ButtKickers for your Road Trips

Summer time — summer months, is the best time to go for road trips with families, friends or loved ones. Most often than not road tripping is also associated with sound tripping. Isn’t it? Because as far as I’ve experienced road tripping, there are no other fun thing to do aside from the gluttonous food preparations, unending chitchats and pictorials, music makes the whole trips more lively and enjoyable.

Though I’ve already mentioned and suggested one musical instrument in my previous post, What To Bring on Road Trip?, I have here another cool instrument for you to try on.

ButtKickers, they are. They don’t literally kick your behinds, but these will surely kick your road trips to highest enjoyable energy level.

ButtKicker produces quality sound especially if installed together with subwoofers. These buttkickers are actually ideal for studios and other musical halls, but trying it installed in jeeps for road trips are such an exciting idea. What do you think? Smiley

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