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Heathrow Terminal 5

London, England in the United Kingdom is one of the world’s most visited cities – immersed in history and antiquities that are ready to blow one’s mind away. You travel this royal, historic city and you can walk the same streets like kings, queens, princes and princesses, dukes and duchess that you have only once studied in history class back in the days, read about on papers and seen on TV. Heathrow terminal 5 is the biggest terminal and is home to British Airways. The terminal offers direct flights to multiple destinations including the also popular vacation destinations like New York, Milan, Madrin, Dubai, Dublin, New Delhi and Tokyo. Being new in a country with such a huge airport and not sure which way to go around you would probably need an airport terminal assistance and in London’s case there’s Heathrow Terminal 5 parking. Heathrow Parking’s goal is to provide parking details at Heathrow airport – London and the UK’s primary airport hub.

Heathrow Terminal 5Heathrow Terminal 5

There’s nothing like traveling with ease. It would be so much fun and easier if you have everything in place ahead of time even the smallest detail of your itinerary. Luckily there’s thousands of travel information out there that you can look up to for free that will help one simplify their travel planning process. And again for London travelers, Heathrow Parking doesn’t only takes care your airport parking needs but also provide hotel park assistance. You can check out their fly packages at Heathrow Airport by checking out their website:

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Top Attractions in Crete for the Family

With its great climate and short travel time from the UK, Crete has long been a family favorite. If you’re looking for more than just a sandy beach, this is the perfect holiday for you. There are plenty of other activities and attractions to keep all the family entertained.

Making a Splash Landing
All children enjoy water parks and Crete has two fantastic water attractions. Limnoupolis Water Park has a great range of rides, slides and wave pools to cater for all adventurers. However, if you prefer something a bit more relaxing, you can chill out in the Lazy River or jacuzzi. The Lido Water Park has some thrilling slides, including the Gigantic wave pool, Kamikaze and the Black Hole.

An Island of Natural Beauty
However you arrive on Crete, whether by plane or cheap cruises, it offers families plenty of opportunities to appreciate its stunning natural beauty. The Samaria Gorge is well worth a trip. The dramatic gorge is part of a national park and is 10 miles in length. On a walk through the area you can take in the many varieties of wild flowers or make friends with the local mountain goats.

The Lassithi Plateau is a fertile plain in the Diktian Mountains in the east of the island. The plain covers around 25,000 square kilometres and at 800m high, it is the highest inhabited plateau in Greece. You’ll be amazed by the hundreds of white windmills that stretch across the plain. In the past they were used to irrigate the land, but they are now just reminders of the past.

Just above the Lassithi Plateau is the village of Psychro. Here you’ll find the Diktian Cave, which is reputed to be the birthplace of Zeus. The cave stands at 1,025m high, so there is a steep path to the entrance. However, once you’re inside, you’ll be amazed by the underground pool and the many stalactites and stalagmites that fill the chambers.

Explore the Island
If you want to introduce your children to events of the past, they’ll really enjoy the island of Spinalonga. The island off the east coast of Crete is easily reached by boat from either Elounda or Agios Nikolaos. It was used as a leper colony until the mid-1950s and has remained uninhabited since they left. You can now wander through the deserted streets and imagine what it would have been like to be sent there.

The town of Agios Nikolaos is well worth a visit whilst you’re in the area. The beautiful town is set around a lake and you can sit and enjoy a drink or meal at the many lakeside tavernas and cafes, whilst you watch the fishermen bring in their colourful boats. With more than 200 boats and yachts in the marina at any one time, the children will enjoy having a stroll round and there’s also a sandy beach to explore.

If you’re looking for a European island holiday with plenty of places to visit and explore, then Crete is for you. You can spend a day relaxing on a sandy beach and then jump in your car to take in something new. With so many things to see, your family won’t want to come home.

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London’s Best Attractions

Visits to national museums and landmarks may seem the obvious path to connecting with London’s present and the past that it was built upon, but there are lesser-known parts of the city that will allow you to become more intimately acquainted with its history and culture. The Telegraph‘s In the Know section, inspired by the paper’s partnership with American Express UK, shares insider knowledge on how to find London’s hidden gems.

If you’re looking for a quick stop at a quirky location to kick-start a day of touring London, then head for Little Compton Street. Dead in the center of the Charing Cross Road lies an astonishing view of the city’s past. Here you can actually peer down through a grille and see road signs for Little Compton Street, a now vanished road that sits well below ground level. The road hasn’t been used (or seen) for over a hundred years and stands as a fascinating snapshot of an earlier London.

Keeping things subterranean, beneath the vibrant borough of Camden there’s an extensive network of passages and catacombs first built in the 19th century. Running from Primrose Hill to Camden Lock, you can go on a guided tour of these intriguing former stables and canal excavations and experience a rarely seen part of the city’s depths.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget that history is still being made in this living, breathing city. If you want to keep things more contemporary (or just above ground), there are a number of fun and engaging tours of modern street art to enjoy. Passionate experts guide you around the latest works offering entertaining facts and anecdotes along the way, allowing you to appreciate this emerging art form and its place within London’s cityscape.

If you fancy a spot of urban exploration this year, then opting to get a credit card with American Express could help to make the whole experience even more rewarding. The American Express Preferred Rewards Gold Card enables you to earn exclusive membership reward points on virtually every purchase you make, which can then be redeemed for luxury rewards including flights, hotel stays and more.

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Waterloo – Gateway to the South Coast

Traveling by train from London Waterloo to the south coast of England has never been easier. This terminus in south London services all the major towns that sit along the English Channel. Almost directly south is Brighton, a bohemian enclave of Sussex that many have likened to a condensed version of London by the sea. As you travel west along the coast, major stops include Portsmouth, with its proud naval history, and where visitors can explore some of the most famous warships ever built: HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and the Mary Rose. Portsmouth is also home to the National Museum of the Royal Navy. Southampton has a buzzing waterfront with many bars and restaurants, as well as the huge City Art Gallery.

Trains from Waterloo also provide services further afield into the western counties that sit along the south coast: Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. Among the longest rain journeys from Waterloo are to St Ives at the tip of Cornwall which, since 1993 it has been home to an outpost of the Tate Gallery, and Penzance from where you can catch the ferry to the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago of the south western tip of the country that benefits from one of the warmest climates in Britain.

Visitors may wish to combine their visit to the south coast with a stay in London, and the Travelodge Waterloo hotel provides a comfortable, affordable option for those wishing to spend a night or two in the capital before traveling on to the coast. Staying in the area allows the visitor to access some of London’s most well-known attractions, particularly those along the south bank of the river Thames. Here you will find the recreated Shakespeare’s Globe which, during the summer months, plays host to a season of the bard’s plays, but also houses a fascinating museum open all year. Just nearby is Christopher Wren’s house, home to the architect responsible for how much of the center of London looks. The South Bank Center is an arts hub that plays host to the Hayward Gallery which predominantly features contemporary artists. For a birds-eye view of London, take a turn on the London Eye. And you can catch a movie at the National Film Theater, one of the world’s most renowned cinemas. River boats cruises allow you to access all the attractions along the banks of the river.

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