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2Go Travel eTicket Unavailable

After I purchased 2Go travel tickets for my mom and aunts’ travel this coming April 13, 2013, I needed some clarifications on how I could print the travel tickets and their confirmation letter. I asked mom about it and she just advised me to better ask the agency thru their customer service page. Since I couldn’t find their customer service page also, I just visited their eTicket page, thinking and hoping that thru it, I can print the tickets.

However, when I visited the page, the image below welcomed me.

2Go Travel eTicket Unavailable

The only thing I asked myself when I read the advisory above was ‘how can I print the ticket then?‘.

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2Go Ships My Personal Stuff

I have no other choice but to ship my personal belongings from my crib in Cebu City going home utilizing one of the leading couriers in the country, 2Go shipping.

Yes! You heard it right, even though I missed availing for the free shipping coupons, but at least, there were promos and other discounted shipping the courier offers, I guess I still able to grab the wisest decision to ship with them my stuff than handing them myself when I flew here from Cebu City.

2Go (image source and credits)

Since shipping of cargo materials would take no more than a week, I am expecting my stuff to arrive here in my new peg this coming Wednesday. And I am hoping that everything – each and every little thing I shipped would still in good condition. Let us just wait and see how my shipping would result.

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Super Ferry Tripid Fares

Planning for a family vacation in the coming holidays is just so easy these days especially when having a very tight budget. Instead of traveling by air, travel by sea is the best option to bring the whole family, the whole friend circle for a vacation together anywhere in the country.

Super Ferry is one of the many sea vessel companies in the Philippines that is very conducive for trips and travels with friends and family in a very low cost. With as low as P750 pesos per passenger, one can travel Luzon to Visayas already.

Feel free to check the Super Ferry official website for more information.

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