Corfu Island sights. Greece. Description, Photos.

Corfu Island sights. Greece. Description, Photos.

The capital of Corfu has a name that used to belong to the whole island. The Greeks themselves often call Corfu both the city and the island. It is, by the way, small, cozy, interesting and somewhat similar to the Italian towns, and here’s why.

The fortress of Angelokastro

The fortress of Angelokastro, also known as Angel’s Castle, is one of the most important fortifications of the Byzantine era and the most striking architectural monument of Greece. It is an excellently fortified acropolis that played a major strategic role in Byzantine life.

St. Spiridon’s Cathedral

The most revered saint in Corfu is Spiridon of Trimiphunt, who is also the patron saint of the island. His relics are kept in the temple, but to see them, you must stand in a huge line. The visitors come to Kerkyra from all over Greece to lay their hands on Spiridon’s relics.

Aqualand Waterpark in Corfu

The water park Aqualand, in the center of Corfu, is one of the biggest water parks in Europe and probably the best place on the island for fun activities for the whole family. There are dozens of slides, rides, pools and jacuzzis in the park area, spread over 12,000 square meters.

Achillion Palace

Achilleion Palace, also called Palace of the Sorrowful Empress, is one of the most interesting palaces in Europe and is the most notable architectural attraction of Corfu island.

Shell Museum in Corfu

The island of Corfu is one of the most popular places among travelers for summer holidays. This is due to its favorable climate, picturesque nature and many attractions, including museums.

Monument to Admiral Ushakov in Corfu

In the capital of the Greek island of Corfu, in the heart of the city stands a majestic monument – a monument to Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov – the famous Russian admiral. In fact, it is a whole memorial composition, reminding about the glorious deeds of our brave compatriot.

The Road of Giants - the remains of a mythical bridge. Northern Ireland

Perulades .

At two kilometers from the beach of Sidari there is probably the most beautiful place of Corfu, Peroulades. The local beach constantly attracts many tourists. Peroulades is a small peninsula, full of sheer cliffs, overhanging the long strip of sandy beach, which is up to 100 meters high.

The old fortress of Corfu

This fortress dates back to Venetian rule in Corfu. The Italians wanted to make the fortress truly impregnable, so they dug a channel which separated the cape from the island. The result was a ditch – not wide, but still an obstacle.

Kaiser’s Throne

Corfu is beautiful from any angle: neat beaches on the shores of two seas, emerald hills, formidable fortresses on cliffs, a scattering of charming towns and villages. But there is a place from where both the island and its surroundings are best seen.

Corfu has for years been considered an island for millionaires. There are more luxury hotels than the usual 2-3-star. Here like to come top managers, stockbrokers and just “tight wallets”. However, for mere mortals there is also entertainment that can be afforded.

What is the attraction of Corfu and its attractions? Its cities are designed for different kinds of holidays. Sidari and Benitses are chosen by couples with children. Komeno is chosen by connoisseurs of luxury holidays in expensive hotels. Diving enthusiasts go to the west. Interestingly, even the sea is different in temperature and color in different areas of Corfu. Say, in the north – shallow, suitable for children. In the west – the coldest water, but beautiful beaches. In the south – the usual wide sandy beaches.

It is considered that the main attraction of Corfu – its nature. Here grow such thick orange, olive and cypress groves that the whole island looks like one big plantation for harvesting wholesome products.

The good thing about this island is that everyone is comfortable. After all, you can just ignore the expensive hotels and yachts. Here you have rides, water parks, “bananas”, boats and boat tours. On the island almost every peak – the best viewing platform. In addition, you can almost see Italy from here – a stone’s throw from the “boot”.

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Attractions of the island of Corfu

The page contains sights of Corfu with a map in Russian, photos and descriptions. The most interesting places on the island are ancient fortresses, temples, colonial architecture, museums and natural monuments, water parks. From the material below you will learn what to see at Corfu by yourself or with excursions, where to go with children.

Corfu is one of the most beautiful Ionian Islands, characterized by a picturesque mountain landscape and a wide variety of beaches. But Corfu is not only for its inspiring nature, friendly sun and luxury hotels, there is plenty to see and do on any vacation.

The historic sites of Corfu, the main city, are in the center of Corfu. The fortresses of Old and New Capitals, the Palace of Saints Michael and George, Liston Street and the Cathedral can all be reached on foot in a few hours. At the walls of the New Fortress, don’t miss the monument to Fyodor Ushakov – on the island the Russian admiral is revered as the liberator of Corfu.

If you’re staying in Corfu for a few days, it’s worth visiting the major museums, which focus on Byzantine and Asian art.

An additional source of information about the island is Corfu sightseeing reviews, where tourists share their itineraries, photos and fresh impressions about the island.

Sights of Corfu with photos and descriptions

Canal D’Amour is a natural landmark of the resort of Sidari, located on the northwest side.

The Byzantine fortress of Angelokastro, a picturesque ancient landmark of Corfu, is located near the northwest.

The Kaiser’s Throne Lookout, located near the village of Pelekas on the island of Corfu, was indeed built for.

The Church of Saint Spyridon is located in the city of Kerkyra on the island of Corfu and houses the relics of the saint.

The men’s monastery at Paleokastritsa on Corfu bears the name of the Virgin Mary (“Moni Theotokou” in Greek). Monastery.

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Corfu sights on the map

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  • Temples, Cathedrals and Mosques (4)
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What to see in Corfu by car

A car route around Corfu (there are several major rental shops on the island) promises independence of movement and access to most sights.

For example, driving along the northern part of the island, you can see the famous Love Canal in Sidari and visit Mount Pantokrator, from which you can see the entire island and the shores of the mainland (you can park your car within walking distance).

A trip along the coast of the island can’t be imagined without climbing the fortress of Angelokastro, stopping at the resort of Paleokastritsa, visiting the observation deck of the Kaiser’s Throne in Pelekas.

There are also plenty of scenic spots in the southern part of the island, for example, it would be interesting to take a course to Halikounas beach and the largest lake on the island, Corission, where tourists sometimes get a chance to see pink flamingos.

To see the sights around Kerkyra, you can do without renting a car: buses leave the city center several times a day for the most popular destinations. An option for a self-guided outing from the city is Cape Kanoni, just 5 km from Corfu. The promontory overlooks the orthodox monastery of Blachernae on a bulk island (you can reach it by a concrete pier) and the green Mouse Island of Pontikonisi, where the modest Pantokrator Monastery is located.

The Old Fortress of Corfu © Anna Sky

The old fortress of Corfu © Anna Sky

Attractions and entertainment in Corfu for children

With school-age children will be interesting to live in the main city of the island, Kerkyra, from where the main excursion routes lead. With young children, on the contrary, it will be more convenient to stay in a hotel near the sandy beach and developed infrastructure.

Keukenhof Park - the kingdom of flowers. Holland.

Playgrounds, entertainment can often be found on the territory of large hotels, complexes with water slides are in the resorts of Sidari (Sidari Water Park is part of the hotel of the same name) and Aharavi (Hydropolis Water Park).

The most famous water park in Corfu – Aqualand – is located in Agios Ioannis. Like the other open-air water complexes, Aqualand is open only during the high season, from mid May to mid October.

Another popular family vacation destination in Corfu is a trip to the Oceanarium. The Corfu Aquarium is located in the picturesque resort of Paleokastritsa and is open all year round. In addition to sea creatures (fish, octopus, crustaceans), you can see snakes and lizards on permanent display – in a small terrarium section.

Private guides in Corfu

Russian private guides will help you to learn more about Corfu. On the project Experts.Turister.Ru there are 5 registered Russian guides and companies in Corfu.

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