Datanla waterfall in Vietnam, photo and description

Datanlha Falls in Dalat and sledding through the jungle

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Datanla waterfall is one of the most interesting waterfalls in Dalat. The thing is that you can go down the mountain to the waterfall by electric sledge on rails laid through the jungle. The first time is both scary and interesting!

Datanlha Falls

Datanla Falls

The waterfall is 5 km from Dalat. You can get to Datanlha waterfall on your own either by cab for 60-70 thousand VND (3-3.5$) from the center, or by your own bicycle. We combined visiting several attractions in Dalat in one day. First we visited Chuk Lam Monastery, it is a Buddhist temple with a ropeway, had a half an hour sightseeing, then took a cab to the Datanlha waterfall. Drove from the pagoda 5 minutes and 20 thousand dong ($ 1). We could have walked but we didn’t have time for that.

Flowers near Datanlah Waterfall

Down to the waterfall on a sled.

We paid 20 thousand VND (1 $) to enter. Then you need to go down the mountain to the waterfall on foot or take a breeze sled ride. We, of course, took a sled. It cost us an additional 50 VND (2.5 USD) per person. The cost includes the descent and ascent. An original way to roll down the mountain!

vodopad-datanla-03 vodopad-datanla-11

In Vietnam, many waterfalls and parks practice this kind of sledding. For example, at Damri Falls and at Wynperle. For us, it was our first experience. The speed can be controlled by levers on the sides. The control is with whoever sits in the back. You can ride together on the same sled, you can ride alone. We sat together. Katerina took the picture, and I was at the “helm”.

vodopad-datanla-04 vodopad-datanla-05 vodopad-datanla-06

Are you scared? Yes and no. The slopes and turns are not very steep. You can get a decent speed if you do not brake, but a lot of people coming down the hill. So you pretty much drive all the way on the brakes. Overall, for people who are afraid of heights or speed, this challenge will not be too difficult.

Watch the video!

Our reader, Venus, sent a video that she heroically recorded while sledding down.


We immediately liked the waterfall already from a distance from the sledding station. Last month we visited waterfalls on Fukuoka. Datanla, of course, is much steeper than Fukuoka’s, although it’s not very big. Depends on what to compare it to. We arrived around 4 pm. There were still a lot of people. Mostly Vietnamese tourists and ours on excursions from Nha Trang.

gorod-datatat-19 vodopad-datanla-07

We went closer, sat on the rocks and just silently admired the natural beauty, listening to the noise of the waterfall. Tourists during this time have almost all gone and we even managed to take pictures of the waterfall without people.

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vodopad-datanla-08 vodopad-datanla-09

The cableway and the elevator

There are several levels to this waterfall. We have seen only the top, and there are 2 more levels to which you can go down first by cable car and then by elevator. It costs 40 thousand dong (2 USD). You can also walk down the trail for free. But we did not get to the bottom steps because we were too late. The park is open until 5 pm, but after 4 pm they do not allow access to the lower levels. The trail is closed, and the ropeway said it’s long overdue.


There are always fewer people on the lower levels. So, come to Datanlah Falls on your own and early so you have time to see all the steps of the falls. This is what the lowest stage looks like:

  • Entrance fees: VND20,000 for adults, $10,000 for children ($1 and $0.5)
  • Sleigh descent and ascent: VND 50,000 for adults and VND 20,000 for children ($2.50 and $1)
  • One way sled ride: 40,000 and 15,000 dong respectively (2$ and 0.7$)
  • Cable car + elevator to the second step: 40,000 dong for adults and 15,000 dong for children (2$ and 0.7$)

We spent VND 290,000 ($13) for two people (150 return trip by cab + 40 entrance fee + 100 sled).

How to get to Datanl

You can get there on your own by bike or by cab. A cab from downtown Dalat will cost about VND60-70,000 for a one-way ride. Be sure to make an appointment with the cab driver to wait for you or come to pick you up, otherwise it will be difficult to find a cab back there.

We recommend combining Datanla waterall with a visit to Prenn Park and waterfall and Chuk Lam monastery with a cable car, as these attractions are in the same direction, all of them can be seen in 1 day.

Datanlha Falls near Dalat and the unusual descent to it

Datanla Falls Dalat

Datanlha waterfall in Dalat

Article content

Datanlha Falls: where to go and how to get there on your own

Datanla waterfall is only 5.5 km from the center of Dalat, its visit is included in the program of all standard excursions from Nha Trang. But the best way is to come to Dalat on your own at least for a couple of days, leisurely walk around the city, drink coffee in the many coffee shops, enjoy the beautiful views, visit the flower garden, Crazy House and the many parks and waterfalls of Dalat.

It is easy to get to Datangla Falls on your own. It can be done

  1. By cab. From the city center, a metered cab will cost ~ 55,000 – 70,000 dong
  2. By renting a bicycle (renting a bicycle in Dalat ~ 120,000 VND/day)
  3. By foot but you have to walk by the side of the road with cars and bikes coming and going at high speed, which is not very comfortable.
  4. We used our way which I will describe below.
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How did we get to Datanlha Falls in Dalat

From our inexpensive hotel with a great view of the lake, we walked to the cable car (~ 3.5 km, you can do it by cab), then took the cable car up to Chuk Lak Monastery, enjoyed the mountain scenery and the well-kept grounds of the monastery, went down to Tuen Lam Lake, and from the lake on the road we walked to the entrance to Datanla Falls.

The walk from the lake to the entrance of the waterfall is about 3 km through the mountains. The only minus in this walk: the repair of the road from the lake to the fork with the highway. After the rain the road turned into a swamp and we soaked our shoes in a yellow sticky mass. But all the same, we really enjoyed the walk in the woods, even though I rubbed my feet to blood with my sneakers!

This is the road we walked from the lake to the Datanla waterfall At the fork in the road there is a Buddha sitting in a gazebo Here we turn right Hurray, here we are

Datanla Falls in Dalat. Features

Datanlha Falls in Dalat is a large three-level waterfall. It is 350m long. And now I’m going to tell you why I loved the Vietnamese

You don’t have to walk to get to Datanlah Falls! That is, if you want you can go down to the waterfall and climb back on foot, but clever Vietnamese have thought-thinking and made for tourists to go down to the waterfall, first on a sled, then in the cabins, cable cars, and then even on an elevator!

We get into such sledges and then go down the steep serpentine hill to the first level of the waterfall.

The sledge for the descent to Datanlah Falls and the ascent back up the mountain. We sit down, buckle up and go. There is a brake knob, but it’s better not to brake much, it’s more interesting Let’s go!

It’s a lot of fun to ride, we even tried not to slow down on the turns. A couple of weeks ago we rode on such sledges in the amusement park Winperl, we were so tired: there was no queue for the popular attraction, everything is paid for (general admission ticket), you can ride as much as you want But I liked the sledge at Datanlah Falls even more than at Winperl. Down to the waterfall you drive and steer the sled yourself, back you are dragged on a rope.

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Datanlah waterfall

Driving through the woods to the waterfall

You can also get to the second level of Datanlah Falls, this time with a small ropeway. In such a cabin you slowly float above the waterfall in the gorge between the rocks.

Datanlah waterfall

The cable car to the second level of Datanla Falls

And to the third level of Datanla Falls you can go down in an elevator. This is an ordinary elevator that is activated by a button and accommodates 6 people. Have you ever seen an elevator in the mountains in the jungle? I have not.

Elevator to the third level of the waterfall Elevator, view from the bottom

It’s time for the Thais to adopt the experience of their neighbors, and then you climb either down or up to the waterfalls, and while you get there – and do not want anything. Although it is worth noting that the waterfalls in northern Thailand, almost all easily accessible, they do not have to climb uphill, as a waterfall on Koh Samui, or as a waterfall on Pangangana.

Here are the activities at Datanla Falls

Here are the fun things to do at Datanlah Falls

Cost to visit Datanla Falls, cost to go down and up to Datanla Falls

Entrance to the park where Datanla Falls is located is quite inexpensive:

  • VND20,000 for adults
  • VND10,000 for children (children are measured by height). < 1,2 м)

But for all the rappels and climbs will have to pay extra. Comfort costs money, so if you do not want to walk up and down to the waterfall Danatla, you will have to pay

Cost of a sled ride to Datanlah Falls

  • 50,000 VND for adults round trip
  • 40,000 VND for adults one way
  • 20,000 VND for children round trip
  • 15,000 VND for children one way

The ticket office is on the right side of the entrance, next to the souvenir shops.

Right after entering the park to the right to the toboggan booth, and then to the left to go down to the waterfall by the stairs Here you can buy tickets for the electric toboggan.

The cost of cable car and elevator to Datanlha Falls

  • 40,000 dong for adults
  • VND 15,000 for children

The ticket office is on the left near the first level of Datanlha Falls Ticket is for sale only in both directions.

Datanlah waterfall

The ticket office is near the first level of the waterfall. Here they sell tickets for the cable car and the elevator

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Datanlah Falls. Testimonial and photo

As I said, we came to Datanla Falls after a heavy downpour, so there weren’t many people in the park. Of course we used electric sledges to go down and had a lot of fun. You can sit in the sledge alone or in pairs. If you want to take pictures, then two of you should go, because it is very uncomfortable to ride and take pictures at the same time!

Right after leaving the sledge you can shoot with archery.

You can shoot with an arrow if you like

If you want you can take a shot with an arrow.

Near the first level of the waterfall is always crowded and noisy. We were in Dalat in rainy season, so the water in the waterfall was of this ugly brown color

There are always crowds of tourists near the first level of Datangla Falls This is the color of the water we saw at the waterfall in May Some kind of scary bloody river ….

This is not the first time in our trips – we also saw Agua Azul Falls in Mexico not bright turquoise as most tourists see it, but yellow-brown…But back to Datanla Falls in Dalat

If you go up a little higher, you can take pictures on the bridge. But this is such a popular place for photography that we couldn’t get a shot without Vietnamese in the background Everyone wants to take a picture against the background of Datanlal.

Datanlah Falls

Everyone wants to take a picture on the bridge in front of Datanl

Then we take a cable car down to the second level of Datanlã waterfall

Take the cable car up to the second level of the falls Through the gorge above Datanla Falls The cabin of the cable car goes above the falls Datanla Falls Second level of Datanla Falls Second level of Datanla Falls

Then we take the elevator down to the third level. A little more up the stairs and we are at the bottom of Datanla Falls. Strangely enough, here we were all alone. It seems that the tour leads only to the first waterfall, and that there is further down, many people can not even guess!

Datanlah waterfall

The third level of Datanlah Falls

After enjoying the sounds of the waterfall and mountain scenery, we go back the same way we came, only in reverse order: elevator, cable car, electric sled. And again we are in the crowd of tourists.

And some more pictures of Datanl.

There’s no pool! A strong stream of Datanlal waterfall Places to relax and contemplate


Dalat: Datanla waterfall. Video

There is a cafe near the entrance, decided to have coffee there. We looked at the menu, the prices are ok, so we decided to have a snack there, after all I like to eat with a beautiful view of the mountains

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Cafe at the entrance to Datanlah Park

Some prices at the cafe near Datanla waterfall:

  • Coffee – 15,000 dong
  • Vietnamese tea – 10,000 VND
  • Juices – 25,000 to 35,000 VND
  • Saigon Beer – 15,000 VND
  • Glass of Dalat wine – 25,000 VND
  • Fried rice with chicken – 35,000 VND
  • Beef + rice – 40,000 VND
  • Omelette with cheese – 40,000 VND
  • Rabbit meat 130,000 – 150,000 VND
  • Ostrich meat – 100,000 VND
  • Frogs – 120,000 VND

A page from the cafe menu. Liked how they translated the word “pork” into Russian .

We had rice with meat, omelet with cheese and coffee. It was not good I had an impression that in this cafe they feed organized groups of tourists, and they brought us what they did not finish their lunch. So I do not advise to eat at the cafe near Datanl, except to drink juice with a view of the mountains.

From Datanl waterfall we first planned to walk to Dalat. But our feet were tired for the day, chafed blisters, so we decided to look for a cab. It turned out that taking a cab near the waterfall is not easy! There are cars, but they are all waiting for “their” tourists who were brought to the waterfall.

Not finding a cab we went down the road toward town and then it started raining! Well, what to do, we stood on the side of the road and began to catch a car. No one would stop for a long time but then we got lucky and had a free car for us. 10 minutes, 55,000 dong and we are in the center of Dalat, near Lotteria.

For those who don’t know what Lotteria is, let me explain: it is a Vietnamese fast food, like McDonald’s, only cheaper. Every night there is a promotion – Happy Hours from 18:00 to 23:00, set menu (burger, fries, cola) for 35,000 dong. That’s what we took it sometimes for a snack .

And so ended our busy day in Dalat, and in the evening we were waiting for Dalat strawberries, a walk through the local market and a delicious dinner at a cafe. But that’s another story… Subscribe to the blog update, soon I will tell you about the other Dalat waterfalls we had time to visit.

That’s all for today. If you are going to Vietnam, you can buy tickets here, and pre-book a hotel in Dalat here or here.

Waterfall Datanlha on the map

The map shows sights and interesting places in Dalat.

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