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Royal Caribbean Holiday Cruise

Our modern world has found a way to combine business and pleasure through the use of a Royal Caribbean holiday cruise ship. It is possible for business people and their friends or family members to travel together aboard a cruise ship where daily conferences or job-oriented meetings can be held. While the business person is attending to their corporate responsibilities, the family members can enjoy their time on the cruise.

Royal Caribbean Holiday Cruise Business Conferences

Royal Caribbean holiday trips can successfully mix business with pleasure.

Business travelers often dread the time spent away from home on business trips. Hotel accommodations near the meeting location are often inadequate and after the conference times are over, there is nothing much to do. When business meetings are planned to take place upon a Royal Caribbean cruise, all away from home time becomes an exciting proposition. The costs of cruise-line working holiday trips are comparable or even less expensive than many traditional forms of business conferences.

When travelers purchase a ticket for a Royal Caribbean holiday cruise, the overnight accommodations are included in the fare. The cruise ship offers many free types of food, and a large variety of top-notch dining alternatives that are all within walking distance on the ship. Cruise trips include recreational offerings, casino fun, upper-quality spa options and a wide variety of activities that are designed to please every type of traveler aboard the ship. The times before and after business meetings can become very memorable.

Each Royal Caribbean ship has dedicated meeting rooms and conference facilities that can be booked for private group meetings. These facilities offer modern state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, comfortable seating and communications options. It is possible for corporate sponsors to arrange for catered meals or snacks, specialty entertainment and every type of helpful meeting feature that can be found on dry land. Cruise ship business meetings and conferences are becoming very popular today in many global locations.

Corporate sponsors often offer to pay for their workers all-inclusive business cruise and for the babysitting charges aboard ship for the single working parents. Then, workers pay the reasonable fees to include their family or friends in their holiday plans. The Royal Caribbean luxury ships offer a variety of extra activities and services that are optional for guests to enjoy. In some situations, the corporate sponsor will plan meeting times to be during morning or evening hours to allow for all travelers to enjoy port-of-call activities.

When business meetings are held aboard a Royal Caribbean ship, all employees are saved the traditional costs of over-the-road transportation. Since all meeting participants are on the same large luxury ship, conferences can always start on time. Cruise business trips are a nice alternative to the traditional away-from-home business conferences. Workers are allowed the chance to relax with their family or friends in a luxury filled environment. As a special bonus to workers, at least one evening on the cruise offers a fun-filled formal dining setting for business associates, families and friends to enjoy together on a Royal Caribbean business meeting cruise.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships: Information for Beginners

The Royal Caribbean International holiday trips are an exciting method of spending time with your family, friends or business associates. Unlike other types of travel, luxury ships offer lodging, food, entertainments and off-ship stops at attractions in one money-saving package deal. People of all ages enjoy the high-quality opportunities for fun, relaxation and adventure that the Royal Caribbean holiday cruise ships offer.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships

Cruise ship information for beginners:

Lodging: Royal Caribbean cabin guest rooms come in a variety of sizes and formats. The inner cabins without a sea-view are normally the economy options. Cabins are comfortable and filled with the same types of traveler luxuries that travellers receive in hotels. Room price is included in the total cost of holiday cruise tickets.

Food: Elegant five-course meals are included with the price of a boarding ticket on most Royal Caribbean holiday trips. The cruise ship also offers multiple types of paid dining options that go beyond the free on board meals. Passengers can arrange for kosher meals, child-oriented menus and intimate dining settings for couples on a cruise ship.

Entertainments: The Royal Caribbean ships offer high-quality resort settings for holiday travelers to enjoy. While aboard the ship, visitors can attend full-services spas, fitness gyms and health clubs; or, don ice skates for an afternoon of fun. There are rock climbing walls, casino attractions and an array of activities designed for all tastes.

Off Ship Stops: When the luxury ships stop at ports-of-call during a trip, the travelers are often given the choice of staying to enjoy ship activities or going to shore to explore exotic locations. Shore trips and tours will normally cost extra money for the necessary permits, fun-filled souvenirs and helpful bilingual tour guides.


What to expect during a Royal Caribbean International cruise:

Cruise travelers often book these holiday trips due to the lodgings, food and activities that are included in the price of the ticket. While it can be very exciting to travel from place-to-place in this manner, there are a few surprises that are often a surprise to first time cruise ship guests. Royal Caribbean trips have public announcement systems that will broadcast inside of the guest room cabins. Announcements are common aboard ships.

Travelers are not allowed to bring their own alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to a cruise. While aboard ship, Royal Caribbean International supplies opportunities to enjoy favorite beverages. Passengers can purchase discounted beverage deals that will allow that ticket holder to have unlimited drinks for one price. When alcohol is purchased at a port-of-call, the cruise ship manager will safely store all bottles until the holiday is over.

There are tricks that people use while packing for a cruise because guest laundry services are not available on the Royal Caribbean International holiday trips. An empty traveler bag can fit as a lining inside of another bag, to be used later for souvenirs. Two or more swimsuits are needed so that one is dry at all times. Men can rent formal wear aboard ship and women should bring cocktail attire for the formal shipboard activities. Travelers enjoy having a set of binoculars, comfortable walking shoes and a hat for overly sunny or foggy conditions. Resort-casual attire is acceptable on a Royal Caribbean holiday cruise.

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