Dalyan in Turkey, Sights of the resort

Sights of Dalyan in Turkey.

Colorful photos of Dalyan


A small resort town Dalyan in Turkey, the attractions of which describe all the guides, is worth a visit if only to feel a part of eco-tourism. It is very convenient to come for a couple of days from a busy big resort, to plunge into the silence and unhurried life of the former fishing village, watch the turtles crawling out of the sea on the sandy beach, visit ancient ruins and imagine life boiling here more than a thousand years ago – and then go back. Learn more about Dalyan at ResortTurkey.

Turtle Island

Photo of turtles

The Caretta-caretta turtles made this once tiny fishing village on the Aegean coast of Turkey famous around the world. These reptiles are the only members of the genus Loggerhead Sea Turtles, or loggerheads, and they are an endangered fauna. Iztuzu Beach is a small strip of sand where loggerheads come out of the sea to lay their eggs.

There are not many such places where they can make their clutches, certain natural and climatic conditions are necessary. The sea coast 5 km away from Dalyan is ideal for turtle nesting: very fine soft sand, few people, no severe heat in summer and severe cold in winter.

Interesting! The mild climate of Dalyan, the quiet life of the village became the reason that in this area European pensioners began to buy houses and move to reside permanently. Especially many “immigrants” from Scandinavia, where the climate is quite harsh, summers are short and winters are cold.

The town would remain a quiet paradise for lovers of solitude, but in the late 80s of last century, the situation changed. This quiet and picturesque place, called the Turkish Venice, decided to master and develop a large tourist business. One of the companies was going to build a large hotel complex on Iztuzu Beach. But this construction would have turned into an ecological disaster, because the sea turtles were in danger of extinction. They would not be able to go out on the sandy shore to lay their eggs – they need peace and absence of people.

And then environmentalists, inspired by British activist June Heimoff, launched a campaign to cancel the construction and save the loggerheads. The environmental protest movement ended in victory. Iztuzu Beach was designated a nature reserve, and since then any construction has been prohibited not only on the beach but also in its vicinity. This territory is now protected by law, and people are made to understand that they are only guests in nature’s domain.

Interesting! The caretta are not the only reptiles in these parts. Nile turtles come here as well, which can scare you with their strange appearance (their head looks like a snake’s), but in fact they are harmless. And there are so many land turtles in Dalyan that they appear on the hotel grounds, completely unafraid of people.

In addition to the Caretta turtles, the Nile snake-headed turtles, which reach a meter in length, live in the river delta. Despite their rather strange and repulsive appearance, they are completely harmless: they eat only fish and invertebrates living in the water. And in the vicinity of Dalyan lives a lot of terrestrial turtles, which are not particularly afraid of people and can even enter the territory of hotels.

Konakli in Turkey, Sights of the resort

These days, Dalyan and this beach has become a Mecca for fans of eco-tourism. People come here not for the noisy fun beach vacation, but to observe red-listed turtles in their natural habitat. And to help volunteers and ecologists taking care of the little turtles. Tourists are given boat tours in the early morning so they can see the hatchling turtles seedling to the sea.

On Iztuzu Beach, human presence is restricted. You can not be here after sunset, because at this time the turtles begin to come out of the water.

There is also a hospital for loggerheads. Volunteers treat injured adults and “nurse” babies who have not managed to reach their native element under the cover of darkness. Caretta have many natural enemies – mostly birds of prey. Therefore, the turtles are collected, nursed and released into the Aegean Sea when they are older. Everyone is welcome to visit this hospital, and it is highly advisable to donate a sum of money to support this non-governmental structure.

As darkness falls, the turtles come out on the sand, and in order to guard their peace, all people are asked to leave at this time.

The Lycian tombs and the ruins of Kavna

Tombs Photos

Thousands of years ago, the topography of the place where Dalyan is located was strikingly different from the picture we see today. This part of the land was under water. But strong earthquakes raised the seabed, forming a narrow spit of sand. Now this is the beach of Iztuzu. On the other side splashes the fresh-water lake Koydzhegiz, fed by streams and creeks. The meandering Dalyan River flows across the plain, which gave its name to the fishermen’s settlement.

In ancient times, the Lycians built the city of Kavnos, or Kaunos, on the shore of the strait that connects the Aegean Sea with the inland body of water. From the ruins that remain, you can imagine what life was like here, what the inhabitants did. European archaeologists, who came here in 1842, gave a second life to Kavnu. Now it is an open-air archaeological museum.

Important: Entrance to the territory of Kaunos is paid. Visitors are forbidden to take even the tiniest pieces of pottery as a keepsake, although the whole earth is strewn with them.

The ruins date from different periods:

  • The ancient Greek city is reminded of an amphitheater with a capacity of 5,000 people, which was completed by the Romans, who conquered Cavn;
  • and the majestic basilica was built in the Christian era.
Bodrum in Turkey, sights of the resort

The most reminiscent of the Lycians are the tombs carved into the rock, which can be seen from anywhere in Dalyan. In the 2nd century BC, the kings of Lycia were buried in the rocks above the river. Unfortunately, all these tombs were looted many centuries ago, as it was customary for the tombs of kings to contain many expensive items, items of gold and precious stones. All these treasures have disappeared.

Before you go to the thermal waters, you should always consult with your doctor. There are a number of contraindications, such as cardiovascular disease, infectious diseases and others.

Thermal springs

Photo of mud baths

The first hydrothermal baths near the springs were built by the ancient Romans, although the healing power of the local waters was known and used by all the peoples who lived nearby. The ancient Greeks claimed that the natural bath helped keep Aphrodite young and beautiful (in the Mediterranean generally like to associate picturesque places with the name of the goddess of love). Later, the beneficial effects of the local mud were discovered.

Village Sultanje under the mountain Olmez is 4 km from Dalyan. It brings excursions to the largest thermal spring. Mineral water heated in the depths of the Earth up to +39 ° C, saturated with calcium sulfide and chloride, radon.

Important: Radon baths have a number of contraindications. That is why it is necessary to have a preliminary consultation with your doctor before visiting Sultanj for recovery procedures. After a natural bath it is necessary to take a shower in order to wash off the mineral residue from your skin.

Thermal spring visit starts with a session of mud treatment, after which you should take a contrast shower and then plunge into the hot mineral pool.

Small hotels and family pensions are open for tourists. There are no five-star hotels in the small village, and those structures (3* and 4* hotels), which are ready to accept guests, do not offer an all-inclusive system. The farther from the sea, the cheaper the accommodation will be.

Another health resort in the vicinity of Dalyan – Dalyan Mud Amusement Park – is very popular among tourists. It is very crowded: people from neighboring resorts – Marmaris, Fethiye and others. Those who come to Sultaniye Thermal Springs stay in Dalyan Village for a few days. Here you can find rooms in small family hotels where you can relax in silence, and the owners will treat their guests to local cuisine, including the famous blue crabs.

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Tourists have unforgettable experience visiting Dalyan. The photos taken during the excursions will remind you of the mysterious tombs carved in the rocks, the ancient amphitheater of Kraunas – and how touchingly people take care of the turtles that come ashore to reproduce. If you’ve already been to the small resort town and visited its attractions, leave your impressions on ResortTurkey.

Sights of Dalyan

Lycian Tombs Port Agora Mud Baths Dalaman Antique City Kaunos Beach Istuzu Dalaman” Dalian

This site contains sights of Dalayan – photos, descriptions and traveler tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to what to see in Dalyan, where to go and where the popular and interesting places in Dalyan are located.

Lycian Tombs

Lycian Tombs (photos)

Dalyan is a small resort located near Dalaman airport. The neighborhood is full of antiquities to see. Next to Dalyan is the ancient city of Kaunos. Naturally, it has its own legend: Apollo’s son, King Miletos, gave birth to twins, a girl named Biblis and a boy named Kaunos. The twins loved each other greatly, but for Biblis it was more than love for her brother. Upon learning of this, Kaunos decided to leave the city. He gathered a group of wanderers and set out for the unknown: thus a new settlement of Kaunos appeared.

Here you will also find the ancient Lycian tombs where the ancient kings were buried. They are carved right out of the rock overhanging the river. It was customary among the Lycians to bury the dead as high up as possible, as they believed that the soul should be as close as possible to the god.

In spite of the fact that these tombs are high up in the mountains and seem inaccessible, there are no more undisturbed ones left among them. This is due to the ancient tradition of putting things, sometimes very luxurious, to the deceased, which may be useful to him in the afterlife.

Coordinates: 36.83263700,28.63466100

Koydzhegiz lake

Lake Koydzhegiz (photo)

Koycegiz is a fresh water lake, and it is located not far from Dalaman. The Dalyan River flows out of the lake and on its banks are many Lycian tombs.

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Port Agora

Port Agora (photo)

On the shore of the canal that connects the lake Köyceğiz with the sea, there is a pretty little town called Dalyan. In ancient times it was called Salbis. With the development of tourism in the vicinity of the town began massive building, which in 1998 was taken under strict control of the Committee for Protection of Nature. The town is trying to revive its rustic image created over many decades, although little has been preserved of the old buildings. Countless hotels, resorts, and restaurant complexes have sprung up in the center of town and on the outskirts, turning Dalyan into a typical tourist center.

The town’s name is derived from the name of the canal on which it is located, as well as from the word “dalyan”, which means fishing drags.

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Dalaman Mud Baths

Dalaman Mud Baths (photo)

The area around Dalaman is famous for its medicinal springs, which come from the Dalayan region and Kageriz Lake. The waters in the springs, enriched with sulfur, have beneficial effects on rheumatism, dermatologic diseases and other ailments.

A local legend says that Aphrodite herself once bathed in the local natural mud baths.

A visit to the natural mud cure clinic is an integral part of excursions in Dalyan. The pools, formed by natural processes, are filled with hot sulfuric water, and the bottom is covered with healing mud, which tourists willingly get dirty. Covering yourself with mud, it should be allowed to dry in the sun for a while, and then take a shower and a dip in the pool of hot mineral water. after such procedures are guaranteed to “renew your body”, a burst of strength and vigor. And, of course, there is a desire to return again to this paradise.

Coordinates: 36.71054100,28.72424400

The ancient city of Kaunos

Kaunos Ancient City (photo)

The first mention of Kaunos dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C. The Persians, the Carians, the Ionians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Byzantines all managed to visit it during this time. There used to be an active port, but the silt dried up the bay and the ships stopped sailing there.

Kaunos is famous for its rock tombs (4th century BC). The tombs are all very difficult to see, as they are high up off the ground. You can always use the rope ladder. As in many tombs, the tombs here are also graded: for the poor, the common people and the nobility. The former is a three-stone bed for the body of the deceased. The facade consists of Ionian columns with a pediment. Burial places of wealthy gentlemen externally do not differ from the first, but once their magnificent interior gave away a wealth of the people buried here.

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The tops of the tombs are crowned with two stone lion heads, keeping the memory of civilizations that had long since passed into oblivion…

Coordinates : 36.82836900,28.63573200

Istuzu Beach

Istuzu beach (photo)

One of the most interesting excursions in Turkey is a trip to Istuzu Beach. There are two ways to get there. You can sail on a yacht through the reeds from Dalyan pier. Or you can take the minibuses that leave near the Dalyan post office.

Istuzu beach itself is a peninsula. On one side it is washed by the salty sea, and on the other – by fresh water. According to many tourists who have been lucky enough to visit this beach, Istuzu is the most beautiful and natural beach in the world. It begins at the foot of the mountains and ends at the mouth of the river. The water here is crystal clear blue, and the sand on the beach is fine and golden. The beach shore is shallow and the sand in the water is silky to the touch and soft.

Coordinates: 36.80378700,28.60599500

Dalaman” Dalian

Dalaman Dalyan (photo)

Dalyan is located on the homonymous river, where it enters the Aegean Sea. Numerous archeological sites, ancient ruins of Kavn and Lycian tombs can be found near the city.

There is also a lake Koydzhegiz, which is recognized as a miracle of nature. It is fed by 7 springs, thanks to which the lake never dries up. Here you can go surfing, sailing, fishing and rowing. It is also impossible to come to Dalyan without going on a river trip. You have a breathtaking view of the Dalyan delta, the winding channel of which creates the impression of a giant water maze.

But the center of attraction of tourists is, of course, mud baths. It is believed that they are useful for rheumatism, lumbosacral radiculitis, arthritis, etc. They should be taken 3 times a day for 40-45 minutes for one week.

Coordinates: 36.76666700,28.80000000

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