Culture, traditions and customs of the peoples of the world.

Culture, traditions and customs of the peoples of the world.

1. Italian citizens are very sociable and easy to talk to, because they are very talkative.


Italy is considered to be the most gesticulate when speaking and tasteful country.

2. Italians are very fond of saying hello to each other, for this purpose they use a single-voiced call, a sign of hello.

3. In Sweden, they like to eat fish with a puff. There is even a festival of fermented herring. They cook herring in a special way: they mix a little salt and spices, rub it on the fish and leave it in the sun for two or three days. The main thing is that the fish should ferment, not turn rotten. The disgusting smell of the dish is made up for by its magical, according to the Swedes, taste.

4. The most dancing country is well-known Brazil, they have such a charging energy of dancing that you want to go to the dance with them.

5. New Year’s swim in the North Sea takes place in the Netherlands. Nieuwjaarsduik, which literally translates to “New Year’s dive,” is held on January 1 every year. Despite the weather is far from hot, no one is unwilling to take a dip. Aren’t the Dutch cold? “Brrr,” they reply and continue to dive. But the Dutch are certainly not as cold as the Russian “walruses” and those who bathe in the ice-hole on Epiphany.


Any self-respecting Andalusian has to jump off a cliff headfirst before his wedding. According to the ancient customs of Andalusia, it is believed that only a man with a strong skull can marry. The very paradox is that the more in-laws the wife has, the higher the cliff must be.

7. Every year in July or August (the exact date depends on the position of the moon) in different parts of India and Nepal there is a festival for snakes, Nagapanchami. The reptiles are fed with milk, and even children take them in their arms without fear. Also on this day the tradition prescribes young married women to visit their parents.

8. 8. The Thais have their own peculiarities which many people find strange and incomprehensible, e.g. the most ordinary pat on the shoulder to a Thai will seem offensive, and if someone dares to touch their head, it’s even worse.

9. Georgians don’t take their shoes off when they come to visit, if you take your shoes off, Georgians may take it as a sign of disrespect, even worse if you ask for house slippers.

10. There is a wonderful tradition in Iceland (which, by the way, is one of the most reading countries in the world): family and friends give each other books, and then spend Christmas night reading and eating chocolate.


11. Finland has a rubber boot throwing contest. If that seems strange to you, what about other original Finnish pastimes? Such as wading soccer, throwing a cell phone, carrying wives, playing an imaginary guitar, etc. Either way it’s fun.

12. Surprisingly, Japan also celebrates Christmas. Of course, for most Japanese this holiday is devoid of religious content, but in their opinion, Christmas is simply unthinkable without going to KFC restaurants. These restaurants are so popular during the Christmas season that reservations are made months in advance.

13. In some parts of Germany, guys set up May trees – birch trees decorated with colored ribbons – in front of their sweetheart’s house. The tree stands until June 1, and then the person who puts it up has to take it back. If the girl reciprocates, she invites him to dinner, gives him a case of beer or just a kiss (each region of the country has its own customs).

14. In Turkey a man can not have a second wife, unless he gives his beloved gold jewelry worth at least 10 000 dollars. This way he confirms his financial solvency and his ability to feed two wives.

15. The Chinese believe that you should not give fresh flowers. It’s a symbol of death – “they’re going to die soon”. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, are fine. “They’re eternal.”

Great Britain

16.In Great Britain since 1917 everyone who has celebrated the 100 year anniversary, surely receives a telegram from the British monarch. The currently reigning Queen Elizabeth II may well reach that age herself – at least we hope so.

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17. In Thailand you don’t put a fork in your mouth. A fork is used to put food into a spoon and eat from it.

18.In Kenya, a young husband must wear women’s clothes and perform women’s duties for one month after marriage. Then he will remember for life that being a woman is not easy.

19. The international action “In the subway without pants”. This action first took place in 2002 in New York City. Then only 7 people took the subway train in their underwear, and they were accused of hooliganism as a result. But the strange tradition caught on, and now every year in January you can see the haphazard mischief-makers in London, Berlin, Moscow and many other cities. The organizers of the event have only one goal: to make people laugh.

20. If you still don’t have a date when you reach 25, your friends in Denmark may well give you a “bathing” in cinnamon. And if you remain single at 30, the cinnamon will be replaced by pepper and you will be in trouble. If you’re lucky, your friends won’t throw pepper all over you (they’ll throw water on you to make it stick), but just set up an improvised pepper mill near your house. The tradition is thought to have originated around the 16th century, when itinerant spice merchants suffered from not having time to find a wife because of their work. Nowadays, cinnamon-pepper “attacks” are arranged for both guys and girls. Equality, after all!

Rio de Janeiro

21. The famous Brazilian Carnival takes place in February of each year in Rio de Janeiro – 4 days of non-stop fun, costume parades and samba, and just in everyday life on the streets of the city young people often gather and show their dancing skills.

22. According to the Thais, rudeness is manifested in the manner of speaking in a loud voice, while a quiet and calm conversation always gives them a sense of respect.

23. While people from northern countries may play snowballs during Pancake Day, Italians have to improvise. During the Jewish Carnival, which begins the weekend before Lent, there are real orange fights. Some might say this is a wasted transfer of products, but Italians are unlikely to agree.

24. In Italy, residents who bring home seawater can go to jail. Another option is that they will have to pay a fine. This is due to the fact that the country has a monopoly on salt.

25. Australian Aboriginal warriors, instead of the handshake we are accustomed to, demonstrate their friendliness in a slightly different way, namely by touching the penis of their interlocutor.

In Thailand.

26. The most smiling country according to many surveys is considered to be the Kingdom of Thailand, Thais themselves are not different from other nations, but the fact that Thais smile more than others is a fact. It can be a smiling greeting at the hotel on arrival, on the city street, in restaurants, and sometimes they have a smile that goes as a sign of apology or sadness.

27. Quinceañera in Latin America is a tradition to celebrate girls’ 15th birthdays in Mexico and other Latin American countries with a flourish. Girls are dressed up in fancy dresses, given roses, and led by hand into the room where the celebration takes place (usually by their father). A special significance is the so-called 15 candles ceremony, when the hero of the occasion gives candles to 15 most important people in her life. The ceremony ends with a feast, dancing and other entertainment, depending on the family income.

28. In Georgia, if you’ve been drinking and don’t want to drive your car, you can easily call the police, saying that you don’t want to cause an accident on the road. In return, the police patrol will deliver you and your car to your home, absolutely free of charge.

29.In Japan, you have to know how to handle chopsticks properly. The farther away from the food you keep your chopsticks, the more sophisticated and sophisticated you are considered. Chopsticks should never be crossed over to each other, pointing them at people, or leaving them on the opposite side of the plate from yourself. The worst thing you can do with them is to leave them standing in the rice bowl after eating. This is a Japanese funeral ritual: chopsticks are left at the bedside of a recently deceased relative in this position.

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30. St. Catherine’s Day is celebrated on November 25. On this day in Paris and other French cities, as well as in New Orleans (USA), there are parades of fancy hats, in which unmarried girls traditionally take part. Nowadays, however, those who have a soulmate can also participate, and even men.


31. In 2016, in honor of 27 Barbadians who reached 100 years of age, personalized postage stamps with their portraits were issued. For 3 months, anyone could purchase these unique stamps for only 65 cents. At the moment they are not on sale, but it is hoped that in the future this action will become a good tradition, and not only in Barbados.

32. The “OK” gesture among Brazilians means rage and disrespect and is insulting.

33. Perhaps the most bizarre birth custom we can observe with Muslims in the Indian state of Maharashtra. There is a tradition of throwing the newborn from the 15 meters high wall of the temple. Those who have been practicing this ritual for half a millennium believe it helps to strengthen the child’s health, ensure its future success and make it clever and brave. When children fall, of course, they do not hit the ground: they are caught by stretching out a large piece of cloth underneath.

34. In some Canadian provinces it is customary for the police to begin the workday with a collective meditation to relieve the excessive tension which, alas, cannot be avoided in such work.

35. The annual volleyball game takes place on the U.S.-Mexico border. It was first held in 1979, and since 2006 it has become an annual tradition. The game does not carry any political overtones. According to the mayor of the Mexican border town of Naco, people are simply celebrating the unity of the two countries.

In Georgia

36. The most interesting toasts and wishes you can hear in Georgia, a country of intoxicating wine and the same air of the Caucasus mountains, endless toasts and wishes.

37.The annual Tomatina Festival (La Tomatina) is held during the last week of August in Buñol, Valencia. The festival lasts 7 days and includes musicians, dancing, a fair, fireworks, and, of course, a tomato fight. The “tomato madness” itself only lasts an hour, which is something shopkeepers and those people whose job it is to wash the streets are very happy about.

38. In Taiwan, there is an unusual tradition of stripping at funerals. Especially for the deceased and those who came to say goodbye to him, they order a truck, in the back of which strippers wriggle to the rhythms of dance music. Nothing shameful for the Taiwanese in this.

39. Military honor is not given with the left hand in any country.

Bandaging of the feet is an old Chinese tradition that goes back to the 10th century. From the age of 5-6 years girls had to have their feet wrapped in bandages to prevent the growth of the feet, it was thought that girls with small feet were a model of beauty and were easier to marry, although with such feet it was very difficult for girls to move around. Bandaging the feet was officially banned in 1912, but still somewhere this rite continued to be performed.

Interesting customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

How do all the countries of the world differ from each other? Of course, the geographical location and national composition. But there is more. Today we will talk about the most interesting customs and traditions of the peoples of the world.


A Turkish man can not have a second wife until he presents the first one with gold jewelry worth at least ten thousand dollars. It is believed that this is how a man can prove his financial solvency and his ability to feed several wives.

customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

It is not very cultural to talk at the table without asking the host’s permission, nor should you be too careful to choose pieces of food from the common dish. And if you choose to use a toothpick, you should do so with your hand over your mouth as if you were playing a harmonica.


Among the interesting traditions and customs of the peoples of the world, the rituals of India occupy a special place. The first place to start is with a greeting. Of course, you can simply shake hands when you meet. But there are some subtleties. For example, shaking the hand of a person you don’t know before is considered bad form. Even women should not shake hands as it is considered an insult in India. So how do you greet someone without offending them? Put your hands together at the level of your chest.

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No doubt, many people know about the cult of the animal, which exists in the Land of Wonders, as they call India. The main animal here is the cow. It is they walk quietly through the streets of populated areas. The cows die of their own death, usually of old age, because it is forbidden to eat their meat in India.

Traditions and customs of the peoples of the world

But it is not only the cloven-hoofed animals that have the status of sacred animals. In this country they build temples for monkeys. The most famous is the Palace of the Winds, which, incidentally, is not recommended for tourists to enter. Why not? Because there is a huge number of monkeys, which can be aggressive. Another animal revered in India is the peacock. They live here literally happily – singing their songs everywhere: in temples, in courtyards and just on the streets.

If you decide to visit a temple in India, take off your shoes at the entrance. In general, exclude leather shoes from your closet during the trip.


If we talk about funny and funny customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, you should pay attention to this African country. Here the young spouse is obliged for a month after the wedding to wear women’s clothes and perform all women’s duties.

Funny customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

It is believed that in this way a man will understand that being a woman is not so easy, and thus will respect his other half.


Once upon a time in China there was a method of revenge through suicide: the offended person would go to the house (or yard) of his offender and kill himself. In such a case, the Chinese said, the soul of the suicide victim was not taken to heaven, but stayed in the offender’s house and brought him and his family various misfortunes.

There was once a widespread tradition in China such as bandaging one’s legs. It appeared in the 10th century. Six-year-old girls had their feet wrapped tightly in bandages. This was done to prevent the growth of the foot. In China, a small foot is the standard of beauty, and girls with small feet are easier to marry. Because the girls were in terrible pain and had difficulty moving around, leg bandaging was officially banned in 1912. But in some parts of the country it is still practiced today.

Most unusual customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

Today in the Celestial Empire there are also interesting traditions. For example, when going to visit, you should not take flowers with you. The owners of the house take it as a hint that the house is so uncomfortable and unattractive that the guest decided to decorate it himself.

Many of the customs and traditions of the peoples of the world are associated with food intake. China is no exception. Here, for example, smacking is not a sign of uncultured behavior, but quite the opposite. If you do not smack at the table, it can offend both the owners of the house where you are invited for lunch or dinner and the chefs at the restaurant. Inhabitants of the Celestial Empire consider silent eating to be eating without pleasure. You should not worry about accidentally put stains on the tablecloth either. You should even intentionally stain it, thus making it clear that the food gave you an incredible pleasure.


Speaking of the most unusual customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, it is worth noting the so-called monkey banquet, which is usually held in the province of Thailand under the name Lopburi. This happens as follows: at the local temple they bring literally thousands of kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables and invite about two thousand monkeys. These animals are loved here because once an army of monkeys helped the god Rama to defeat his enemies.

Chile - the Republic of Chile, a state in the southwest of South America

interesting customs and traditions of the peoples of the world to children

There are other traditions as well. For example, it is not recommended to point at something (much less someone) with one’s foot. The lower part of the body in this country is considered contemptible. By the way, for this reason you should not sit with one foot on the other and your feet pointing in the direction of the statue of Buddha. Going to Thailand, it is important to know that the Thais honor absolutely every image of the deity, and therefore you should not lean, step or climb on the statues to take an unusual photo. Another local tradition says: be sure to take off your shoes before entering someone’s house or temple.


A special place among the customs and traditions of the peoples of the world occupies the life ukdad of the Norwegians. For example, in this country it is not accepted to give up seats in public transport to people of age. The fact is that here it is perceived as a demonstration of physical advantage. What else shouldn’t you do in Norway? Ask about how you feel. It is considered too personal.

National customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

It is not customary in Norway to hug when you meet. Usually people just shake hands or barely touch their fingertips. When parting, you can pat each other on the back. Another interesting tradition concerns visiting someone: you should not go to someone without warning. In addition, you must tell the exact time of departure. You will not be able to leave later than that – the hosts will shamelessly point to the door at the appointed hour.


If you are interested in unusual traditions and customs of the peoples of the world, we recommend you pay attention to Denmark. The flag hung in the window means that there is someone celebrating a birthday in this house.

Traditions and customs of the peoples of the world

A very interesting tradition applies to young people and girls whose age has reached 25 years. It is customary to sprinkle them with cinnamon. This is done so that a pleasant smell helps to understand the opposite sex that the person is lonely and does not mind getting acquainted.


If we discuss interesting customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, it is impossible not to mention the Japanese rituals. Here it is customary not to leave work until the manager leaves. It is also not customary to greet each other by shaking hands, usually here you just make a courteous bow.

interesting customs and traditions of different nations of the world

Local traditions also speak of the number of flowers that can be given as a gift. In contrast to Russia, where they give only an odd number of flowers, in Japan they give only an even number. Japanese say: a flower without a pair feels lonely, quickly fades. An odd number of flowers is suitable for mourning ceremonies.

Andaman Islands

Getting acquainted with the unusual customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, one cannot ignore the Andaman Islands. When we meet one native sits on the lap of another aborigine, hugs his neck and begins to cry. No, no, he is not complaining about his sad life and is not going to tell tragic episodes from his biography. He simply expresses his joy at seeing a fellow tribesman.


Among the strangest customs and traditions of the peoples of the world is the Tibetan ritual of showing one another’s tongue upon meeting. This custom appeared in the IX century. At that time Tibet was ruled by the king Landarm who was notable for his cruelty. The king’s main attribute was a black tongue. Tibetans were afraid that after his death the king (or his soul) can move into someone, and therefore for safety reasons they began to show each other their tongues.

Traditions and customs of the peoples of the world

If you also decided to join this tradition make sure that you have not eaten anything that might stain your tongue with dark color.


In Vietnam it is not customary to look your interlocutor in the eye. There are two reasons for that: first – it is an inherent shyness of the Vietnamese, the second – the interlocutor may be a more respected person, may have a higher rank. Speaking about the interesting traditions and customs of the peoples of the world concerning children we should mention the Vietnamese prohibition to praise a new-born baby. In this country it is believed that an evil spirit in the vicinity may hear about the value of the baby and steal it.

Åland Islands - archipelago in the Baltic Sea

 Most interesting customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

It is not customary in this country to argue loudly. The Vietnamese are distinguished by self-discipline and good breeding, and therefore heated discussions of guests from Europe are frowned upon by locals. If we talk about rather mysterious national customs and traditions of the peoples of the world, we can not fail to mention the tradition of the Vietnamese to hang mirrors on the front door (from the outside). Why? It is very simple, because whoever wants to get in the house will see his reflection and think that the dragon already lives in this house.


In Tanzania, as in other regions of Africa, it is customary to consider the left hand as dirty and the right hand as clean. That is why it is not customary here to eat or give gifts with the left hand. The way of accepting gifts is also interesting: first, one must touch the gift with the right hand and then hold the giver’s right hand.

In the United States of America it is customary to celebrate almost any event. Birthdays, weddings, births or pregnancies and more are on the list. For celebrants, for example, guests usually have a procedure called showering.

National customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

What kind of gifts are showered? It all depends on the occasion. These can be items useful in the household (towels, pancake pans or vases), but you can also get very frivolous gifts.

Wedding customs.

Well, and as a bonus – wedding traditions and customs of different peoples of the world. For example, every self-respecting citizen of Andalusia before the wedding is just obliged to jump off the cliff headfirst. Just ancient traditions say that only a man with a strong skull can get married. But the most interesting thing is something else: the height of the cliff depends on the number of relatives of the future wife – the more of them, the higher will have to jump.

Funny may seem a wedding tradition that is observed in some parts of India. In some states, third marriages are forbidden. You can take a woman to the altar twice, and four times, too, but three times is strictly forbidden. Moreover, only marriage with a living person is forbidden. And that’s why men who decided not to stop at two marriages are forced to marry a tree for the third time. The wedding ceremony is usually not so lavish, but there are guests and gifts. After the wedding festivities are over, the invitees help the newly wedded spouse to be widowed – all together they cut down the bride. Problem solved, you can get married again.

Speaking of wedding traditions and rituals of the peoples of the world, we can not overlook the Greek traditions. Here, during the entire wedding celebration, the young wife strives to step on her husband’s foot. This is best done in a dance. Such a maneuver, according to local beliefs, indicates that the woman has every chance of becoming the head of the family.

Funny customs and traditions of the peoples of the world

In the Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal, a man who wished to marry a girl had to become her slave for a time (usually six months to a year). During this time, the girl had to think it over and give an answer. If she agreed to marry, the village council declared the couple man and wife. If she refused, the man was forced to return home.

Some of the most interesting wedding traditions and customs of the peoples of the world can safely be called the rituals of Central Nigeria. Here the bride and groom are locked in separate huts and fattened. Only the mothers of these girls are allowed into these huts. For several months (or even years) parents bring their daughters large quantities of floury food to make them fat. The fact is that in these places, plump women are highly valued, which means that it is easier for fat women to marry well.

It is customary for Vietnamese newlyweds to give two gifts. Here it is considered that one gift symbolizes an imminent divorce. Therefore, it is better to give two inexpensive gifts than one expensive one.

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