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How to create a travel blog

A lot of my friends who are into traveling are fascinated to try travel blogging. They shared that since they love to travel and explore new places, why not to share those breath-taking tourist destinations they have traveled through blogging. And the one and only question they used to raise after me is how to create a travel blog.

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And here’s some and the very basic information I could share. Just bear with me if I forgot others. LOL!

  • You should have a domain URL of your own. I suggest you pick the one’s that really interests you most and very catchy domain name related to travel.

In my case, I chose domain since this blog will be about my free travels and tours. Feel free to read the About page of this blog to learn more why.

  • After you’ve chosen your domain name, I recommend you to get a hosting provider for your travel blog like joomla hosting. It is paid hosting where you can keep your online travel stories and through that hosting also, everybody can access your blog.

But if you are in a tight budget yet, you may opt to make use of free blog hosting like or and other platforms.

  • Once these two mentioned important stuff for blogging are done, then you can start posting and sharing your articles online.

That’s how easy to create a travel blog. Hope these easy steps and information I have shared could really help newbie travel bloggers.

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Fly FREE with AirPhil Express

Details below are according to

Your next adventure is on us!
Start collecting your Airphil Express Boarding Passes and exchange them for tickets to your next dream adventure!

10 Domestic Boarding Passes entitle you to One FREE Domestic Ticket (one way) to any Domestic APX destination of your choice.

10 International Boarding Passes entitle you to One FREE International Ticket (one way) to any International APX destination of your choice.


  1. Start collecting your boarding passes (passenger copy only) by July 20, 2011;
  2. All boarding passes must be original, legible, and tamper-free. Boarding passes issued for free tickets, sponsorships, and airline employee benefits are excluded from this offer;
  3. Travel dates of all ten (10) boarding passes must be within two (2) years from commencement date. All boarding passes must be under the name of one passenger only. Combining boarding passes with other passengers to complete the minimum ten (10) required boarding passes is not allowed;
  4. One (1) International Boarding Pass may be exchanged for two (2) Domestic Boarding Passes and vice versa. Only one boarding pass exchange may be allowed per redemption;
  5. Free tickets may be redeemed starting July 27, 2011 from the following Airphil Express Business Hubs: Manila Airport Ticket Office, Cebu Airport Ticket Office, Davao Airport Ticket Office, Zamboanga Airport Ticket Office, and Puerto Princesa Ticket Office. Travel period is one (1) year upon issuance;
  6. Free tickets must be booked seven (7) days prior to desired date of travel to ensure seat availability;
  7. Free ticket issued is non-transferrable, non-refundable, non-rebookable, and non-reroutable;
  8. Free tickets are not subject to seat restrictions when traveling, but are subject to holiday blackout   periods during which free tickets may not be used for travel.
    Blackout Dates: 

    • January 1-5
    • March 13, 20, 25, 27 
    • Holy Week (5 days before and 5 days after)
    • April 27-May 3
    • October 25-31
    • November 1-4, 23, 26-28
    • December 20-26, 31
  9. Free tickets are exclusive of VAT, Applicable Aviation Security Fee, and Other Surcharges.
  10. Fare conditions apply.


  1. To redeem, passenger must present the boarding passes to any of the following Airphil Express    Business Hubs: Manila Airport Ticket Office, Cebu Airport Ticket Office, Davao Airport Ticket Office, Zamboanga Airport Ticket Office, and Puerto Princesa Ticket Office;
  2. Each passenger must have at least ten (10) original Airphil Express boarding passes with the following details: 
    • Complete Name
    • Destination
    • Flight Date
    • Flight  number
    • Booking Class

  3. Once passenger exchanges his or her boarding passes for either Domestic or International travel,  Airphil Express shall issue a Gift Certificate/Travel Voucher, which is convertible to a flight ticket;
  4. Passenger must present the Gift Certificate/Travel Voucher to any Airphil Express-owned Ticket Office and exchange it with a FREE flight ticket;
  5. Airphil Express shall not replace lost Gift Certificates/Travel Vouchers;
  6. The Gift Certificate/Travel Voucher cannot be converted to cash;
  7. The Gift Certificate/Travel Voucher shall be subject to the General Conditions of Carriage and Airphil Express Guidelines, Policies, and Procedures, which currently exist at the time of ticket issuance, and at the time of actual use, thereof;
  8. If for any reason an Airphil Express flight is cancelled or subject to schedule change, APX shall not be under any obligation to transfer passengers to any other airline;
  9. The ticket is forfeited if not used on flight date shown;
  10. Free flight tickets do not include other airline ancillary services (e.g., Prepaid Baggage, Seat Selector, On-board Meals, and Merchandise);
  11. Airphil Express reserves the right to cancel free Flight Tickets/Gift Certificates/Travel Vouchers in the event that the airline finds that any of the above terms and conditions was falsely met.
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