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Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Announcement

I know I am a bit late in sharing to you this announcement, especially to those frequent travelers fro and to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has just recently announced that:


1. The Domestic Passenger Service Charge (DPSC) commonly known as “AIRPORT TERMINAL FEE” in the amount of TWO HUNDRED PESOS (Php 200.00) which passengers pay at designated counters in the NAIA shall now be paid upon purchase of airline tickets through internet booking, airline ticket offices and ticketing or travel agents This will apply to all tickets issued or re-issued on or after August 1, 2012

2. Holders of airline tickets issued before August 1, 2012 will still pay the Php 200.00 at designated terminal fee counters at NAIA.

Manila International Airport Authority3. Effective August 1, 2012, all departing TRANSIT PASSENGERS are required to pay the Airport Terminal Fee.

4. All domestic passengers are advised to bring with them a printed copy of the airline ticket, electronic ticket or itinerary receipt, as applicable. This is to avoid inconvenience during the check-in process.

5. The Php 200.00 is inclusive of VAT. No other fees in connection with the DPSC shall be charged to the passenger.

6. For unused tickets, the DPSC of Php 200.00 is refundable within one (1) year from ticket issuance. The concerned Air Carrier will process the refund for the DPSC in accordance with its refund policies and procedures.

7. For inquiries, suggestions or clarifications, please visit us at or send your email to .



Different Effects of Drunk Driving

The effects of driving while drinking are far-reaching for both the intoxicated driver and people sharing the vehicle or the roadway with them. Many people claim to drive while drinking for years without any problems, but new crack downs by law enforcement in response to overwhelming roadway fatalities are making it almost impossible to get away with drunk driving for any length of time. Someone may get by with drinking and driving for a while, but it will catch up with you eventually.

Different Effects of Drunk DrivingImage Credit and Source

Legal Issues

The most probable effect of driving drunk is arrest. In the state of New York, a person is considered too drunk to drive when their blood alcohol level is .08 percent or higher. Underage persons are under the no tolerance policy, and are over the legal limit at .02 percent. If someone fails to submit to a blood alcohol test after being pulled over for drunk driving, they are considered over the limit by law. Upon conviction, the offender can receive 90 days to six months jail time and suspension or revocation of their driver’s license. Repeat offenders are subject to stiffer punishments. New York Drunk Driving Attorneys can advise you of your rights and how to defend yourself if you have been charged with DUI.

The Costs

Aside from bail, fees and fines, court costs and legal fees, a person convicted of drunk driving faces even more consequences. The suspension or revocation of a driver’s license makes getting to work, school and social engagements difficult. Many potential employers will not consider hiring anyone who has a drunk driving conviction.

Worst Case Scenario

The above consequences apply if someone is pulled over for driving under the influence. If an accident happens, the consequences are much worse. A fatal accident involving alcohol often results in more criminal charges, such as vehicular manslaughter. Injuries can also be punishable by criminal law. The immediate damages are physical injury or death, medical and/or funeral expenses, auto insurance deductibles, property damage and lost wages by injured persons who miss work. Civil suits by victims are also common.

The long-term damages are even more far-reaching. Auto insurance is usually cancelled after a drunk driving accident or conviction. Physical therapy and continued medical treatment for injured parties can easily run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Emotional trauma from auto accidents sometimes leads to long-term therapy with a trained counselor, and the drunk driver may be held legally responsible for these costs. The families of the people killed pay a tremendous emotional price, as do the families of those responsible. Parents, spouses, children and other loved ones often share in the grief and guilt of the drunk driver.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a drunk driving accident, whether as the driver or a victim, seek legal counsel as soon as possible.


Dengue Threat to Southeast Asian Travelers

If you are planning to travel in any of the Southeast Asian countries, be aware of the recent outbreak of Dengue Fever. Some noted Southeast Asian countries where Dengue is in high threat to travelers now a days are Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

In fact, Taipei government has reported (via CNA) on August 15 the 14 confirmed dengue cases.

According to the Focus Thailand News Channel, there are 82 confirmed cases nationwide. Of which, there are 65 imported dengue fever. Imported dengue fever means that the case is not originally from that specific country but just been transported by an infected carrier from a place recently visited but the signs and symptoms showed only during the arrival of such dengue patient in his country.

To prevent dengue fever infection, but can’t stop to travel, a traveler is advised to wear proper outfit against mosquitoes like long sleeves. The use of mosquito repellents are also advised.