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Must Have Travel Gadgets

Travelers always have must haves when they travel from clothing to personal hygiene to gadgets. If you are new to traveling, we have listed below some of the must have gadgets when you travel.

Watch – having a watch allows you to keep track of your time to avoid getting late on your appointments and schedule. Movado watches will not only keep you on time but also makes you look fashionable.

Must have travel gadget: watches

Camera – having a camera allows you to capture every precious moment you can create when traveling. It also allows you to take photos of beautiful places you have been.

Headphone – entertain yourself while on travel without disturbing others. A headphone obviously allows you to listen to your favorite music while I travel.

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Broken Car Audio MobilePre

Just after our hospital visit to one of the tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila, the car audio mobilepre of my friend’s car, the one which we used during the said hospital visit, broke. Although we did nothing on his car’s audio, he just shared to us that it got broken and he noticed it after the said activity.

Though he seldom use his car’s audio, he told me he need to replace it as soon as he could because his parents might ask about it. And because we are busy with our chosen career, shopping at the mall is almost a time-consuming for us so he asked some help to me to look for a shopping online where he can have an audio mobilepre replacement for his car’s audio.

Thence, we both browse the internet and after more than 10 minutes of lurking, he first saw a mobilepre at guitar center online. He also compared it to other online shops and definitely bookmarked them yet. Up to this moment, he hasn’t decided yet and he just told me to update me with his future decisions then. Hopefully, he can get a quality replacement of his audio then.

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The Help of GPS in our travel

I had been mentioning here before that we have been into a lot of road trips — unexpected road trips actually. And because most of us, in our circle of friends, are not coming from Metro Manila, there’s no other means for us to enjoy our road trips but to make use of our GPS applications in our cellular phones, tablets and in our laptops.

Car GPSCellular Phone GPS

Yes, you heard it! Because the car we used has had no GPS device installed, the newly bought new apple macbook pro of our friend was being utilized as it also had GPS application on it.

GPS, by the way, or the Global Positioning System is a space-based satellite navigation system which helps provide location and even weather conditions. But what this device had provided us was the exact and the shortest possible way we can utilize to arrive in time considering the turtle-like flow of the traffic to where we really would be.

If you haven’t tried the benefits of GPS yourself, then you should now!

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Laptops, included in the backpacking lists

Nowadays, any gadgets have had been included in the list of stuff to bring in any backpacking events. These gadgets include laptops, net books, iPad, or mobile computing devices. One of the reasons for this is for the backpackers or travelers to still be updated with the latest events and happenings even though they are out of town.

Travel GadgetsTravel Gadgets

Personally,  I do bring some gadgets during travels. Aside from the above mentioned reason, this is also for me to back up my photos taken during the travel directly in my laptop or other devices. However, lately, I just have a problem with portable computing device because of the damaged hard drive of my laptop and that, it functions real slow. I still am looking for reliable technician to do my slow computer and fix it then.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, hopefully I can join the backpacking travel plans my friends are organizing and by that time also, my laptop will be working fine as well.

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Best Travel Pictures of 2013

Travel and photography are both just some of my hobbies which I really could die for. And with the latest Best Travel Pictures of 2013 named by the National Geographic, I envy those who made it to top.

First-Place Winner: First-Place Winner: “Brazil Aquathlon” (image from

I photographed it from the water and my lens got completely wet, but there was so much energy in these boys that I just didn’t worry about it,” said the photographer, Wagner Araujo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

National Geographic Traveler director of photography Dan Westergren, one of this year’s judges, said: “This photo really captures my attention because of the peak action it depicts. I love the horizontal tension caused by the main subject on his way out of the picture to the right.

Congratulations to all the winners of the said Best Travel Pictures of 2013.

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