Caspian Sea: weather, beaches, water temperature.

We had a lot of fun!

I want to leave a small review about the Caspian Sea, where we are now from 01.07.2019.

My impression of the Caspian Sea compared to the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the White Sea and the Mediterranean Sea is not the most expected.

When you go to the sea, especially in the southernmost part of Russia, which is about level with the Black Sea, you expect that you will swim in the sea, which has a temperature of so-called “steamed milk”.

Naturally, before going to the Caspian Sea, I read a sufficient number of reviews and studied a large number of pictures and video reviews.

But they are all contradictory for some reason. Although of course all subjective: the fact that one hot, someone cold and vice versa.

So someone will probably think that my review is quite subjective, because I am based on my own feelings.

**** CHAPTER 1.

So the Caspian Sea is washed by five states: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

It is considered that this sea does not belong to the classical notion of a sea, but is a large lake. But it also does not fit the concept of a lake, so it turns out that it is neither sea nor lake.

We had a rest in the suburbs of Kaspiysk, near the village of Manas, in the republic of Dagestan, namely in the sanatorium Kaspi, about which I will tell a little later in a separate review.

Along the road we drove by car and from afar, the sea seems heavenly blue, has quite blue shades, like thunderclouds.

From a distance it seems peaceful and serene, all that goes over the horizon is absolutely invisible.

When you get closer two things strike your eye: – the first is the beach; – and the second is the sea itself.


What I especially like about the Caspian Sea is the beach. It’s a golden sand that gets warm during the day and gives off its warmth long enough in the evening.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

It is nice to walk, lie, play in the sand and run, especially for kids.

So certainly for the beach, no matter what it is: equipped or not, clean or not, it deserves attention, especially for families with kids.

We were on the beach that is near Caspiy sanatorium and on the city beach that is in Caspiy city.

What to know about the Teletskoye Lake in Altai

At the sanatorium Caspiy beach consists of pure fine sand, which beckons you with its golden, silky, finely dispersed and warm.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

Here you will not find pebbles of any size or pebbles. Here the shells are rare enough, but if you get, it’s big enough shells, and very beautiful.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

Entrance to the sea is average-about 10 steps into the sea to immerse on the chest.

Buoys are far enough, but because of the high undulation and the current do not want to swim to them.

***** The beach of the city in the Caspian Sea might seem a little different. It also consists of sand, but there are little shells on top, already a little cracked, because people walk on them. There are also small quantities of pebbles.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

Walking into the sea here is very long, as on the Gulf of Finland or the White Sea, while you will reach depth on the chest, you can burn out in the sun and not want to swim. About 30 steps.

But the buoys are set after about 30 steps, that is, you won’t go far.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

What’s good, the beach is equipped with several changing rooms, and there are two showers, which give out. well, a light trickle of water. in principle, it’s enough to easily rinse yourself.


As for the sea here, you have to take your time and think about it. Up close the sea doesn’t seem so calm and serene, on the contrary, it starts to cause fears.

Why do you ask?

It is difficult to answer what is the reason for such a sea temper, but even in windless weather, the sea has a lot of high waves.

Approximately being on the knee in water, you can be covered by a wave easily to the waist. But when there is at least a little breeze, the sea is quite violent.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

But besides it, the sea a little bit repels by that it is cool enough, even in 30 degree sultry windless heat.

Accordingly, on the one hand, you go swimming in the sea to cool your body after being in the sun, but on the other hand, you can not enter the water because it is very cold.

On top of that you walk to the sea on the hot pleasant sand, which covers and wraps your feet with warmth, and when you approach the sea and the first cold wave touches your feet, then immediately comes rejection.

Hatta Rock Lakes in Hatta, UAE

Okay. Then we’ll go into the sea quickly to get used to the temperature as quickly as possible.

But not as easy as it would seem, because the waves come one after the other and quite high, so hitting the body first of all you are pushed back, and secondly you become cold.

The sea itself is muddy (from the sand) – the waves run into the sandy beach and whip it. Therefore as a verdict – with a mask you will not swim, do not look alive (sea inhabitants).

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

And in the distance of about 2.5 km from the shore you can see Dagestan Fort Boyard, decommissioned workshop number 8 of the Dagdiesel plant, Kaspiysk.


Advantages: 1) The beach is sand 2) The beaches are equipped with changing rooms and light showers 3) All beaches are clean!

Disadvantages: 1) The sea is cold and uncomfortable 2) There are no free awnings on city beaches, like in Sochi.


Going to rest at the sea, I wanted to warm my bones after a cold winter and rainy spring. Of course I wanted warmth. And of course there is enough heat in Dagestan.

But the sun warms up only the ground and the beach, and for some reason the sea bypasses it.

This is a bit upsetting, but it doesn’t discourage me or stop me from going to the sea.

I would go again to the Caspian Sea for the sandy beach and mountainous terrain. Most likely I would choose the Republic of Dagestan, which left positive emotions in general.

As for the sea – when the red flag was hanging (no swimming) and there were big waves, the sea was extremely choppy, we cooled off and bathed in the pool at the sanatorium, which certainly saved.

Caspian Sea (Russia, Dagestan) photo

I recommend to visit the Caspian Sea, at least once in your life to be on an unusual sea, which washes the shores of five countries.

Afterword of the author: The Caspian Sea reminded me something of the Baltic Sea. It is refreshing and restless. However, the Baltic Sea is in the north and the Caspian Sea in the south.

Although today 06.07.2019 it is cloudy outside, +27 degrees of heat in the air, but the water is beautiful, very warm. In general, you can not guess. It’s a pity it’s murky.

Lake Tuz in Turkey, photo and description

Why our tourists do not go to rest on the Caspian Sea

The warm coast, fine sand and ridiculous prices should be an argument in favor of these places for millions of tourists

Let’s start by comparing. Black Sea: season from June to September; Caspian Sea: season from May to early October. The Tuapse and Sochi resorts have pebbles and bitok on the beaches, Makhachkala and Samura beaches have yellow fine sand, gentle bottom and few tourists. Central beach of Anapa is one kilometer long, Manas beach is 48 kilometers long. Price of room in Sochi in July (with sea view) – from 5800 rubles, hotel room at Dzhami beach in Makhachkala – from 2400 rubles. Then why don’t our tourists go to rest on the Caspian Sea, what is wrong with it?

Difficulties of local beaches

On the beaches of Dagestan it is not customary to wear too open swimwear. Photo:

The answer is banal: the reason is the underdeveloped resort infrastructure of the region. Many tourists save up for a year’s vacation, they crave cocktails and comfort on vacation. And this, alas, is not about Astrakhan, Kalmykia and Dagestan. In Soviet times, a lot of money was invested in the Black Sea resorts, their legacy is now expanding the tourism business in the Krasnodar region, while the contribution to the infrastructure of Dagestan mud baths and resorts of the Caspian Sea was considered inexpedient. The national peculiarity of the region also became a minus, even in 2020 a frank bikini on the Makhachkala beach can cause a lot of questions and the same amount of admiration. Because M is a mentality. And not everyone needs it.

As for Astrakhan, the city itself has no direct access to the Caspian Sea. It stands in the Volga delta, 60 kilometers from the gray Caspian Sea, and you have to be a very lazy resort to find a way to get out for a swim in the open water. Rather, Astrakhan is an option for lovers of river fishing.

In Lagan, the only town with access to the Caspian Sea from the Kalmykian side, there’s one hotel, a couple of cafes, mosquitoes, and no beach. We will have to hire a boat to swim on the islands in the sea. Not everyone is ready to go to such trouble.

Lake Königssee in Germany, the cleanest lake

So, the Caspian Sea tourists need to say their confident “no”? Wait.

The pluses of rest.

The warm sea. Already in May, the temperature of the sea water reaches +21 degrees, all summer holds at around +23 … +24. During a year there are more than 100 clear days, warm caressing winds.

The Caspian beaches stretch for some tens of kilometers. Photo:

Fish abundance. All regions of the Caspian Sea are fishermen regions which means that any restaurant will serve you dishes of carp, pike, catfish, pikeperch and even sturgeon. You can buy the freshest fish from the morning catch at the markets of Astrakhan, Makhachkala, Kizlyar and Izberbash. And you can cook them yourself. Dried and dried fish is bought as a gift.

Cheap accommodation. A room for a day in a hotel near the sea in Izbash will cost 1,500 rubles in the season, in Kaspiysk – 2,100, in Makhachkala – 2,300-2,500. Recreation center with a closed area, its own beach and food will come out in the area of 3000 rubles per day, to rent a small house or apartment can be for 2000-2500 rubles. But you have to understand that everyone has a different idea of the level of service and amenities, so before you rent a place to stay, ask the owners to throw you a small video.

Budget prices for treatment in the mud baths. Radon baths, hydrogen sulfide mud, naphthalene treatment help with musculoskeletal problems and work well with neurological problems. The cost of a week in a local sanatorium will cost 15-17 thousand rubles.

Endless beaches. Makhachkala beach is 80 kilometers, Samursky beach is 42 kilometers, Manassky beach is 48 kilometers, Kayakentsky beach is 40 kilometers. But it must be noted that not all of them are cleaned from algae and barnacles, and some of them are not equipped with toilets and cabins for changing. The town beach in Izberbash is considered to be the best, there are even thermal water in the street showers. Jami beach in Turali village and beaches in Kaspiysk and Derbent are the most popular ones.

The fishing is excellent. Rent of fishing equipment and transport is many times cheaper even in comparison with Astrakhan. And there is more variety of fish and sea.

Southern flavor. We all want to feel hospitality through the edge: songs till morning, wine till bottom, hospitality from the heart. It is guaranteed here. And it often compensates for all the faults of service.

Son-Kul Lake Kyrgyzstan: the whole truth

Rich history. Unlike many resorts where there is nothing but sea, for example, Dagestan has a thousand years of history. And wherever you go – to the mountains, mosques, to try the local cuisine or to see the cities, you will be impressed. And what about the Buddhist temples of Kalmykia. What a Thailand!

The food is delicious. No comment.

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The disadvantages of traveling

The Caspian beaches lack infrastructure: only some of them are equipped with toilets and changing rooms. Photo: Dmitry Akhmadullin, “KP”-Stavropol”.

Troubled water. The Caspian Sea, no matter how you take a picture of it, it won’t become Instagram-worthy. The muddy bottom, shells and uneven bottom depth is not to everyone’s liking. What does not cancel the fact that the sea itself is very clean. And greenish tinge of water is its natural property.

Exhausting heat. You should understand that almost all summer temperature in the Caspian lowlands does not fall below +28 degrees. The norm is +32…+33 and if tourists have problems with heart and blood vessels, then they simply can’t endure such climate.

The mosquitoes. From early June to mid-July the “big mosquito” comes here, and it is not for nothing so nicknamed. The parasites swarm around your body so that no repellent will save you. The insects swarm at night. And this means that the choice of evening entertainment is sharply reduced. Mosquitoes are especially vicious in Astrakhan region.

Dagestan restaurants do not sell alcohol . But there are no problems with buying wine in stores.

Not everywhere accept payment by card. It’s better to have cash. In some stores you can only pay by card for items over 100 rubles.

In Dagestan there are sometimes interruptions with water. Be prepared for the fact that you can stay without an evening shower.

Very unnecessary cab . Sometimes you have to wait for a long time.

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