Cambodia. Travel and rest in mysterious Cambodia.


Population 14,453,680 Cambodia Area of Cambodia 181,040 sq. km Situated on the continent of Southeast Asia Capital city Phnom Penh Cambodia Money Riels (KHR) Domain zone .kh Country phone code 855

Cambodia sights

There is always something for tourists to see in the state of Cambodia. Majestic examples of Khmer architecture give the country a peculiarity and color. The temple “Wat Phnom” is the pride of the state. The temples “Thontle Bati” and “Wat Ounalom” – the royal residence and the center of Buddhists. In the state capital Phnom Penh there is a “Royal Palace”. The fabulous pavilions of Napoleon III, “Elephant” and “Chan Chaya” also attract tourists’ attention. The Diamond Buddha Temple is adorned with statues of the Buddha of gold, King Norodom, and the gardens of the kings.

Tourists can visit the beautiful park, near the National Assembly building, on the island of Oknatei. On the same island there is an unusual and tall building – the “stupa of King Panjaba. Angor is a city under UNESCO protection. It is truly a city of temples and unique monuments of deities. Ankgor Wat amazes with its complex architecture.

Climate of Cambodia:: Tropical, rainy weather, monsoon season (May to November). Dry season (December to April). Seasonal fluctuations in temperature.


Cambodia offers many types of entertainment. There are night clubs, cinemas, restaurants and bars. Popular among the local population are cinemas: “Kirirom”, “Lux”, “Monivong” and others. In English you can watch a movie in the video salon “Muvi”. In the capital there are beer establishments and bars. The most visited nightclubs are “Rock”, “Spark” and “Utu”. There are nightclubs in the outskirts of the city. There you can hear a live orchestra and see Khmer folk dance. Tourists tend to visit the popular FCC restaurant. Markets “Psa-Tmei”, “Psa-Tuol”, “Tom-Mong” invite visitors to buy memorable gifts. In the Eastern Province of Mondulkiri you can relax in nature, near numerous waterfalls – “Monorom Falls” and “Bon-Sra”. Sihanoukville National Park “Pre Sihanouk” is visited by locals and visitors.

Cambodia terrain:: Mostly low, flat plains, mountains in the southwest and north.

Cambodia’s Best Resorts.

Cambodia is famous for its exotic resort destinations. “Sihanoukville is a resort area for beach lovers, swimmers and discos. Such a vacation program especially attracts young people. “Ko Kong” is an island of adventure. Vacationers can go in search of shipwrecks in the depths of the ocean or in the dense jungle, to hidden unique ruins.

For those wishing to rest with health benefits, therapeutic resorts are open in the country. “Ko Dek Kule” is a resort for couples in love. Romantic surroundings and quality service are guaranteed.

Cambodia is a country of eco-resorts. The islands of “Ko Kong” and “Ko Rong” – an opportunity for fans of green tourism to settle deep in the pristine jungle. Mountains, forests, exotic birds and animals will create an unforgettable experience.

Cambodia has resources like: : Oil and gas, timber, gems, iron ore, manganese, phosphates, hydropower potential.

Cambodia Museums

In the capital of Cambodia, there is a famous “National Museum” preserving the rich Khmer culture. The museum offers 14 thousand priceless exhibits. “The “Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum” tells the story of the Khmer Rouge dictatorship. In the city of Sien Rip is fascinating “Museum of Landmines. The purpose of the museum, to tell about the serious situation that prevailed in the country after the last war. “Wax Museum” introduces significant figures in the history of the country, the main events of the state. The museum was built in the “Cultural Village”.

Kombodji Money: In Cambodia, for all services may well be paid in U.S. dollars. In fact, it is the second currency used in the country. And in the border areas, along with the currency of the country, you can pay for purchases in Thai baht, Vietnamese dong or Laotian kip. But, still rial is the national currency of Cambodia. Change in Cambodia has no coins at all.

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In Cambodia, the service sector is noticeably developing and improving. Tourists have a considerable choice of hotels and gesthouses. Room rates are moderate. A modest and clean room, equipped with air conditioning and other necessary amenities will cost just $10. In the capital the price is just over $20 per room. Hotels without amenities will cost the guest about $5. “HoteIL Royal is a high-class hotel. It is equipped with restaurants, swimming pools, music halls, SPA, courts, conference rooms, stores and laundry facilities. “Inter- ContentaL HoteL – has hundreds of rooms and offers many services. “Hotel Cambodiana is a five-star hotel. Services: restaurants, banquet hall, courts, hairdresser, courier service, etc.


Roads in Cambodia are of low quality. Buses are comfortable. Routes connect all cities in the country. Popular means of transportation in Cambodia are ferries. They ply on the Tonle Sap Lake. Especially appreciated this way of traveling tourists. The most inexpensive and a little funny transport – remorque. It is a motorcycle, equipped with a driver’s seat and 2-passenger seat. Common urban transport – cycloricksha. The passenger seat is in front of the rickshaw. Two international airports operate in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. The city of Sihanoukville has its own airport.

Standard of Living

Cambodia is just developing, so the standard of living of its citizens is not very high, especially in the surrounding areas. Data from 2004 reports that the average income of a Cambodian citizen is about $90 per month. This low level has affected the literacy of the population. Only 73.6 percent of the population is considered educated. It is very expensive to get an education in one of the country’s universities, but it is possible to study in any other country at the expense of the state. The life expectancy of women in the country is 65 years, and the male population lives a little less – 60 years. An income of 1000 dollars allows the family to provide economic stability and a comfortable way of life. In terms of security, Cambodia is a relatively safe country to visit for tourists.

Cities of Cambodia

The city of Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. It is the largest city of the state, which is called the “heart of the country. It concentrates the main activity in the economic sphere, cultural and social. Angkor is an ancient Cambodian city, located 240 km. from the capital Phnom Penh.

In the east of Cambodia is the city of Kampong Cham, a center of trade, rubber plantations. The city has a commercial port. St. Monorom is a city famous for the manufacture of “kramas” cloth. The main port city of the state is Sianqueville. It is located in the southwest. Trade, tourism, fishing are actively developed.

Also there is big trading city in the west of Cambodia.

Big trip to Cambodia

Большое путешествие в Камбоджу


Picturesque parks and lush tropical jungle, the clearest lakes and luxurious beaches on the Gulf of Thailand, the ancient temples and palaces of the legendary Angkor, and many other famous attractions – all this is in a wonderful and attractive to a huge number of tourists Cambodia. We suggest you to go on a great trip to this Asian state, immerse yourself in its history, appreciate the original cuisine, relax on the coast and even visit the “almost uninhabited island”. You will see the largest religious building on the planet – Angkor Valley temples, visit the sacred mountain Kulen, take part in interesting excursions to the attractions of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, descend into the caves with ancient sanctuaries – Kampong Trach, and try to catch a ghost in an abandoned French casino.

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Tour Duration: 15 days/14 nights.

Tour itinerary: Siem Reap – Angkor Temple Valley – Siem Reap – Mount Kulen – Siem Reap – Koh Ker – Pre Vihea – Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Udong – Phnom Penh – Tonle Bati – Phnom Chisor – Elephant mountains – Kampong Trach Caves – Angkol – Kep – Kampot – Sihanoukville – Koh Rong Samloem – Sihanoukville – Koh Kong – Phnom Penh – Ho Chi Minh.

Tour dates in 2022: on request.

The cost of the tour per person: from $ 1775.

The price includes:

  • Meeting at the airport;
  • Accommodation in hotels of the chosen category on the program;
  • meals according to the program;
  • Dinner in a restaurant and Apsarah show;
  • Transfers within the country according to the program;
  • services of Russian-speaking guide (native speaker) along the entire route, except Koh Kong;
  • entrance tickets according to the program.

Additional fees:

  • international flight;
  • single occupancy fee at hotel (optional);
  • visa processing ($30 for each person);
  • medical insurance;
  • food and drinks, not included in the program;
  • tips;
  • mini-bar;
  • personal and other expenses not included in the price.

Program of the tour

Day 1. Siem Reap

Arrival in the actively developing tourist center of Cambodia – Siem Reap. Meeting at the airport and meeting with the guide, individual transfer to the hotel and room accommodation. Rest and free time for walking around the evening city.

Day 2. Siem Reap – Angkor Temple Valley – Siem Reap

This day you will have an unforgettable journey to the largest religious building on the planet – the Valley of the Angkor Temples. Its outlines are put on the national flag of Cambodia.

On the vast territory of the complex, built in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu, there are several hundred palaces, citadels and monuments. The road to the sites winds through picturesque forests and local villages, and you can visit Ta Prohm and Preah Khan temples along the way. The tour continues with a trip to the central part of the vast temple complex, Angkor Thom. This ancient citadel was built in the 11th century, during the reign of Udayadityavarman II. You will see the famous terraces of the Khmer kings, the tiered pyramid of Bayon and the ruins of Bafuon Temple.

The temple city of Angkor Wat. It is one of the wonders of the world. On its territory there is the mausoleum of the ruler Suryavarman II and 5 temples in honor of the god Vishnu. It is only possible to reach the central religious edifice through multi-level galleries and narrow and steep flights of stairs, showing a perilous ascent to the heavens. The temple is surrounded by a wide moat, symbolizing the world’s ocean.

End a full day of sightseeing with a delicious dinner at one of the local restaurants (included in the price of the tour). You will be able to relax and see the beautiful dancing of the celestial nymphs of Apsar.

Day 3. Siem Reap – Mount Kulen – Siem Reap

Drive to Cambodia’s most sacred place Mount Kulen. At least once a year every resident goes here as a pilgrim. It is believed that on this plateau and the origin of the empire of the ancient Khmer.

Climb to the top of the mountain, the same place where, according to ancient legend, Shiva gave the symbol of power to the first ruler of the Angkor Empire, and the Buddha reached nirvana. Here a river flows, the bottom of which is studded with thousands of images of the god Shiva or, as they are also called, lingamas. It ends with a sacred waterfall, bathing in which, as the locals believe, charges the luck of the ancient gods. Do not miss the opportunity to take a dip in its purest waters!

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Visit the 16th century Buddhist monastery of Preahangthom and see the 8 meter tall statue of the sleeping Buddha. You will be able to take part in the ritual of ablution and be charged with the energy of water, which passes through the male and female origin and cleanses everything negative.

Afterwards you will go to the caves where many Indian ascetics lived. You will see a stone where you can get answers to your deepest questions. Swimming in a waterfall, tasting palm sugar, exotic pink bananas, sugar pineapple and incredibly aromatic local coffee (tasting stops will be made along the way).

After that you will go to the mysterious temple of Beng Melea, whose name translates from Khmer as “lotus lake”. This shrine, built under Emperor Suryavarman II, recently was completely closed to tourists. It was only in the early 2000s that the military completely defused all the mines in the temple. Take a walk through the ancient corridors of the citadel and feel like a discoverer of this amazing ancient corner.

Day 4. Siem Reap – Koh Ker – Pre Vihea – Siem Reap

On this day you will visit an ancient and mystical city with many names – Chak Gagyar, Koh Ker or Lingapore. It was the capital of the Khmer Empire during the reign of Jayawarman IV. You will see the famous Prasat Tom pyramid located in its territory and many mysterious chapels and temples, which are rarely visited by travelers.

Then you will go to the shrine, which is called the mother of all Khmer temples – Pre Vihea (the old name – Sri Shihareswara). According to legend, its construction was attended by seven monks, and the structure was built from IX to XII century. The ancient monastery is located on the border of Cambodia and Thailand, at an altitude of 657 meters above sea level. From the observation deck located on the ledge of the Dangrek peak, you can see magnificent views of Thailand, Cambodia, and part of Laos. Gaze upon the temple walls painted with battle marks from the battles in the past, and feel the sense of history prevailing here.

Day 5. Siem Reap to Phnom Penh

Transfer to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia (without a guide). Accommodation in a hotel room and rest. In the evening you can go for a walk along the picturesque city promenade, and, if desired and for a fee, order a cocktail at the “Sky Bar” on the roof of the skyscraper, or try different kinds of beer in the most famous pub in Phnom Penh.

Day 6. Phnom Penh – Udong – Phnom Penh

City History and Architecture Tour of what was once Asia’s most beautiful French colony, ravaged by the wars and is now quite a modern metropolis. You will see the sights of the Cambodian capital: the Buddhist monastery of Wat Phnom, the ancient Royal Palace, Postal Square, French villas, Chaktomouk Conference Hall, Grand Hotel, the ancient pagoda Wat Unalom, the Silver Pagoda, the monument of independence and the legendary “Yellow Market”.

A visit to an attraction of your choice: Royal Palace, Tu Sleng Genocide Museum or National Museum).

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In the afternoon you will travel to Udong, which was the capital of the country from 1618 to 1866 (travel time by car is 1 hour). It is located in a hilly area, and from the numerous observation points you can enjoy great views of the picturesque surroundings. Udong is a favorite destination of the local population and the center of attraction for thousands of pilgrims who flock here to worship the ashes of Buddha brought here from Sri Lanka by King Norodom himself.

Return to hotel, rest.

Day 7. Phnom Penh – Tonle Bati – Phnom Chisor – Elephant Mountains

Departure with a guide to southeastern Cambodia. On the way you will stop at Tonle Bati Lake and see the temple built by the ruler Jayavarman VII at the site of an ancient shrine of the Chenla period. Arrive in Phnom Chisor and begin the pilgrimage climbing the 503 steps to the top of the hill. From its observation platform you will have a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings and the ruins of the 10th century temple complex.

Lunch (not included in program price) and arrival at the mountain range known as the Elephant Mountains. Accommodation at Starling Ridge Resort. It consists of cozy bungalows and is owned by the owners of the plantations of the most expensive pepper on the planet, which is used for the dishes of all known restaurants with Michelin stars. Interestingly, it is grown in Kampot and Kep in the amount of only 20 tons per year.

Day 8. Elephant Mountains – Kampong Trach Caves – Angkol – Kep – Kampot

Early departure to the Cambodian-Vietnamese border. On the way you will stop at Kampong Trach village. Here are the famous caves, which are an unusually ancient monument of the era of the Funan State (period before the appearance of Angkor). In some of the caves, there are still cult sanctuaries. This place has not yet been fully explored by scientists, and there is speculation that the Khmer Rouge took refuge here during the war. According to some reports, they were even able to create tunnels to reach Vietnam.

There are now many monkeys living in the caves, and there are also several monks permanently staying here to guard the peace of the Sleeping Buddha. To explore the caves you do not need special shoes and equipment, special sports training is also not required.

Afterwards, a short rest on the deserted Angkol beach and a visit to the local salt farms. A little later you will arrive in the city of Kep, located on the Gulf of Thailand. Hotel accommodation, lunch at the Crab Market (not included in the tour price) and a fascinating journey through the town’s National Park. You will be able to walk through the Jasmine Valley, visit the Butterfly Farm and see the Vipassana Temple.

Guided tour of Kepa with a tour of abandoned French villas and the palace of King Sihanouk. Evening transfer to the south of the country, in the town of Kampot. It is located a few kilometers from the coast, at the foot of the Elephant Mountains. Thousands of eco-tourism lovers come here every year. In Kampot agriculture is well developed, and on the fertile land rice, fruits, and vegetables are grown, including the legendary Kampot pepper.

Accommodation in a hotel complex, dinner at a cozy restaurant “Riki Tiki”, which offers great views of the mountain plateau Bokor and the river expanse (dinner is not included in the tour price).

Day 9. Kampot – Sihanoukville

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Guided tour of the colonial town with local attractions, including the surviving buildings of the French elite. Later – ascent to the Bokor Plateau, with a tour of the Black Palace and Baba Yaga on the way. Climb to the top and explore the picturesque surroundings.

You will see the Wat Sampov Pram Temple and the long abandoned Catholic Church. Don’t miss the opportunity to check out the old French casino. Rumor has it that it is haunted, and you can even see them, but only on rainy days. The tour ends with a visit to the Popoqueville waterfall.

In the evening you will travel to Sihanoukville. This cozy coastal town is the main and most visited tourist resort in Cambodia. You will find here the white sand and quiet sea, and see numerous colonies of corals and exotic inhabitants of the sea depths, which is so happy divers.

Accommodation in a comfortable hotel on the first line of the sea and rest.

Days 10-12. Sihanoukville – Koh Rong Samloem Island – Sihanoukville

A real surprise awaits you – three days on an almost uninhabited island. Release your hotel room at the resort and transfer by boat to Koh Rong Samloem. This is the most accommodating island for life and leisure, located near Sihanoukville.

Accommodation in a cozy bungalow with access to the sea. You will have a great vacation with swimming, nice relaxing silence, snorkeling in the crystal clear azure waters and the opportunity to travel to the nearby islands.

On day 12, return by boat to the resort of Sihanoukville.

Days 13-14. Sihanoukville – Koh Kong – Phnom Penh – Ho Chi Minh

Morning trip to the border with Thailand. You will travel to the wild jungle town of Koh Kong in the heart of the jungle. It is surrounded by mountain peaks and is stunningly beautiful with dense rainforests. Arrival and bungalow accommodations. A two-day vacation in this picturesque place.

You will be trekking for a few hours through the jungle and an exciting kayaking trip down a mountain river. You will make it to Tatay Falls, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in its cool waters.

On day 14 in the morning you will hike through the largest mangrove forest in Southeast Asia. As you move along the bridges, you will be able to see the beauty of the local nature. The tour will end at the tower, which offers magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Lunch (included in the tour price) and transfer to Phnom Penh. Flight to Ho Chi Minh, hotel accommodation, rest.

Day 15. Ho Chi Minh

Переезд в аэропорт Хо Шина, международный перелет.

Отели по программе (на выбор или аналогичный):

Город/Отель 4* 5 *
Сием Риеп Отель Somadevi Angkor Resort & Spa (Superior) Отель Prince d’Angkor (улучшенный)
Пномпень Sun & Moon Urban Hotel (Deluxe) Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel & Residence (Deluxe)
Сиануквиль (на выбор) – OC Boutique Hotel – Holiday Villa Nataya – Diamond Ocean Hotel – Moon Julie Hotel – Queenco Casino & Hotel – New Hill Resort – Blue Sea Boutique Hotel – Legacy Resort Sokha Beach Resort & Spa (Lakeside Deluxe)
Остров Кох Ронг Самлоем Saracen Bay Resort (бунгало с видом на море) или Orchid Resort (бунгало с кондиционером с видом на море) The One Resort (бунгало класса люкс на берегу океана)
Слоновые горы Starling Ridge Plantation Resort (бунгало “Кампучия”)
Кампот The Column Hotel (улучшенный)
Кох Конг Thmorda Garden Riverside Resort (номер делюкс с видом на реку) Thmorda Garden Riverside Resort (номер делюкс с видом на реку)

Примечание: возможна организация тура в любые даты при группе от 2 человек.

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