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Souvenirs To Buy When Traveling

When visiting places, buying a souvenir or two tops the list of every traveler. Here are some of the souvenir ideas you can buy.

Key chain – this is one of the most popular souvenirs travelers buy when visiting places. Aside from these items are small, these are pretty cheap too.

Shirt – souvenir shirts are also one of the popular items travelers buy for souvenirs. Normally, they bought it for close family members and friends as shirt is a little expensive compared to key chains.

Postcard – if you are the collector type or has a collector friend, a postcard can be a good souvenir to buy. Surely postcard printing is widely available worldwide as this is one of the best way to promote a place, buying one or two is definitely dead easy.

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Souvenir Items: Sequin Bangles

When traveling or visiting new places, there is just one thing we always keep in mind — to what souvenir items we can grab from such place and have them as presents to our friends and loved ones. Isn’t it? Smiley

Souvenir Items: Sequin BanglesSouvenir Items: Sequin Bangles (image from

Just like the image above, sequin bangles are one of the souvenir items I personally make sure to have in hand as soon as I go home from any travel. And one very fashionable sequin bangles to check out are the Reeds Sequin bangles. Yes, those bangles are very classy and elegant and sure to be loved by anybody especially given as a gift or pressie from travel.

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Guitar Souvenirs from Cebu City, Philippines

Playing guitar is a good past time to do especially if you’re waiting for something, like waiting for your departure or a trip with your friends or family. In this way, you won’t get bored while catching up for your flights or travels. It is also a good instrument to bring with you on a road trip or any get away with friends and family.

Guitar Souvenirs from Cebu City, PhilippinesGuitar Souvenirs from Cebu City, Philippines (image from

Guitars are also one of the best souvenir items especially most specifically from Cebu City, Philippines. So, if you are just planning to visit the city, never forget to check out some souvenir shops before leaving. For sure, a lot of choices to choose for such as music stuffs like guitar picks and a lot more.

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Souvenir Shopping at Sagbayan Peak, Bohol

Whenever I go to a place which I seldom visit at, I always make sure to bring home with me some souvenir items that has the place’s name or stuff iconic to that said place.

If you could remember, I even blogged about it, I and my friends went to Bohol. It is known as the home of Tarsiers in the Philippines. Hence, during our visit there, I didn’t miss shopping for souvenir Tarsiers most specifically at the Sagbayan Peak where we really enjoyed the life-sized Disney characters and other animals.

Souvenir Shopping at Sagbayan Peak, BoholTarsier Souvenir Items at Sagbayan Peak, Bohol

When my friend was mentioning about souvenir items displayed in a shelf-like glass showcases, one thing popped out in my mind, the for jewelry showcases.

Souvenir Shopping at Sagbayan Peak, BoholMore Souvenir Items at Sagbayan Peak, Bohol

And yes, upon checking the shop where souvenir items where displayed, the glass showcases were the same as to that from

Anyways, that Sagbayan Peak escape we had was really fun and exciting! I will share more photos of our child-like experiences in Sagbayan Peak, Bohol in my upcoming posts.

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