Croatia’s best beaches for vacations with or without children

Top 13 best beaches in Croatia

Architecture and beaches of Croatia are the two main attractions of this country. And if the first “good” in Europe is enough, then with rest by the sea there are often problems. While in France is expensive and Spain is far away, the blue sea of Croatia is annually falling in love with more and more holidaymakers. Croatia is becoming more and more popular destination for beach holidays, both among European tourists and travelers from the CIS.

Rest on the beach Lapad in Croatia

The best time for a holiday on the Adriatic coast of Croatia – from mid-June to September. During this time the sea heats up to +24 ° C, it almost never rains, the water is calm and clear. Are there sandy beaches in Croatia and where are they? Where to go on holiday with children and what advise experienced tourists? Discover the answers in our top beaches in Croatia.

Sandy beaches

It is worth to say that there are not so many sandy beaches in Croatia, and they are located mainly on islands. But to find them, however, is possible.

Saharun Beach

A sandy beach of Croatia is located on the picturesque island of Dugi otok. Here is the same crystal clear water and nice sand, gradual approach and beautiful scenery, umbrellas and sun loungers. But it has a distinctive feature – this beach is considered the best place for snorkeling and diving. If you too want to see lots of fish, admire the sandy seabed or even meet dolphins, bring the necessary equipment. Because of the color of the sea, some people compare this place to the Caribbean.

The sand on Saharun Beach

Saharoon is also suitable for holidays with children. But keep in mind:

  • First, from 8 o’clock in the local cafes begin disco, which lasts until morning;
  • Secondly, for Saharun not very actively looked after, places found litter and algae.

Among the disadvantages of Saharun can be attributed and its popularity – the high season here there is no place to fall, if you do not get to the beach early in the morning, the chance to hide in the shade closer to lunch is close to zero. Although, this feature is observed in the vast majority of resorts in Croatia.

In the ranking of the 10 best beaches in Croatia, compiled by the national newspaper Večernji list, Bijece was given an honorable ninth place. It is located near the large city of Pula, in Medulin, and stretches along the Adriatic coast for more than 1 km.

Bijeca Beach

Bijeca is a nice sandy beach for vacationing with children, as the sea is calm and clean, the depth is shallow and the entrance in the sea is gentle, but you can feel the large rocks under your feet near the shore. It is densely populated with tall trees, creating natural shade, but to hide from the sun near the coast, you’ll need to rent an umbrella. On the beach there are several cafes and a small water park.

Paradise Beach on Rab Island

The name of the place speaks for itself. Almost two kilometers of pristine coast surrounded by a grove of conifers, clean and warm sea, marked with Blue Flag, shallow depth and easy entry into the water – this sandy beach is a suitable place for travelers with children in Croatia.

Sun beds and umbrellas are placed on the beach

The beach is located on the island of Rab, in the beautiful town of Lopar. On its territory there is a sports complex, restaurants and cafes, there are sun loungers and parasols. Safety of tourists is monitored by lifeguards around the clock, as well as doctors at the medical center.

Travelers who want to have fun are offered to rent a catamaran or boat, and there are many attractions for young children.

Tip: Do not dive or snorkel on Paradise Beach. Here, in shallow water, there are practically no fish and other marine animals, and consider the algae or rocks in clear water and can be without special equipment.

Nin is a seaside resort in Croatia with sandy beaches, the largest of which is Ninska Laguna, or as it is also called the Royal Beach. Its unique feature is the healing mud, which is so few in this country, the golden sand and strong warm winds, which attracts windsurfing fans.

Ninska Laguna beach

Ninska Laguna is one of the best beaches in Croatia for holidays with children. Entrance to the sea here is gradual, the water is very warm (up to 29°C) and clear, the sand is clean. The only drawback – the lack of infrastructure, because all that is on the beach – a tray with food and a toilet. Be sure to bring an awning or umbrella, as there are no trees to protect you from the sun. Nearby there is a camping site of the same name, where you can stay overnight.

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Rounding out our list of the best sandy beaches in Croatia is a vacation spot located on the southern coast of Ston, an hour’s drive from the beautiful Dubrovnik. Surrounded by the forest of the same name, the beach with its sandy entrance and clean coastline attracts many tourists and families with children.

Prapratno Beach

Little ones can play in the sand, young ones jump off the high cliffs or cool off at the bar, while active tourists enjoy catamaran rides, tennis, soccer, volleyball and basketball matches.

A distinctive feature of Praspratno is the availability of all amenities for a comfortable stay. At 10 minutes from the water there is a large supermarket with reasonable prices and several cafes, as well as on the beach there is a toilet and changing room, near the campsite. Umbrellas and sun loungers can be rented for a fee.

Pebble-sand beaches

Talk about the most beautiful beach in Croatia is constantly being talked about among lovers of lazy holidays. Located on the island of Brac has long been the hallmark of the country and, thanks to its unusual shape and impressive size (more than 600 meters in length), it enjoys the greatest popularity among tourists.

Golden Horn Beach

The whole spit has clear, clean water. Although Zolotoy Rog is not one of the sandy beaches of Croatia, its fine and pleasant pebbles do not cause discomfort. The sea entrance is smooth, because of the remoteness from large cities, even in the season it is not crowded. If you do not go to the left side of the sandy beach (the territory of nudists), the Golden Horn can be considered a good place to relax with children, though a little boring. We advise to walk through the thick grove in the middle of Zlatni Rat.

Interesting fact! Golden Horn is also the most “alive” beach in Croatia, because it is constantly changing its shape due to fluctuations in water levels and climatic conditions.

Evening at Zrce Beach

“It is difficult to say, but impossible to forget,” is how the travelers who have been here say about one of the best pebble-sand beaches in Croatia. This place is a dream for young people. When the sun goes down over the horizon, the cafes and clubs open, the music starts blasting and the bartenders start serving refreshing drinks. At this time, the entire island of Pag comes alive and turns into one big dance floor.

Zrce Beach

It is also suitable for recreation with children, but only in the morning. There are umbrellas and sun loungers, toilets, changing rooms and a cafe around the clock, the entrance to the sea is uniform, the surface – fine pebbles mixed with sand. On the beach there is something to do and without music – to roll on a water slide, play volleyball, rent a boat, catamaran or try their hand at water-skiing.

Saving wisely! In the clubs of Croatia the prices of alcohol leave much to be desired. We advise you to buy soft drinks in advance and save more than a dozen kuna.

Raduča Beach

Raduča, located in the bay of Primošten, 28 km from the cozy Sibenik, is one of the top 10 best beaches in Croatia. Who traveler would not want to swim in the clear blue water, sunbathe on the clean sand with fine pebbles, drink a nice cocktail at the bar, play tennis, volleyball or badminton? There is a well-developed infrastructure and in addition to the sports complex and restaurants, there is an asphalted parking lot, cafes and a grocery store. The beach is surrounded by a thick grove and low rocks from which you can dive into the warm Adriatic Sea.

An interesting fact! Croatia has more than a thousand islands, but only 47 of them are inhabited.

One of the most popular beaches in Croatia is located in the center of the island of Mooter. A thick pine grove, ideally clear water, fine pebbles (partially mixed with sand) and many different amenities – what more does the average traveler need.

Slanica Beach At a cafe on the shore of Slanica Beach

Slanika is conventionally divided into two parts – on the one people swim and sunbathe, and on the second – have fun. Almost half of the seaside strip is allocated for infrastructure: restaurants, children’s entertainment complex, souvenir shops and concrete seafront. Slanica can also please fans of active entertainment – the camping site nearby has boats, catamarans and water skis for rent.

Slanica is not the best place for a holiday with children. There are a lot of people, uneven entrance to the water with flat stones and in some places there are sea urchins.

Pebble beaches in Croatia

Stiniva Beach

Even if you’ve never been here, you’ve definitely seen photos of this Croatian beach. Located on the remote southern island of Vis near the village of Zuzec, it is the best place for a quiet and secluded vacation. There is absolutely no developed infrastructure, but the perfectly clear water, excellent access to the sea, fine white pebbles and scenic views more than compensate for this deficiency.

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You can rent a boat

Stiniva is ideal for holidays with children. Adults who love fishing or boating can rent necessary equipment and a boat from locals.

Important: Stiniva was the best European beach in 2016 according to the organization Europe’s Best Destinations.

A small pebble beach is located in the town of Živošće next door to the charming Makarska Riviera. Small, clean, with almost no infrastructure, it will suit travelers who want to enjoy the calm blue of the Adriatic Sea.

Beach Velika Duba

Velika Duba is equipped with toilets, changing rooms and showers, but there are no cafes or restaurants, stores or organized entertainment. Close to Velika Duba there are private villas and several hotels where you can rent a boat. The water is easy to enter and the sea is clean, so Velika Duba is also suitable for holidays with children. Before you go, do not forget to take a tent or an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.

This is a place for those who like adventure and relaxation. To get to the best beach on the island of Cres, travelers need to take a 45-minute walk along the scenic paths of Lubenice, as it can only be reached on foot.

Beach Sveti Ivan

Sveti Ivan is a secluded place away from civilization. From the noise of the coniferous groves, the beauty of the surrounding rocks and the blue of the Adriatic Sea you can only be distracted by yachts and ships that call at this bay several times a day. Sveti Ivan is covered with snow-white smooth pebbles, there is a gentle slope and very warm sea, so it is perfect for holidays with children, who can bear the 1.5-hour trip back to the city. Going here on vacation, do not forget to take water, food and other necessary items, as signs of developed infrastructure you can meet only in Lubenice.

Dubrovnik Lapad Beach

The beach covered with fine pebbles, located in Dubrovnik, attracts travelers with developed infrastructure. There are not only sun loungers, changing rooms and showers, but also many cafes, playground, stores. The water is turquoise and calm, and if there are not many people, you can notice small fish near the shore.

Going into the sea is comfortable enough. According to the reviews of tourists, in the sand occasionally come across broken glass, and in the water you can come across a sea urchin, so call Lapad the best for recreation with children can not.

View of Dubrovnik Lapad beach

In the fall of 2017, a complete reconstruction of Lapad was completed: newly planted palm trees provide natural shade, the milky pebbles were covered with more sand, and for tourists with their own vehicles they made an asphalted access to the beach and parking. From active entertainment at Lapada presented parachuting, a few slides and catamarans.

The disadvantages of the place are its high popularity and modest size. In the peak season, due to the number of people can not be very comfortable.

Where else to sunbathe in Dubrovnik, see here.

The beaches of Croatia are vacation spots for tourists who like to combine historical sightseeing and seascapes. Get inspired by the pictures of the Adriatic Sea, choose a beach that suits you and head out to meet the warm waves. Have a nice trip!

Video: aerial view of the most beautiful beaches and vacation spots in Croatia.

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Peculiarities of beach holidays in Croatia

Hello friends, those who dream about the soft sand and classic Mediterranean beaches will be disappointed. Almost all the beaches here are tiled or stony.

Basically these are small pieces of land with huge stone ledges under the shadow of pines, wrested from the sea, tiny bays, small concrete piers for yachts.

Sandy strip can be found on very small sections of the coast and only in rare places, sometimes at a distance from the popular resorts of Croatia. And even then, to call them sandy is possible with some reservation: the sand here is usually crisp, coarse, with an admixture of pebbles.

But along the paths on the way to the beach, and on its territory – not uncommon coming right up to the water pines, figs and mulberry trees. And children enjoy diving from concrete piers and stones.

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In Croatia, most often you can see a specific beach vacation: vacationers sit directly on the lawns in the shade of trees or sunbathing next to the slabs, while enjoying the water and the beauty of nature.

Most beaches in Croatia are municipal (although there are some bought out by hotels), equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers, with stores within walking distance. You can visit them for free, but to use the infrastructure you must pay. Beach equipment is provided by some hotels free of charge.

Beach resorts in Croatia

There are three resort beach areas in the country: Istria with the coast of Kvarner, Northern and Middle Dalmatia and South Dalmatia. Read more about each of them in this article.

Beaches of Istria

The peninsula of Istria, as well as the entire North of Croatia – is a rocky coast, solidly covered with forest, with a narrow rocky shoreline by the water. The air here is truly healing, saturated with the scents of pine.

Beaches are mostly concrete artificial platforms, plateau, natural rocks, small pebble lagoons.

To make the entrance to the sea more comfortable for tourists, the coastal area over time began to “beautify” and build artificial beach areas – concrete platform beaches with lots of umbrellas and sun beds. One can go down to the sea by nice steps.

But it is an excellent coastline cleanliness, for which Istria receives a huge number of “Blue Flags” every year.

The beaches of Rabac are considered the best in Istria and even in the whole of Croatia. Cozy and small, with fine and coarse pebbles – they are good for recreation with children. Among the rocks and caves lost a lot of small secluded coves, where you can go with children.

In Rovinj, the beaches are made of fine pebbles. And because after a few meters the bottom is a huge stone, which is quite inconvenient on vacation with children. There are also plates, gradually going into the sea, which provides a safer descent into the water. Beaches in front of hotels are often equipped with pontoons, handrails and comfortable steps, on which you can go down into the sea.

The coast of Porec resort with numerous lagoons with emerald green water, beautiful coastline and secluded bays, stretches for tens of kilometers. The beaches are mainly concrete platforms with equipped slopes and rocky plateaus. There are also pebble beaches with large stones at the entrance to the water.

Between the resorts of Umaga and Porec in the small fishing village of Novigrad there is a rare type of beach for these parts – quiet pebble beaches. In addition, there is a well-developed infrastructure. All this provides a comfortable holiday with children.

The beach Bieza is a great place for children in Croatia. This narrow sandy beach is located on the outskirts of Pula in the resort town Medulin in the south of Istria.

The shade and coolness are provided by the trees growing along the coast right by the water. Families with children are attracted to these places by the shallow water, warm sand and shallow entrance. It is safe to swim with small children and those who are not very good at swimming. In the shade of branchy trees you can take cover and rest from the heat. On the beach there is a mini water park with water slides.

Going to the resorts of the region with children, it is better not to visit the secluded rocky beach areas – in these places like to warm on the bottom of sea urchins. And it is also desirable to use special shoes and really assess their ability to swim.

Beaches of the Kvarner coast

The Croatian Seaside (or Kvarner region) is located between the mainland, the Istrian peninsula and Dalmatia (a historical area on the Adriatic coast, located in what is now Montenegro and Croatia).

The Kvarner Strait is washed by the islands of Rab, Krk and Cres, which have long been famous for their tourist traditions. On the territory of the region (Rijeka is the administrative center) there is the oldest Croatian resort Opatija which is protected from the mainland by low mountains. For this reason it is always a little warmer here than in the resorts of Istria. The beaches of Kvarner and Opatija are stony, fine-pebble or platform.

Paradise Beach is located on the island of Rab – a sandy coastline of 1.5 kilometers with a relatively shallow shoreline and warm water is quite suitable for a holiday with children in Croatia, especially babies.

The beach Crni Molo is located in the Gulf of Kvarner in the famous seaside resort of Crikvenica in Croatia. The resort is famous for its salty air and salty water, sandy and pebbly white beach, shallow sea, comfortable entrance to the water, sea entertainment for all ages with animation at playgrounds. It is often offered for holidays with small children. It is near the city beach City Beach Crikvenica with water slides and playgrounds for children.

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Nearby is Balustrada Beach, a pebbly and sandy beach, where you can find areas with stones.

On the island of Kacjak (10 minutes from Crikvenica by car) there is a pebbly beach Kačjak Beach with trees along the shore. There are areas with concrete slabs and stones.

Suitable for a family vacation is Poli Mora Beach in Selce. It is located in a picturesque cove with calm sea.

In the Kvarner bay near the Dalmatian coast there is the island of Krk, which together with Cres islands are the largest Adriatic islands.

The island of Krk is separated from the Dalmatian coast by a narrow strait. To get there from this side is possible by Krk bridge. From Istria and the islands of Rab and Cres, Krk is separated by Kvarner Bay and connected by ferry service.

The beaches of the island of Krk are very diverse and beautiful: among the rocky ledges are small caves and quiet bays, the coast intricately winds pebble strips. This island is recommended for family beach holidays with children in Croatia.

Popular beaches on the island of Krk

Vela Plaza Beach is a long sandy and pebbly beach with a gentle entrance, clear water and entertainment for children. Located near the Baška spa.

The sand and pebble beach Rupa (Malinska resort with the busiest part of Haludovo) is also popular with tourists for family holidays. There are no strong winds and big waves are rare here.

The beach Soline is known for the sources of therapeutic mud, which allows you to combine recreation with treatment. There are also many sports fields and tennis courts.

The beach Komoriska is tiny, less than 50 meters long. Right up to the shore come thickets of pine trees, where you can hide from the hot sun. The atmosphere is always quiet and relaxing.

On the beach Meline (sand and gravel) can not get away from the sun: the beach infrastructure does not exist, as well as growing nearby trees with natural shade. And therefore it’s better to take an umbrella from the sun with you. This is the largest beach on the island. And even in the peak season, it’s possible to find a free spot here.

The beach Baska – sandy, with a gentle entrance, cozy and incredibly beautiful, but without any infrastructure (all beach accessories must be brought with you).

Beaches of Northern and Middle Dalmatia

Beaches of this region extend along the coast from the Kvarner Strait to the Bay of Kotor.

Middle Dalmatia is the central part of the coast, a fairly large part of the continent, concentrated mainly around the river Cetina, and many islands, the most famous among them are Hvar and Brac.

As one moves southward from the Istrian peninsula, nature begins to enjoy a greater variety of coastal landscapes. The rocky coasts, overgrown with pine trees, alternate with quiet bays, secluded coves, with an endless chain of wild and inhabited islands and the narrow straits between them.

The beaches and coastline of Middle Dalmatia, representing a wide coastline with fine pebbles, gentle slopes, mild climate and a marvelous nature, attract families with children to local resorts.

Oriented to the family vacation hotels in Middle Dalmatia in the beginning of the bathing season specially prepare the beach areas. For this purpose, natural pebbles are crushed and scattered along the coastal strip, which makes entering the sea more comfortable and convenient. You can not even use special shoes. Beaches are often equipped with slides and playgrounds.

Traveling through Central Dalmatia, it is impossible not to note the sea views and beaches of this resort region near the cities of Split, Zadar, Sibenik.

Especially famous for its resorts is Makarska Riviera, which stretches 70 kilometers along the coast. Here are concentrated the best beaches in Croatia for holidays with children and numerous resorts: Tučepi, Brela, Baska Voda.

Brela (located between Makarska and Split) stands out among them with its famous beach with white pebbles of Punta Rata surrounded by pine and olive groves. The pebbles are very fine and sometimes you don’t even need a sun lounger. The pine trees on the beach create a natural shelter from the scorching sun.

The resort is protected by the Dinaric Alps from northern winds, a chain of islands does not allow storm waves to the coast, the clear transparent water creates the illusion of a lack of bottom. Perfectly equipped, with a convenient descent into the sea, this beach is comfortable for holidays with children of all ages.

By the way, not so long ago, the beach of Punta Rata included in Forbes magazine in the 20 best beaches in the world.

Zaton beach – shallow water, pebble and light sand, gentle entrance, good infrastructure – is good for recreation for the whole family. There are water slides, swimming pools, amusement parks, a lot of cafes. It is located 16 kilometers from the city of Zadar.

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Nearby is a sandy beach Sabunike. The beach with shallow depth at the shore, a comfortable entrance, warm well-warmed water is loved by couples with children. He also likes those who are engaged in diving and surfing. Nearby are mud baths.

The sandy Royal beach (Kraljičina plaža), located in the Nina lagoon, is also popular with families.

The sunny beach Saharun (island of Dugi otok) is accessible by ferry from Zadar. The 800m coastal strip of white sand is lost between the pine forest and the sea. Kids here like it very much to splash by the shore under the supervision of their parents. The sea is shallow, easy entrance to the water, comfortable and safe for children.

The sandy beach Soline, surrounded by stunning nature and pine forests, is located near the town of Biograd na Moru in a small bay of the same name.

There is also the beach Sveti Filip i Jakov, 3 km long, surrounded by olive groves, which is also good for children.

To get to the beach Zlatni Rat near Bola (Brac Island), take a ferry from Split. Its name translates as “Golden Horn”.

This beach is unique. It is located on a yellow sand and pebble cape, over 500 meters protruding into the sea. Every day (and even several times a day) it changes its contours under the influence of the waves and wind. Its features are fine white pebbles, gentle entrance, surrounded by a pine grove.

If you want to cheer up and feel relaxed and comfortable, you can go to the sunny island Hvar with many fragrant and fragrant plants. Beaches on the island of Hvar are concrete platforms.

Beaches of Southern Dalmatia

The closer you get to sunny Dubrovnik, the brighter the experience, the more colorful the landscape, the hotter the air and the warmer the sea.

Southern Dalmatia amazes with a variety of beach areas: pebbly – along the coast resorts, concrete small platforms with special stairs – near the hotels, in secluded secluded places – rocky, on the islands (Dubrovnik area) – sandy.

In the legendary Dubrovnik, known not only for its sights, the beaches are mostly concrete slabs and pebbles.

Among the most famous beaches in this resort is the crowded and bustling pebbly Banje Beach. It is situated close to the old town, which makes it even more attractive for inquisitive tourists who want to combine relaxation by the water with an educational pastime.

The biggest sandy-pebbly beach in Dubrovnik is Lapad Beach with excellent infrastructure.

In the small village of Srebreno (town of Mlini, 10 km from Dubrovnik) the beaches are fine-pebble. There are also areas with sand.

In addition to resorts on the coast of southern Dalmatia, its main “beach” attractions are the islands of Korcula, Mljet, Kolocep, which have many comfortable sandy beaches. You can get to the islands only by sea from the nearby resort areas on the coast.

Holidays on the island of Kolocep are unhurried and quiet. There are only two small villages, the air is impeccably clean, sandy beach.

On the beautiful island of Korcula (birthplace of the famous traveler Mark Polo), sandy beaches are set in quiet, calm coves.

On the island of Mljeta in the idyllic village of Saplunara are sandy beaches, so rare in Croatia. The local beach with a good entrance to the water is located in a protected semi-enclosed bay with picturesque pine trees, under the shade of which it is easy to hide from the sun.

The second sandy beach is located on the island in the protected area of Blace Bay.

You can also sunbathe and swim on the beaches around the inland salt lakes, which are usually a little warmer than the sea, which is important at the beginning or end of the season.

The coast of this resort country is very, very diverse. And, of course, choosing a place to stay with your child in Croatia, it is necessary to thoroughly study the features of a resort region. And about where to go with children in Croatia, read the following article.

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