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This site contains Dahab attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you can find answers to what to see in Dahab, where to go and where are the popular and interesting places in Dahab.

Blue Hole

Blue Hole (photo)

The Blue Hole is an underwater vertical hole off the coast of the Red Sea near the Egyptian city of Dahab. The depth of an almost round in shape failure is one hundred and thirty meters. Blue Hole at a depth of fifty meters, connects to the Red Sea 26-meter tunnel in the wall of the coral reef, called the arch.

The unique structure of the coral reef and its amazing nature attracts many divers. However, the passage from the Blue Hole to the Red Sea through the Arch requires a very high skill and special training. Unfortunately, a wrong assessment of the risk of this dive often leads to tragic results. Not without reason the failure received the ominous nickname “the cemetery of divers”, only according to official sources more than forty people died while trying to pass through the Arch. There are memorial plaques to some of the dead on the shore not far from the Blue Hole.

Nevertheless, diving into the Blue Hole without going through the Arch is popular with tourists. On the vertical walls of the gap grows a lot of corals and inhabited by beautiful saltwater fish, and the sense of impending danger only heightens the senses.

Coordinates: 28.57217900,34.53701300

The Gulf of Aqaba

The Gulf of Aqaba (photo).

The Gulf of Aqaba lies in the northern part of the Red Sea, separating the Sinai Peninsula from the Arabian Peninsula. The Gulf of Aqaba is oblong in shape and 160 kilometers long and about 24 kilometers wide. Tourists are attracted by the clear sea water and the rich underwater fauna of the bay.

The Gulf of Aqaba is one of the most popular places in the world for diving. This destination generates 10% of the region’s income. Diving into the warm waters of the Gulf of Aqaba takes you into the mysterious world of the Red Sea with its huge coral gardens, giant fish and excellent water transparency. The average water temperature in the Gulf is around 23 ° C and there are virtually no storms or strong currents.

The salinity level of the bay is excellent for the habitat of a large number of species. That’s why the Red Sea has 110 varieties of soft corals and 120 varieties of hard corals. The coral reefs are home to more than a thousand varieties of fish, crabs, shrimps and lobsters are abundant, and you can also observe large sea turtles, dolphins, sirens and the safe whale sharks.

Coordinates : 28.68611100,34.69555600

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Gabr Ile Bent National Park

Gabr Ile Bent National Park (photo)

This beautiful park organizes unusual excursions, which begin with the choice of means of transportation – on a ship or a camel. Safaris are organized in the park, and for lovers of underwater exotics there is a diving safari. For divers in Gabr Il Bente there is the best of everything – an amazing underwater canyon, gorgonarias blooming like bizarre fans, a variety of exotic marine life, mysterious caves and underwater caves in the cracks of the walls.

People often come to Dahab several times a year: someone comes for a weekend, and someone for the whole season. This is the place where they always come back. Every tourist has his own reasons for that, but the main thing is still a state of total relaxation, which pervades the whole of this small sun-drenched village and envelops everyone who stays here for more than a day.

It’s a rare opportunity to imagine, at least for a while, that such phenomena as city noise, crowds of people and traffic jams simply do not exist in nature. Gabre Ile Bent Park is one of the rare places that has preserved its pristine, untouched human form. During the whole day of safari you probably will not meet a single person either under water or on land. Unfortunately, every year there are less and less of these places in Egypt and around the world.

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Coordinates: 28.49690700,34.50651200

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Three Lagoons in Dahab

Three lagoons in Dahab (photo)

This amazing and beautiful place is located fifteen kilometers south of Dahab, it is unique in that each one has a different water temperature and different marine life. Above all, the Three Lagoons are popular with diving and windsurfing enthusiasts. This place is best suited for active and extreme holidays in Egypt. The dive site is located between three lagoons, each with its own depth, water temperature, appearance, and underwater inhabitants. The jewel in the crown of the three lagoons is a magnificent coral garden decorated with a stunning coral passage 20 meters deep, at the end of which is a coral garden with huge pointed tops.

The friendly dolphins and turtles, which are not uncommon here, can keep the participants of the underwater excursion company. Occasionally in these places swim large octopus, moray eels and barracuda, so even in a moment of admiration for the colors and charm of the beautiful underwater world, you should not forget about caution. By the way, diving here is almost effortless if you do not swim beyond the three lagoons themselves. Dahab Three Lagoons is probably the right place to learn to dive in Egypt.

Coordinates : 28.47487800,34.50136200

Chico Equestrian Center

Shiko Riding Center (photo)

The equestrian center in Dahab is one of the popular sports tourism destinations. The center began operating in 2004 and is very conveniently located near the Happy life village hotel.

The center keeps horses of Arabian breed. Horses are perfectly dressed, selected not only for their working qualities but also for their character traits. Due to such careful selection of horses, even beginners who have never been on horseback can handle the horses of the center.

The center offers a variety of horseback riding tours along the Red Sea coast. There are hour-long walks and hikes with overnight stay. The cost of the tours can’t be called low (a hike with overnight stay costs 100 euros), but the pleasure of communicating with beautiful animals and Egyptian nature, not ennobled by agricultural techniques of resort areas, is worth it.

Coordinates : 28.50068000,34.51553300

Dahab Canyon

Canyon in Dahab (photo)

Dahab Canyon is one of the most visited sites by tourists wishing to scuba dive.

Diving begins in the lagoon, which is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef. There are many options for diving in the canyon: you can dive to a depth of 14 meters from the bottom, or you can go to the top point and through a passage to the bottom. A wonderful view opens from the top of the canyon – you can enjoy the panorama of the area and look into the abyss, the depth of which is 75 meters.

Tourists arriving on the territory will be able to make a hang-glide flight and capture the view of the canyon from above. For those who are not afraid of risk it is interesting to dive at night and admire the glow of plankton.

Coordinates: 28.53506800,34.51658200

Reef “Islands” in Dahab

Reef Islands in Dahab (photo)

This reef is named after the two coral islands that surround it.

In this area, at depths of nine to twenty meters, there are more than one hundred species of corals. Unfortunately, many corals in this reef are no longer alive: several years ago there was an underwater earthquake that took the lives of corals, now settled on the bottom.

The reef “Islands” is known for the underwater tunnel, where beginners and people with claustrophobia are not allowed to enter because the space is too narrow. On days without a storm, you can see a large number of sea creatures here, from large Napoleon fish to barracudas.

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Coordinates : 28.47540600,34.50435200

Blue Beach Club Stables

Stables of Blue Beach Club hotel (photo)

Well known to Dahab vacationers, the Blue Beach Club boasts not only panoramic acaba bay views and spacious, comfortable rooms, but also a wide range of amenities, including horseback riding.

The hotel’s stables are home to experienced trainers who make sure that experienced riders and novices alike will have a comfortable journey. Purebred Arabian horses are kept here, and strict safety rules allow even beginners to relax in the saddle. The courses can be individually chosen – it can be a short walk on the beach or a full-scale adventure in the desert. It all depends on the age and experience. Special routes are provided for children. Horseback riding – a pleasure available to everyone. The main thing is that the clothes and shoes were suitable for the trip.

Fans of active leisure will be pleased with the fact that the hotel offers facilities for other sports such as diving, windsurfing, biking, etc.

Coordinates: 28.50098900,34.51958900

Nemo Restaurant

Nemo Restaurant (photo)

Nemo Restaurant is located on the central promenade of Masbat, the resort town of Dahab in Egypt. It is located in the heart of the bay and stands out among the many restaurants and bars in Dahab for its delicious cuisine. It is a small but very cozy restaurant on the beach, located over the water.

It serves both European cuisine and national seafood delicacies. It’s worth checking out the soups, pizza and various meat dishes. Most dishes are served directly in pans or in the same dish in which they were cooked. This keeps them hot longer and gives them an appetizing appearance.

The restaurant “Nemo” is equipped with soft couches and comfortable tables. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. Prices in the restaurant are moderate, lower than in some large chain restaurants in Dahab, and the portions will please you with their size. Especially beautiful in “Nemo” in the evening, when the lights are lit, reflecting in the water above where you sit. In addition to a variety of dishes, hookahs are served here. And you can bring your own drink – it’s not forbidden. Restaurant “Nemo” is a great place for a good rest.

Coordinates: 28.50913500,34.51363400

Dahab Stables

Stables in Dahab (photo)

Dahab Stables is a place located right on the Red Sea, near the Happy Life Dahab Hotel. Here you can order tours on horseback through the picturesque places in Dahab.

You will enjoy a fascinating tour on Arabian horses, which can handle even the novice riders. Guides provide tours in English, Arabic, Spanish, and German.

You can choose one of the horse tours you like and not only ride the horses but also snorkel in the caves, spend the night in the desert and even have dinner with the Bedouins.

Coordinates : 28.44156300,34.46264500

Radiant Rainbow`s Reiki Room

Spiritual center Radiant Rainbow`s Reiki Room (photo)

In the resort town of Dahab in Egypt you can find a little place called Radiant Rainbow’s Reiki Room. It is a small spiritual center that offers its visitors to take part in various activities. Here it is possible to pass and try out many kinds of medical procedures, to learn the basics of meditation, to pass a specialized esoteric course and to listen to interesting seminars.

If you wish to elevate your spirituality, find a priceless healing experience, choose a talisman stone or get to the essence of your energy aura, the Radiant Rainbow’s Reiki Room is exactly what you need.

Coordinates : 30.14550500,31.25241500

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Going on vacation in Dahab

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Dahab: Why tourists are attracted to a remote place by the sea.

Amazing oasis of peace and harmony, Dahab, will delight fans of secluded vacation. At this secluded resort tourists are waiting for an absolute freedom from the hustle and bustle, city traffic, home cares and other problems. Only the amazing Red Sea, sandy beaches and unobtrusive service. Diving enthusiasts will especially like Dahab – you won’t find better conditions for diving in all Egypt. Let’s get acquainted with this remote resort and learn what other pleasant surprises it is ready to present to its guests.

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Rest in Dahab, Egypt

“The Gold Region, or Gold Plenty

Once upon a time Dahab was the center of maritime trade. Ships from all over the world came to its port. Merchants sold and bought here anything they could, including gold and precious jewelry. Since then, the town has been called the “region of gold” or “gold abundance,” as its name also translates.

Location on the map

The resort is located on the Sinai Peninsula, in its eastern part, at a distance of 100 km from Sharm el-Sheikh on the one hand, and 150 km from the Israeli border – on the other. The city itself and its surroundings overlook the Gulf of Aqaba which gives access to the Red Sea in just one hour.

How to get to the resort

You can’t get to Dahab from Russia directly, because the city has no airport. You should fly to Sharm el-Sheikh, and from there – transfer to the desired hotel of the resort. The trip will take just over an hour.

Currently, there are no direct flights from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh. Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Air Berlin, “UTair” and “Aeroflot” take regular flights from all international airports of Moscow with connection in Istanbul, Milan or Yerevan. Travel time is about 8 hours.

From St. Petersburg, there are also flights with connection only in Istanbul, Prague or Dusseldorf. Affordable and inexpensive options offer the airlines EgyptAir, AIR CAIRO, Neos, Jetairfly, “UTair”.

Book tickets in advance, then you can count on a minimum cost.

Did you know? 99% of the population of Egypt occupies an area of only 5.5% of the total area of the country.

Dahab neighborhoods

Dahab is conventionally divided into the following areas: Assala, Masbat, Laguna, Mashraba, Lighthouse and Medina. Each of them has its own characteristics.


Assala is the most distant from the center and the most densely populated district. It also occupies the largest area. In fact, it is a large Bedouin village. There are no expensive world-class hotels due to the fact that the area is not a tourist destination. It is predominantly inhabited by the local population.



The old town, or Masbat, is in the form of a waterfront with all sorts of shops, cafes, restaurants and small modest hotels. It’s a place where divers and surfers like to hang out after a long day at sea. The ruins of the old port, which belonged to the ancient inhabitants, can still be seen in the city bay.



Lagoon is a cluster of new expensive hotels with world famous Iberotel, Swiss Inn, Ibis and others. All of them are located on the first line. Distance from the center of no more than 3 kilometers. It is worth to go here for those who prefer quality service combined with a good beach vacation.

Dahab Lagoon


The area between the old town and the Lagoon is called Mashraba . Here are the old hotels, campsites and private apartments. It is mainly inhabited by visiting Arabs. From here begins the tourist boardwalk that leads all the way to Lighthouse.

Mashraba district


This area has made Dahab famous as the center of water sports in Egypt. This is where the most daring kitesurfers and intrepid divers stay. You will not find expensive hotels in Lighthouse. Predominantly it is declared a budget campsites.

Lighthouse area


Medina is less touristy than Laguna. It is a residential area, but unlike Assala, rich Egyptians live here. There are many diving and kitesurfing centers in Medina and Laguna.


Weather conditions: when is the best time to go on vacation

In Dahab, the climate is hot and dry. Rains are a rarity in this area. The mountains of the Gulf of Aqaba create such conditions that it’s windy for about 300 days a year. That is why surfers from all over the world come here. For the same reason the region is less stuffy than Sharm el Sheikh.

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On land

The temperature during the winter months is between +20 and +24 degrees Celsius. In summer the thermometer column may rise above +40 Celsius.

Important! The most comfortable period for recreation – spring (from April to May the thermometer shows consistently +25 … +27 degrees) or fall (in September the heat starts to fall and from October to November the air temperature is +25 … +30 above zero).

Water temperature

Due to the fact that Dahab is located in a bay, the water temperature rarely drops below +21 … +22 degrees, even in winter. Most of all it gets warm in summer – up to +25. In the hottest month of August it can exceed +28 degrees.

The best beaches in Dahab

Beaches in Dahab are inferior to the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada, but the nature here is completely different and the sea is bluer and more transparent. All this is due to the fact that this resort is less popular compared to the hyped Hurghada and Sharm. Nevertheless, the beaches of Dahab are quite comfortable: from completely sandy to mixed, with fine stones and corals.

Dahab Beaches

The best beaches for relaxation and swimming in the sea are in the area of Lagoon. Here are the most expensive hotels with luxurious areas and beach areas. They are equipped with sun beds, umbrellas, pontoons for safe entry into the water, as well as showers.

For diving and windsurfing, the Lighthouse beaches are the best. They are best suited for water sports. Fans of extreme sports from all over the world come here every year for a reason.

Recreation for the young and energetic

The best place for an active holiday than Dahab, you will not find in all Egypt. Young and active tourists can choose for themselves an activity to their liking.

    Diving . In this area it is special. And it starts with the fact that the diving takes place right from the shore. Diving schools and diving equipment rentals are located here at every step. So even those who have not yet dived, be sure to teach it. For more advanced divers and real professionals in Dahab there are more than 30 places to descend to a depth of 200 meters or more. The most famous places for diving – Canyon and “Blue Hole”. They say that even the most experienced divers are not always able to conquer such depths.

Excursions and attractions

In addition to water activities, Dahab has interesting national parks and historical treasures that are definitely worth visiting.

Some of the attractions include:

    Gabr-Il-Bent, a national park with pristine pristine nature. You can admire its beauty on a camel or on a pleasure boat;

Did you know? Egypt has preserved the only wonder of the world out of seven – the pyramid of Cheops in Giza.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Nightlife in Dahab mainly takes place in the Lagoon at windsurfing stations or in local bars by the sea. There is no club life as such at this resort. Therefore lovers of parties and loud discos are better to go to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. Recreation in Dahab is more suitable for keen surfers who prefer big clubs to the close company of fellow surfers.

Dahab Nightlife

Infrastructure: hotels, restaurants, transport

Infrastructure in Dahab is less developed than in more popular Egyptian resorts, yet it has everything for a comfortable stay: hotels of different classes, banks and ATMs, currency exchange, post office, stores, pharmacies. All hotels, apartments and restaurants have Internet access.

The best hotels and places to stay

Dahab is the only tourist destination in Egypt where you can go without prior hotel reservations. This is because there are many inexpensive campsites, B&Bs and mini-hotels. For example, in the camping Alaska Camp a day of stay costs only $ 1. In addition, you can rent a bicycle for free. A room with amenities and air conditioning is offered for $5-10.

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For connoisseurs of comfort in the areas of Laguna and Medina are open the doors of the best and most expensive hotels of the resort.

    The Swiss Inn is a beachfront hotel with a restaurant, beach bar, pool and fitness center. The Swiss Inn has its own dive center, spa and several gift stores. There’s a playroom, children’s playground, and a special children’s pool. Free shuttle service to the city center is available to all guests.

Did you know? It is believed that ancient Egypt invented many things that we use today: paper, ink, decorative cosmetics, scissors, combs.

Cuisine and Restaurants

Dahab’s restaurants are for people of all incomes, they offer a variety of cuisine – from the traditional local to the world. Most of them are located on the coast, allowing visitors to admire the sea scenery during a meal.

Egyptian cuisine is largely a mix of Turkish, Lebanese and Persian dishes. But there are also very authentic Egyptian dishes, including bean puree (“foul”) and soup made of local greens (“molokheya”). European dishes from poultry, beef, fish and seafood are easy to find on the menu of any restaurant. The only meat not served by local establishments is pork.

Such popular restaurants in Dahab are worth visiting:

    The Kitchen. A new trend in the restaurant business has not passed by The Kitchen, where you can try Chinese, Indian and Thai cuisine at the same time. The restaurant complies with international standards and the entire staff was specially selected from five-star hotels. Masterfully prepared dishes are served in a special sophisticated manner, able to surprise even the most fastidious critic;

Car Rental and Transportation

The only available mode of transportation in Dahab is shuttle buses. But they are far from the concept of comfort, in addition, they run without a set schedule. The cost of travel does not exceed 2-4 Egyptian dollars. Therefore tourists can rent a car upon arrival in Sharm el-Sheikh. You will need a passport and a document for driving. Renting will cost 50-80 U.S. dollars per day.

Important: Before you rent a car, you should assess all the risks of such an operation. Traffic in Egypt is specific: traffic lights are not installed in all places, so everyone goes where he needs, regardless of the general traffic. And cab drivers literally “fly” on the roads, ignoring the signs and traffic rules.

In view of all the above, the best option for moving around Dahab and the surrounding area will be organized by the hotel transfer.

About Shopping in Dahab

In Dahab, as well as in any oriental city, it is customary to bargain. You must do it every chance you get: at souvenir stores, with a cab driver, at the market. It is even reasonable to ask for a small discount in a restaurant in the Old Town. Here it will be treated with understanding and respect.

Prices for souvenirs at this resort are lower than in Sharm el-Sheikh. It is worth to take advantage of this and buy the traditional Egyptian gift – hookah. The main thing is not to choose a decorative variant, but the real smoking one. Gold jewelry is not recommended to buy in Egypt, because they are mostly imported from Italy or Turkey, and, therefore, are much more expensive.

Rest in Dahab is quite diverse. Here you can find tranquility and solitude in a hotel far away from the bustle.

Or you can spend your time actively, snorkeling and scuba diving, or catching waves on a surfboard. In this resort you can stay in the most expensive international hotel, and in a small campsite economy class, and still enjoy the same beautiful azure sea. The evening can be spent in noisy company at the beach bar or in an atmospheric, cozy restaurant. Despite all the contrasts of Dahab, every traveler will find something special and memorable here.

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