Devil’s Hole in Death Valley, USA: More Info

Cursed Failure or the Devil’s Hole in Death Valley

Cursed Failure or Devil's Hole

There are many mysterious and mystical places on earth. Unintelligible things happen there, strange substances appear, and portals to other worlds open. One of the most dangerous places on the planet belongs to the earth fault, dubbed Devil’s Hole or the Cursed Fault. It is located in Death Valley, which is located in the western United States.

Cursed Place

Devil’s Hole, despite its scary name, attracts tourists. Wishing to disperse adrenaline, tickle your nerves, try their luck there has always been enough adventurers and adventurers. But Failure admits not everyone.

It seemed to decide who should get close to the mystery, and who can not do it. There have been cases when people gathered to make a voyage to the ruined place, out of the blue, began to feel fear and anxiety. As a result, they simply gave up their tickets.

Worse yet, there was a collective panic as they approached the Gap. Some temporarily lost their memory, and some got chills. Needless to say, such excursions ended in failure.

But it wasn’t the worst of all. Often, transports bound for the Devil’s Hole broke down or had accidents. People were killed or maimed. It wasn’t for nothing that the valley earned its ominous nickname.

However, the failures of others seldom stop anyone. Man prefers to learn from his own mistakes. The number of those striving to reach the mysterious abyss did not grow smaller, and some managed to get close to the devil’s chasm. Some of them soon died, some fell seriously ill, some gave up the benefits of civilization and became hermits.

The Door to Hell

The local Indians are afraid to go near the sinkhole as they believe it is the door to the underworld. They claim that dark spirits crawl out of the crevice and suffocate the unfortunate. One might be skeptical of the tales of the superstitious Indians, if their words were not supported by facts.

More than once there were cases where tourists without any apparent reason suffocated and lost consciousness at the edge of the abyss. Scientists have put forward a version that methane gas is to blame. But no one of those present felt any odor. In addition, not everyone fainted. It turns out that the hole acts selectively, affecting only those who are chosen as victims.

For obvious reasons, scientists were in no hurry to explore the hole, but even among them there were brave men. Armed with the necessary equipment, a group of explorers set out for the mysterious crevasse. They reached the place without much trouble. But then the strangest things began.

Giant Crystal Cave in Mexico


They had just started to lower the rope to determine the depth of the crevasse when a voice was heard from the depths of the crevasse. It was hissing, hoarse and terrifying, and it kept saying the same thing: “Baal!” It didn’t last long, but it cooled the explorers’ ardor.

For Baal is the chief demon of Goetia. He is the king who rules 66 legions of spirits. He can take the form of a toad, a cat, a man, or all of them at once. His real appearance is a four-horned spider with black eyes and many tentacles.

The fate of the expedition hung in the balance, because after the terrible voice not everyone wanted to continue the research. After a long debate it was decided to continue exploring the hollow. But even then everything went wrong. The first cable got caught on something.

Or someone grabbed it. There was no way the scientists could get him down or pull him out. They had to sacrifice it. The second rope suffered the same fate. The third attempt was successful. It turned out that the bottom of the crevasse is not. But there is water. An underground lake was found at a depth of 90 meters.

Inspired by their success, the researchers set up a video camera with a searchlight under the water and began to see what was happening in real time.

The Missing Expedition

What the scientists saw shocked them. As the camera dived, the crevice began to widen and reached the size of an enormous cave. At a depth of 80 meters unexplainable things began to happen. Shadows appeared in the dim light of the searchlight. They curved like ribbons and swirled near the camera. Suddenly the spotlight, blinking brightly for the last time, went out.

A blue glow appeared in the utter darkness. It came from below and widened. The shadows of ghosts or unknown animals danced in the shimmering light. The mysterious dance was accompanied by hoarse cries of, “Baal!”

The explorers hurriedly retreated. They never managed to measure the bottom of the hollow. The camera perished in the depths of the devil’s well. The only trophy of the scientists was the water extracted from the crevasse.

Marble Caves of Chile Chico in Chile, photo and description

Having returned home and tested the water, they were amazed: it turned out to be dead. Instead of the usual hydrogen in its composition was found deuterium – a hydrogen isotope.

Such water do not drink animals, it can not exist anything alive. However, the presence of some creatures in the crevasse is not subject to doubt.

More than a quarter of a century has passed since the expedition. Most of the explorers are not alive. The death of each was accompanied by mysterious and unexplained circumstances. Perhaps these are rumors. Maybe there is nothing unusual about the Devil’s Hole either.

And incomprehensible things are explained by natural phenomena. But the Death Valley Indians occasionally see a horned spider with black tentacles wandering in the desert twilight.

What do you think that might be?

If any of you have been to the Devil’s Hole, write about it, Readers and editors would be interested to hear about your personal experience.

Devil’s Hole in Death Valley.

In America, there are many anomalous places marked by the presence of evil spirits. Even their names say it: Devil’s Ring, the Road to Nowhere, Devil’s Canyon and the Devil’s Tower. But even among these “horror stories” the Valley of Death stands out, located in the western United States, in the heart of the Mojave Desert. It is a narrow long plain, jammed by a solid wall of sheer cliffs.

The inhospitable and mysterious nature of the place is evidenced by the name of the pass in the saddle of the Black Mountains that flank Death Valley from the east: Dante’s View. The pass does indeed offer a view of a lifeless wilderness, over which the fiery heat of hell shivers eternally. It is the driest and hottest place in the Western Hemisphere.

Summer daytime temperatures above 50 degrees are common. And on July 10, 1913, a temperature of 57 degrees was recorded in Death Valley, a record that has not yet been broken. This is where the Devil’s Hole is located.

Deadly Dangerous Place

American scientist and journalist John Maglens told me about the Devil’s Hole. Last summer he came to St. Petersburg and stopped by to visit me. John told me many interesting things about his travels. Talked about abnormal phenomena.

– You know, Nick,” he told me, “the most terrible place on Earth that I’ve ever seen is the Devil’s Hole.

Two years ago John was on assignment for the American Geographical Society in the western United States. He was researching some anomalous phenomena in Death Valley National Park. And, of course, he couldn’t help but visit one of the strangest and most mysterious places.

Thora's Well in Oregon, photo and description

Devil’s Hole is a bottomless well, a hole in the ground, the true depth of which no one has yet been able to measure. It is possible that it goes further into the bowels of the planet than the famous Kola superdeep well.

Geologists believe that this is nothing but a gap between two tectonic plates, which in this place are slightly separated from each other. Some sources say that the size of the hole at the surface is about 9 by 12 meters. But John, after taking his own measurements, claims that the true size of this devil’s well is even smaller -1.8×5.6 meters.

Getting access to this curiosity is not so easy these days. From the “wild” tourists Devil’s Hole is fenced off with a 2-meter fence with barbed wire. Only organized groups or special passes issued by the park’s management can get inside the perimeter. And it’s not an empty precautionary measure.

It is not safe for a person to be in the area. According to Native American legend, the hole is haunted by an evil spirit capable of killing anyone who comes near its abode, and at night it comes out of its hiding place to check for intruders.

The aborigines of the nearby Payuto Indian tribe believe that if you fall asleep near a well, you will never wake up. Their shamans say that the evil spirit that lives in the pit senses when someone appears there, and then it comes out of its lair and strangles the victim. The rest of the time, when no one bothers the spirit, it slumbers quietly underground.

John said that while he was exploring the Devil’s Hole, his blood pressure spiked, he felt dizzy and sick to his throat. He wanted to lie down on the ground and sleep, sleep, sleep.

He woke up on the couch in the guard’s tent. It turned out that John had fainted and fallen. Seeing this, the guard pulled him out of the dangerous place and brought him to his senses.

Such cases of impaired well-being near the Devil’s Hole are not uncommon. Scientists attribute it to the release of methane or other harmful gas. No one knows where it is emitted from, but one thing is known: its emissions are irregular. So John was “lucky.” Or he got special attention from the owner of the well.

Sac Actun - The longest underground river, Mexico

The Bottomless Abyss

In the Devil’s Hole, at a depth of 90 to 120 meters from the surface, there is an underground lake. Such a variation in the figures is due to the fact that the water level is constantly fluctuating. Some believe that the tides are due to the influence of the moon. And.the depth of this body of water so far no one has been able to determine. The first attempts were made in the early twentieth century, but were unsuccessful.

About half a century later, an attempt was made to lower a weight on a metal rope to the bottom. But this rope got caught on something and broke off. The same fate befell the second rope. After that there were rumors that at the bottom of the reservoir lived some huge animal that hindered the research, or maybe it was even the same evil spirit spoken of by the Indians, or the devil himself, protecting the entrance to his kingdom.

In 1999, a controlled TV camera equipped with powerful floodlights was lowered into the reservoir. Information about this study appeared only four years later. It turned out that at about 80 meters depth the walls of the underwater well had widened. After another 100 meters they could not be seen at all.

The searchlights went out at a depth of 220 meters, so the further filming was done in complete darkness. After 230 meters, the camera began to rotate and sway. It looked like it was caught in a whirlpool. It began to be lifted, and for 15 seconds a bluish glow was recorded coming from below.


The temperature of the water in the underground lake is about 33 degrees Celsius. But this water is not at all the same with which we are used to deal in everyday life. There is such a notion in modern science as “heavy water”. At first glance it doesn’t differ from ordinary water, except that it consists not of oxygen and hydrogen, but of oxygen and deuterium, a hydrogen isotope.

It can also be called dead water. An animal that drinks heavy water very soon dies, and biologists believe, not unreasonably, that life is not possible in its environment. And yet in this poisonous environment there is life! At least in the upper layer of water.

Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls in Israel

Champion of survival – a small fish carpozubik, which is like a gatekeeper, guarding the entrance to this “kingdom of death. Small fish, outwardly unremarkable. Its average length is 19 millimeters. But the carpozubic’s character is heroic, and its adaptability is amazing. For 60 thousand years it resisted first the ice age, then the high temperatures of the desert, and then the destruction of its habitat by humans.

But the bipeds just finished off the “opportunist.” Carpozubika is called the rarest fish in the world. And understandably – there are about fifty individuals left. At least, that is what ichthyologists who tried to study the lake say.

The first serious blow to the habitat of carp was dealt in the late 1960s, when local farmers began illegally using groundwater for irrigation, which led to a drop in the lake’s water level. Although the Desert Fish Conservation Board won the lawsuit, the carp population continued to decline precipitously.

Attempts were made to relocate the fish to other locations, but all were unsuccessful. So it is possible that in the very near future, the water in the lake will really become dead, lifeless. Or the owner of the hole will have to look for other gatekeepers.

The host goes out for a walk.

The Devil’s Hole is one of the anomalous zones. UFOs, ghosts, ball lightning, and time shifts are observed here, causing people to go missing.

John had only been at the Devil’s Hole for a couple of hours, and it was daytime, so he didn’t observe anything supernatural. But the guard who gave him first aid said that his former partner had seen a strange two-horned creature, a sort of hybrid of a devil, as it is depicted in pictures, and a dragon with a powerful serrated tail, crawling out of the hole at midnight in the light of the moon.

After standing for a few moments at the failure, the creature stepped away and disappeared into the depths of the desert. The next day the partner quit. And the guy himself, who had told John the story, had never seen anything like it.

Who can know if such a case really happened or is it just another horror story for meticulous tourists? But one thing is certain: in the anomalous zones, like the Devil’s Hole, there are phenomena that defy explanation in terms of science and remain closed to human understanding.

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