Deep Joy – the deepest pool in the world. Description, photos, facts.

Y-40 “Deep Joy” – the deepest pool in the world

The depth of conventional hotel pools is about 1.5-1.7 meters. This is quite enough for a comfortable stay in it. And what do you say about the depth of the pool more than 42 meters? Why such a depth? Nevertheless, such a pool exists. This “Y-40 The Deep Joy” is the deepest pool on the planet.

Where is Deep Joy located?

This remarkable pool was built in the Montegrotto Terme area, 12 kilometers southwest of Padua, not far from the legendary Venice.

What is Deep Joy

At first glance, this pool is not much different from the others.

Deep Joy Pool

This is what the pool looks like from above.

Measuring only 21 by 18 meters, it’s nothing if you don’t count the abyss that lurks beneath the water mirror. Deep Joy is 42 meters deep and another 15 centimeters. A building of 14 stories can fit in here. For a conventional swimming pool, it is unreal deep. What is “unreal deep” you will see at the end of the article in two small but stunning videos (especially the second one).

The pool was commissioned on June 5, 2014. Naturally, it immediately hit the Guinness Book of World Records as the deepest pool in the world, surpassing the previous record holder in this nomination, Nemo 33, located in Brussels, Belgium, which had a maximum depth of 34.5 meters. Deep Joy was deeper than its predecessor by 7.65 meters.

Deep Joy's pool diagram

Schematic of the pool

Why such a depth?

The uniqueness of the Deep Joy Y-40 appeals to diving enthusiasts. Here you can practice diving, so to speak, in laboratory conditions and feel the abilities of your body.

It is worth noting that the pool is filled with thermal water of 32-34 ° C, so you will not need a wetsuit. In addition, the pool is also used by universities and medical research centers that study the effects of water pressure on the human body. More than 60 major medical centers already do underwater and hyperbaric research and experiments here.

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Deep Joy Pool

Technical features of the Deep Joy pool

Designed by Emanuele Boaretto and built by Boaretto Hotel Group, Deep Joy is a masterpiece both technically and architecturally.

You already know the size and temperature of the water. Here are some more facts about the pool.

A glass tunnel in the pool

  • The capacity of the pool is 4300m3.
  • Here is the first unique transparent tunnel, which is 13 m long and almost hangs in the water The glass tunnel in the pool

Did you know that there is a pool on Earth that you can even sail a yacht in? It is also recognized as the longest pool in the world. If you have not heard anything about it, then you need to urgently fill the gaps of knowledge by reading this article.

It is noteworthy that the pool Deep Joy 100% Italian. That is, both the design and construction were carried out by Italians. It took exactly one year to build it. As much as 30 Italian companies and four engineering groups were involved in the project. More than 600 people worked on the creation of the pool.

42 meter deep pool

The electrical system of the pool

24 km of electrical cables outside the pool and 1 km of underwater wiring are used to keep the pool operational. In the pool there are 460 control points and 65 sensors of temperature, pressure, level of chemical elements.

CULLIGAN Hydrosystem

  • Heating system capacity 292 kW
  • 1.5 km long underwater water distribution system
  • 11 underwater water distribution loops
  • 100 water inlet points
  • 4 filters 780 l / h each
  • Total filtering time 5 – 6 hours
  • Control and automatic dosing of disinfection and conditioning products

Interesting facts

  1. Umberto Pelizzari (the famous Italian diver) gave a free diving master class in the “Y-40 The Deep Joy” pool on December 8, 2014
  2. It takes as long as 9 days to fill the pool
  3. About 100,000 people visit this pool each year
  4. Two wedding ceremonies have been held in the Deep Joy pool
  5. In January 2015, diver Alberto Calecella biked down to a depth of 42 meters. And in December 2016, he also stayed in the pool for 10 hours, including 4 hours at a depth of 42 meters. The remaining 6 hours were spent climbing to the surface. All of this was done for medical and scientific research

Video of the world’s deepest pool

Now this video gave us a real shock. We don’t know if it’s a montage or not, but French diver Guillaume Neri conquered the depth of 42 meters in one (. ) breath. If you have any idea what happened to him next, share in the comments.


Some time ago we were looking at the WORLD’S DEEPEST BASIN. The depth of the pool was 33 meters. But it turns out that today the leader has changed! Today the deepest pool in the world is Y-40 The Deep Joy.

Let’s take a closer look at it …

If you can hold your breath for the time it takes to get to the bottom of this pool, then you belong to the few who have succeeded. That’s because this is the Y-40 The Deep Joy, which, thanks to its staggering depth of 40 meters, is considered the deepest pool in the world. This incredible swimming center, designed by the famous architect Emanuele Boaretto, is located in the four-star hotel Terme Millepini in Italy. The pool is the height of a 12-storey building. About the same height would be obtained if you take nine double-decker buses, and put them on top of each other.

Launch the unique pool helped famous Italian divers Umberto Pelizzari and Enzo Mallorca. In July the diver Hilaria Molinari in a mermaid costume put on a spectacular show for the hotel guests

Photo 3.

Wet suits are not required in the pool and swimmers can enjoy a constant temperature of 32-34°C. The pool is divided into several separate sections. On the surface it is 21 by 18 meters, but with increasing depth the pool becomes narrower. Visitors can use freediving or scuba diving equipment, and beginners can dive into the underwater caves. The pool also has a unique and completely transparent underwater tunnel, where everyone can appreciate the size of the pool without even getting their clothes wet.

Photo 4.

And there are lounge chairs on the roof where swimmers can sunbathe and relax after deep sea dives. Famous figures in the world of water sports took part in the opening of this pool. Among them were the Italian freediver Umberto Pelizari and Enzo Mallorca, the “father” of Italian freediving. The pool is open all year round and activities there include hydrotherapy, aqua fitness, special programs for pregnant women, freediving and scuba diving. There are several underwater caves simulated at a depth of 10 meters.

Photo 5.

Before the opening of the Y-40 The Deep Joy, the deepest indoor pool was considered Nemo 33 in Brussels – its depth is 34.5 meters. And the most spacious pool was opened in 2006 in a private resort San Alfonso del Mar in the Chilean city Algarrobo: its surface area is 80 thousand square meters.

Photo 6.

Photo 7.

Photo 8.

Photo 9.

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14.

Photo 15.

Photo 16.

Photo 17.

Photo 18.

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Photo 26.

Foto 27.

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