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Tight Budget Travels

Travelling is like de-stressing for me from the real world as I can freely breathe with no heart-pounding calls and attendance from hours of duty. It’s a day to loosen the tightly beating pulse and unclenching the rigid calf muscles. But what’s more relaxing when travelling is when you have your travel itinerary a less to no hassle or mind-boggling pocket threats. What I simply means is that you do not need to get stirred with lots of credits during and after the travel. One way to ward yourself off from this is to avail for PISO fares offered by selected airline companies such as Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia Philippines.

Tight Budget Travels

This PISO fare is exclusive of the other charges. This is yet the base fare which is something to seized for once offered. In fact, there is really a big difference when availing this PISO fare than paying for the regular fares for your travels. The domestic flights, for instance, from Manila to Davao City and vice versa usually costs less than 1,000.00 PhP including charges and a baggage fee for up to 25 kilograms. Comparing this to the regular fare which usually up to 7,000.00 PhP. Isn’t PISO fare a big savings then?

Moreover, there are also available PISO fare for international flights like Philippines to anywhere in Asia such as China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Availing for the said fare when travelling outside the Philippines is a huge savings. Surely, any backpacker would have much for his pockets for souvenirs and other travel stuff than just merely spending it on the travel fares alone.

Aside from what have mentioned above, other expenses each traveler should put an eye at includes hotels and other staycation, food, and other emergency or not-on-the-list expenses. However, some of these can be waived upon such as the hotel and staycation if you will have it booked earlier than the said travel. Hotels also offer cheap or on promo staycation like the Cheap hotel dijakarta in Indonesia. You can save for your food since many hotels offer free breakfast and other complimentary food during your stay.

So basically, travelling now adays, be it domestically or internationally, is not really that head-cracking since everything is up for grabs. One just needs to be wise and clever enough when availing online promos for travels and patient enough to wait for these offers.

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Why Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families

Keeping the whole family entertained during a holiday can be an arduous task. Finding even one activity that moms, dads and kids enjoy is tricky. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly holiday destination, it may seem like a thankless task, but there are places you could visit where everyone can enjoy themselves together, coming back home with priceless memories and big smiles. By booking family holidays with Mahlatini, you could be able to find the vacation of your dreams in Africa, where adventure, excitement and relaxation come as standard.

Why Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for FamiliesWhy Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families (image from

Africa has so much to offer for visitors, meaning that boredom that often occurs during family vacations is impossible. South Africa in particular is perfect, as you can do so much there. You could go on safari and see the local wildlife, visit Table Mountain near Cape Town or even go shopping in the city itself if you want to go and so something a little more sedate. There are also spectacular views wherever you go too.

When visiting Africa with, you could so much more. You could do something adventurous like mountain climbing, scuba diving near the Cape of Good Hope, swim off the South African coast or visit the nearest museum or art gallery. If you want to get a real flavour of day-to-day life in the continent, you could visit the locals and see how they live, or perhaps you could visit the countryside if you want something a little more peaceful. Wherever you decide to visit in Africa, the family will be entertained throughout your vacation.

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Dubai as Travel and Shopping Destination

Dubbed as “The Shopping Capital of the Middle East,” Dubai is indeed one of the best places in the world to shop. For the world traveller who also loves to shop, he or she (well, it’s commonly the woman who loves to shop more) will enjoy her time in Dubai .

Dubai as Travel and Shopping DestinationDubai Shopping Mall (image from

It must be noted that the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, is also found right there in Dubai . Numerous shopping malls, some sources say, more than 70 are waiting for the excited shopper in Dubai .

While there are malls and shops that await the traveller in Dubai , the traveller might also be happy to learn that one can also have the option to stay in Apartments in Dubai. Yes, one can have this option instead of staying in hotels.

Nevertheless, travellers can also rent Dubai furnished apartments instead. These apartments are great for a family or a group of friends together. Their rates are also great in your budget as well. And having some savings could also mean more travel money. This could mean more opportunities to shop as well as more places to check out in Dubai .

Furthermore, Dubai has 12 hours of sun everyday! How good is that for someone who loves time in the beach under the sun or during daylight? Other than swimming, you can also go snorkelling, scuba diving, paragliding, jet skiing and even fishing! And if you are worried that you don’t have the needed gear, you really shouldn’t. You could rent the gear you need for your beach or sea adventure.

If the beach or sea is what really captures your heart whether in Dubai or elsewhere, then you may want to consider staying near it. And the perfect place for you may just be one of the Dubai beach apartments. Let it be known that renting an apartment in the beach while in Dubai is an option for the traveller. You don’t have to stay in the hotel if you indeed prefer a more “homey” feeling while on your trip.

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Scotland on My Mind

Scotland is one country I look forward to visit one day. My curiosity and desire to visit Scotland was further increased after a friend of mine went there for a short trip. He showed me photos of the country’s beautiful scenery and shared to me his fun travel tales while he was there.

image source and credit

On my end, I already have a list of the places I would love to see in Scotland some day. Topping my list are the country’s major cultural attractions. I would love to visit the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum; Robert Burns is Scotland’s national bard. I would like to see the collection featuring his life and his works. I would not miss visiting the Riverside Museum, Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel and the National Museum of Scotland. The National Museum has exhibits spread across 36 galleries. I would also love to check out the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and see a collection of portraiture exhibits.

My wish list of places to visit in Scotland does not end with the cultural attractions. I would also love to explore the Fife Coastal Path. I am also excited to check out the country’s historical places like the Isle of Lewis with its renowned Callanish Standing Stones. There is also Skara Brae on Orkney where one gets to see the best preserved group of old houses in Western Europe. There is also another Neolithic site on Orkney which is said to be one of the best examples of prehistoric Europe architecture: the chambered cairn of Maeshowe.

Of course, during my trip, I would choose to stay in one of the holiday cottages in Scotland. I must say here that I would tag my family along for this dream trip and I would prefer that we stay in a holiday cottage. This would make us feel that we are “at home” in the beautiful country of Scotland.

How about you? Which part of Scotland would you love to visit? Would you also choose to stay in one of the country’s lovely holiday cottages?

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Orlando Hotels, Accommodations and FUN!

I have heard people talk about it. I would just love to hop on a flight and explore it soon!
I am talking about Orlando, Florida. If you are yet uncertain why I am excited about going there, then you should check out With just a few clicks, you can have all the information you need like Orlando Hotels and accommodations and more! Yes, it is not complicated at all. Just explore this site and you will have more than enough ideas of things to do in Orlando.

For one, you may want to check out the Universal Studios in Orlando. You can also just relax and have your golf time while you are there. A Holy Land experience might just interest you while you are there. And if you love dolphins, then this is certainly the place for you to visit. You can also check out the much talked about Rainforest Café, Nickelodeon Suites Orlando Resort and do all the shopping you can while you are there. So what do you think? Are you ready for some excitement? Are you ready for a trip to Orlando?

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