterflies “Tropical paradise. St. Petersburg, Much Much per. 3.

Graphium Agamemnon Sailboat Rumyantsev

The museum fulfills all children’s dreams, because here you can feed the butterflies. And then there is the “Maternity House” – the real maternity hospital for butterflies. This insectarium “live” chrysalis of not yet born butterflies and every morning at 11.30, and evening at 18.30 the maternity house for butterflies opens, and you can see what you can rarely observe in nature: the miracle of butterfly hatching from chrysalis, and see the “first steps” of newborn butterflies – observe the first flight …

Blue Morpho.

In the museum you can relax your body and soul – relax and get a charge of vitality, admiring the flight of tropical butterflies. And at the same time excursions are constantly conducted, and each visitor receives very useful information about life, habitat, nutrition, myths and legends associated with butterflies. And the information is given in a form accessible to both children and adults. Tour guides tell complex scientific things to children in a language they understand. Often tours through the tropics begin with a flight: children spread their “wings” and… the journey to the beautiful fairy tale begins!

A butterfly sat on a boy's shoulder

The museum operates under the auspices of the Russian Geographical Society within the program “Education by Wildlife”, field trips are organized. During the tour you will learn that butterflies have not only wings and proboscis, but also vision, hearing, smell, circulatory and nervous systems. And visitors come out of the museum every day satisfied and rejuvenated in spirit, and also enriched with knowledge received in the museum! They will never hurt a butterfly, fly or even an elephant in nature! Beauty saves the world at Tropical Paradise!

Tropical Butterfly Garden “Mindo”

Children under 3 years old are free. Children from 3 to 14 years – 300 rubles, adults (from 14 years) – 500 rubles. Privileged citizens – 300 rubles, disabled children – 100 rubles. Family ticket (2 parents + 1-2 children) – 1300 rubles. Discounts on Tuesdays: children from 3 to 14 years old – 200 rubles, adults (from 14 years old) – 350 rubles, privileged categories of citizens – 200 rubles.

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One of the most exotic and favorite place of St. Petersburg for children is the garden of tropical butterflies “Mindo” (by the name of the organizing company). It was opened in 2010 and immediately became a place of leisure and attraction of the city. It is the first permanent exhibition of live butterflies in St. Petersburg, created to bring people closer to nature and tell them about all its diversity.

“Mindo” combines several related projects: tropical butterfly garden, terrarium with exotic inhabitants, fish ponds and bird house. The exposition is based on the fauna of tropical latitudes of the globe.

In “Mindo” there are over 35 species of butterflies from different regions of the planet (mainly – South-East Asia and South America), about 30 species of fish and amphibians, as well as several colonies of ants and 17 species of tropical birds.

Mindo maintains a year-round tropical climate with temperatures of +30 degrees and humidity of 80%. Visitors enter an oasis with lush vegetation and numerous inhabitants, whose living conditions are close to natural.

There is a souvenir store on the territory of the complex, where you can buy not only gifts and souvenirs, but also live representatives of fauna – birds, butterflies, turtles and other garden inhabitants.

What to see in the Mindo Tropical Butterfly Garden

The tropical complex “Mindo” includes not only butterflies, which flutter among thickets of lianas and artificial ponds, but also other representatives of the animal world, which complement the exposition, forming a single habitat and corner of the southern latitudes in the center of St. Petersburg.

The butterfly garden is the basis of the exposition of the complex. It is home to representatives of fauna of South and Central America, Asia, sometimes – Africa and Australia. Not all species of butterflies can be bred and live in captivity: despite the favorable conditions of the Garden, the most adapted species live here. Sometimes, however, the collection is replenished with new representatives of nature from different continents.

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Butterflies fly unhindered among the rainforest recreated most naturally in the Mindo Garden, allowing visitors to see and observe them up close. Many butterflies land on guests’ body parts, which thrills them and especially children.

In total, the collection of the garden – 35 species of butterflies in different colors and shapes of wings, about each species can learn from the staff or on special information boards, which introduce visitors to the wildlife presented here.

In the butterfly garden is a real Mexican pyramid surrounded by jungle and ponds, between which there are picturesque bridges. The ponds are home to more than half a dozen species of marine and amphibian animals and fish. Among them are stingrays, glass perches, neons, catfish, sturgeons, carps, as well as frogs, crabs, turtles, chameleons and lizards. There are a total of 3 ponds, separated by habitat and part of the world.

There is a separate “Ant City” in the complex “Mindo” – a vast aquarium, which is home to several thousand ants. They are easy to watch through the glass transparent walls of the tank, and the unusual decorations only add interest: wagons with grain, a house with the inscription “Ant Bank” and “Building Ants!”, streets and sidewalks – everything creates the illusion of a mini-town, which is inhabited by entire colonies of insects. “Ant City” is the first exhibition of ants in Russia. In the future, it is planned to expand and improve it.

A special place in the complex “Mindo” takes the exhibition of exotic birds, it also includes some small animals – Chilean squirrels, guinea pigs and other creatures. The history of the exhibition of birds is very interesting: it appeared gradually, after the only representatives of this species of animals took root in the Butterfly Garden and began to give birth. The visitors of the complex immediately noticed the birds and encouraged the workers to create an exhibition of birds from different parts of the world.

Battle of Kursk diorama, Belgorod direction

Today the exhibition has 17 bird species, including birds of different sizes – from 7-cm specimens to almost half a meter a cockatoo. Also on display are amadins, parrots, doves, canaries and even owls.

Ticket price to the Mindo tropical complex in St. Petersburg

The cost of the ticket to the garden of tropical butterflies “Mindo” depends on the age of the visitor and has no time limit: you can stay on the territory all day. There is no online sale of tickets, you can buy a ticket at the entrance to the ticket office.

  • Children under 3 years old are admitted for free,
  • For children from 3 to 14 years old – 300 rubles,
  • For adults from 14 years old – 500 rubles.

There is a combined ticket for families with children for two parents and 1-2 children. It costs 1300 rubles.

There are discounts for privileged categories of citizens (pensioners, veterans, disabled persons – upon presentation of appropriate supporting documentation).

  • Privileged categories of citizens – 300 rub,
  • Disabled children – 100 rub.

There are discounts on Tuesdays (except for vacations and vacations):

  • children from 3 to 14 years old – 200 rubles,
  • adults (from 14 years old) – 350 rubles,
  • Privileged categories – 200 rubles.

Ticket prices are subject to change. Before visiting it we recommend to precise the actual information on the official site of Tropical Butterflies Garden “Mindo” in Saint Petersburg.

How to get to the garden of tropical butterflies Mindo in St. Petersburg.

Tropical complex “Mindo” is located in the historical center of St. Petersburg, so it is easy to get to it.

From different parts of the city on the Neva you can get to the butterfly garden by metro: the nearest stations are “Vladimirskaya”, “Dostoevskaya” and “Zvenigorodskaya”. They are equidistant from it, to the garden of butterflies will have to walk 7-10 minutes.

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Also you can get to the tropical complex “Mindo” by streetcar number 16. Its stop is called “Street Socialist”. From it – 5 minutes on foot.

At the metro station “Zvenigorodskaya” stop trolleybuses number 3, 8, 15 and minibuses 25, 90, 177 and 258. The stop – “Metro Zvenigorodskaya. From them, as from the subway, 7-10 minutes leisurely walk.

You can get to the garden of live tropical butterflies by car: there are several parking lots nearby. Or you can use cab applications: Yandex. Cab, Uber, Gett, Maxim and others.

Tropical complex “Mindo” in St. Petersburg – Google Maps panorama:

Video review of the tropical butterfly garden in St. Petersburg:

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