Chemal village in the Republic of Altai: all the pros and cons of recreation

Chemal village (Russia, Republic of Altai) – reviews

Review of Chemal Village (Russia, Altai Republic)

Loving Chemal is considered a good tone among Siberians. It’s almost like the cultivated part of the population likes Peter. Everyone should love Peter and Chemal. And those who don’t like it don’t understand anything in life. In Altai.

You can’t miss it!

Chemal. How much is in this word for anyone who has ever been to the Altai Republic. This is a relatively medium-sized (if we judge by the Altai Republic as a whole) populated locality, which is the administrative center of Chemal District – a concentration.

What to see, how to get there and how to save money

I love Chemal very much. I’ve been there for the first time 12 years ago: our tour finished here. Since then I’ve been here many times, though unfortunately not as much as I’d like. Я.

Ambiguous impressions. Vacation in 2019.

Our family is visiting Chemal for the third time. We live in the Novosibirsk region, it is not too far away, about 400 km, so trips to the Altai Mountains are relatively affordable for us, otherwise, I would not choose.

There is one village among the mountains.

My acquaintance with the Altai Mountains began with the village of Chemal. It happened in 2010. We were looking for a place to stay, but there were no beautiful hotels or any luxury hotels. We could not find, mostly seen.

A double impression.

Greetings everyone! I want to share my impressions about my trip to Chemal village in the Altai Republic. With my husband went on vacation in the fall – in October. Of course first of all we went to the lake Teletskoe (about that will be a separate review).

Few cafes, the nature is beautiful.

We went from Gorno-Altaisk with the child. The village is small, there are a lot of people. There’s a center with cafes and stores. Stores are more expensive than in Central Russia. We lived in a guest house. In terms of cafes the situation is not very good.

The delight is indescribable!

Good day, dear friends! I want to share my impressions about our family trip to the Altai Mountains! Everyone tends to go abroad to rest, and we haven’t been everywhere in our native land. Here at last we have.

Beautiful views, fresh air, mountains, and again mountains.

We are coming to Chemal with my family for the second time. Gorny Altai is a great place for family vacations. Usually 5-6 days is enough to feel energized and to have a rest. What do you like about Chemal? It’s great.

The reality exceeded expectations. The delight, the impressions, the memories for a long time.

Chemal is the heart and soul of the Altai Territory. You can take your breath away with the local nature, majestic mountains and the swift Katun River. Once you come here, you fall in love with this place with all your heart and soul. Pure.

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Region of extraordinary beauty.

For many people Altai is a wonderful wild land, where you want to visit, but a little afraid: what if the vacation is not as comfortable as you would like? Of course, people who have rested in European resorts and.

The mountains as always beautiful.

Good day dear readers) Today we will talk about the Republic of Altai. For us, the residents of Novosibirsk to get there is not any difficulty, 450 km and you are on the spot. Because there have been there many times and each time.

It’s a paradise place!

When I came to Chemal 15 years ago with an excursion, I had no words to express my indescribable delight! The nature, the majestic mountains, the picturesque river, the cleanest air, the absence of gnats and mosquitoes. This is heaven! Worth a visit.

A place you want to come back to again and again.

The Chemal village stretches cozily along the shore of the Katun River from the mouth of the Chemal River of the same name. Since it is still a district center, Chemal has become larger than small villages on the shore of the Katun River all the way to Maima.

Rest your soul

We have been to Chemal three times already and each time I have been thrilled by the nature of these places. Breathtaking air, beautiful pine trees. Turbulent and mesmerizing Katun river. Majestic mountains. This place is saturated with the energy of nature. Every time we pass by.


Hello all, today I want to tell you about my trip to the Republic of Altai. Our halting point was the village Chemal, for the first time we decided that we would only go as far as that place. We were going from Tatarsk to Kemal.

All cool, be careful with the mead

In Chemal behind the Chemal hydroelectric power station there is a marketplace with a market for tourists, where among other things they sell honey and mead. Of course, you have to try the mead. I decided to take 1 liter of mead, which to my taste seemed mild by.

An extraordinary place.

One of my favorite places in the Altai Mountains. Lives close by in the Altai Territory only 400 km away. For the first time with my husband went with backpacks to the city (Gorno-Altaisk) we were kindly dropped off by acquaintances, and there we bought a map.

Was the first time, really impressed

Good time, readers. Today I want to tell you about my trip to Gorno-Altaisk, Chemal to be exact. There were different impressions, but the real euphoria was only when I saw this beauty. For so many years I have been in many.

Unique even for the Altai Mountains place!

Good time, dear readers of my review! I continue to share my impressions about the unique natural creation – Altai Mountains. This time we will speak about Chemal. Although Chemal is, perhaps, the most “promoted” in terms of tourists area of the Altai Mountains.

Toledo sights in Spain.

Chemal village is a resort in the Altai Mountains

Chemal is the main resort of the Republic of Altai, combining the beauty of the legendary Altai Mountains and accessibility even for the non-professional tourist.

Chemal is a large village in the Republic of Altai, the capital of the district of the same name and one of the largest recreational centers in Southern Siberia. Chemal is located 60 km straight south of Gorno-Altaisk on the shore of the Katun River. The village is located in the valley of the same name, formed by the surrounding spurs of the Iolgo Ridge and Semin Ridge. The main peaks located near the village are Camel (930 m) and Cross (1335 m).

How to get to Chemal

The road to Chemal begins in Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk. From these cities to the village leads the famous Chuysky tract (Route R256 Novosibirsk – border with Mongolia). Near Ust-Sema you should turn from Chuysky tract to Chemalsky tract (Ust-Sema – Chemal – Kuyus highway). The distance from Ust-Sema to the resort is 37 kilometers, from Gorno-Altaisk 89 kilometers.

You can get to the village by intercity bus from Biysk, Barnaul or Novosibirsk. From Novosibirsk on a daily basis two routes (morning and night), travel time – 9 hours and 30 minutes. The place of departure is the metro station “Autovokzal” in Novosibirsk.

From Barnaul departs every day 4 trips: morning at 07:40, afternoon at 13:45 and 14:40, night at 02:15. The travel time is from 6 hours 05 minutes to 6 hours 40 minutes.

From Biysk (Altai Territory), in addition to passing flights from Barnaul, there are 2 daily departures: at 10:30 and 15:05. Travel time is from 3 hours 45 minutes to 5 hours 20 minutes, depending on the intermediate stops.

All buses going to the resort, make a stop at the bus station Gorno-Altaisk, so additional routes from the capital of the republic is not organized.

Climate and Weather in Chemal

Chemal is very popular not only because of the natural beauty of the surrounding area but also because of the wonderfully mild microclimate peculiar to the valley. The average annual temperature in Chemal is +4.4°C, which is about the level of Kazan and Veliky Novgorod. For example, in neighboring Gorno-Altaisk the average annual temperature is +2.8 °C, in Barnaul – +2.6 °C, in Kemerovo – +1.3 °C. In addition, the weather here is very often sunny – the number of cloudy days a year does not exceed 42. And the third factor influencing the microclimate of the resort is a low wind speed: in December and January it is 2 m/sec, and in the rest of the months there is almost complete calm. So quiet sunny weather prevails in the valley with much higher temperatures than in the surrounding cities and towns of Southern Siberia.

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Despite all the charms of the local climate, Chemal is still characterized by seasonality. All four seasons are pronounced: the average temperature in January in the village is -10.9 ° C, July – +18.9 ° C. Climatic spring is established in March, and by April all the snow is gone. Winter comes in November, when the permanent snow cover is established. The average annual humidity is about 70%, in April and May it does not exceed 60%. The annual precipitation is 525 mm, the largest amount of precipitation is 105 mm in July.

When is the best time to visit

Now Chemal is a year-round resort, so the choice of time to go depends on the goals that are pursued. In winter, tourists come here for snowmobile rides and dog sledding. Many vacationers visit the resort in March to welcome spring, which comes here much earlier than anywhere else in southern Siberia. By late March and early April, all the snow in the valley melts, and the temperature can rise to +20 °C.

For walks in the surrounding mountains, waterfalls and lakes, the most suitable period is from June to October. In June and August, the mountain rivers and lakes warm up, so hardened tourists can swim in them. In September and October is the time of golden autumn, which is especially beautiful here.


The usual population of Chemal is a little over 4 thousand people, in the whole rural settlement Chemal with its subordinate settlements – 4,500 inhabitants. However, during the tourist season, it increases manifold thanks to the tourists who come here. The vast majority of local residents are Russians and Altaians by nationality.

Where to stay in Chemal

The choice of places to stay in Chemal is really great. In this sense, the village does not differ much from other Russian resorts in its places to stay.

Standard hotels of the level of 2-3 stars. The pluses include full amenities, heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, a sauna in the yard and even a swimming pool. The price ranges from 1000 rubles per day.

Rooms in small hotels or small houses. This is the most common type of accommodation in Chemal. The conveniences are located on the territory, often hot water is heated in tanks in the sun. A bathhouse is available for a fee. The cost of accommodation in such hotels is from 500 RUB per day.

Cottages and houses for rent are 2-3 room houses with full amenities and fairly good repair. The cost of such housing usually starts at 9,000 rubles per day.

The private sector is the most diverse type of accommodation in Chemal. It ranges from “granny” type rooms and summer cottages to quite decent villas. You can use the conveniences in the yard, the summer kitchen and the shower. All prices start at 400 RUR.

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What to Eat and Where to Eat

Being the main tourist center of Altai, Chemal is not lacking in places where you can eat well. The entire Chemal tract is literally dotted with restaurants, cafes and eateries for all tastes and wallets. In the village itself, the concentration of eating places reaches its apogee. Apart from the usual Russian, Asian and European cuisines, tourists in Chemal have a rare opportunity to try the traditional cuisine of the Altai people.

The most common Altai dish is kocho soup, made from meat on the bone with the addition of pearl flour. Another traditional dish is oromo, a local variety of manty. Also recommended are kan blood sausage, local salty kurut cheese, kaimak sour cream, and boorsogi (dumplings without stuffing). For fans of particularly exotic dishes will not be uninteresting to try the salty tea with milk and talkan (barley grits).

Of the more traditional cuisine, three of the most popular Altai products can be noted. Firstly it is famous Altai honey, secondly it is pine nuts, represented in assortment from usual not peeled nuts to nut halva. And the apotheosis of the local cuisine is the dishes of maralatina, the meat of the noble deer bred by the Altai people. Dish from venison is quite expensive, so in the cafes and restaurants are usually prepared by reservation. As an alternative, you can buy venison in the form of sausages and dried pieces on weight.


The village of Chemal itself is quite large, so it is not easy to move around on foot. The vast majority of tourists come here in their own cars, but there are also many “horseless” tourists. There are 3 bus routes to help these tourists, all of them start from the bus stop “Hydroelectric Power Station” to the south of the village:

No. 1 goes to the bus stop “Finite” in the north of the village, the length of the route – 23 km;

No. 2 goes to the stop “Tursib” in the settlement of Katun Turbaza, the length – 45 km;

№3 – the longest route, the final stop is “Ust-Sema” in the village of the same name, the total length – more than 78 km.

The second way to travel around the resort and the surrounding area is by cab. There are many cab companies in Chemal, and even more private cabbies. You can also take your own bicycle or rent one at the hotel. You can use it to easily explore the immediate surroundings of the village. And if you want to get to some distant places, you will need a car. Another exotic means of transportation is riding a horse or a dog sled.

Sights of Chemal

The main sights of Chemal are connected with the nature around it, first of all the Katun and Chemal rivers. They differ in character and even the color of their water is different. While the Chemal is a turbulent narrow river with clear water, the Katun’s waters are of an unusual turquoise color. At the confluence of the two rivers, the waters of the Chemal seem dark against the bright turquoise waters of the Katun, for a long time they do not even mix and flow downstream separately.

Tobolsk and places of interest

Another natural attraction of the resort is the island of Patmos, which was named after its Greek namesake because of the church of John the Theologian, which was once located there. It was on Patmos in the Aegean Sea that John the Theologian once revealed the prophecy of the Apocalypse. The Altai Patmos is only accessible by a ropeway stretching over the mouth of the Katun River. The island itself is now a replica of the burnt-out church. Now there is a hermitage of the Znamensky monastery in Barnaul, but the nuns themselves live not on Patmos, but on the shore.

The main man-made attraction of Chemal is the hydroelectric power plant located at the confluence of two rivers to the south of the village. The local hydropower plant was built in the 1930s, and now its capacity is insufficient for the sprawling village. You have to pay 450 RUB to get inside the power plant, where you can see the unique machinery of the 1930s, which still produce electricity. You can also pay 100RUB to pass the confluence of Katun and Chemal, but you can avoid it bypassing the power plant along the mountain path along the river bank.

Tips for the tourist

Although Chemal is the object of the most civilized tourism in Altai, but still, during walks in the vicinity of Chemal, you need to observe certain safety measures. Shoes must be comfortable, well worn and suitable for mountain hiking. Clothing is better to wear natural materials, because synthetic fabrics are not as comfortable and can tear.

In spring and early summer it is highly recommended not to go into the tall grass. There are snakes in the vicinity of the village, but the worst enemy, as in all of Siberia, is ticks that carry tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease.

Most tourists dream of swimming in the turquoise waters of local rivers. But you should remember that even on the hottest days the water temperature does not rise above +14 ° C. So swimming is accessible only to hardened tourists, and the rest is better to be content with hotel pools.

Cemal is often called the gateway to Altai, since it is usually from here that tourists begin their acquaintance with Altai. Chemal boasts an optimal combination of local beauty, accessibility of the location and relatively low prices.

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