Before Arrival at Cataingan Port, Masbate

This supposed to be posted first before our arrival at Cataingan port in Masbate. I just want to share some of what we did in our 6-hour ride in a large motorboat.
It was already around 4 o’clock in the morning, as shown in the image below, that I, my cousin and mum were already wake up. Undeniably, we were hungry already.
We have no other choices inside the motorboat but to eat an instant noodle, the nissin cup noodle.
In the image above, my mom was sipping some noodles of the instant noodle.
Just so, that’s it! We actually did nothing in that 6-hour ride but to suffer from the super cold wind, hunger and …

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Arrival at Cataingan Port, Masbate

This is still part of our free travels and tours in Southern Luzon. At this point, we were already in our second day.
Finally, after, if am not mistaken, almost 6 hours of riding on a big motorboat from Bogo Port in northern Cebu, we arrived safely in Port of Cataingan, Cataingan, Masbate.
Though we were already hungry, I and my mom and cousin, we were still on the go to discover the beauty of Masbate.
One of the things which caught my attention while we were still in the Port of Cataingan was the white cross over a mountain that was too tiny to be seen from where I was standing….

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Roro Bus Bound for Masbate – Cubao – Pasay

Starting with this post, I will be sharing to you about my free travels and tours in Southern Luzon wherein Camarines Sur (CamSur) was one of the places where we enjoyed staying at.
So, here we go. The free travels and tours was actually sponsored by my aunt. She enticed me, my mom and my cousin, her son, to go there [she's already there for some business purposes] in Masbate and other parts in Southern Luzon. Without any hesitations, the three of us went there.
If you try to check on the Philippine map, Southern Luzon is just a ride of a big motorboat away from Cebu. Since, that trip was our first time to travel in that …

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