Deborah’s First Fly with AirPhil Express

If only Deborah is a human, she’d surely be very excited Smiley for her first fly with me going back home on March 31, 2012 via AirPhil Express. Smiley Yes! She was, because I was even more excited than her. LOL!


Days before our flight, I bought her accessories. She already had flash with speed-lite, lens hood, lens UV filter, a new bag and a new cleaning set. However, there’s just one thing I totally forgot to buy — Deborah’s fragrances. She’s just used to share mists with me and so, we have the same scents. But off course, I still plan to buy her own scented spray.

While on board, it was kind of blessing in disguise that no one’s sitting the seat next to me. So I let Deborah sit beside me and had her seat belt on as well.

Isn’t she looking cute with the seat belt on? Take a look at the image above.

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4 Responses to Deborah’s First Fly with AirPhil Express

  1. genny says:

    may pa si Deborah nakasakay ka eroplano…uban ko sunod Deborah ha!? and btw, she is indeed cute with the seatbelt on..

  2. wee says:

    hahahaha wala najetlag c deborah?

  3. Chie says:

    Ang swerte nqaman ni Deborah for getting a plane set free plus pampering from her owner. I super like your DSLR Gay!

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