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Tight Budget Travels

Travelling is like de-stressing for me from the real world as I can freely breathe with no heart-pounding calls and attendance from hours of duty. It’s a day to loosen the tightly beating pulse and unclenching the rigid calf muscles. But what’s more relaxing when travelling is when you have your travel itinerary a less to no hassle or mind-boggling pocket threats. What I simply means is that you do not need to get stirred with lots of credits during and after the travel. One way to ward yourself off from this is to avail for PISO fares offered by selected airline companies such as Cebu Pacific Air and Air Asia Philippines.

Tight Budget Travels

This PISO fare is exclusive of the other charges. This is yet the base fare which is something to seized for once offered. In fact, there is really a big difference when availing this PISO fare than paying for the regular fares for your travels. The domestic flights, for instance, from Manila to Davao City and vice versa usually costs less than 1,000.00 PhP including charges and a baggage fee for up to 25 kilograms. Comparing this to the regular fare which usually up to 7,000.00 PhP. Isn’t PISO fare a big savings then?

Moreover, there are also available PISO fare for international flights like Philippines to anywhere in Asia such as China, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Availing for the said fare when travelling outside the Philippines is a huge savings. Surely, any backpacker would have much for his pockets for souvenirs and other travel stuff than just merely spending it on the travel fares alone.

Aside from what have mentioned above, other expenses each traveler should put an eye at includes hotels and other staycation, food, and other emergency or not-on-the-list expenses. However, some of these can be waived upon such as the hotel and staycation if you will have it booked earlier than the said travel. Hotels also offer cheap or on promo staycation like the Cheap hotel dijakarta in Indonesia. You can save for your food since many hotels offer free breakfast and other complimentary food during your stay.

So basically, travelling now adays, be it domestically or internationally, is not really that head-cracking since everything is up for grabs. One just needs to be wise and clever enough when availing online promos for travels and patient enough to wait for these offers.

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Fitted Table Covers For Travel Trade Shows

I used to attend travel trade shows since then. Of course, as a trying hard traveler, I want to check personally myself the latest travel deals that each travel agency, which attended the trade show, is showcasing.

Some of the things I always make sure to have me updated for are the year-round discounted offers on hotels and accommodation offered in any local resorts in the country. It is not necessary for me to stay in not-so familiar and not numbered-star hotels but for as long as it could provide the comfort, ease and satisfaction I always expect for a vacation, I always grab that such opportunity to fly and travel then.

Included also in the above mentioned staycations are discounted fare rates to avail at and other perks in traveling like the newest local travel destinations and fun spots.

Not just the travel details I am checking for but I also keep an eye on how each travel agencies showcase their deals including their fitted table covers for trade shows if it fits on the agency’s invites for people to patronise them.

Fitted Table Covers For Travel Trade ShowsFitted Table Covers For Travel Trade Shows (image from

The fitted table covers for travel trade shows are what I usually take an eye at so to see how presentable, customer-friendly and inviting travel agencies are. Do you? Smiley

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Why Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families

Keeping the whole family entertained during a holiday can be an arduous task. Finding even one activity that moms, dads and kids enjoy is tricky. If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly holiday destination, it may seem like a thankless task, but there are places you could visit where everyone can enjoy themselves together, coming back home with priceless memories and big smiles. By booking family holidays with Mahlatini, you could be able to find the vacation of your dreams in Africa, where adventure, excitement and relaxation come as standard.

Why Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for FamiliesWhy Africa is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Families (image from

Africa has so much to offer for visitors, meaning that boredom that often occurs during family vacations is impossible. South Africa in particular is perfect, as you can do so much there. You could go on safari and see the local wildlife, visit Table Mountain near Cape Town or even go shopping in the city itself if you want to go and so something a little more sedate. There are also spectacular views wherever you go too.

When visiting Africa with, you could so much more. You could do something adventurous like mountain climbing, scuba diving near the Cape of Good Hope, swim off the South African coast or visit the nearest museum or art gallery. If you want to get a real flavour of day-to-day life in the continent, you could visit the locals and see how they live, or perhaps you could visit the countryside if you want something a little more peaceful. Wherever you decide to visit in Africa, the family will be entertained throughout your vacation.

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Provo Summer Fun Passport

Ideas seem endless when it comes to things we can do for fun. Unfortunately, not every day is fun-making day. Going to work from nine to five is absolutely no fun neither the kids waking up early in the morning, hoping to regularly catch the school bus to make it to their classes every day. Routine, as we all call it, where boredom has its own way of settling in around and in most part there’s nothing we can do about it. But not if you own a provo summer fun passport!

Provo Summer Fun PassportProvo Summer Fun Passport (image from

Sounds new?

Also known as Endless Summer Passport, the concept of this deal is designed to let everyone experience summer at any time and season of the year. A holder of this passport is entitled for a year-round admission at Provo Beach Resort any time he wishes to visit. In other words, this passport will help you bring back that summer season that you haven’t got enough with before it ended plus attractive extras on the side – special discounts for one.
Provo Beach Resort is boasting its 50,000 square feet of indoor fun with variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy. So if you don’t want to miss this awesome offer, you might as well do something now.

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AirPhil Express Puerto Princesa Tour Packages

Whenever I saw tour promo packages to any destinations in the country, I always told myself if only I have all the money and time to spend for a three (3) to four (4)-day travel and vacation, I really will and would never hesitate to grab all those opportunities. But what else I should do that I don’t have all what I mentioned above. And when I saw this AirPhil Express Puerto Princesa Tour Packages online, I just ended up imagining myself having a tour in Puerto Princesa.

AirPhil Express Puerto Princesa Tour PackagesAirPhil Express Puerto Princesa Tour Packages

Moreover, this Puerto Princesa Tour Packages offered by AirPhil Express is available in three different packages so the traveler can choose which best fit to his pockets. All of these packages includes:

  • 3Days/2NightsRoom Accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers
  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Taxes & Service charge

Should you check the official website of AirPhil Express for more details.

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