Coral Castle in Florida. Mysteries, mysteries, creation theories

How a stonemason figured out the technology to build the Egyptian pyramids and built a stone castle all by himself

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There are quite a few ancient structures in the world, over the unraveling of the construction of which the scientists are still battling. But, as it turns out, in Florida, there is a complex of structures called “Coral Castle”, built already in the XX century, which also holds unsolved mysteries. It was built by stonemason Edward Lidskalnin without the use of any construction equipment. It is absolutely unclear how he could manage to handle multi-ton stone blocks by himself, and he did not share this secret with anyone.

It happened that Edward lived his life completely alone, he had no women or friends. After his beloved fiancée left him unexpectedly, Edward left Latvia and went first to Western Europe, and then to Canada, making a living from odd jobs. Having saved up some money, he bought a small piece of land in Florida, where he stayed. Its warm climate was quite suitable for his frail health. He began to realize his vision of building an oolite limestone castle there, which became the meaning of his life. Edward was very secretive, unsociable, did not take anyone to his plot, worked alone and mostly at night after sunset.

The locals, of course, were very curious about what he was doing. And one night the boys climbed up on the roof with a night vision device to spy on a neighbor. And almost fell off the roof when they saw “huge rocks floating through the air like balloons.”

When one of his neighbors planned to build a multi-story villa on his property, Edward decided to buy another plot and move. But not just move, and move in pieces and his structure. He hired a large truck for the move, and arranged with the driver that he would not be present during the loading and unloading of the lime blocks. Edward loaded the blocks himself and managed it in about three hours.

Top view of Coral Castle

When the re-building of the relocated castle was finished, Edward began to allow tourists to come to his property, who came especially to look at the amazing buildings. He proudly showed them the finished work, and the tourists willingly paid for it, which for Edward was not unnecessary.

Plan of Coral Castle

Many tourists, of course, were interested in the main question – how, without powerful lifting machines, alone, Edward could move, grind and install multi-ton stone blocks. Edward explained to them, “I discovered the secrets of the pyramids and how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan and Asia, with the help of primitive tools, lifted and set stone blocks weighing many tons! “.

The huge blocks of which the walls surrounding the inner courtyard are laid on top of each other without the use of cement, all of them, just as in the Egyptian pyramids, are perfectly matched in shape to each other. There is only one gate in the wall to enter the Castle.

The door of this gate easily rotates around the vertical axis, despite the fact that it weighs as much as 9 tons. But it doesn’t require much effort to set it in motion, and even a child can open it with a light touch of a finger. Edward used the second floor of the Tower, in the corner of the courtyard, as his dwelling. He used the second floor of the Tower, which stood in a corner of the courtyard, as his living quarters. No outsiders were allowed to enter the Tower.

Jacob's Well is a deep hole in a shallow creek. Texas. USA

On the territory itself there are many different unusual structures, also made of stone.

The tallest of them is the Obelisk (more than 12 meters high, weighing 28.5 tons).


Ed shows the important dates carved into the Obelisk: his year of birth; the year the Coral Castle was built and the year the castle was moved to its new location.

Ed shows important dates carved on the Obelisk: his year of birth; the year in which the coral castle was built and the year in which the castle was moved to its new location.

Stone sculptures of Mars, Saturn (each weighing 18 tons) and the month (30 tons) are the jewels of the area.

Planets and Month.

There is also a unique sundial which shows the time to the exact minute. They are also made of stone; it took Edward more than two years to create them.


The moon fountain is very beautiful:

Moon fountain

Heart table


And all the more surprising is that all these constructions were made by Edward with the simplest tools and gadgets, which, moreover, he himself made from parts from old cars found in the junkyard. But, of course, it was not without some special secret of the craftsman.

In December 1951 Edward died suddenly, without revealing his secret to anyone. More than half a century has passed since his death, but this mystery still remains unsolved. American engineers once conducted an experiment – they tried to move one of the unused blocks (weighing about 30 tons), using the most powerful bulldozer for this purpose, but they failed. One of the engineers trying to solve the riddle of the master, John Pastehring, believes that Edward used block systems very precisely calculated by him and skillfully constructed. Indeed, in some photographs one can see Edward Lidskalnin lifting a giant block of stone.

In 1986 it was necessary to dismantle the gate – it stopped opening. When it was disassembled using a very powerful crane, it turned out that the door was held in place by a metal rod and two old bearings. The rod was inserted in a through hole about 5 cm in diameter, almost perfectly flat, running the entire height of the door (three meters). Today, such work can only be done with a laser. How, then, did Edward do it? In addition, it is absolutely unclear how he managed to determine with great precision the center of gravity of this enormous plate and perfectly balanced the suspension, resulting in the door opens so easily. So scientists are still very far from solving the mystery of the Coral Castle, and the answer to the question – How did Edward Lidskalnin do it all? – They still don’t have an answer.

The unsolved mystery of Coral Castle in Miami


The mystery of the coral castle, built in Florida by one man, and by no means a strongman, has puzzled not only curious people, but even scientists for many years. Perhaps, if we solve it, then it will become clear how the pyramids of Egypt were built…

And now we will tell you more about this mysterious miracle and its creator.

Teotihuacan - ancient pyramids of Mexico. Description, photos.

To see the artificially created marvel, Coral Castle, with your own eyes, you have to drive from Miami on the main road toward Florida. As you pass the intersections, you must be careful not to miss the sign that says “Coral Castle, 3 miles. There you should turn around and soon you will reach your destination.

Coral Castle consists of enormous statues and structures. They all weigh over 1,000 tons. This complex was built by hand, without the use of construction machinery.

This complex consists of many structures, the main ones being: – a square-shaped tower of two stories that weighs 243 tons, – a pool that goes underground and a spiral staircase leading there, – a map of Florida carved in stone, – sloppy chairs, – a table that looks like a heart, – a sundial, – the planets Saturn and Mars in stone, – a huge month that weighs 30 tons and points to the Pole Star with its end.

Surprisingly, all this was built by Edward Lidskalniņš, a small and puny-looking man, 1 m 52 cm tall and weighing 45 kg.

He spent 25 years building the structure, hauling huge blocks of coral limestone from the coast, and he chiseled blocks out of it without even using a primitive jackhammer – he made all the tools from abandoned car remains.

How did Ed manage to erect this miracle castle? Legend has it that unhappy love started it all! Let’s find out more about this story …

The beginning of this amazing story goes back to the end of the XIX century, to Latvia, when the future builder of Coral-castle was born in Riga on August 10, 1887. At the age of 26, he became engaged to Agnese Skaffs, with whom he was passionately in love. But, just the day before the wedding, the bride broke off the engagement…

In the girl’s opinion, small and poor Edward, with only four grades of education, could hardly make her happy. And then – was the hereditary stonemason a match for her? And indeed, she later married a prosperous doctor and had three sons.

Heartbroken and deeply saddened by the loss of his beloved, Edward decides to leave his homeland, to get as far away as possible from the places where everything reminds him of the recent tragedy. And here Ed is in America. At first he worked in Canada, then in California, then in Texas. But tuberculosis plagued him and he decided to move to a better climate.

And in 1918 Ed moved to Florida, where he stayed almost until 1936. After buying a small piece of vacant land, he set about his idea of building a coral structure. But the site was not only small, which did not meet the plans, but also turned out to be uncomfortable, primarily – because of the neighboring buildings adjoining.

So Ed finds and buys a new, now 10-acre parcel 10 miles from the old site.

This is where the echoes of the first mystery begin to emerge: how did Ed move the coral blocks he had already stocked to the new site? He had an arrangement with a friend who had a tractor-trailer that he would park the equipment near Ed’s house in the evening and take the load to the new homestead in the morning. Although many saw coral blocks being hauled down the state highway at the time, no one saw Ed loading or unloading the truck.

The Cave of Giant Crystals in Mexico - Carats Don't Belong Here

Neighbors unanimously claimed that he did not have any tractors or elevators . Ed did everything at night by lantern light, with the utmost discretion, and when questioned, he proudly replied, “I discovered the secret of the pyramid builders!” And it took him almost three years to complete this transportation process.

And now Florida has an extraordinary attraction, which attracts thousands of tourists. Here is a national treasure of the state – a castle built of cyclopean-sized blocks of coral limestone. They are not cemented with mortar, and tightly nailed to each other.

The area surrounded by high walls is accessible through a giant door. The 9-ton block is secured by a single pin and is easy to open by turning, you just need to put a little pressure on it with your finger.

The first thing that catches the eye is the bizarrely shaped two-story square tower.

Among the sculptures are celestial objects – Saturn, Mars and a huge crescent moon.

Huge stone rocking chairs, tables and beds.

Pools where rainwater runs off.

A sundial showing the time with an accuracy of two minutes. The heart-shaped carved table is called “the world’s largest valentine”…

In 1952 E. Lidskalnynš died suddenly of stomach cancer. After his death some notes were found in the room at the top of the square tower, in which something was said about the magnetism of the Earth and “management of cosmic energy flows”. But – no specific explanations…

A few years after Ed’s death, the intrigued American Engineering Society, wanting to prove the castle builder’s deception, conducted its own experiment: they rented the most powerful bulldozer and tried to move one of the blocks that Edward hadn’t had time to use in construction. Nothing came out.

So the mystery of building the castle and the transportation of the stone blocks remained unsolved for the time being.

There are no direct eyewitnesses to the construction, Ed did not allow anyone to his object (he was even nicknamed “sullen Ed” for his reticence and asceticism). But according to the recollections of some elderly Americans, who were still boys at the time, coral boulders on Ed’s construction site flew through the air like toys … and one elderly neighbor swore she saw Edward placing his hands on the stones and making strange, lingering noises. “At first I thought the guy was crazy,” she said.

Scientists who have been studying the “Ed phenomenon” for decades say they still have more questions than answers. For example, they have tried to remove a multi-ton rotating door that hung at the entrance to the castle. To do it, they needed a powerful crane and a few dozen workers. They removed the door and found out that it was attached to a rusty truck suspension, which crumbled due to the old condition.

To put the door back where it belonged, the best engineers and modern computer technology had to be brought in.

According to Ray Stoner, author of the book about Coral-castle, Edward, like the ancient pyramid builders, had the secret of controlling antigravity. According to this theory, our planet is covered by a giant energy grid, and at the intersections of “power lines” there is a huge concentration of the Earth’s internal energy, which can be used to move things in space and time, regardless of their weight.

Monument Valley. USA. Description, coordinates, photos

Stoner believes that a powerful diamagnetic pole is located in South Florida, exactly where Ed built his castle. Thanks to it Ed managed to overcome the forces of gravity, create a levitational effect and single-handedly erect a grandiose complex.

By the way, perhaps Ed moved his construction sixteen kilometers away from the original site for a reason-it wasn’t a quirk, just a slight miscalculation on the part of the master…

Stoner’s version is not the only one. There are researchers who believe that Ed built the castle at the site of the UFO landing. That is why it has an astronomical part.

By the way, this version does not contradict Stoner’s hypothesis: modern Egyptologists, studying the technologies which the builders of the ancient pyramids possessed, are more and more inclined to the conclusion about the extraterrestrial origin of this civilization.

There are those who are sure that contact with other worlds was and still is carried out from here. And maybe Coral-Castle is a kind of “space bargaining unit”?

In a small living room at the top of the square tower, his notes – homemade pamphlets – were found. They talk about Earth magnetism, controlling the flow of cosmic energy, and other things, but the notes don’t provide a concrete clue to the building secret. Not surprisingly, Ed’s story has become littered with legends and hypotheses.

More recently, a strange device was found in the middle of the castle, which was eventually named by scientists as a direct current generator. It was a massive construction with a lot of metal parts, where in the middle was the star of David. On the outside of the device was built 240 permanent strip magnets.

There are various versions of the creation of the Coral Castle. From the realistic (that, for example, Lidskalnins could pour blocks and figures in place of special concrete), to the “paranormal” (that he discovered the “mystery of the pyramids” and used antigravity to move the stones).

Working alone at night, Edward, who was 152 cm tall and 45 kg in weight and suffering from a progressive form of tuberculosis, single-handedly mined and sculpted from over 1,100 tons of coral a monument that is now known as the Coral Castle.

They say that in order to split the boulders, he used an original technique: using a homemade chisel, he made holes in the dense limestone and inserted old car shock absorbers, pre-heated to a red-hot then Edward poured cold water on them, and the iron broke the stone into pieces.

So say eyewitnesses, but … if you pour water on a red-hot iron, it will shrink in volume and the stone will not break apart How Edward moved and lifted the multi-ton blocks is a mystery: he was very secretive and worked only at night.

Numerous attempts by curious neighbors to spy on the progress of the work were unsuccessful – the moment anyone appeared in the vicinity of the castle, the work stopped.

Grumpy Ed” did not readily allow anyone into his domain: he silently rose behind the uninvited guest and stood silent until he was gone.

The master himself lived in a ten-foot room, which now houses a small museum in which you can see Edward’s unpretentious tools. As well as records of calculations, which tell little to those interested. Because the records are more likely to represent the drafts of a schoolboy rather than a serious work, as experts believe. After his death the author did not leave any records revealing the secret of the construction.

Alert is the northernmost settlement in the world. Canada. description and photo

Now the castle is declared a national treasure of the State of Florida and is turned into a museum. A wonderful monument to love for a woman, as mysterious as the feeling itself. After a lifetime of work on the Castle (which he spent 25 years building), Ed never made any friends or family.

In 1952, Edward went to the hospital and soon returned, asking no one for help, lay in his stone bed, hanging a sign on the door that read “I’ll be there soon. Over the next three days, he burned to death from cancer.

In 1980, Agnes Scuffs was invited to the United States. She was 83 years old at the time. After hearing the story of the life and accomplishments of her rejected fiancé, Agnes flatly refused to visit the castle. “I refused him then, I don’t want to hear about him now,” she said.

Agnes’ life turned out better than Ed’s: she married a prosperous rich man, bore him three children, and lived out her life peacefully in Latvia. Agnes Scuffs had never been to Florida…

Today the castle of Edward Lidskalnins is considered one of the true “wonders of the world”. Every year it is visited by up to 100,000 tourists. And many questions remain unanswered…

I have no doubt that Edvard Lidskalnins was telling the truth about knowing the secrets of the ancient Egyptians. Unlike those who sought only verbal confirmation of their theories, he proved his actions. I hope that these methods can be rediscovered and used for the benefit of humanity. Edward Lidskalnins, right or wrong, was extremely distrustful. Either way, it was only natural for him to want to protect his secret from prying eyes who might steal the mysterious technology for personal gain.

So how did the little Latvian pick it all up and install it? “Even Albert Einstein couldn’t figure out what it was all about,” says John Pastehring, an engineer who visited Coral Castle as a child.It is from this time that Pastehring tries to solve the mystery, but he dismisses all theories concerning supernatural forces and magnetic fields.

Pastehring believes that Lidskalnins applied basic engineering principles of blocks and tools, and used a simple block system to get the heavy blocks to the right place.

But the mysteries of the coral castle don’t stop there. It turns out that Edward Lidskalnins put a much deeper and hidden meaning into his creation. Coral sculptures hold sacred secrets of the solar system.

The famous and very inquisitive blogger from India Praveen Mohan conducted his own investigation and wrote a book about the Coral Castle “Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong”.

Watch Praveen Mohan’s film Secrets of Coral Castle – you’ll be very surprised.

The author of another video, Sergei Baldenkov, also claims to have found the clue as to how Edward Lidskalnynsh was chipping away at the coral blocks. The version is very original. See for yourself:

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