Climate of Khabarovsk region: weather by months

Climate of Khabarovsk Krai

The climate of Khabarovsk Krai belongs to the continental type, characterized by hot rainy summers and harsh winters with minimum precipitation and cloudy days.

The Far East has special weather conditions compared to other regions of Russia, so before you travel, it is worth studying the climate of Khabarovsk Territory in detail by month. It belongs to the monsoon type, characterized by hot summers with lots of precipitation and fairly harsh winters.

In March, the cold weather gradually recedes: spring in Khabarovsk Territory begins early and lasts long enough. But the temperature changes are often abrupt: from +15 – +17 ° C in May during the daytime to +8 – +10 ° C in the dark.

Summers are usually hot to +25 – +27 ° C (except for the sea coast, where the temperature rarely rises above +20 ° C), but this period often rains. Autumn in Khabarovsk Territory is truly “golden”: warm and dry, with a gradual decrease in temperature. On the slopes of mountain ranges and in the north of the region it usually begins a month earlier. At the beginning of September the average temperature is +17 – +19 °С, but by November it already drops below zero – down to -5 – -10 °С.

In winter time predominantly sunny and clear, but frosty weather prevails here: on average the thermometer shows from -22 to -40 °С. On the coast the average monthly temperatures are slightly higher (about -15 to -20 ° C), but from December to February often strong northeasterly and southwesterly winds blow.

Weather forecast by months in Khabarovsk region

The weather in Khabarovsk by months differs quite significantly, so when planning a trip here, you should get acquainted with the forecasts of weather forecasters. They are as follows:

January. The range of average temperatures is very high: from -19.5 – +24 ° C in the south and sea coast to sometimes -40 – – -50 ° C in the northern areas. Precipitation in January is almost absent: their amount is about 8.1 mm. The number of overcast days does not exceed 2-3 days, and the wind speed reaches 2.5 m/sec.

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February. The thermometer rises a little higher, signaling the imminent arrival of spring. On average it shows -14 ° C during the day and -20 ° C at night. The amount of precipitation doubles compared to January, amounting to about 17.5 mm. There are approximately 25 clear days in February. Wind speed is similar to January at 2.6 m/s.

March. There is a sharp rise in temperatures during this time: temperatures during the day rise to -4 ° C, but nights are still cold with temperatures of -10 – -11 ° C. It rains more often, so the amount of precipitation is on average 30 mm. Wind speed increases to 2.8 m/s. The number of overcast and rainy days slightly increases and is 6-8 days.

April. Average temperatures for the first time are above zero and reach +8 – +9 ° C during the day and +1 ° C at night. The amount of precipitation is steadily increasing and reaches 44 mm. Winds blow more frequently and intensively with an approximate speed of 3.2 m/s. Sunny days in April do not exceed 14-15 days.

May. At the height of spring in the Khabarovsk region is already warm enough: the thermometer reads +17,7 ° C during the day and does not fall below +9 – +10 ° C at night. Precipitations fall to 70 mm. Wind speed remains the same as in April, but the number of sunny days is reduced to 10.

June. Summer is in full swing. The average air temperature in June is +20 – +25 °С depending on the area. But nights are still quite cool with temperatures +15 – +17 °С. The rains are frequent, but the total amount of precipitation remains at the same level as in May. The wind speed is gradually decreasing to 2.7 m/s and sunny weather is observed for about 7 days.

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July. In the hottest month, average temperatures range from +17 ° C at night to +27 ° C during the day. The weather is clear for no more than 8 days, and the wind speed is minimal and equals 2.5 m/s.

August. The temperature drops a couple of degrees compared to July, but the weather becomes drier with an average rainfall of 85-90mm. Wind speed and number of sunny days remain the same as in July.

September. In September, a gradual decrease in temperatures to +19 ° C during the day and +11 ° C at night begins. The amount of rainfall with 9 sunny days per month decreases to 68-70 mm. Wind speed slightly increases to 2.7 m/s.

October. At the peak of autumn daytime temperatures are +7 – +8 °С, dropping down to 0 °С at night. It rains less and less often, as the amount of precipitation is about 50 mm. Wind speed rises sharply to 3.5 m/s, and the number of overcast days ranges from 20 to 24.

November. The thermometer usually shows -4 – – -5 ° C during the day and -8 – – -10 ° C at night. Precipitation is about halved compared to October, and wind speeds are about the same. The sun peeks through the clouds at least 15 days a month.

December. Daytime temperatures drop to -15 to -25 ° C, depending on the time of day. The sky is overcast for only 5-6 days, and the amount of precipitation and wind strength is about 24 mm and 2.7 m/s, respectively.

The maximum rainfall of 120-150 mm is recorded in July, so you should bring rain gear and rubber boots with you when you travel to Khabarovsk region in summer.

From the above it follows that it is preferable to visit the Khabarovsk region in late spring – early summer or late summer – early autumn.

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Weather in Khabarovsk by months

The climate varies greatly from season to season and you need to choose the time of your trip. The weather in Khabarovsk varies by month, as it is very far from the equator. The cool annual average temperature is +6.2°C during the day and -1.1°C at night. This is a city in Russia. Below is information about the climate and weather in Khabarovsk in winter and summer.

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The best months to travel

High season in Khabarovsk in June, August, May with excellent weather +18.0°C. +24.8°C. In this period in the city there is the least rainfall, about 6 days a month, the rainfall ranges from 56.7 to 83.3 mm. The number of clear days is from 10 to 14 days. Climate by month and temperature in Khabarovsk is based on recent years.

Khabarovsk air temperature by month

The warmest weather in Khabarovsk by month and in general in Russia is in June, August, and July up to 28°C. The lowest ambient temperatures are in January, December and February up to -22.2°C. For fans of night walks the figures range from -25.2°C to 16.6°C.

Number of rainy days and precipitation

The rainiest periods are June, August and July when the weather is bad for 10 days with up to 114.5 mm of precipitation. For those who don’t like humidity we recommend January, February and March when it rains on average only 0 days a month and the monthly precipitation is 5.5 mm.

Recreation comfort rating

The Khabarovsk climate and weather rating is calculated by month, taking into account the average air temperature, rainfall and other indicators. For the year in Khabarovsk, the rating ranges from 2.5 in December to 4.9 in June, out of a possible five.

Climate summary data

Month Air temperature during day Air temperature at night Sunny days Rainy days (precipitation)
January -22.2°C -25.2°C 1 0 days (5.5 mm)
February -14.8°C -19.2°C 1 day (12.1 mm)
March -5°C -12.8°C 1 1 day (33.0mm)
April +14.8°C +6.2°C 10 1 day (36.2 mm)
May +18°C +9.4°C 10 6 days (56.7mm)
June +24.2°C +15.6°C 14 6 days (73.2 mm)
July +28°C +16.6°C 14 10 days (114.5 mm)
August +24.8°C +16°C 14 7 days (83.3 mm)
September +20.2°C +7.8°C 15 3 days (82.3mm)
October +8.2°C +2.2°C 17 2 days (52.3mm)
November -4°C -8.5°C 9 2 days (33.5 mm)
December -17.5°C -21.4°C 1 day (26.8 mm)
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Number of sunny days

The greatest number of sunny days is noted in August, September, October when there are 17 clear days. These months are great weather in Khabarovsk for walks and excursions. The least amount of sunshine is in February, December, January when the minimum number of clear days: 0.

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