Crooked Forest in Poland – mysterious curved trees

The Crooked Forest are huge wooden fishing hooks. Poland

We never cease to marvel at the wonders of nature. Dreary virgin forests and well-kept urban parks always attract attention. We are all used to seeing slender and level trees. Somewhere there are even bamboo forests with trunks straight as strings. If you meet a tree with an irregularly curved trunk, it is perceived as an exception to the rule. But now we will tell you about a place where such an exception is the rule.

This is the famous Krivoy Les (Krivoy Forest) near the town of Grinfo in Poland.

The Crooked Forest in Poland

Krivoy Les on the map

  • Geographical coordinates 53.214009, 14.475473
  • Distance from Poland’s capital Warsaw about 450 km
  • Distance to the nearest airport in Goleniew about 50 km

On an area of more than 1.5 hectares there are about 400 pine trees with an unusual trunk structure. Most of all the trunks look like giant wooden fishhooks or inverted question marks.

The enchanted Crooked Forest

The growth of these trees occurs in a strange way. At first, the trunk grows, as in other benign plants, straight toward the Sun, but at a distance of about 30 centimeters the trunk abruptly and almost 90 degrees changes direction and continues to grow sideways parallel to the ground. Then, curving smoothly, it reaches the sky again. And it is interesting that the bend is turned in one direction, namely to the north. And the height of these trees does not exceed 15 meters, which is rather low for a pine.

Let’s at once note that until now neither biologists, nor geneticists, nor even astrologists with ufologists and all scientific fraternity know the reasons of such behaviour of the trees. Therefore, there are a large number of hypotheses and assumptions about the origin of this phenomenon.

Hypotheses of appearance of the Crooked Forest

  • According to one of them, in the 30s of last century, the representatives of Germany lived here. They were conducting secret experiments with plants. But whether the experiments were well very secret, or whether they were not at all, no evidence of their conduct was found, as well as the unknown goals of these experiments and their results.
  • According to another version, the mysterious breeders were trying to grow trees of exotic forms for future use in shipbuilding or furniture production. But this version is not entirely valid, as in the last century for the construction of ships were mainly metal structures. And for the manufacture of furniture, according to experts, this wood is not suitable
  • According to the third hypothesis, such a shape was given to the trees by an unknown scientist, so that it would be impossible to get lost in the woods, as the trunks look strictly to the north. Again, there is no reliable information about it.
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The trees of the Crooked Forest

  • There is also a fairy tale version, which says that a witch lived in these places. She bewitched the trees to protect her home. And when the loggers came here, the trees began to wriggle and whip their branches. The hapless woodcutters had to leave the mysterious forest. And the trunks of the trees remained bent as a warning to the intruders.
  • Finally, scientists put forward the assumption that the forest grows in a geopathogenic place, which has properties unknown to man, most likely negative. By the way, in favor of this version can be partly attributed to the fact that an uncharacteristic silence prevails in the forest. That is, neither insects nor birds can be heard. But there is a belief that if you climb through a crooked tree, you can be cured of diseases

The Crooked Forest has the status of a natural monument and is protected by the state.

By the way, Russia also has its own crooked forest. To tell the truth, it has a more poetic name – Dancing Forest.

The mysterious “crooked forest” in Poland

The amazing forest is located in western Poland, not far from the town of Gryfino. On an area of about 1.7 hectares there is a pine forest with strange trees unlike any other in the world. The name of this forest is also unusual – “The Crooked Forest”, let us find out why it is so called.

And all because there are trees in this amazing forest, but they do not grow straight up as usual trees, but they are hooked, you should attach the strings to such a tree and it would be a harp. From the ground the trees grow up about 20 cm, and then somehow curve all sharply to the north, gradually growing back to the top, forming a beautiful arc. In all, there are about 400 curved pine trees on the property.

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No one knows how it happened that the trees grow in such an unusual way, even the residents of the nearby town of Gryfino. There are several versions of the appearance of the “crooked forest,” one of them – the pine forest was planted in 1930-34 years by the Germans who inhabited this land before World War II, and they have carried out some experiments. But there is no confirmation of it, not a single archival document has survived to this day.

According to the second version – a local breeder wanted to grow a forest where no one could get lost, so all the trees are wrapped to the north. However, he never realized his plan to the end, as World War II interfered. Perhaps these trees were intended for the production of sledges, just not far from here at one time the sledge factory operated.

It is said that at the very beginning of the twentieth century someone experimented with the production of “pre-curved” wood. Such wood was supposed to be used for shipbuilding or furniture production. But now it remains a mystery that even scientists can’t solve. How it was possible to bend these trees, forester Gryfino suggests that when the trees were still seedlings they were deliberately broken or cut and then pinched on the side of the trunk, thus obtaining the curvature.

There are theories that it was nature at some period with its strong winds that caused the pines to curve this way, perhaps even breaking them at first, but then the trees still survived and began to stretch up toward the sun, creating an arc.

At the moment, driving near the forest you can see special signs informing people about the “crooked forest,” created to attract the attention of tourists to this place. A few years ago the “crooked forest” even received the status of a natural monument. Now the crooked trees cannot be used for any production.

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