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VISA-FREE Countries for Filipinos holding Philippine Passports

Following the ASEAN summit held in Laos PDR, I am feeling excited to explore Southeast Asian countries. Aren’t you? Anybody here feeling the same with me? Then, let’s get our seat belts buckled!

Here are the lists of countries which are VISA-FREE for every Filipino Philippine passport holders.

VISA-FREE Countries for Filipinos holding Philippine Passports


  • Brunei Darussalam – 14 days
  • Cambodia – 21 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Vietnam – 21 days


  • Armenia – 120 days, visa will be issued upon arrival
  • China, Shenzhen – 7 days, if crossing from Hong Kong, and is valid in Shenzhen area only
  • Hong Kong – 14 days validity
  • India – 30 days, eTourist visa online
  • Iran – 15 days, must obtain an e-visa pre-approval code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Israel – 90 days
  • Kyrgyzstan – 30 days, visa on arrival
  • Laos – 21 days, visa on arrival
  • Macau – 30 days
  • Maldives – 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Myanmar – 21 days
  • Mongolia – 21 days
  • Nepal – 21 days visa issued upon arrival
  • South Korea – 30 days, if arriving at Jeju Island or after visiting Korea 4 times with visa
  • Sri Lanka – 30 days, but must get an Electronic Visa Authorization prior to departure
  • Taiwan – 30 days, if holding a permanent residence certificate or an unexpired visa from: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. And must register online at prior to arrival
  • Tajikistan – 45 days, visa on arrival
  • Timor-Leste (East Timor) – 30-day visa issued at the Dili airport and seaport


  • Cape Verde Islands – 21 days
  • Comoros – 21 days
  • Djibouti – 30 day visa issued on arrival
  • Gambia – visa issued upon arrival, but must get prior clearance from immigration.
  • Guinea-Bissau – 90 days visa issued on arrival
  • Kenya – 90 days visa issued on arrival
    Madagascar – 30 days visa issued on arrival
  • Mauritania – visa issued on arrival
  • Morocco – 90 days
  • Mozambique – 30 days visa issued on arrival
  • Rwanda – 90 days
  • Saint Helena – visa issued upon arrival
  • Senegal – 30 days issued on arrival, invitation letter required. Visa available online
  • Seychelles – 30 days permit, must show sufficient funds & proof of accommodation
  • Somalia – 30 days on arrival, invitation letter by sponsor submitted 2 days before arrival
  • Tanzania – visa issued on arrival
  • Togo (Togolese Republic) – 7 days, visa issued on arrival. Requires yellow fever vaccination
  • Uganda – 90 day visa issued on arrival at Entebbe Airport
  • Zambia – 90 days visa issued on arrival


  • Costa Rica – 30 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua – 90 days visa issued on arrival


  • Anguilla – 21 days
  • Dominica – 21 days
  • Haiti – 21 days
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 30 days visa issued on arrival
  • Turks and Caicos Islands – 21 days


  • Georgia – Visa issued on arrival. Preferably with invitation.
  • Kosovo – 90 days


  • Cook Islands – 31 days
  • Fiji – 120 days, Visitor’s Permit issued on arrival
  • Marshall Islands – 90 days visa issued on arrival
  • Micronesia – 30 days, entry permit required for stays over 30 days
  • Nauru – 30 days
  • Niue – 30 days
  • Northern Marianas – visa issued on arrival
  • Palau – 30 days visa issued on arrival
  • Papua New Guinea – 60 days, visa given on arrival
  • Pitcairn Islands – 14 days, entry permit given on arrival
  • Samoa – 60 days Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival
  • Tuvalu – 30 day visitor permit for tourist is issued upon arrival
  • Vanuatu – 30 days


  • Bolivia – 90 days
  • Brazil – 90 days
  • Colombia – 90 days
  • Ecuador – 90 days
  • Peru – 183 days
  • Suriname – 90 days


***Data from Visa-Free Countries

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Summary of my ‘air’ travels in 2012

I know this is a long overdue post. But since it is better late than not posting at all, I should have to share the summary of my ‘air’ travels in 2012.

I had a total of twelve (12) different flights, fro and to different places in the country.

  1. January 1, 2012 — first fly in 2012 from Davao City to Cebu City
  2. March 31, 2012 — Cebu City to Davao City with Deborah’s first fly with AirPhil Express
  3. April 12, 2012 — went back to Cebu City from Davao City
  4. May 15, 2012 — Cebu City to Manila via PAL
  5. May 17, 2012 — Manila to Cebu City via PAL
  6. May 21, 2012 — Cebu City to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air
  7. May 25, 2012 — Manila to Cebu City via Cebu Pacific Air
  8. June 5, 2012 — Cebu City to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air
  9. October 16, 2012 — Manila to Davao City via Cebu Pacific Air
  10. October 26, 2012 — Davao City to Manila via Cebu Pacific Air
  11. December 16, 2012 — First fly with TigerAirways from Manila to Davao City
  12. December 30, 2012 — Davao City to Manila

Wow! Awesome! I didn’t realize until today that I have flew as many times as I could the past year. I hope to fly again this year as often as I could.

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Best Travel Gadgets from CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for 2013 held in Sin City on January 8 up to January 11, 2013 showcased the Best Travel Gadgets of 2013.

  • Y-cam Home MonitorY-cam Home MonitorBasically, a good security monitoring device to tract the traveler from home.
  • Polaroid iM1836Polaroid iM1836This is the world’s first Android-powered smart camera with interchangeable lenses which perhaps lessens the bulk of having tons of baggage during backpacking with camera lenses. And it’s very handy too.
  • Fitbug OrbFitbug OrbFor health conscious travelers, this gadget should be included in their list. Fitbug Orb could track health data.
  • Spare OneSpare OneSpare One helps in providing a cost-saving calls.
  • Martian voice command watchesMartian voice command watchesShould I say, this one’s a smart watch which enables the traveler to receive and send SMS and as well as calls.

I haven’t seen even one (1) in person from the above mentioned gadgets. But I’ve seen some of them on movies as well as minute jack screws for the watches. LOL!

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Travel Must-Have: Extra Battery for Camera

For a travel blogger like me, one of the things that is always being checked is the battery of the camera and the camera’s status as well. In my case, I always bring with me Deborah’s battery grip. It is an extra battery set for a DSLR camera. But for point and shoot cameras, one can have maha imedion rechargeable battery set.

The good thing for having extra fully-charged battery sets is that when the first set is already used up and emptied, one can’t miss the scenic must-be-shoot picturesque part of the travel. And why rechargeable batteries? Simply because if there’s an area where electricity is available, one can charge its battery easily. It’s far cheaper than buying by and by every after use of the used batteries.

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Trail Biking to Batangas

An adventurous friend of mine invited me to have a trail biking to Batangas. She is a member of one of the bikers club here in Metro Manila, so she probably could be called a certified biker. She has been, according to her, biking a place to another and one morning, while walking in the village with her, she invited me to join with them —  to go trail biking to Batangas.

Trail BikingTrail Biking (image from

I haven not tried myself biking far places nor I don’t have any biking gadgets. I don’t even know how far that place that we’re going to trail or so. But since she really wanted to me try and experience the fun and excitement, she said that I could go with them, just for an experience even once, and during that time she’ll just ask one of the club member to bring with them private car with a softride bike racks so that if I’d feel tired and need to stop biking, I can ride on the car instead.

Hmf! That would be a great idea but since I still have no vacation scheduled from school, that stuff — the trail biking to Batangas would yet still remain a plan for now. Hopefully, I could really experience such great fun.

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