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Just another road trip..

It’s still break time from hospital and school work. So I and some friends decided to see each other and dine out. But as we’d been enjoying the moment together, one of us suggested to have another road trip — a road trip which we don’t specifically know where to go.

Some of the suggestions of our destinations include Tagaytay, Batangas, Pampanga and other provinces nearby. However, there’s one who just remembered that he was asked to canvas for keyboards which his sister will be using. And since we’re already quarter way to our destination, we just suggested him to check online and so he could even save on irig keys at guitar center. He just nodded. But because it’s his mom who asked him to do so, he still did canvas after our road trip.

Anyway, the road trip went great. We brought three (3) cars since we all are 11 in our group. We really enjoyed that day and almost forgot that in a week time, we’ll all be back to school, to the hospital — the reality.

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Horse Back Riding in Tagaytay

Can you still remember when I, mom and M went to Tagaytay last September 2012? If you did so, one of the things we missed enjoying was horse back riding.

Horse Back Riding in TagaytayHorse Back Riding in Tagaytay (image from

Yes! We weren’t able to do horse back riding because of the weather which was so foggy and a rainy as well. Though I loved to try it, mom didn’t allow me. So what I did, I just made fun watching the people who are enjoying horse back riding then. One of them, if I identified and remembered it right, wore an equestrian riding jacket which was so fashionable to look at. Some kids were afraid of the horse while other didn’t want to stop riding on it.

Hopefully, if I can visit Tagaytay back, I can do horse back riding then.

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U-Road at the Peoples Park in the Sky, Tagaytay

When we went to Tagaytay last weekend, I told myself to have me my own mobile computer workstations for me to still work on my online stuff since Saturday nights are my scheduled nights for online obligations. But since that weekend was just one of a kind since it was only the weekend, by far, that I and mom went to a place where both of us were strangers to the place.

Yes! You heard it! It was our very first time for the both of us to visit Tagaytay. Though it was foggy and rainy and accordingly, it was not the best day to visit the place, still we were glad and happy for at least, our visit to the place was worth. And the one of the things that I was amazed at was the U-Road at the Peoples Park in the Sky.

U-Road at the Peoples Park in the Sky, TagaytayU-Road at the Peoples Park in the Sky, Tagaytay

Have you noticed the U-Road at the Peoples Park in the Sky? Pretty great, right?

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Peoples Park in the Sky

One of the most-visited tourist spots in Tagaytay is the so-called Peoples Park in the Sky where one can view the city of Tagaytay.

Peoples Park in the SkyPeoples Park in the Sky

However, though there was an entrance fee whenever you visit the peak of the park, it is very sad to think that the park itself is not obviously taken cared of. It is even very evident with the park’s landmark where most of the letters were torn already. And if one approaches to the peak of the park, one may see a speaker stand that was not working anymore but wasn’t also kept.

Just to make things shorter, the park is not that good to visit at all.

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Rainy Foggy Tagaytay

Mom, M and I went to Tagaytay last Saturday just to de-stress. Though we know that there is a typhoon hitting the country, the typhoon Karen, we still push through with our plan to visit the place.

Rainy Foggy TagaytayAt the back is the Taal Lake.

The Taal Lake is one of the tourist spot which most people not just from the country loved to visit. However, because it was raining, we failed to catch the beauteous view of the Taal Lake. But at least, we still able to roam some parts of Tagaytay City.

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