Cheburashka Museum in Kindergarten 2550 in Moscow

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Cheburashka museum is located in the Kozhukhovo district in kindergarten № 2550. In front of the entrance pupils will be met by crocodile Gena and Cheburashka, next to them there is a telephone booth, in which in the cartoon Cheburashka lived. For about fifty years this touching and unknown to science animal, invented by writer Uspensky and cartoonist Kachanov, has been occupying the minds of not only children, but adults as well.

The Cheburashka Museum consists of one room with more than 100 Cheburashka and other characters’ handicrafts for children. The collection includes numerous images of the famous character: toys, postcards, badges, books, dishes, clothes, etc. Almost all of the exhibits can be touched with your hands.

During a tour of this unusual and touching museum, schoolchildren will be told about the legendary cartoon character, the history of his creation, how they came up with his name, and will even be shown the typewriter Eduard Uspensky, on which the tale was created. The students will be explained what claims the censors had to the book, why the release of the book was threatened and why Uspensky’s teacher Zakhoder thought the story of Cheburashka was a rather inexpressive piece of work.

Students will be interested to know the names that the famous hero received in other countries. If in the countries of the former Soviet Union the name most often is not translated, the Germans came up with the name Cheburashka Plumps, the Swedes call him Drütten, and the Finns call him Muxis.

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All this and much more the pupils learn at the excursion in one of the smallest museums of Russia – the Cheburashka Museum.

Cheburashka Museum in Kindergarten 2550 in Moscow

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Thursday, August 20, 2020.

Cheburashka Museum

Perhaps one of the most famous and favorite characters that children, parents, and even grandparents know is Cheburashka, the literary character of Eduard Uspensky’s fairy tale “Gena the Crocodile and His Friends.” It’s no coincidence that this kind and so beloved character of children has a museum, located on the premises of kindergarten №2550 in Moscow. Moscow.

As you know, at the end of the book “Crocodile Gena and His Friends” Cheburashka goes to work in a kindergarten. So the head of the kindergarten decided to “employ” this touching character in her institution. So in 2008, with the help of Eduard Uspensky a museum was opened.

The Cheburashka museum is one of the smallest in Moscow. The main character will meet you at the entrance together with his friend crocodile Gena. Here you can also see the telephone booth in which Cheburashka lived.

The second part of the museum exhibit consists of a room with many things dedicated to the beloved hero. The collection includes numerous images of the little ears: toys, postcards, badges, books, dishes, clothes, etc. The collection is made up of exhibits provided by fans of Cheburashka.

There are more than 100 Cheburashka and other characters that were drawn, modeled and sewn together, presenting children’s views and interpretations of the character.

The museum has expositions “The Tropical Forest – Home of Cheburashka” and “Cheburashka’s Apartment” with personal belongings of the writer.

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During the tour kids will be told about the legendary hero, the history of his creation, how they came up with his name, and even show the typewriter Eduard Uspensky, which was used to create the tale.

To the delight of all the little visitors, in the museum you can not only hear the stories about Cheburashka and his creator, but also touch and even play with almost all of the exhibits.

Despite the miniaturization and even some conventionality of this place, the museum is active in creative work – creative workshops, concerts, and exhibitions.

A separate “branch” of the museum can also include a small literary living room, where meetings with children’s writers periodically take place, during which you can learn, for example, why the release of the tale was threatened, and why Uspensky’s teacher Boris Zakhoder considered the story of Cheburashka a rather unimpressive piece of work.

It will be interesting to know the names that the famous hero received in other countries. If in the countries of the former Soviet Union the name is most often not translated, the Germans have come up with the name Cheburashka Plumps, and the Swedes call him Drütten, the Finns – Muksis…

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