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CamSur WaterSports Complex: Inflatable Iceberg

This actually is still part of my free travels and tours in Camarines Sur which is again another highlight in Lago del Rey, the inflatable iceberg.

At first, upon looking at the small iceberg above, I was very eager to climb because it was just looking so reachable enough for me. However, while I was starting to climb over there, I really have had hard time to get to the tip of the iceberg. I even thought, in the middle of my climbing going up, to stop and just forget about missing climbing the iceberg. But I was still determined, a bit, to really step on the top.


Though I failed thrice, I still made it. I was able to climb but not really on the very top most. Hehe. I was still nervous, though.

My mom didn’t try to climb anymore. he was just looking, actually, laughing at me seeing me so pitiful while tying my hardest will and effort to climb. LOL!

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CamSur WaterSports Complex: The Cabana

As I have said in my previous post about the CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey that the cable wires of waterboarding were not functioning real good, we, my mom, aunt, cousin and I, just made the best of our stay in Camarines Sur.

The Lago del Rey is actually a man-made lake. I am not certain how it measures, but what I am sure is that it’s really a huge lake and a deep one. The lake was divided into half, the anterior part, as you can see in my CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey post shows an orange platform of a solid hard orange plastic used to be a water-game area or so. Aside from such, there are also a number of inflatables in the lake. One of them which really caught my attention was this cabana.

I first went to the cabana for me to have a pose in there. But when my mom saw me, she hurriedly followed at me.

Look! See how my mom tried to ride on the cabana. Smiley

Mom’s first try. Smiley

Try harder mom. Smiley

Try! Once more! C’mon mom! Smiley

Oh yeah! There we go! Smiley

Finally, mom was able to climb up the cabana. Hehe! More of our CamSur WaterSports Complex free travel and tour stories will be coming up soon.

Have a great Tuesday guys!


CamSur WaterSports Complex: Lago Del Rey

I want to share here my FREE Travel and Tour in Camarines Sur with my mom, aunt and cousin. It was my aunt who invited us there, meaning, she took all the expenses even the gasoline. LOL!

Actually, getting there in Camarines Sur was our third stop, if I’m not mistaken, after Legazpi and Naga Cities.

Shown in the image above are some colorful inflatables which we enjoyed most and also me and my mom. We’re supposed to try the water sports – water boarding, in Camarines Sur, unfortunately, exactly the day we arrived there was the same day the cables were out of order. So we just decided to feel our moments at CWC: Lago del Rey, just in front of the water boarding area.

That’s me above, so silly me. I fell to the lake and that so-dark-colored lad there helped me got back to the, I don’t know how to call that, something something. LOL! Just so, I got wet.

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Pardon me guys if I can’t drop at your blog this week, I still am sick today, and hoping to get well very soon. I will drop at your entries next week. Have a great week ahead!