Color Canyon in the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt

Excursions from Sharm el Sheikh to Color Canyon

Found 24 excursions to Color Canyon from Sharm el Sheikh. Prices for fascinating walks with a Russian-speaking guide from $23. See the schedule for September-October 2022, choose your itinerary and buy tickets online.

Have you ever seen colored rocks? Red, purple, pink, orange. You can see them in Egypt, and on our tour we will show them to you.

Five exciting adventures in the desert and the sea in one day! Riding camels along the seashore and quad bikes in the desert.

If you love the beauty of nature, you need to go outside the hotel. With me you will go on a jeep tour of the Sinai.

A trip to Touailat Canyon will guarantee you an unforgettable experience by taking you closer to the nature of the Sinai Peninsula.

Wadi El Weshwash Valley is one of the most fascinating places in Sinai. Your vacation on the Red Sea would not be complete without a visit to this place.

A trip inland awaits you where you will see an amazing temple hidden among rocks – El Khazneh, or The Treasure.

First stop is at the Three Pools area for snorkeling; swim and enjoy the sea, sun and underwater world.

Early in the morning our guide will pick you up right from the hotel gates and drive you to the main group in a comfortable air-conditioned bus.

We have collected all the most fascinating excursions in Sharm El Sheikh, so you get the most out of one trip!

Tourist Reviews

Many thanks to kiwi travel, in particular Karim for the interesting excursions. We took Tiran island with diving and color canyon with camel rides and lunch in Dahab. Inexpressible impressions and memories to last a lifetime. All was organized at the highest level, for a great price. I advise everyone to contact us, you will not regret it! We will definitely come back!

What was embarrassing was that there was no briefing, and it was my first time. It was not entirely safe. The views are beautiful, the sand flies in your eyes) in general who is a rider-will do.

The Rishat structure is the Eye of the Desert in Mauritania.

The price is totally worth it. A full day with lunch, camel rides, a jeep through the sands to the canyon, store and some good snorkeling, but we were unlucky with the weather – there were too strong waves. A life vest was needed.

We had a great time! Sea of positive emotions and unforgettable experience! Riding on camels super, from quad bikes in delight, gorgeous view in the sea, a lot of beautiful fish and corals, very picturesque canyon!

Loved the guide who talked a lot about the area and Bedouin life. The color canyon is very beautiful, the route is not difficult. Liked the snorkeling in the blue hole as well, but it was crowded and there was only one way out of the sea. Take your breakfast and snack with you. At the stop at the gas station the prices bite.

The excursion was intensive, there were only 4 of us, almost individual. The guide was Mig, very pleasant, responsive. We liked it all very much.

Color Canyon in Sharm el Sheikh

You are currently viewing Colored Canyon in Sharm El Sheikh

Color Canyon in Egypt in Sharm el-Sheikh is an amazingly beautiful sight created by nature. Tourists come here on excursions. According to the reviews of visitors, the Color Canyon in Egypt is a beautiful and clean place where you can walk, tidy up your thoughts, take a stunningly beautiful photo. About what this place is, told in the article, we will also show detailed photos and a description of the attraction. And the indication of the location on the map will help you to orient yourself on the way.

Why it is worth to visit the Color Canyon in Egypt

Probably many travelers who come to Egypt for the first time have the impression that there is nothing to see here except the pyramids. Of course, the ancient structures are known to almost everyone. But the country has another attraction that is worth visiting. It is the Colored Canyon.

It is a cleft, the width of which in different places is 2-10 meters. The canyon got its name for a reason. It seems to be painted with many colors, there are white inclusions, pink, red, gray and yellow stripes. They came out due to the presence in the sandstones copper, granite, cobalt, and even the remnants of ancient corals. All this stands as a wall up to 30 meters high, and looks like an inexpressibly beautiful carpet. In addition to having a beautiful combination of colors, tourists should know that the canyon – it is well-preserved bottom of the ancient sea. That is, walking through the crevasse, visitors to such an attraction are surrounded by the centuries-old history of our planet.

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Photo of the Color Canyon in Egypt

See how the Color Canyon in Egypt looks like in the photo.

History of the origin of the Color Canyon in Egypt

The canyon has a very ancient history, it took many centuries for its formation. The state in which it appears to modern tourists, created time, wind and rain.

Located on the Sinai Peninsula, the canyon in ancient times was covered by a thick layer of sea water – there was an ancient ocean in the area of the peninsula. According to scientists, after a powerful earthquake the bottom rose, exposing itself. And at the same time, the ocean, and a little later, the winds and doges chiseled out amazing formations – rocks, small crevices, furrows and bizarre mountain formations. Even in modern times, because of the impact of the natural environment are undergoing changes, and perhaps in the future the canyon will have even more bizarre and futuristic forms.

Today, tourists vacationing in Sharm El Sheikh come to the Color Canyon for unique photos and walks along the winding mountain trails. Walking along the trails of Color Canyon, tourists will see “Bedouin Eyes” or “Revival” rock, or their imagination will point to other rock formations.

Why is the canyon in Egypt called the Color Canyon?

Tourists trip to Color Canyon

Tourists’ trip to the Colored Canyon

Such an amazing miracle of nature has a name that immediately speaks of its peculiarity. It is called Colored due to the presence of many shades of color in its rocks. You can walk for a long time through the labyrinths of the canyon and admire its landscape. The riot of colors is striking – there are shades of red, pink, brown, purple. Colored rocks lie in layers, forming bizarre patterns. Scientists believe. That the age of the canyon is about 5 million years old.

Where is the Colored Canyon on a map of Egypt

Color Canyon is located 150 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh, near the town of Dahab on the Sinai Peninsula. No additional documents are required for its visit. You can reach the site on your own, but it is better to take a tour by jeep or bus. Not all of the road is on a flat asphalt road, part of the way goes on a difficult dirt section. Travel time takes about an hour and a half. Guides and tourists usually leave early in the morning so as not to catch the heat.

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Excursions to the Color Canyon from Sharm el-Sheikh

To the Color Canyon in Egypt organize excursions, which according to reviews of holidaymakers in Sharm el Sheikh and neighboring resorts have rave descriptions. Predominantly tours have a duration of one day.

It is best to buy tours on the Internet at reputable sites that offer tours from locals in Russian:

You can choose both individual and group tours. On the most interesting excursions tell a little more in detail.

Color Canyon and Abu Galum Reserve in 1 day

Tour Abu Galoum Canyon and Abu Galoum Sanctuary in 1 day

Abu Galum Canyon and Abu Galum Wildlife Refuge in 1 Day

Побывать за один день в нескольких местах возможно, для этого гостей курорта приглашают на экскурсию в Цветной каньон и заповедник Абу Галум. Туристам будет комфортно – группу собирают в пределах 12 человек, поедут они на джипах. Программа экскурсии включает саму поездку до каньона и обратно, причем по пути гид расскажет интересные акты о достопримечательности. На прогулке по лабиринтам каньона туристы успеют увидеть переплетения цветов, сделать яркие фото. Далее посетители прокатятся на верблюдах и посетят Голубую дыру – пещеру, которая окружена коралловыми рифами. В этой пещере можно даже искупаться. А почувствовать колорит Египта и пообщаться с местными жителями можно на восточном рынке в Дахабе. Побывать здесь и не купить на память удивительные вещицы – просто невозможно. Заказать экскурсию ->>>

Discovery 5 in 1: Dahab, Canyon, Camels, Swimming and ATV

Discovery 5 in 1: Dahab, Canyon, Camels, Swimming and ATV

Five adventures on Discovery 5 in 1 Tour

Туристы, ожидающие получить разноплановые эмоции, могут это сделать на экскурсии под названием «Дискавери 5 в 1». Насыщенная программа включает знакомство и катание на верблюдах, неспешную прогулку по национальному парку Цветной каньон, лихие катания на квадроциклах и любование подводным миром лагуны заповедника Три бассейна в Красном море. А также туристы заедут в городок Дахаб, где они погуляют по неповторимым улочкам и посетят восточный рынок. Продолжительность экскурсии порядка 9 часов, и за это время туристы непременно пообедают. Заказать экскурсию ->>>

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Five adventures in Sinai

Five adventures in Sinai

Tour Five adventures in Sinai

Such a sightseeing attraction in Egypt as the Color Canyon can be shown to children. On the tour “Five Adventures in Sinai” including visits to the canyon, riding quad bikes and camels, swimming in the Blue Lagoon can take children. And for children under 5 years of age on this tour program does not need to pay.

Профессиональный гид собирает группу до 12 человек, и все вместе отправляются на комфортабельном автобусе до заповедника. По приезду гостям предоставляется время на прогулку по красочному ущелью, потом следует катания на квадроцикле и верблюде. Остудить пыл разгоряченным туристам можно в Голубой лагуне – здесь они могут искупаться и понырять. А в окончании программы туристы заедут в настоящую деревню бедуинов. Заказать экскурсию ->>>

Color Canyon Salama and Dahab

Color Canyon Salama and Dahab Excursion

Excursion Color Canyon of Salam and Dahab

Увидеть своими глазами песчаные барханы, проехать по ним верхом на верблюде, сфотографироваться на фоне цветных наслоений горных пород – все это можно сделать в течение 8 часов. На групповой экскурсии «Цветной каньон Салама и Дахаб» туристы узнают интересные факты о Цветном каньоне в Египте, погуляют по его лабиринтам. Потом заедут в заповедник Абу-Галум, где после красоты песчаника туристы поразятся красоте подводного мира. К середине дня, насыщенного приключениями, разыграется голод. Но помешать он не сможет – в Дахабе гостей ждет обед и посещение восточного рынка. Заказать экскурсию ->>>

Sharm El Sheikh: Day trip to Colored Canyon and Blue Hole

Tour of the Color Canyon and Blue Hole

Color Canyon and Blue Hole Excursion

В основном программы экскурсий предлагают посещение Цветного каньона с трансфером из отеля Шарм-эль-Шейха, прогулку по красочному лабиринту, катание на верблюдах и квадроциклах, снорклинг в заповеднике Абу-Галум в местечке, под названием Голубая дыра. А также заезд на обед и за покупками на самый большой рынок на Синайском полуострове. за один день туристы увидят красоту суши и моря. Заказать экскурсию ->>>

Tips for tourists before a trip to Colored Canyon

All tourists who have visited the Color Canyon in Egypt leave positive reviews about the place. To see its beauty is really worthwhile. But before the trip it is important to prepare well. The first is to tune in to an early rise, since the way takes quite a long time. Second – choose comfortable clothes and shoes, as part of the tour they will pass on foot. Third – stock up on water and headgear, sunglasses are not out of place. You can also take something to eat on the way. Lunch will be waiting for the tourists. But you’re sure to want a snack on the way. If your hotel has an all-inclusive meal plan, order a lunch box in advance. Then you will not have to think about snacks.

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Color Canyon in Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh is a place where the ancient sea bottom is now bare. On the map the canyon is located near the town of Nuweiba. Tourists have the opportunity to choose excursions, and walk on the ancient land, to see specks of coral, minerals. Over many centuries, the rains and winds have created unique structures of multicolored sandstone. A photo and description of the place will help you decide whether to go here or not.

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