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Not Just an Ordinary Road Accident

The news these days used to be so alarming most specifically about road accidents. I am thinking about the bus accident in the express way in Metro Manila. It was kind of reckless driving. Wasn’t it? Why? It is because the road is wide enough for the driver to bump to the side of the road and even cause death and damages not just on the passengers but to other people as well.

Road Accident

There are actually a lot of road accidents reported everyday and most of which are due to drunk driving. In fact, one driver was interviewed on a national television explaining he just came from a party where he played drums together with his band members. He even showed his broken amplifier which the group used and if I remember it right, the amp is almost the same as one of the available electro-voice amplifiers online. The driver was then filed with a case of reckless driving resulting to multiple damages.

The above news are just a few of the many road accidents we hear and even witness everyday. This even made me worry if I still would be driving my own car then or just ride on a bus, a jeepney or a cab? But as many said, if it’s your time, then so be it. So just enjoy every road trips you have.

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Car Handle Repair for Road Trip

We are supposed to have a road trip but since my friend’s car handle needs some repair, she decided to cancel the road trip this week and just postpone it by next month instead.

Car Handle RepairSo, when my friend shared that her car handle got broken, she just then asked me if I could accompany her in the mall to canvas for car handle. And indeed we found a lot of choices so to replace for her car’s handle that needs repair. I even found one which I found at, they exactly looked the same but I am not sure of the price which one is cheaper.

I just wish everything will be fine the soonest so we can proceed with the first plan of road tripping then.

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Road Trip is a Song Trip

A week ago, four (4) of my closest friends invited me to have a road trip going to Tagaytay. But with my bumps with me, I declined their invite and just promised to catch with the group as soon as am alright with those gigs.

Road TripRoad Trip (image from

A day after, they were sharing their experiences and I could say that it was really a total fun since the road trip somehow became a song trip in the road. They didn’t brought with them any musical instruments neither a microphone stand like a great Brass Stands at WWBW; it was all an acapella since two of them are really great singers.

Hopefully, in the next road trip, I can join with them.

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Owning a Car

The moment you know that you will be getting a car, you know that it is going to be an important part of your daily life and to make it look at its best is just as of paramount value.

With that said next thing you want to do is to shop for car accessories – might be a little tough for a task but if you know exactly what you need and where to get it then you should be fine. But one thing a first time car owner should know that looks isn’t just for show. Like f150 seat covers or that of any other brand for instance can help protect your car interiors.

Just as you need a steering wheel cover to protect the life of your steering wheel, a dashboard protector to protect your dashboard from damage and the list goes on. Each car accessory has its purpose. Make sure you know what you need and spend only for what’s necessary.

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Preparing for the Long Land Trip

I and some of my old friends are planning to have a 4-day vacation. Since this plan is a very exciting one after more than 10 years that we didn’t see each other, we have decided to make this trip a very long land trip for us to have a longer time to bond and enjoy each other.

Long Land Trip (image source and credits)

Of course, since this will be a long land trip, I am already making a list of what I need to bring and pack for these 4-day trip. Aside from the most basic personal necessities, I am thinking of handing with me laptops notebooks or any portable gadgets that could connect to the internet for me to monitor my online obligations even if I am on a trip. Or maybe, I will just bring with me my iPad then.

Other things I already packed are foods and drinks and maps also.

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