Dalaman in Turkey, attractions of the resort.

The sights and beaches of Dalaman.

If you are looking for a city where you can combine a beach holiday with visiting cultural and natural attractions, then by all means go to Dalaman, Turkey. It is an area with a warm climate and beautiful nature, near which there are famous resorts in the country such as Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and others. The beautiful sea and well-groomed beaches, ancient monuments and interesting natural sites attract more and more attention from tourists to the region. The following is a detailed look at what Dalaman is and how to get there.

Turkey, Nature in Damalan

Iztuzu Beach

General Information


Dalaman is a city located in southwestern Turkey in the province of Mugla near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its population is just over 23 thousand people. Not only is Dalaman the name of the city, but it is also the name of an area of 62 square kilometers around the resort. The city is built on a flat plain with fertile land, which is rich in citrus fruits. Dalaman has only recently gained popularity among foreign tourists, but it already offers its guests a fairly convenient infrastructure.

Dalaman Airport, Turkey

Dalaman Airport

Dalaman International Airport is one of the three airports which operate in the region and is located 6.4 km south of the city. This is where tourists who have decided to arrange a vacation in Dalaman and such popular resorts in the area as the ancient Fethiye and Marmaris arrive. The object itself and its surroundings have become attractive to travelers primarily because of the picturesque nature, a large number of attractions, landscaped coastline and clear sea waters. And although it is a relatively young resort, you will find many excellent hotels, cafes and restaurants, as well as entertainment activities.


Among the obvious virtues of the city are the many attractions of Dalaman, among which you can find and unique natural sites, and ancient buildings, and cultural monuments.

Lake Koycegiz

One of the largest coastal lakes in Turkey with an area of 5,200 hectares is located 30 km northwest of Dalaman. Apart from the picturesque scenery the natural landmark offers great opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing and rowing. Many tourists come here to take boat trips and visit a small island with the ruins of an old prison. Koydzhegiz with its rich flora and fauna will be of interest to lovers of fishing, and located on the southern shores of the lake thermal springs and mud ponds allow travelers to engage in recuperation.

The ancient city of Kaunos

In Turkey, northwest of Dalaman is the ancient city of Kavn or Kaunos, preserving to this day the ruins of a once prosperous trading center. Kaunos appeared in the third millennium B.C., and among its ruins are tombs, an amphitheater destroyed over the centuries, and the remains of ancient houses. It is noteworthy that you can get to the site from the eastern part only by crossing the river Dalyan. Archaeological excavations are still going on here, which have already revealed that the city went through the Byzantine and Roman periods, as well as the Middle Ages.

Dalaman Mud Baths

Among the attractions of Dalaman in Turkey the thermal springs enriched with sulfur, which successfully treat many skin diseases, occupy a special place. Mud ponds, formed as a result of natural processes, are filled with hot water, and their bottoms are lined with therapeutic mud. Many people come here in order to improve the body, increase its tonus, as well as to cure dermatitis, rheumatism and other ailments. The mud cure clinic is situated in a place called Sultanie, on the southwest shores of Lake Koycegiz.

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Turtle Caretta

The city of Dalaman in Turkey is also famous for its state-run Turtle Nursery, which aims to preserve the species of large-headed turtles (carreta) that live in the nearby sea waters. The center’s staff provides a favorable environment for the growth of the baby turtles, which hatch from eggs laid on the seashore. And when they reach a certain age, the staff release the turtles into the open sea.


If you wonder what the sea is like in Dalaman in Turkey, you can see that the nearby coast of the city is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, which in the west becomes the Aegean Sea. In the vicinity of the resort there are several beaches, wild and landscaped, where you can find ancient sights. Thus, the most famous among them are Iztuzu and Sarsala.

Sarsala Beach

Sarsala beach in Turkey is located 17 km south of Dalaman and is a small cove surrounded by hills densely overgrown with greenery. It is a nice beach, no more than 200 meters long, covered with stone and with a clear sea. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, and there are showers and toilets on site. There is a restaurant on the beach, which offers a varied menu of seafood. Not far from the beach there is a historical site – the ruins of an ancient Byzantine temple.

You can reach Sarsala only with your own transport, so the beach is not crowded with vacationers.

Iztuzu beach

Beach Iztuzu in Turkey or as it is often called, the turtle beach is located 21 km west of Dalaman. It is quite a long coastline of over 5000 meters long, which is covered with fine golden sand. The area is known not only for its clear sea, but also for its inhabitants – turtles karreta, who lay their eggs in the sand. The beach provides all necessary conditions for comfortable rest, including showers, changing rooms and paid deckchairs. Not far from the shore you can find a cozy cafe. The beach is rated as one of the best on the coast of Turkey, the entire list with photos can be viewed here.

Air service

Turkish Airlines plane

Although the Dalaman area in Turkey is gaining popularity among independent travelers, there are no direct regular flights from Moscow and Kiev. However, it is quite possible to make a flight with one connection in Istanbul or Ankara, which will take an average of 6-8 hours. You can get the tickets for a given destination from the carrier “Turkish Airlines” or the company “Pegasus Airlines. During the high season in Turkey some airlines start charter flights to Dalaman.

How to get from Dalaman to nearby resorts

Dalaman resorts and Dalaman itself can be reached from the airport by Havaş bus, which has several flights a day from the bus stop close to the airport. To get to some towns and villages, you will have to make one transfer to a dolmush.

Kecegiğiz Resort

    . The resort is located 89 km west of Dalaman. Havaş takes a direct bus from the airport to the resort. The travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Fethiye. Fethiye is located 44 km southeast of Dalaman. You have the opportunity to get to the town directly from the airport by bus from the above mentioned company. The trip takes on average 40 minutes.
  • Oludeniz. It is located 56 km southeast of Dalaman. To get here you should take a bus to Fethiye when you arrive and from the bus station of the resort find a coach that stops at Oludeniz. More information about Oludeniz can be found on this page. Köyceğiz
  • Koycegiz. The village is located 28 km northwest of Dalaman. You should first take a Havaş bus from Dalaman Airport and then buy a ticket at the ticket office for the Dolmus to Koycegiz.
  • Hisaroni. This village is 105km west of Dalaman. You should take a bus to Marmaris from the airport and buy a ticket to Hisaronyu at the bus station.
  • Dalyan. It is located 23 km to the northwest from Dalaman and you may catch a Dolmus to Dalyan after taking a Havaş bus to the bus station.
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Weather and Climate

If you look at the photos of Dalaman in Turkey, you would think that it is warm and sunny all year round. Indeed it has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers but short, cloudy winters. And although the official season opens in May, the air warms up to comfortable temperatures in March.

Iztuzu Beach

The sunniest and hottest period is from June to September. The thermometer at that time stays between 30-34 ° C, and the sea temperature ranges from 26 to 28 ° C. May and October are also good for a holiday, but these months may see some rain. The sea in May is still not very comfortable for swimming (about 21 ° C), and in October, quite pleased tourists with warm water (24,5 ° C). For more information on the weather in Dalaman in Turkey, see the table below.

Month Average Daytime Temperature Average night temperatures Sea water temperature Days of sunshine Number of rainy days
January 12,8 °C 7,3 °C 17,9 °C 18 6
February 15 °C 8,5 °C 17 °C 16 4
March 17,4 °C 9,7 °C 16,8 °C 21 3
April 21 °C 12,1 °C 17,8 °C 26 2
May 25,2 °C 15,7 °C 20,5 °C 28 1
June 30,6 °C 19,8 °C 23,5 °C 30
July 34,2 °C 22,9 °C 26,5 °C 31
August 34,3 °C 23,1 °C 28 °C 31
September 30,9 °C 20,5 °C 27,1 °C 29
October 25,3 °C 16,3 °C 24,5 °C 28 2
November 19,8 °C 12,3 °C 22 °C 24 2
December 15,2 °C 9 °C 19,6 °C 21 5

Beautiful weather conditions, historical sites, clean beaches and azure waters of the sea – all this awaits the guests of Dalaman, Turkey. Its close proximity to the airport provides a quick and comfortable ride to your destination. And the resorts located in the vicinity of the city allow the traveler to see several iconic sites of the country in one trip.

Video: quality overview of the Dalaman region, its resorts and beaches and attractions, as well as views of Turkey from the air. It is a must-see!

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Dalaman – one of the most popular Turkish resorts

Dalaman is a relatively young resort, which every year increasingly attracts tourists with its amazing nature. The region is surrounded by green hills with orange groves on the plains and the azure seas, the Mediterranean and the Aegean, the border of which is located near Dalaman. In addition to the beautiful scenery and the famous river of the same name, the resort is interesting because it has the ruins of ancient settlements and a railway station, which never had trains. About all the interesting things about Dalaman and will be described below.

Picturesque landscape of the resort

Getting to know the resort

Dalaman tours at the best prices

Dalaman is a small town as well as an area in the province of Mugla in accessible proximity to the sea. Interestingly, this region meets the confluence of two seas, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Another fame brought to the city by the international airport, which regularly receives tourists from different parts of the world that come to rest in the south-western part of Turkey.

Dalaman itself is located 10 kilometers from the sea coast, and a famous resort town, where they go all the rest, is the village Sarigerme. However, generally speaking, this resort region is called the name of the district center.

Where is the city

Dalaman is located on the southwestern coast of Turkey at the border of two seas. It lies between the well-known resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye. The area is surrounded by a very picturesque landscape with lush green hills and turquoise waters of the local beaches. The city is small, just over thirty thousand inhabitants, but that does not prevent it from being one of the most popular resorts on the Turkish coast, annually taking millions of tourists.

Dalaman on the map

History of the region

According to scientists, settlements on the territory of modern Dalaman were already in the Stone Age, about 3,000 years ago. In the XIII century BC the Greek colony was already formed here. After the Persians had rule over the region and after the death of Alexander the Great Dalaman became part of Lycia.

The Seljuks had a great influence on the culture, traditions and religion of the city when they conquered the area in the 11th century. The Ottoman Turks were in control of the region from the 13th to the 20th century as part of the Ottoman Empire.

When an international airport was opened in Dalaman, which happened in 1987, the development of the city as a resort began. Today it is a major transport hub and a popular resort area.


The resort has a subtropical type of climate with dry hot summers and warm humid winters. The bathing season lasts from May to October, when the water temperature varies from 20 to 26 degrees.


The hottest months of the year are July and August with temperatures around 33 degrees above zero. The coldest period is between January and February. Then the daytime temperature reaches 15 degrees. At this time also increases the amount of precipitation in the form of rain. Dalaman is not a windy region, because it is surrounded by mountain ranges, and only a light breeze during the summer months is refreshing from the sea.

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The resort’s beaches

Dalaman’s beach, and more specifically its nearby village of Sarigerme, is considered one of the best on this coast. It receives an annual Blue Flag Award for being an environmentally friendly and safe for swimming. It is a large natural beach with a length of 7 km. Its surface is sandy, the entrance to the water is gentle.

The beach in Sarigerma

For holidaymakers in all inclusive hotels the entrance to the beach and the use of sun beds and umbrellas is free. A small fee is charged from locals or free tourists.

The Sarigerma Lagoon

A short distance from Dalaman there is the marvelous Iztuzu beach. It is located in the resort Dalyan. The beach is part of a nature reserve and turtles come here every year to lay their eggs. Because of this it is also called “Turtle Beach”. The length of the beach area is 5 kilometers and the surface is sandy. This is a clean beach, comfortable for swimming, and here you can watch the big turtles or, if you are lucky, the little turtles that run in the sand to the sea. You can get to the beach on local inter-city buses or by cab.

Iztuzu beach


The main attraction of Dalaman is its amazing nature with picturesque hills covered with juniper trees, olive and citrus groves and, of course, the clearest sea. Also on the territory of the resort there is a large state nursery, surrounded by centuries-old palm trees. Nearby is the mosque of Abbas Pasha, the Egyptian ruler.

However, the interest of this place is quite another. In the 19th century, the king of Egypt, a great fan of hunting, decided to build a hunting lodge in a place with lots of wildlife. Dalaman was chosen for this purpose. The king assigned the task to French architects, who were also designing a railway station for Alexandria. But the design for the hunting lodge was accidentally sent to Egypt, while the train station was built in Dalaman. When the mistake was revealed, there was nothing left to do but leave it as it was. There had never been any railroad tracks in that region, so the station was not in operation.

Lycian tombs

In the nearby resort town of Dalyan there are several ancient ruins up to 3 thousand years old. Visiting this resort you can contemplate the Lycian tombs. There were buried the kings of ancient Lycia. The tombs have an amazing view as they are carved into the rocks.

Keydegiğız Lake

Not far from the tombs is known for its healing waters of Lake Keydzhegiz. It is enriched with sulfur, so it is useful to swim there for people with rheumatism, or various dermatological diseases. Also at its bottom there is a therapeutic mud. In the legends of the lake it is mentioned that it took a bath by Aphrodite herself.


There are many beautiful bays in the vicinity of Dalaman. Therefore, there are regular boat rides on yachts or boats. Riding can be either on a self-rented boat or on a yacht with many other tourists. Also on the beach Sarigerme there are many water attractions, interesting for children and adults.

White-water rafting on the Dalaman River

For fans of extreme recreation will suit rafting tours on the famous local river Dalaman.

Experienced rafters and beginners can take part in rafting tours. There are rafting tours with professional instructors and support.

Diving near Dalaman

Diving is no less popular in Dalaman. Those wishing to experience the beauty of the underwater world are invited to dive on the picturesque Turtle Island.

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Sunken city near the resort


Dalaman is more for those who like calm and peaceful rest. However, here you can find something to do at night as well. The resort has night cafes and bars, and there is also a nightclub where discos are held. If you want more, it is better to go to the nearest resorts Dalyan, Marmaris and others.

How to get to the resort

All tourists get to Dalaman by plane. Dalaman Havalimani Airport receives both domestic and international flights. In summer there are direct charter flights to the resort, and out of the season you can fly to Istanbul with a connection.

Dalaman Havalimani Airport

From the airport to the hotel you can get by pre-booked shuttle service. Often the transfer service is provided by the hotel itself. Alternatively, you can take the Havas buses, which run regularly from the airport to the various resorts. Their schedule is tied to international flights. Fares range from 13 to 17 Turkish Liras, depending on the destination.

Havas Buses

A cab to the hotel costs approximately 150 Turkish Liras.

Local transportation

The main local transportation means of Dalaman, as well as other cities in Turkey, are dolmushis, mini-buses that ply between the districts of the city and surroundings.

For a more comfortable ride there are cabs. Those who prefer to travel independently and have a driver’s license can rent a car.

Hotels in Dalaman

The choice of hotels in the resort is not so rich, but all of them provide quality services. Most often tourists choose a hotel closer to the sea in the village of Sarigerme. However, there are several good options for accommodation in Dalaman.

The best deals in this area, according to the reviews of tourists, are hotels:

In the summer time you need to take care of booking a room in advance, as the demand will be very large.

If you do not want to waste time looking for tickets and booking hotels – a great option is to buy a ready-made tour to Dalaman. Match your dates and conditions:

Cuisine and restaurants of the resort

The cuisine of Dalaman does not differ much from other Turkish resorts. Despite the provision of all possible services by hotels, the resort provides a lot of cozy cafes and restaurants for all tastes.

Experienced travelers recommend in Dalaman such institutions:

  • Shef Brasserie Restaurant with Mediterranean and international cuisine;
  • Akkaya Garden Restaurant with Turkish and international specialties;
  • Cinar Restaurant with Turkish and International cuisine;
  • Göbün Restaurant with seafood and Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Hadigari – Restaurant with Mediterranean, Oriental, and Turkish cuisine;
  • Alinda Cafe & Restaurant with British and Turkish cuisine;
  • Nili Sakli Bahce Cafe with Italian cuisine and fast food.


There is nothing to do for shopping lovers in this resort, as you will not find large shopping centers, boutiques and even markets here. In the village of Sarigerme there is a market once a week and there are a few souvenir shops. For a good shopping you should go to the nearest resort towns Ortaci, Marmaris and Fethiye.

View of Dalaman Coves

In Dalaman you will find a budget peaceful holiday in a circle of green hills, citrus and olive groves and an amazing azure sea. For those who want a quiet holiday in an unspoilt environment, this is the most suitable resort. Have a nice holiday!

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