Travel Blogging with BC Bloggers

Let’s go travel and blog with the BC bloggers. In fact, the BC Bloggers is back! And it’s getting more exciting this time because I am joining! LOL! Or maybe I am just assuming? Haha!

So guys, especially travels bloggers like me, who are willing to join the fun with the BC bloggers, feel free to visit the BC Bloggers’ blog by clicking the image above.

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Tuesday Travels Wet ‘n Wild September

I really enjoyed reading the Tuesday Travels Wet n Wild September entries last month. Thanking much the travel diva herself, Janet Luison, for hosting this travel meme that at least, even virtually, I can travel to other places by hopping to those travel entries of many entrants.
Together, let’s review some of the Wet n Wild September entries listed below.

CamSur Water Sports Complex: The Cabana
Hof Gorei Resort
Wild Wadi Water Park
Puerto Galera
Boracay Snorkeling

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FREE Travels And Tours September 2011 Top Commenters

This travel blog of mine, My FREE Travels and Tours, is yet a baby blog yet. This is still, by far, 2 months old. However, in that little span of time, I already have a number of goodie things coming in to this blog, not to mention, my followers, my fan page likers and most especially, my commenters. Thank you so much guys!
Below are my top commenters for the month of September 2011.

Jessica (4)
yannie (4)
Mirage (3)
Pretty Kat (3)
reese (3)
Shy (3)
sir rob (3)
Arlene (2)
C5 @ Colors &… (2)
cherry of …

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 22

I have a great time joining WBFC last week. Though, so sad to know that many didn’t follow my blog back through GFC but at least, a number of those who joined, followed my blog.
Anyway, today ain’t time for ranting. LOL! It’s another WBFC week, a new blogging stuff to do ~ Twitter Following. To be able to follow this blog via twitter, feel free to click the twitter button which you can find at the rightmost side of the screen, not on the sidebar widget of this blog.
Hope you can follow my blog through twitter. Your comment here ain’t that mandatory, but mentioning me on twitter that you have followed

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 21

Honestly, this is yet a less than a month old blog of mine and really needing traveler (FOLLOWERS) thru Google Friend Connect (GFC). Perhaps, the very reason why I joined this weeks WBFC.
This week’s WBFC is sponsored by Coffee on the Side and Walking News Paper.
By the way, this blog has different homepage and single post platform, you can find the Google friend connect (GFC) widget ONLY when you visit the homepage of this blog.
Want to have more followers? Come, join and visit WBFC today! Just feel free to click the image above.
Happy Blogging!

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Blog Banner

Want to exchange links with the travel blogger?

Feel free to grab the code below and save in your sidebar.
<a href=””><img title=”Free Travels and Tours” src=””></a>
After doing so, come back here and leave some comments in this form:

“Saved ‘My FREE Travels and Tours‘ in {the link, preferably HOMEPAGE, where the FREE Travel and Tours banner was saved}.

Don’t worry, I will confirm the links’ exchange by, off course, dropping some love in your blogs too! Happy Blogging!

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After a long mind-setting, I finally came up with a travel blog.
Honestly, it took me months to push thru with this. My very first reason? I still am a medical student, and I don’t have much time to travel as what other travel blogger do even though traveling, touring, being a tourist, stranger and a foreigner is what I loved to do.
But a lot of my travel blogger friends advised and shared that it doesn’t mean that you’re a travel blogger, then you need to travel all the way. Being a travel blogger is like blogging, as the first hand hobby, the travels and trips experienced. Travel and then blog about the travel, that’s it!
And oh, you might be asking …

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