Chavinda in Mexico, point of intersection of worlds


Chavinda is a small town in Mexico, part of the state of Michoacán. According to some researchers, the phenomenon of the “intersection of worlds” is observed in this place, and therefore all kinds of unexplained and anomalous phenomena occur there, on average, much more often than in the rest of the world. One such case occurred here in the 1990s during the digging of the treasure. A participant and eyewitness of these events told such a strange story. A group of treasure hunters were invited to the village of Chavinda, which was famous for various myths, fairy tales and legends, and where some mysterious phenomena were observed. On a bright, moonlit night, which didn’t even require a flashlight, the treasure hunters found the indicated place on the map and set to work. Just five minutes after beginning their work, they heard the clatter of horses’ hooves. Before them stood a rider on the road. A handsome rider sat on a well-groomed horse. He was wearing a festive national costume. The treasure hunters were naturally so frightened that their hair stood on end and one of them even climbed a tree. And at the same time, the horse next to them was moving forward all the time and backward at the same rate. Is that so?! How marvelous! The rider at first just stared at them, giving them a look of utter horror, even though there was nothing horrible about his appearance. And then he said he saw the treasure hunters from the opposite mountain. But from that mountain, even on a good horse, it would take two hours to gallop to the described place! And it turned out that the rider covered that distance in less than five minutes! An obsession? Naturally, when the treasure hunters rushed away from the place without a backward glance and woke up from the shock, they could not believe everything they had seen and heard. But how could it be that they could ride for two hours and the time was only five minutes? But that was not all of the incidents that awaited the hapless treasure hunters. Over the course of the day, their new cars became a wreck, and no matter how much they fixed them along the way, nothing helped. And one of the cars ceased to be visible to others on the road at all, causing it to be struck twice by a truck, the driver of which was extremely surprised. And after this devilry, the Mexicans gave themselves the word that they would stop looking for the treasure. Such an unusual and creepy story at first glance. But what is this phenomenon, what is its cause? Many scientists, writers, occultists, esotericists and contactors have tried to deal with such amazing mysteries of our time, to understand their reasons. A huge number of books and articles have been written on this subject. There are many similar facts not only in Mexico, but it is very difficult to comprehend and systematize all this material. There are many different hypotheses to explain such phenomena. Perhaps, in Chavinda there is a zone of disruption of time. Or maybe it is a zone of space-time distortion or an anomalous place of intersection of worlds? The most common misconception about time is our notion that time is constant everywhere. Alas, this is not the case. There is an as yet incomprehensible connection between the disturbance of the normal flow of time and some anomalous places in which even the most accurate clocks go wrong. Usually in such places the clocks are late by fractions of a second per hour. There are some incomprehensible moments when there is a kind of breakdown of time, which is like a process of release of accumulated energy. And then mysterious and inexplicable things begin to happen in this anomalous place… Another myth, which mankind has invented, says that time is beyond the control of any natural phenomena.

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However, in the end it turned out that time begins to flow slower near giant space bodies, while moving at the speed of light. And numerous experiments have shown a close relationship between the speed of rotation of bodies and the passage of time near them. It turned out that the closer we are to the center of such rotation, the slower time goes, and respectively, the farther we are from the center, the faster time goes. Almost all places on Earth, where the anomalous flow of time is observed, are located near huge masses of water, making a circular motion. For example, Bermuda whirlpools, turns of sea and underground currents, bends of rivers. Air whirlwinds, tornadoes, tornadoes can have the same effect. Even an ancient Chinese manuscript found a description of a boy’s disappearance for several months and then his sudden appearance. When the boy returned, he spoke of flying airplanes, trains, and other wonders of our reality. He was naturally considered insane. And then, in our time, a strange story happened, also with a Chinese boy. He was discovered in our time in China, telling many interesting stories from China’s past in great detail, which a small child could not yet know. After a while, the boy disappeared. No less mysterious story took place in Sicily back in the eighteenth century. A certain craftsman was once walking in the yard of his castle and suddenly disappeared completely unexpectedly in plain sight of his wife and friends. Stunned people dug around, but could not find any well, where they could fall through. And exactly 22 years later, the missing craftsman reappeared in the same place from which he disappeared. To all questions the man answered that he had not disappeared anywhere, so they put him in an insane asylum. And seven years later, a certain doctor of the insane asylum, Mario’s father, spoke to him about it. The craftsman still had the feeling that very little time had passed between his disappearance and his return. He claimed that twenty-nine years ago he had suddenly entered a kind of tunnel, through which he emerged into a kind of white and indistinct light. There were no objects there, only bizarre devices. The doctor believed that the craftsman was not lying, so he went back with him to the same place where everything had happened. The unfortunate “madman” took a step and… disappeared again, but now forever. After this incident, the doctor ordered a wall to be built around the place and called it a devil’s trap. Another incident that happened to an airplane crew during the war. The bomber was returning to its airfield during a heavy cloud cover. During those half an hour that had passed since the last check of its coordinates, the plane somehow flew an extra thousand and a half kilometers and ended up just beyond the Urals! No less famous for its wonders is Barsakelmes Island, located in the northwestern part of the Aral Sea. Its name means “you will not come back”. The island constantly attracts the attention of various researchers. The inhabitants of the island have repeatedly told that in ancient times, fugitives who hid there for only a few years, then returned home after … decades. Sometimes even entire families disappeared without a trace on the island. Cases of disappearances of modern expeditions have also been recorded. In one such expedition, the explorers, stepping away from the shore for a short walk, returned and were surprised to learn that they were missing … a day! Miami Airport.

An airliner with over a hundred passengers on board is trying to land. Suddenly it suddenly disappears from the airwaves and from all radar screens. Ten minutes later, the plane appears out of nowhere again. Already at the airport, the crew and all passengers discover that their watches are ten minutes late. A mystery? A very recent incident. In 1997, in Togliatti, a child went missing for two to three hours four times. But this story is still being investigated… One could go on with the list of places where time “jokes” on us. There are reports from all over the world of similar and other even stranger cases. However, serious science has not yet shown any special interest in these places. It is too difficult or almost impossible to comprehend by scientific mind but such phenomena are researched all the same. In recent decades, the theory of existence of parallel worlds has gained popularity, according to which many amazing phenomena are observed in the points of their intersection. Theories trying to explain such miracles were put forward not only by science fiction writers, but also by famous scientists. Each of them created his own model of the world. For example, Academician Sakharov put forward the “bubble” theory, according to which our universe is part of another universe, and that, in turn, consists of many other universes, like a foam of bubbles. Academician Markov believed that there are parallel worlds, separated by quanta of time, in which the same events occur. And if we ever learn to move into them, we will be able to see both our past and our future. Another hypothesis proposes a linear representation of time, as if in the form of a large sheet of absorbent cotton. If we roll up this sheet of cotton paper, the layers of time can overlap, and at a single point, the past can intersect with the present or the future. The next model states that the simplest way to get to the parallel world is a dream. Everything that happens to us in a dream convinces us of the reality of what is happening, and our subconscious mind receives information from dreams. And the speed of receiving and transmitting information during sleep is much higher than the speed of receiving and transmitting information in real life. After all, for 6-8 hours of sleep we can, as it were, live weeks and months of life. When we sleep, we see not only real images of the world around us, but also strange visions that have nothing to do with life. So where do they come from? And is it possible to see something like that in reality? The universe is made up of atoms. Individual atoms, possessing enormous internal energy, remain invisible to us, and only when combined into molecules and forming matter do they become visible to man. Depending on their species and structure, atoms make constant vibrational movements with different frequencies, different speeds and very different directions of movement in space. We can exist precisely because of this difference. What if we could make these oscillations at the same speed with which our subconscious dreams are carried out? Then we would become invisible to others, because human vision and the senses are simply unable to register such movement. But a person who was with us in the same rhythm of oscillations would not even feel anything. If our body were to acquire the speed of radio waves, it would take us a fraction of a second to circle the entire globe and be back in the same place, and it would seem to those around us that we had simply disappeared for a moment.

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 Only the passage of the anomalous zone here can interpret the events that defy logical explanation and contradict the laws of nature.

And if we assume that there is a world parallel to ours that is moving at a speed several orders of magnitude faster than ours. And it is quite natural that we cannot feel the presence of this world, because our senses and consciousness are simply unable to register it. But subconsciousness does it almost always. That is why we often have strange states and unclear questions. Was I in this place or was I not? Have I seen this person somewhere? Does this smell remind me of something? But no matter how hard you try, you won’t remember, because it was all somewhere at the intersection of parallel worlds. It is at such points, where, for reasons unknown to us so far, the contact of worlds moving at different speeds occurs, and there are strange cases, which we can not explain in any way. According to another hypothesis, all the places described above are zones of space-time distortion. According to Pavel Florensky’s theory, contact with the otherworldly reality is seen as a distortion of space-time. Our space is actually four-dimensional, not three-dimensional. Because our ability to perceive space and time is limited, we see only three-dimensional space and time apart from it. We cannot rise above three-dimensional volume, and any curvature of four-dimensional space-time turns into infinity for us. To understand this, we can consider an analogy. Instead of three-dimensional space, imagine a two-dimensional plane. Its curvature within three-dimensionality we are quite capable of perceiving. This is the analogy described by the mathematician Abbott in his book Flatland. Flatland is a country of two dimensions, where two-dimensional beings, flatlanders, live. They are unable to see the world in three dimensions, so they see a cube as a square, and they perceive a square with their flat vision as a line, because they are unable to rise above the plane. So we live in our three-dimensional world and are unable to rise above it and see the world of four dimensions. We can see the other side of the plane, but we imagine the other side of three-dimensional space as the “otherworld. The point of Pavel Florensky’s hypothesis is that the otherworld is as real as the reverse side of the plane. We could go on and on about all the ideas and hypotheses that explain the phenomena that occur in Chavinda and similar places on our planet. To believe or not to believe such theories and hypotheses is everyone’s decision. Only we all need to realize that humanity is still just a little bit beginning to open the door to knowledge of the world in which we live.

Chavinda – point of intersection of parallel worlds (Mexico)

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Local residents argue that Chavinda is inhabited by spirits who protect the settlement. They appear in different images, scaring uninvited guests and protecting their territory.

In our vast, beautiful world, there are many places shrouded in mystery and mystery. One of them is Chavinda .

Location of the anomaly.

Geographically it is unremarkable – a small village in central Mexico, Michoacán . The village got its name from the people of the long-vanished state of Tarasco, who first settled on this territory. It is translated as “the place of the winds and whirlwinds”.

But it is known not because of its historical origin, but because it is rumored that inexplicable mysterious things happen there. Local people tell about cases of movement in time and space, disappearance and appearance of objects and people, malfunctioning of equipment and other anomalous incidents, witnesses of which anyone can be there.

There are many such anomalous zones on our planet. All of them attract crowds of tourists and scientists. But none of them has ever come close to solving the mystery.

Mystical Events

The most popular story among the natives is about a group of treasure hunters who came there 20 years ago. Having obtained somewhere a map showing the location of a hidden treasure, the men set out in search of it.

Suddenly a horseman dressed in beautiful festive clothes and riding a thoroughbred horse appeared in front of them. But in spite of his handsome appearance, the treasure hunters were inexplicably horrified by him. According to their stories, the sight of the rider was terrifying, and the horse seemed to move both forward and backward at the same time. Suddenly the rider said he saw men from a high mountain. But the seekers mentally measured the distance and realized that it would take at least two hours to ride down the mountain, even on the fastest horse in the world. In a panic, they rushed off.

The next day the men, having decided that they had just imagined the night before, decided to return to the site of their search. But this time they found their cars wouldn’t start, as if they had turned into old junk. And one of them had become invisible to other vehicles. A truck had crashed into it on the road, whose driver claimed that the road was clear and the car was not in sight.

The hapless treasure hunters, frightened, left the village. Away from the strange place, their cars took on their normal state. The men didn’t want to go back for more treasure.

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Chavinda Mexico

Important! This is just one of the mystical stories of Chavinda . Residents reported missing people in the area, and unexplained appearances of strangers in strange clothing . Technology malfunctioned, and people seemed to leap over hours, or even days, of their lives.

Scientists’ versions and local legends

Scientists believe that on the site of the village is either a kink in time, or the neighborhood of parallel realities.

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